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Act 1 Teaser

Clark and Martha are in the kitchen. Night. Martha puts down a stack of college brochures on the counter in front of Clark.

Martha : Decisions, Clark.

Clark : They're on the top of my to-do list.

Martha : With Lois out of town, you don't have any excuses. These college application deadlines are coming up soon, Clark. I know how hard it was giving up those football scholarships, but you have to start making some decisions about your future.

There is a knock at the door.

Clark : I'll get it.

Clark goes to the front door and opens it. There is a delivery man there.

Man : Clark Kent?

Clark : Yes.

Man : Sign here.

The man gives Clark a clipboard and Clark signs his name on it. Then the man hands Clark an envelope and leaves. Clark closes the door and he and Martha look at the envelope.

Martha : What is it?

Clark : It's from Dr. Swann.

Jonathan calls to them from the living room where he is sitting on the couch in front of the television.

Jonathan : Clark, Martha. I think you should see this.

As they are entering the living room, they hear the voice of a news reporter on the television.

Woman : We have breaking news from New York. Here is our correspondent Tom Florence.

Tom : Thank you, Carol.

Clark and Martha get to the living room and see a picture of Dr. Swann on the television screen.

Tom : We have just confirmed that Dr. Virgil Swann passed away this morning. No further details have been released.

Clark's jaw drops as he walks closer to the TV.

Tom : The reclusive billionaire will be remembered as one of the leading philanthropists of his generation. Along with starting the Virgil Swann Charitable Foundation...

Clark : I don't understand. I just talked to him last week.

Jonathan : I'm sorry, Clark. I truly am.

Martha : We both are.

Clark sits down with a sigh.

Clark : There was still so much I needed to learn from him about Krypton and Jor-El.

Martha : We can be thankful for everything he did pass on to you.

Clark reaches into the envelope and pulls out a folded piece of paper and a small blue felt bag. He puts down the bag and opens the paper.

Clark : [Reading.] "Kal-El, I wish I could continue this journey with you, but now you must seek out your father."

Jonathan lowers his head unhappily.

Clark : "If I sheltered you from him for too long, forgive me. Jor-El sent you on a mission. He's the only one who can help you finish it. I am returning something that is rightfully yours. I know that it will lead you to your destiny."

Clark puts down the letter and picks up the bag. He reaches inside and pulls out the octagonal spaceship key. Jonathan and Martha both look at it fearfully.

Dr. Swann's picture is still on the TV screen and the reporter is still speaking.

Tom : ...searching for intelligent life in the universe. The world will remember his many contributions and man will benefit from his gifts for generations to come.

Clark turns the key over in his fingers nervously.

Cut to the hidden chamber in the Kawatche caves. The door slides open and Clark enters, walking toward the octagonal altar. The door slides shut behind him. He holds up the key and places it into a slot in the middle of the altar. A flashing white light bursts from the altar and Clark is surrounded in a shaft of swirling blue energy. We hear the voice of Jor-El booming over the wind that fills the chamber. When Clark responds, he must shout to be heard.

Jor-El : I knew you would return, my son.

Clark : Why'd you send me to find this?

Jor-El : Because you may be the last survivor of a great civilization.

Clark : A great civilization that destroyed itself!

Jor-El : As will yours if you continue to refuse your mission. The knowledge of our civilization was encoded in three stones brought to Earth and hidden at the far reaches of the world. Greed will drive others to hunt the stones. But if the humans should unite them before you, they will not be able to withstand the temptation and will drive the world to famine, war, and the Earth's ultimate destruction. You must find the other two stones. The fate of your world lies in your hands... Kal-El.

The flashing light becomes brighter until the everything is white.

[Opening credits]

Act 1 Scene 1

Outside shot of the Talon. Day. Inside her apartment, Lana's phone rings. She comes into the kitchen and answers it.

Lana : Hello?

Jason : Hey, it's Jason.

Lana : Jason who?

Jason : Very funny.

Lana smiles. She hears a lot of people in the background on Jason's end of the line.

Lana : Well, it doesn't sound like Kansas. Where are you?

Jason : Uh, Metropolis. I have to stay here for a few days, oversee some things for Lex.

Lana : I didn't realize that your job required any overseeing.

Jason : Yeah. Listen, I can't really talk right now. I just stepped out of a meeting. But I, uh, I wanted to call ‘cause I didn't get a chance to before I left.

Lana : Is Lex with you?

Jason : No, I'm solo.

Lana : Well, you better stay that way. I know what happens to people when they run off to Metropolis.

A Chinese man standing near Jason yells something in Chinese. Jason tries to cover his phone so Lana doesn't hear.

Lana : What was that?

Jason : Nothing. Um, listen, I gotta go. I'll call you tomorrow, okay? Good night.

