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#203 : Duplicité

Résumé : Le Dr. Hamilton souffre de tremblements aigus dus aux météorites. Il provoque ainsi un accident de voiture à la suite duquel Pete découvre le vaisseau spatial de Clark. Ce dernier est alors contraint de lui révéler son secret avant qu'il alerte la presse. Quand Hamilton dérobe le vaisseau et prend Pete en otage, Clarkintervient pour sauver son ami.


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Guest-stars :

→ Sarah-Jane Redmond dans le rôle de Nell Potter
Joe Morton dans le rôle du Dr. Hamilton
Andrew Jackson dans le rôle de Ray Wallace
→ Michael Kopsa dans le rôle de Dean Winters
→ Cam Cronin dans le rôle du Dr. Glenn


Indiscrétions :

 Le Dr Hamilton semble souffrir du même mal dont souffrait Earl Jenkins dans l'épisode 1.08 - Niveau -3 suite à une exposition à la kryptonite.

 Apparemment Clark n'a pas peur d'utiliser ses pouvoirs en public : d'abord il l'utilise au début en jouant au basket dans la cour de la ferme quelques secondes avant l'arrivée de Pete, puis il disparait alors qu'il se trouve au milieu d'une foule d'étudiants juste après que Chloe lui ait annoncé l'implication du Dr Hamilton.

 Comment le Dr Hamilton réussit-il à transporter le vaisseau dans son laboratoire alors qu'il est malade et qu'il faut au moins 2 personnes pour le bouger ?

 Le Dr Hamilton est-il vraiment mort ? Tout d'abord Pete annonce à Clark que Hamilton est mort alors qu'il a seulement jeté un oeil au corps. Lorsque Lex et Lionel se rendent dans le laboratoire, nulle trace du corps de Hamilton. Aucune mention n'est faite si Clark et Pete se sont débarrassés du corps où si la police l'a trouvé...

Dr. Hamilton is walking down the hall in Lex's mansion. Night. His left hand is twitching and he is walking slowly, obviously trying to control it. He enters Lex's study where Lex is waiting.

Dr. Hamilton : Lex, I, uh, I thought we had an arrangement. Why this sudden urge for a face-to-face?

Lex sees Dr. Hamilton's trembling hand.

Lex : You don't look well.

Dr. Hamilton : Why did you pull me away from my research? You know I hate progress reports.

Lex : I hear you're having some personnel problems at Catmus Labs. They all quit when you turned violent and started throwing lab equipment.

Dr. Hamilton : They were incompetent. Look, I thought our relationship was clear. You write the checks, I have free reign to do my work.

Lex : I hired you to research the meteor rocks. But instead of results, you provide me with potential lawsuits. Frankly, Doctor, you have become a liability. Look, I'm afraid we've reached the end of our road together. Now that I am running my own company, I don't have the time or the resources to pursue projects that don't bear fruit. I suggest you see a doctor in Metropolis. I'll take care of the expenses.

Dr. Hamilton : I don't need your doctor, Lex, and I certainly don't need your condescension. It's you who needs me. [He points at Lex with his shaking hand] You're just a little to uh, [He pulls his hand back] myopic to see it.

He leaves the room, slamming the door.

Cut to a man, Ray Wallace, driving his truck down a dark road. He is listening to loud country music and eating sunflower seeds. He turns to the window and spits, only to realize that the window is rolled up. He rolls down the window and spits again. The driver's side door says Ray's Lock and Key.

Dr. Hamilton is driving on the same road, toward the truck. His hand continues to shake, and he reaches for a pill bottle on the dashboard, accidentally knocking it onto the floor of the car, spilling the pills. He sees the truck in the distance and leans over to grab the pills, causing his own car to swerve all over the road.

Ray sees him and starts to honk his horn. Dr. Hamilton sits upright, but doesn't have enough time to steer out of the way. The truck swerves violently out of the way, causing it to fly off the road and topple into a cornfield. It comes to a stop completely upside down with the horn blaring continuously.

Dr. Hamilton remains in his car panting. Another car drives toward him where he is still blocking the way. The horn honks, and Dr. Hamilton speeds away. The approaching car pulls to the side of the road and we see that it is Pete.

He gets out of his car and looks into the cornfield where he sees a small patch of red light where the truck's taillights are reflecting on the corn. He runs out into the field and kneels next to the truck.

Pete : [Knocking on the window] Hey, man. Hey, are you all right?

The horn continues on a steady drone and Pete turns to his right. Sitting in the cornfield next to the truck is Clark's spaceship and a look of shock comes over Pete's face.

[Opening Credits]

Act 1 Scene 1

Clark is playing basketball outside the barn. Day. He dribbles the ball a few times as he walks an extremely long way from the basket. He shoots the ball at an incredibly high arc, and makes the shot. He super speeds over the basket to catch the ball as it falls through. He then super speeds back to where he was standing and is about to make another shot when Pete drives up behind him, honking the horn.

Pete : Clark, Clark, Clark. You're dreaming if you think you're gonna make a basket from there.

Clark : No, no, no. The ball rolled out here. Want to play a game of horse?

Pete : [Laughs and gets out of the car] Forget basketball. We gotta borrow your dad's truck.

Clark : For what?

Pete : I'll explain on the way. Come on, we don't have much time.

Clark : What's going on?

Pete : If I told you, you'd never believe me. You gotta see it with your own eyes.

Cut to Clark and Pete walking up to the overturned truck in the cornfield. Pete makes a trumpeting sound his voice as they approach the spaceship.

Pete : Pretty mind-blowing, huh?

Clark : [Shocked] What do you think it is?

Pete : Oh, Clark, it's a spaceship! What the hell else would it be?

Clark : Well, I mean, I don't know if it was some, like, downed specialty aircraft or a Russian satellite or something.

Pete : No, no, no. This thing's got extraterrestrial written all over it.

Clark : Yeah, I bet there's little green guys running around the cornfield too, Pete.

Pete : I'm serious, Clark. Have you ever seen anything like it?

Clark : If the aliens came to Earth, don't you think they'd find a place a little more exciting than Smallville?

Pete : No, no, no, think about it. Crop circles, cattle mutilation. They'd be like kids in a candy store here! Come on, man, let's load it into the truck!

Pete grabs the edge.

Clark : Wait, you're not just gonna take it.

Pete : Clark, when the sheriff questioned me about the accident, I told him in all the confusion I couldn't remember where the truck went off the road. But it's only a matter of time before he shows up. Come on. [He grabs the edge again] Come on!

Clark : All right fine. We'll take it to my house.

Pete : No, no, no, Clark! I know your dad. He'll make us turn it over to the authorities.

Clark : I won't even tell him. He won't know it's there.

Pete : Clark, we're taking it to my house. We'll hide it in the tool shed in my backyard. No one ever goes back there.

Clark : Pete, my house would be perfect. It'll be safe there.

Pete : Clark, last time I checked, I found this thing. You're acting like you got license and registration on it, man. Lighten up. We're taking it to my place.

Finally giving in, Clark helps Pete pick up his space ship.

Act 1 Scene 2

Lex is making a drink in his study as Lionel enters with a servant. Day. Lionel is wearing sunglasses and using a walking stick to feel his way around.

Servant : Right here.

Lionel : Lex? Lex, are you in here?

Lex : Yeah, Dad, I'm right here. I'm sorry, I wasn't expecting you.

The servant starts to take Lionel's jacket and Lionel bats his hands away.

Lionel : No! Get out.

The servant leaves.

Lex : Is everything all right? [He helps Lionel to a chair] Your doctors tell me your recovery is going well.

Lionel : It is. So well, in fact, that Dr. Roland suggested I take a break from the, uh...rigors of a... physical therapy. He, uh... he thought that some time away from the uh... stress of living and working in Metropolis would be more... beneficial right now.

Lex : Of all the places you could have gone, you, uh, decided to come here?

Lionel : We'll have a chance for some father-son bonding. You've always told me I've been lax in that requirement, Lex.

Lex : How long are you planning to stay?

Lione l: A few days, maybe a week.

Lex : Are you sure you wouldn't be more comfortable at the beach house? I think the sea air would be invigorating.

Lionel : I'm getting the distinct impression, Lex, that you don't want me here.

Lex : No, Father, I just want what's best for you. Stay as long as you like.

Lex's has a look of reluctance on his face.

Act 1 Scene 3

Nell and her new boyfriend, DEAN, are sitting in the Talon. Day.