Jason hangs up his phone.

Lana hangs up her phone, confused.

Lana : Night?

Cut to Jason walking into a crowded street in nighttime China. His cell phone rings.

Jason : Hello?

Lex : If I didn't know better, I'd think you skipped town on me.

Jason : Lex. Yeah, I was going to call you. Something came up. I had to leave work early.

Lex : To what, catch the next flight to Shanghai?

Jason : [Surprised.] What?

Lex : Why don't you turn around?

Jason turns around and sees Lex standing down the street from him with his phone to his ear. Lex hangs up his phone and walks toward Jason, somewhat annoyed.

Lex : You didn't really think I'd hire you, bring you into my life, and not follow every step you take, did you?

Jason : Lex...

Lex : I know my father gave you a map, Jason. And I know you figured out that it leads to a temple just outside the city, but if you think you're gonna find that stone without me, you're mistaken.

They stare at each other for a moment.

Lex : Let's go.

Lex starts to walk away and Jason follows him.

Act 1 Scene 2

Outside shot of the Kent farm. Night. Jonathan, Martha, and Clark talk in the kitchen.

Jonathan : [Angry.] I thought we agreed that you would not go back down into the caves.

Clark : Dad, I couldn't just ignore Swann's message.

Jonathan : Look, I know that you trust him but, Clark, he doesn't know Jor-El the way we do.

Clark : Dad, it's not like I've forgotten who we're dealing with here. I'm just afraid of what's gonna happen if we continue to ignore him.

Jonathan : Listen, I realize that he's your birth father, all right? But he's never had your best interests at heart.

Clark : Maybe, but he's never lied to me either. And the trials that he's put me through, maybe they're not all random. Maybe he's trying to prepare me to find these stones.

Martha : Are you really sure you want to open all this up again? The last few months, ever since you walked away from Jor-El, it's like we got the old Clark back.

Clark : Well, Mom, as much as I like playing football and trying to be normal, the truth is I'm not. We all know that. Look, I've already let one of these stones slip through my hands.

Jonathan : Even if you were to find the stones, son, we have no idea what's gonna happen if... if you bring them all together.

Clark : I know, Dad. But if I don't find them, someone else will.

Martha and Jonathan look at Clark nervously.

Act 1 Scene 3

Lana enters Lex's study where Lionel is slicing oranges on a cutting board. Day. Lana stops in the middle of the room.

Lionel : Miss Lang. Please, don't be shy. You were looking for your elusive boyfriend, I assume.

Lana : Uh, yeah. I was hoping that Lex could get in touch with him for me. He sent him to go catch up on this project and I can't seem to reach him on his cell.

Lionel : Well, I would imagine reception would be rather shoddy in China. Lex is in Shanghai. If I had to guess, I would say that your boyfriend is there with him.

Lana stares at Lionel, surprised.

Lionel : I'm sorry. I-I thought Jason would've told you what's happening, considering you were the one born right into the middle of all this. You should know, Miss Lang, how thoroughly Jason and Lex have been studying Isobel Theroux, your rebellious ancestor.

Lana : Looks like they aren't the only ones.

Lionel walks to the bookshelf and picks up a wooden box which he carries to the desk and sets down.

Lionel : Isobel's archrival was a duchess, Gertrude who was obsessed with findings three mythical stones. She sent ships to the far ends of the known earth, but all her agents could discover was this map somewhere in China.

Lionel opens the box and pulls out the map, showing it to Lana.

Lana : What does this treasure map have to do with Isobel?

Lionel : The map never made it into the hands of the duchess. Isobel stole the document and hid it. Gertrude had the exquisite young sorceress executed.

Lana : [Becoming afraid.] Isobel's looking for them too.

Lionel : And she's working through you, using you as a vessel. I gave a copy of the map to Jason as well. I'm not surprised he didn't tell you about it.

Lionel closes the box and puts it back on the bookshelf.

Lionel : Your kinship with Isobel may not be a secret, but are you aware that Jason is a direct descendent of the duchess, Gertrude?

Shocked, Lana looks from Lionel to the map, and then back to Lionel.

Act 1 Scene 4

Clark is seated on the couch in his loft looking at an old issue of Time Magazine with a picture of Dr. Swan on the cover. Day. He stands up and puts the magazine down his desk next to several pictures of the Kryptonian symbols from the cave walls. He picks up one of the pictures and studies it. It is the symbol that has been tattooed onto Lana's back.

Act 1 Scene 5

We see the symbol on Lana's back as she bends over, picking up some clothes in her apartment. Day. She tosses the clothes into her open suitcase. When she turns around, Clark is there.

Clark : Going somewhere?

Lana pauses for a moment, then takes some clothes from her dresser.

Lana : China.