Dean : [Playfully kissing her shoulder] No.

Nell laughs as Lana approaches with their check, looking uncomfortable.

Dean : [Clearing his throat] Hey, Lana, you know I was just thinking. If you move those tables away from the counter, it would open up space for extra stools. More customers, more cash flow.

Nell : That's a wonderful idea.

Dean : [Glances at his watch] I gotta go. [Lana looks away as they kiss] I'll see you tonight. Bye, Lana.

Lana : Bye.

Nell : [Sighs] Isn't he wonderful?

Lana : Yeah, he's great.

Lana looks back at Dean who is looking at her as Chloe walks in. She gives Dean a strange look and walks to Lana.

Chloe : Hi.

Lana : Hey.

Nell : Hi, Chloe.

Chloe : Hi.

Nell : Oh, how did the sleepover go? Did you two get a lot of studying done?

Chloe : [Confused] Uh, I have to be completely honest with you, Nell... [Lana gives her a look] We didn't study. We had a Keanu DVD-a-thon. Once you get lost in those brown eyes, just geometry loses its appeal.

Nell : Well, I'm just glad you two had fun. Don't let the grades suffer.

She gets up to leave.

Chloe : Okay.

Lana : Bye.

Nell : Bye.

Lana : Thank you so much, Chloe!

Chloe : Yeah, sure, if you'd given me more of a heads up I could have come up with something a lot better than a Keanu DVD-a-thon.

Lana : Sorry, it was a last-minute thing. I had to get out of the house, so I told Nell I was staying at a friend's place. You were the first person that came to mind.

Chloe : Really?

Lana : Really.

Chloe : So, uh, where were you last night? Is there a new guy in Lana Lang's life?

Lana : Yeah. His name's Dean. You passed him on the way in.

Chloe : You're dating an older man?

Lana : Relax. He's Nell's new boyfriend. He's an insurance adjuster she met after the tornado. He's always around and they're in this lovey-dovey daze all the time.

Chloe : Yeah, and you want to tell them to get a room but it's her house.

Lana : Tell me about it. After I caught them slow dancing in the living room, I decided to stay at the Talon.

Chloe : Well, you know, next time you need to clear out of the love shack, you don't have to lie about it. You can stay at my house for real any time.

Lana : Thanks.

Act 1 Scene 4

Clark and Pete drive to Pete's house in Jonathan's truck. Day. The spaceship is in the back partially covered by a tarp.

Cut to the two of them pushing it into the tool shed.

Pete : Man, this thing weighs a ton.

Clark : I know.

Pete : I'm gonna go call Chloe.

Clark : Wait, wait. Don't

Pete : Why not? To her, this thing's like the Holy Grail.

Clark : She'll write an article about it.

Pete : That's the point. Then we'll be famous! We'll write a book, we'll go on all sorts of talk shows, and then we'll sign a big movie deal.

Clark : Wait, don't you think we should keep this between us until we know more about it?

Pete : Why are you being so gun shy, Clark? We gotta move on this thing before the driver of the truck tells someone else.

Clark : Suppose we tell Chloe and it turns out to be some sort of high-tech crop duster or something.

Pete : She'll never let us live it down.

Clark : Exactly. We'd be the subject of her next "Eat Crow" column for sure. I don't know about you, but I'm not willing to risk it.

Pete : How do you think you open it?

Clark : I'm not sure. [He grabs a crow bar] Um, here. You work on that, I'm gonna go see if anyone's put up missing spaceship flyers around town.

Pete : All right.

Clark : I'll meet you back here tomorrow morning.

Pete : All right, cool.

He starts trying to pry open the ship.

Act 1 Scene 5

Clark is in his living room with Jonathan and Martha. Day.

Jonathan : So where is it now?

Clark : In Pete's tool shed.

Martha : And he hasn't told anyone about it?

Clark : Well, I convinced him to hold off the press conference till tomorrow morning.

Jonathan : Very funny. We're just gonna have to get it back.

Clark : Well, what are we gonna do, Dad, just steal it? [Jonathan looks at Clark seriously] Now, wait a minute. What do I say if he asks me where it went?

Jonathan : You're gonna have to play dumb.

Clark : Dad, I'm sick of lying.

Jonathan : Clark, you don't have much of a choice here.

Clark : Well, I can tell Pete the truth.

Jonathan : Clark...

Clark : Dad, he's not gonna tell anyone.

Martha : Look, people slip sometimes, even the most trustworthy of friends.

Jonathan : This information is way too dangerous for Pete.

Martha : We understand that this secret is a huge burden, but if you share it with Pete, you might be giving him a responsibility he's not ready to take on.

Act 1 Scene 6

Dr. Glenn is talking to Dr. Hamilton at Smallville Medical Center. Day.

Dr. Glenn : I know this isn't the type of bizarre cellular mutation I normally call you with, but uh, I knew you'd be interested.

Dr. Hamilton : [Holding onto his shaking hand] What's the room number?

Dr. Glenn : You know, the, uh, interest in my med school loans is killing me. [Dr. Hamilton takes some money out of his pocket and sticks it in the Dr. Glenn's coat pocket. Dr. Glenn notices Hamilton's shaking hand] You really should have that looked at.

Dr. Hamilton : [Pushing Dr. Glenn to the wall] What's the number?!

Cut to Hamilton entering Ray's room.

Ray : Who are you?

Dr. Hamilton : [Opening the patient chart] Dr. Hamilton. How do you feel?

Ray : Like my head got bashed in by a bulldozer.

Dr. Hamilton : Dr. Glenn tells me you saw a spacecraft in a cornfield last night.

Ray : I must've been babbling. They got me pumped full of morphine.

Dr. Hamilton : Who else did you babble to?

Ray : What's it to you anyway?

Dr. Hamilton : Let's just say I have a professional interest. I looked at the field, I saw the impression in the cornstalks. Whatever made it is gone.

Ray : Damn. I knew I should've kept my mouth shut. Someone must've taken it.

Dr. Hamilton : You did see a ship last night, hmm? [He pours some pills into his mouth from the bottle as Ray nods] Who else knows about it?

Ray : No one.

Dr. Hamilton : Mnh-mnh.

Ray : Oh, the kid. The one that pulled me out of my truck. Pete Ross. Have we met before?

Dr. Hamilton : I don't think so.

Ray : You were out on the road last night. You're the crazy son of a bitch who forced me off the road! [He reaches for the call button and Dr. Hamilton takes it away] Nurse!

Hamilton grabs the syringe that has the morphine that is hooked to Ray through a tube.

Ray : Nurse!

Hamilton pushes down the button of the syringe and Ray's eyes cross as we hear the heart monitor flat line from Ray overdosing on morphine.

Act 1 Scene 7

Jonathan and Clark walk from the truck to Pete's tool shed. Night. When they open the door, the spaceship is gone...

Clark : I don't believe it. Someone must've gotten here before us.

Jonathan : We're not gonna find out who it was tonight. [He closes the door]

Cut to the two of them driving away just as Pete steps outside. He sees them, but they don't see him.

Act 1 Scene 8

Clark walks out of his house and finds Pete sitting on his car in the driveway. Day.

Clark : Pete. Hey, I was just gonna come talk to you.

Pete : Really?

Clark : Yeah, about the ship...

Pete : Oh, someone broke in to my shed last night and stole it.

Clark : Really?

Pete : Yeah.

Clark : Well, did you tell anyone it was there?

Pete : No, did you?

Clark : [After a small pause] No, my lips have been sealed.

Pete : You're such a liar.

Clark : What do you mean?

Pete : I saw you and your dad driving away from my shed last night. All night long I kept telling myself there's gotta be some sort of logical explanation. Clark Kent would never do anything like this.

Clark : Pete, I swear we didn't take the ship.

Pete : And all these years I used to think you were my best friend.

Pete turns to get into his car.

Clark : Pete, wait. You don't understand.

Pete : What don't I understand? Go ahead, explain it to me, Clark. [Clark is at a loss] That's good, really illuminating. Wait till Chloe hears about this. [He gets in his car] I can already see the headlines. The Real Clark Kent Exposed!

Pete starts the car and peels out of the driveway. He looks at Clark in his rearview mirror and keeps driving. Clark stays behind. He looks at the ground and again looks at Pete's car driving away.

Pete looks in his mirror again and Clark isn't there anymore. We hear a slight whoosh and suddenly Clark's hands are on the hood of the car, stopping it in its tracks. The back wheels continue to spin against the dirt road as Pete looks at Clark.