Clark : China? Are you serious?

Lana : And freaked out and mad and just about everything else you can possibly imagine.

Clark: Lana, what's going on?

Lana : Which part? The immaculate tattoo, the fact that I seem to be a harboring a 16th century witch, or that Jason and Lex took off with a map to uncover it all behind my back?

Clark : Why would they do that?

Lana : I don't know, but Jason said that we were gonna figure this out together. But it turns out he has a rather limited definition of "we."

Clark : Well, maybe he has a good reason why he's not being open with you. Don't you think you owe him a chance to explain?

Lana : Clark, you know I don't give up on someone that easily. [Clark lowers his eyes.] But I'm not gonna just let him lie to me, even if it is for a good reason.

Clark : So you're gonna take off and fly halfway around the world just like that?

Lana : Lionel Luthor made all the arrangements and I'm taking the LuthorCorp jet.

Clark looks at Lana doubtfully.

Lana : And I know, Clark, that I can't trust him. But he gave me the name of this professor that might be able to help.

Clark : Well, then I'm going with you.

Lana : [Stunned pause.] I'm not gonna drag you into this.

Clark : I'm not letting you go alone.

Act 1 Scene 6

Jason and Lex walk down another crowded street in China. Night.

Lex : Jason, you can't trust my father. He gave you that map for a reason, and now you're leading him right to the stone.

Jason : I'm not working for your father or anyone else.

Lex : Then why does this stone even matter to you?

Jason : ‘Cause until I find it, Lana's not gonna be safe.

Lex : Safe from what?

They stop walking and face each other.

Jason : From my mom. From Lionel, from you. I don't know, Lex, you tell me.

Lex looks down the street and sees two Chinese men in uniform staring at them.

Lex : Look, unless you hired your own Chinese security, I think we've hit a bit of a snag. Run!

Lex and Jason run away and the two Chinese men chase after them, shouting at them in Chinese. Jason and Lex turn a corner and continue to run, ducking behind a street vendor's booth just as the men start to shoot handguns at them. They turn another corner and end up inside a car garage with no where else to run. A truck drives up with more men in uniform, and Lex and Jason put their hands above their heads as the men get out of the truck, pointing guns and flashlights at them.

Jason : What is this?

All of the men shout at them in Chinese.

Fade to black.

Act 2 Scene 1

We see the LuthorCorp jet soaring through a cloudy sky. Day. On the jet, Clark looks at the ancient map along with other drawings of landmarks in China. One of the drawings is of a Chinese temple with a Kryptonian symbol above the door. Lana sits next to him.

Clark : How did Lionel know these symbols were about you?

Lana : There are two answers to that question, and they're both three times zones away.

Clark stands up, thoughtful.

Lana : Clark, um, I'm sorry. I-I feel like you're the only person in my life right now who doesn't have an agenda.

Clark : Lana, whatever their motives are, I'm sure they still care about you.

Lana : That still doesn't change the fact that everybody seems to know more about me than I do.

Clark : It must be scary to think that someone out there has a plan for you, but you don't know what it is yet.

Lana : Ever since that tattoo appeared, I feel like I've been walking around with this huge secret, like everybody only knows what's on the surface, but there's something inside of me that's so much more powerful.

Clark : And you're afraid if people know about that part of you, they'll see you differently.

Lana : How could they not?

Lana is quiet for a moment, then changes the subject.

Lana : So, um, what'd your parents say about coming to China?

Clark : Nothing.

Clark sits down.

Clark : I didn't tell them. I left them a message.

Lana makes an apologetic face.

Lana : It's funny. The two people I ended up trusting are Lionel Luthor and you.

Act 2 Scene 2

Outside shot of the temple in Shanghai. Day. Inside, Lex and Jason are being kept in a dark empty cell with no light except for the musty, yellowing daylight that comes in through the window. The floor is wet and shiny. Jason stands next to the window looking out and Lex is crouched on the floor, leaning back against the wall.

Jason : Well, boss, got any idea what we're doing here?

Lex : Well, since they took the map and brought us to the temple, I'm guessing they're after the same thing we are.

Jason : You're pretty anxious to make me your sidekick, aren't you?

Lex : Don't you think it's time we dropped the stalemate of who knows what, and do whatever we can to get out of here?

Jason : [Losing patience.] If you want to start spilling our guts, you go first.

Lex : Okay. [He stands up.] We both know my father had every inch of this place scoured and he didn't find the stone. [He walks to Jason.] Come on, Jason. You wouldn't have lied to Lana and come all the way here unless you knew the secret to reading that map.

Jason : No, I lied to Lana to protect her.

Lex : Oh, right. I forgot. Lana's new self-appointed hero. She seems to have a way of attracting them.

Jason : Yeah, it looks that way.

Lex looks at the wall above the barred cell door and sees Kryptonian symbols painted there. He turns to Jason.

Lex : I don't believe you're that naive. You're either being used by my father or your mother. Who's ever pulling the strings, don't think for a second they wouldn't sacrifice Lana. In the end, I have a feeling I may be the one protecting Lana from you.

Jason gives Lex an annoyed nod and turns away, walking back to the window. When his back is turned to the cell door, two of the Chinese guards enters with guns. One of them hits Lex over the head with his gun, knocking him to the ground. The other points his gun at Jason.

Jason puts up his arms fearfully as he watches the other guard drag Lex to his feet and pull him out of the cell. The other guard leaves the cell as well and locks Jason inside, following Lex down the hall. The first guard is still yelling at Lex in Chinese.

Lex : Where are you taking me?!

Act 2 Scene 3

Clark and Lana enter a crowded Chinese street. Day. They look around with awe.

Clark : It's hard to believe we were driving by cornstalks this morning.

Lana : We are definitely not in Kansas anymore.

They walk down the street, looking at all the pedestrians and street vendors. Both sides of the street are lined with closely packed shops.

Clark : So how are we supposed to find this professor--

A Chinese man rides past on a bike, nearly knocking into Lana. Clark pulls Lana out of the way, holding her close to himself. They look into each other's eyes for an awkward moment, then Lana pulls away and they continue to walk.

Lana : Um, Lionel said to just take this street, uh, until we find a green rooster.

Clark : You know, Lana, I'm not sure we should trust this woman. Maybe we can do this on our own.

Lana : [Smiling.] I'm sorry, I didn't realize that you spoke fluent Mandarin and knew your way around Shanghai.

She touches Clark on the shoulder and points to a shop with a green rooster sign hanging near the door. A Chinese woman walks out of the shop and comes to Clark and Lana.

Woman : Miss Lang, Mr. Kent. I'm glad you guys made it here safely. Do you have the map?

The three of them walk down the street together as Clark takes the map out of his jacket pocket and unfolds it, handing it to the woman.

Woman : [Excited.] I never really believed this existed. You have no idea how many fortune hunters have searched for this map.

The woman studies the map.

Clark : The temple seems to be located at the fork of a river.

Woman : That's odd. There's no river there. But these symbols, they match those on the temple wall.

Lana : So you know where it is.

Woman : I know the place well. There's no mistaking that symbol.

Clark : Are you sure that this is the only temple with these kinds of markings?

Woman : On this continent anyway. That's all part of the temple's mystique.

They stop walking in a narrow alleyway between two shops.

Woman : There's a myth that claimed an all-powerful god that came from another world and hid a treasure there. The god left some kind of map to it. But the map was stolen centuries ago by European bandits. As far as we know, they never found the treasure.

Lana : Can you take us to it?

Woman : Of course. But don't show this to anyone. As long as the stone is still out there, there are fortune seekers who are willing to kill for it.

She hands the map to Clark.

Woman : We need to be careful. Other people may know you're here.

Clark puts the map back in his jacket and the woman leads them back into the street.

Act 2 Scene 4

Jason is standing alone in his cell in the temple. Day. He turns toward the door when he hears Lex groan. The two guards open the cell door and throw Lex back into the cell. He falls against Jason weakly and he is sweating and bleeding from his bottom lip.

Jason : Lex.

The guards grab onto Jason and pull him toward the door, yelling at him in Chinese.

Jason : [Afraid.] Lex!

Lex : Look, tell them whatever they want to know. This isn't worth dying over!

As one guard pushes Jason down the hallway, the other remains in the cell, pointing his gun at Lex. When Jason is gone, Lex turns away, wiping his lip.

Lex : [Calmly.] Just scare him. [He turns back to the guard.] Find out what he knows, but don't hurt him.

A third guard comes into the cell.

Guard : I'm sorry, Mr. Luthor. I can't make such a promise.

Lex : [Angry.] We had an agreement.

Guard : There are people who have more money than you.

The guard jabs Lex in the stomach with his night stick. Lex groans in pain and bends over. Both guards grab him and push him out of the cell.

Lex : I never wanted anyone harmed!

He fights their grip, but they continue pulling him down the hallway.

Fade to black.

Act 3 Scene 1

Outside shot of the Chinese temple. Day. There is a pond in front of the temple and large mountains loom in the background. Inside, the Chinese woman is leading Clark and Lana through a large hallway. There are red drapes hanging from the ceiling and tied to the wall to keep from obstructing the walkway, and daylight shines in through translucent windows.

Woman : During the cultural revolution, the government destroyed most of the ancient temples. But for some reason, they protected this one. Maybe because it's always been shrouded in superstition. Villages have refused to cross the threshold, fearful that the god will one day return as he promised.