Clark : Pete, we need to talk.

Pete looks, startled. He looks behind him where Clark was standing and looks back to where Clark is.

Fade to black.

Act 2 Scene 1

Pete and Clark are talking in the storm cellar. Day.

Pete : So you're some sort of... what? You're not a human?

Clark : I don't know what I am. I don't know where that ship brought me from. I just know that I grew up in Smallville, and everything that I care about and everyone that I care about is here.

Pete : If you care about me so much, how come you never told me sooner?

Clark : Pete, believe me, there wasn't a day that went by where I didn't want to tell you, but my parents thought it was too dangerous. Not just for me, but for anyone else who knew the truth.

Pete : You didn't think I could handle it?

Clark : Can you?

Pete starts to walk around Clark slowly.

Clark : Pete, another reason why I didn't say anything is because I knew people would look at me the exact same way that you're looking at me right now.

Pete : And how's that?

Clark : Like a freak. Pete, I've tried my whole life just to blend in, to try and be more normal than anyone else. Would you just say something? [Pete doesn't say anything] Call me... call me an alien, call me a monster. I don't care, just say something.

Pete : It's like I don't even know you.

Clark : Yes, you do know me. I'm the same kid that used to camp in your backyard. We used to ride our bikes in the woods, we used to play basketball with your brothers. Nothing has changed.

Pete : Yeah, right.

Clark : [Stepping toward him] Pete--

Pete : [Backing away abruptly] Back off, man!

Clark : Pete, I would never hurt you.

Pete : Too late.

He passes Clark and leaves the storm cellar.

Act 2 Scene 2

Dr. Hamilton is noisily working on the spaceship in his barn. Day. He is behind the ship, but we hear a series of clanks and thumbs as his keeps flailing over the edge. He reaches over and feels the octagonal groove.

Dr. Hamilton :  [Sitting up to look at it] Yeah, yeah, there you go! [He pats the ship excitedly] Right there.

Act 2 Scene 3

Dr. Hamilton and Lex talk in Lex's study. Day.

Lex : Listen, Dr. Hamilton, I thought I made it clear that our business together was over.

Dr. Hamilton : I've come for my severance package. The octagonal disk that I found in the field, Lex.

Lex : Why?

Dr. Hamilton : You don't give a damn about my research. What does it matter to you?

Lex : I don't have it, Doctor, it disappeared during the storm.

Dr. Hamilton : [Pushing books off the desk] Liar! It's a key! I know you have it! This isn't over! [He leaves the room. In the hallway, he passes Lionel who is walking with his stick and feeling his way along the wall. Dr. Hamilton stops and turns around] Mr. Luthor.

Lionel : Yes?

Dr. Hamilton : I'm Dr. Steven Hamilton. I've been doing the confidential research on the meteor rocks for your son at Catmus Labs.

Lionel : All right. You've got my attention.

Dr. Hamilton : Well, unfortunately, Lex has become, uh, shortsighted and impatient. We've severed our relationship. But you. You have a reputation as a... a man of vision.

Lionel : Apparently, Doctor, you haven't noticed that I'm blind.

Dr. Hamilton : A man like you doesn't have to have eyes to see the future or to recognize an opportunity.

Lionel : Don't flatter me, Hamilton, get to the point.

Dr. Hamilton : I've discovered something that can only be described as earth-shattering. I would like to show it to you.

Act 2 Scene 4

Clark walks up to Pete at his locker at school. Day.

Clark : Hey, Pete. Look, man, I know you're freaked out. Don't you think I freak myself out sometimes? [Pete doesn't answer] All right, look. You have every reason in the world to hate me, but I need to find that ship. [A girl at a locker next to Pete's gives Clark a strange look and walks away] The guy you pulled out of the truck, he must have told someone something. I thought we could--

Pete : The other day, we were moving the ship. You said it was heavy. You were lying, weren't you? And everyday you missed the bus and still ended up at school ahead of me? You always said you got a ride, but you never got rides, did you? Our whole life you were the one person I could tell anything to, and I always did, all my secrets. But you? Everything you ever told me was a lie!

Clark : Maybe I was right not telling you with the way you're reacting.