She leads Clark and Lana into what appears to be a room of worship. Clark looks around at the paintings and carvings on the walls. He stops at one wall that has a painting of a growling dragon on it. Below the painting is a circular groove in the wall, large enough that a person could step through it if it were a door. Kryptonian symbols have been painted on it in red. Clark focuses on the symbols and uses his X-ray vision to look through the wall, seeing some kind of idol standing behind it.

Lana : Clark, did you find something:?

Clark : Just more symbols. Why don't you two keep searching around? I'll look more in here.

Woman : [To Lana.] This way.

Lana looks at Clark curiously, then allows herself to be led away by the woman.

Woman : There's another chamber in the east wing.

They leave. Clark walks slowly toward the wall and touches it with both hands. He pushes and the circular groove starts to move backwards. He then rolls it out of the way to find a clothed statue with its arms sticking straight out like a scarecrow. Serving as the head of the statue is an ornately decorated mask. The eyes of the mask flash a brilliant green and Clark is immediately weakened, falling to the ground with pain. The eyes of the mask continue to glow at him malevolently.

Cut to Lana and the woman walking down another hallway. Lana hears a sound.

Lana : What was that?

They both look around nervously. Suddenly several uniformed men run into the hallway and come after Lana and the woman.

Woman : Run, Lana!

Two men grab Lana before she can run away. They push her to her knees. Another man grabs the Chinese woman and breaks her neck. She drops to the ground as the other men yell at Lana in Chinese. The third man comes to Lana, pointing his smoking gun at her back. She cranes her neck around to look at him fearfully. Her jacket is slightly raised on her back, revealing a small piece of Lana's tattoo. The man lifts her shirt and sees the whole symbol.

He says something in Chinese to the other men and they drag Lana to her feet, walking her out of the hallway, passing the dead Chinese woman on the floor as they go.

Cut to the green eyes of the idol's mask in the worship chamber. Clark is still gasping before the idol on the floor.

Act 3 Scene 2

Jason and Lex are being held in another area of the temple. It looks like a basement. Day. The walls are made of brick and there is no daylight to be seen, only several fluorescent lights and a hanging light bulb that swings next to Jason. Jason and Lex are both hanging from the ceiling by their arms bound in chains. Jason is shirtless and Lex's shirt is unbuttoned revealing blood dripping down his chest.

There are several Chinese guards. They speak to each other and then one of them holds a wet sponge connected to a jumper cable to Jason's chest. There is another jumper cable connected to the chain holding Jason's hands. A buzzing electrical current goes through Jason's body and he screams through clenched teeth. The jumper cable is connected to an electricity box and one of the other Chinese men turns up the voltage. The main guard watches calmly.

Guard : Enough.

A man turns off the electricity box and the main guard walks up to Jason as he stops screaming and tries to catch his breath. The guard holds up a drawing of the treasure map and grabs Jason's hair forcefully with his other hand.

Guard : Tell me where this leads to.

Jason doesn't respond. He looks into the guard's eyes coldly for a long moment. The guard looks at Lex and then back to Jason.

Guard : Do you really think your friend will have such strong will?

He speaks to his men in Chinese. A man takes the jumper cable off of Jason's chain and connects it to Lex's. Then he pulls the wet sponge out of a bucket of water and holds it to Lex's chest.

Lex : No.

The sponge hits his chest, and the electricity crackles. Lex screams.

Guard : Where is the stone?

Lex : Aah!

Guard : Where is the stone?! Where is the stone?!

Lex continues to scream in pain. The guard orders his man to stop, and the sponge is pulled away from Lex's chest.

Guard : I hope your young friend will have more sense than you.

He shouts in Chinese, and two men drag Lana into the room. She screams and tries to get free, but can't.

Jason : No. Lana.

Lex : No! Leave her alone!

The men force Lana into a chair.

Jason : Lana! No! No, no!

Jason and Lex keep protesting as Lana's wrists are tied to the metal chair. The guard connects a jumper cable to the arm rest.

Lana : No, I don't know anything!

Lex : She has nothing to do with this!

Guard : Maybe not.

Lex : Leave her alone!

The guard touches the sponge to Lana's arm and the electricity buzzes.

Lex : Lana!

Jason : No!!!

Lana howls through clenched teeth like a tortured animal as the guard turns up the voltage. Lana suddenly begins to convulse with super speed, her swinging head becoming a blur. Then she is suddenly perfectly still and a soft wind blows her hair. Her eyes are closed and the electricity is still flowing through her, but it doesn't affect her at all. She speaks Latin in a low chanting voice.

Lana : Mitere meus animam.

Her eyes burst open and they are a shimmering purple. Jason and Lex watch in frightened silence.

Lana : Liberare!

Purplish-pink light flashes through the room and the guard operating the electricity box is thrown to the floor. Lana's bindings are broken and she stands up. She turns to the two guards that are still standing and points at them, shooting purple energy from her hand that sends them to the ground. One of the unconscious guards holds the map in his hand, and Lana picks it up. Then she walks calmly back to Jason and Lex.

Lana : Did you really think I would let any harm come to this body I possess? [She smiles.] You two again.

Jason : [Whispered.] Isobel.

Lana : You are a resilient lad, aren't you? So earnest, and yet so tragically doomed to pay for the sins of your ancestors.

Lex : Lana, if there's any part of you in there--

Lana : [To Lex.] And you, greedy boy. [She touches his neck threateningly.] I can only imagine what mischief you would cause were you to unite the stones of knowledge. [She steps away from Lex and Jason.] Too bad that neither of you could see what was right in front of you all along. [She opens the map and shows it to them.] It was never a map.

She smiles slyly.

Cut to Clark still lying helpless on the floor. Two more guards come in and pull him off the floor, helping him stand up and leading him out of the chamber. Once Clark is in the hallway, his strength returns, and he throws the guards in opposite directions.

In the basement, Lana puts on a long Chinese cloak that is red on the inside and black with gold symbols on the outside.

Lex : Clark!

Lana turns around and sees that Clark has entered the room behind her. She shoots energy out of her hand at him, sending him flying backwards and landing on the floor. Lana walks toward him.

Lana : You put up a better fight last time.

She leaves the basement.

Cut to Lana walking quickly down the large hallway outside the idol chamber. Clark remains unconscious in the basement.

Fade to black.

Act 4 Scene 1

Outside shot of the temple. Day. In the basement, Clark regains consciousness and picks up a pair of bolt cutters and walks to Jason and Lex.

Lex : Clark, what are you doing here?

Clark cuts Lex's chains and Lex falls to the floor with a grunt.

Clark : I could ask you the same thing.

Jason : How could you put Lana in the middle of this? [Clark cuts his chain.] I swear, Clark, if anything happens to her...

Clark : [Angry.] She's here because you lied to her.

Lex : I get the feeling Lana can handle herself right now.

Jason : If Isobel gets her hands on that stone, there's no telling what's gonna happen to Lana.

Lex : Clark, if there's anything you know that we don't...

Clark : I think I found something.

Cut to Clark, Lex, and Jason standing in the chamber looking at the hidden idol in the wall. Clark stands well away from it. Jason and Lex walk toward it slowly.

Lex : Clark, how did you just stumble on this when my father had this placed searched from top to bottom?

Clark : What do you want me to say, Lex? It's obviously been here a long time.

Lex is standing right next to the idol now, touching it. He notices Clark staying at a distance.

Lex : Don't you want to look at this?

Clark doesn't answer, but looks at the idol's eyes nervously.

Jason : Hang on... [To Clark.] Let me see the map. [Clark looks blankly at Jason for a moment.] Let me see it.

Clark takes the folded map out of his jacket and hands it to Jason. As Jason unfolds it, he walks toward the idol.

Lex : Well?

Jason : Guys, this isn't a map to the temple. It's a drawing of the temple through the tree.

Jason holds the map up to the shirt on the idol. The shirt has a picture on the front of it identical to the map. We see that what looked like a long river forking at the temple is actually a forked tree trunk with the temple visible in the background.

Lex : That's why no one could find the stone here. But from this perspective, the background goes on for miles. It could be anywhere.

Clark : What if it's not in the background? Think about it. The artist would have been standing right where you are. What if it's located there at the base of the tree?

Jason and Lex stare at the idol's shirt thoughtfully. The image on the shirt fades into a real image of the temple seen through the forking trunk of a tree. Lana stands next to the tree, comparing it the drawing she holds in her hand. She smiles dangerously then puts the map away. Then she opens her left hand slowly, revealing that it is full of red rose petals. She lets the petals fall to the ground while she chants in Latin.

In the soil where the rose petals have fallen, a Kryptonian symbol appears as if it is burned into the ground. Lana waves her hand over the ground slowly, and the soil begins to crack and separate. From beneath the ground there is fiery orange light and smoke until finally the spot of soil under the symbol rises up and a small statue of a horse pokes its head above ground. Lana picks up the horse and looks at it strangely. Then she takes it to a nearby rock and shatters it.

Cut to Clark in the temple. A piercing noise fills his ears and he covers them in pain.

Lana who is still standing over the stone sees that inside the horse is another stone of power which is now resting before her. It is silver and shiny and has a Kryptonian symbol etched into it.

In the temple, Clark can still hear the noise, and he super speeds out.

Lana holds the stone of power, resting it on a red handkerchief in her hand. She stares at it greedily when suddenly it seems to disappear from her hand.

Clark is now standing near her, holding the stone in his hand after having taken it from her at super speed. Lana sees him and shoots a bolt of energy at him from her hand, sending him flying across the yard where he lands roughly in a bush. He drops the stone. Lana picks it up with her handkerchief again, wraps it up, and puts it in the pocket of her cloak.

Cut to Lana reentering the temple and walking purposefully down the hallway. A whoosh of air is heard, and Clark is suddenly standing right in front of her.

Lana : [Angrily.] Nobody has sacrificed as much as I have for these stones.

Clark : They don't belong to you.

Lana : And you think they were meant for you? They were left for nobody. The god of this temple hid them for his return.

Lana holds out her arms to both sides. On her left, a sword removes itself from a statue and flies into Lana's hand. On her right, a smaller blade flies out of a statue and into her other hand. She shouts in Latin.

Then she touches the blades together over her head and they shimmer with a purple energy for a moment. She throws the smaller blade at Clark. It flips through the air in slow motion until it reaches Clark, stabbing him in the chest. He gasps as blood drips down the front of his jacket. Lana smiles as he grabs the handle and tries to pull the blade out of himself.

Then Lana leaps toward him from across the hallway soaring through the air almost like she is flying, and she holds her sword above her head, ready to strike. Just before she gets to him, Clark pulls the blade out of his chest and steps out of her way. She swings at him but hits the wall instead. Clark steps into a chamber and she turns around, trying to strike him again. He blocks one of her swings with the smaller blade and dodges another swing by stepping back out into the hallway.

Lana follows him and leaps into the air as they strike blades again. She jumps toward him, spinning a full circle in the air and swings her sword at him twice. Both times she strikes his blade. She runs around to his other side and tries to swing at his head, but he ducks out of the way. Then she crouches slightly, and swipes at Clark's legs with her leg, tripping him. When he is on his back on the ground, she swings at him but again, he blocks it. With his sword, he flings Lana's sword out of her hand and pushes her away.

She is flung across the room, but before she lands, she rights herself in the air and lands gently on her feet, looking back at Clark coldly. He returns her stare nervously. Lana leaps high into the air, spinning in circles as if she is flying. Then Clark super speeds toward her and jumps up next to her. He rips at the pocket in her cloak and the red handkerchief and the stone of power fall out onto the floor. Lana looks down at the stone in a panic.

On the ground, Clark reaches for the stone, but Lana grabs his hand. There is a bright flash as energy passes through both of them and sends them both flying in opposite directions. Clark is blown all the way back into the nearby chamber.

Jason enters and touches Lana's arm. She sits up and looks at him with confusion.

Lana : How'd we get away from the guards?

Clark reenters the hallway.

Clark : It was Isobel.

Lana : [Breathing heavily, afraid.] What'd I do?

Clark pulls his jacket closed to make sure his wound is hidden. Lex enters.

Lex : Did you find the stone?

Clark picks up the red handkerchief, but the stone isn't there.

Clark : It's gone.

They share a tense silence.

Fade to black.

Act 5 Scene 1

Outside shot of the Kent Farm. Night. In the loft, Clark is seated at his desk typing a paper entitled, "Why I Want To Go To Central State" on his laptop. So far, the title is all he has finished. He stares blankly at the computer screen as Lana enters.

Lana : It's kind of hard to take college application essays seriously after the last couple of days, isn't it?

Clark : I was just trying to figure out if hidden temples and body-snatching witches fits under "community service" or "extracurriculars."

Lana : [She smiles.] Did I come at a bad time? You seemed kind of startled when you saw me.

Clark : [Standing up.] No. I just, um... I thought maybe you were my parents. I've been avoiding them ever since we got back.

Clark walks away from the desk and toward the window.

Lana : [Doubting his excuse.] And the real reason would be?

Clark : Seeing you speak Latin and throw those guys around the room like toothpicks is kind of weird. And even when Isobel's gone, sometimes I look at you and there's a part of you I don't recognize anymore.

Lana laughs softly.

Clark : [Hurt.] What?

Lana : I'm sorry, it's just that... Do you know how funny that sounds coming from you?

Clark smiles.

Lana : Somehow, I think that the only way that I'm going to be able to put Isobel and all of... all of this other stuff behind me is if I find all three of those stones.

Clark : I'm sure they'll end up in the right hands.

Lana : I hope so because right now I kind of feel like some random piece of a puzzle I'll never understand.

Clark : Well, maybe we're not supposed to understand it just yet.

Lana looks at him questioningly.

Clark : I get the feeling that our lives are a lot less random than we think.

Lana : [Hopeful.] Maybe. Good night, Clark.

Lana leaves. Clark hears a beep from his laptop and goes back to the desk to see that he has a new e-mail from Virgil Swann.

Act 5 Scene 2

Lex is seated in his study in front of his laptop. Night. He types in his LuthorCorp ID. His user name is Lex Luthor and his password is "Elements." A box appears on the screen that says "Accessing LuthorCorp Intranet." Lex waits. We see that he has a bruise on his lip where one of the guards hit him. Lionel enters the study and Lex closes his laptop.

Lionel : How was China?

Lex : Full of surprises.

Lionel : [Noticing Lex's bruise.] Lex, what happened?

Lex : Even though getting pistol-whipped wasn't exactly my idea of fun, I have to admit, it's good to have the old dad back.

Lionel : No, I had nothing to do with what happened to you in China, son. I have abandoned my search for the stones.

Lex : Come on, Dad. You stole copies of my map and gave them to Lana and Jason. You used them.

Lionel : No, Lex, it was you who was using them. And you'll do far worse to find those stones.

Lex gets up from his desk and walks toward the center of the room. Lionel follows, trying to make him listen.

Lionel : You have a ferocious desire to find all the answers, son, but don't let you search for those stones turn into your personal Tower of Babel.

Lex : I'm not trying to get closer to God, Dad. I'm trying to solve the riddles He's laid out for me.

Lionel : Did you ever think there might be a reason why we weren't given the answers?

Lex : To challenge us?

Lionel : Or maybe to humble us. Knowledge comes from finding the answers, yes, but understanding what the answers mean is what brings wisdom. Men who didn't understand the difference have been the ruin of some of the world's greatest civilizations.

Lex puts a hand on Lionel's shoulder.

Lex : Is that why you stopped looking for the stones? [Lionel laughs.] Because you're afraid?

Lionel : No. No, I stopped because I realized that even if I find the three stones, I'm not gonna find what I'm really looking for. Neither will you.

Act 5 Scene 3

Outside shot of the Talon. Night. Lana opens her apartment door and finds Jason standing outside. She stares at him coldly.

Jason : Can I at least come in?

Lana looks at him for another moment, then opens the door and walks toward the kitchen. Jason steps inside as Lana pours a cup of tea.

Jason : I guess I don't have to ask why I haven't heard from you since we got back from Shanghai.

Lana doesn't respond.

Jason : I'm sorry I lied to you.

Lana : I don't even know which lie you're apologizing for, that you said you were in Metropolis when you really in China or that you've been working with your mom all along.

Jason : I wasn't honest about going to China because I didn't want to put you into danger. If you remember a certain torture chair, I'd say that's pretty decent foresight. You have to believe me.

Lana : Give me one good reason.

Jason : Okay.

Jason pulls a handkerchief out of his jacket pocket and puts it down on the counter. He unfolds it, revealing the stone of power. Lana looks at it in shock.

Jason : Is that good enough?

Lana : [Walking toward the stone.] Jason, how did you--

Jason : I got there right before Lex. I saw you and Clark knocked out. And there it was right in front of me. I didn't want Lex or Clark to know about it, so I mailed it to myself from China.

Lana : Did you tell your mom?

Jason : I got it for you. All I care about is protecting you, okay? You're the only one in my life that matters to me.

Lana is unable to respond, spellbound by the shining stone.

Jason : Blink twice if you can understand me.

Lana looks at Jason, then blinks twice. They both smile and embrace.

Act 5 Scene 4

Clark enters the Kent kitchen. Night. Jonathan and Martha are there playing a card game at the counter.

Jonathan : Well, I do hope you brought us a souvenir.

Clark : I know that going to China is grounds for a serious lecture, but I didn't have a choice.

Jonathan : All right, Clark. At least please tell us that the stone is safe in the cave with the other one.

Clark : Look, even though there was kryptonite guarding the original map, I got the stone in my hand. But I lost it.

Martha : Clark, I don't understand. If these stones were intended for you to find, why would they be surrounded by kryptonite?

Clark : It makes me wonder if they really were meant for me. But right now we have another problem. Before he died, Dr. Swann sent me one last e-mail. He said he'd been searching for the stones for years, and even with the vast resources at his disposal, it was futile. I was his last hope. That's why he asked Bridgette Crosby to give me the one stone he did find.

Martha : Which stone?

Clark : That's the thing. I called her numbers. They were all disconnected. No one even claims to have known her. It's like she never existed.

The worry is evident on Martha and Jonathan's faces.

Act 5 Scene 5

Clark is in the hidden chamber in the underground cave looking at the stone altar. Night. He hears Dr. Swann's voice in his head.

Dr. Swann : Kal-El, you must write your own destiny.

Clark remains next to the altar, staring at it fearfully.


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