Pete : Clark, you don't get it do you? I don't care if you're from the moon. You never trusted me. What kind of friendship is that?

Chloe walks up.

Chloe : Hey, guys. Why didn't you tell me about the superhero deal? [They both look at Chloe, startled] Pete pulls a guy from a mangled truck and rushes him to the hospital? That's got Torch exclusive written all over it. So how about an interview?

Pete : Maybe later.

Chloe : Your reluctance wouldn't be part of a vast conspiracy designed to cover up the whole spaceship thing, would it?

Clark : Wh-what are you talking about?

Chloe : My source from the medical center gave me a call. He said that the guy that Pete brought in was rambling on about some alien spacecraft that landed in the cornfield.

Clark : You don't really believe that, do you?

Chloe : I don't know. Not unless Pete can corroborate the story.

Pete : Sure, Chloe. I saw a spaceship. I even met an alien.

Chloe : Really? Would you like to describe it?

Pete : Actually he looks a lot like Clark.

Chloe : [Chloe looks at Clark] I thought aliens were little and green.

Pete : I guess things aren't always what you think they are.

He walks away.

Chloe : Okay, what's up with him?

Clark : Just guy stuff. Um, you're not really looking into this UFO story are you? I mean, it sounds like Inquisitor stuff.

Chloe : Maybe, but if there is some truth to it, that's front-page news. For the Daily Planet.

She walks away.

Act 2 Scene 4

Clark enters the kitchen with a bowlful of eggs. Day.

Clark : Lex?

Lex : [Sitting by the counter] Hey. Your mom said it'd be okay if I waited for you.

Clark : Yeah, what's up?

Lex : I just needed to get out of the mansion. It's getting crowded.

Clark : Doesn't it have like 75 rooms?

Lex : Yeah, well, my father takes up a lot of space.

Clark : [Nods understandingly] When's he going back to Metropolis?

Lex : Not soon enough.

Clark : Is he really being that difficult?

Lex : Just the opposite. He's the picture of civility. Says he wants to work on our relationship.

Clark : Is that such a bad thing?

Lex : He's lied to me so many times it's hard to believe he doesn't have an ulterior motive.

Clark : Maybe you can give him the benefit of the doubt.

Lex : No, no. If a person's deceived me once, I find it hard to give them a second chance. [Clark lowers his eyes] By the way, do you remember that paperweight I had on my desk? The octagonal one?

Clark : Uh, kinda, why?

Lex : It came up today. Made me wonder what happened to it.

Clark : When did you lose it?

Lex : During the storm.

Clark : It probably got carried away with all the other debris from the mansion, you know?

Lex : Yeah. I'm sure you're right.

Lex starts for the door.

Clark : Good luck.

Act 2 Scene 5

Lionel and Dr. Hamilton are in Dr. Hamilton's barn. Day. Lionel is touching the spaceship.

Lionel : Forgive my skepticism, Doctor, but for all I can tell, this could be a postmodern coffee table.

Dr. Hamilton : [Scoffing] Oh!

Lionel : Why should I believe you it's a spacecraft?

Dr. Hamilton : The alloy that you're touching is composed of elements not found on the periodic table.

Lionel : Mmm.

Dr. Hamilton : Certain chemicals in that alloy are present in the meteor rocks.

Lionel : Get me the proof.

Dr. Hamilton : [He puts Lionel's hand on the octagonal groove] Here. Feel this?

Lionel : Yeah...

Dr. Hamilton : There's a-- there's a piece missing. Lex and I were investigating a meteor site and I found an octagonal-shaped disk that is the exact size and shape of that impression!

Lionel : And you think it was...

Dr. Hamilton : It was a key that opens the ship and will provide you with the proof that you're asking for. Unfortunately, Lex won't give it back to me.

Lionel : Maybe Lex doesn't have the disk anymore.

Dr. Hamilton : Where else would it be?

Lione l: If you can answer that question, Doctor, you just might get your funding.

Hamilton smiles.

Act 2 Scene 6

Clark enters the loft and sees Lana looking through his telescope. Night.

Clark : Lana? What are you doing?

Lana : Uh, just using your telescope to see if it's safe to go home.

Clark : Hiding from Nell.

Lana : Her new boyfriend, Dean.

Clark : Oh, you're not crazy about him.

Lana : A long story short, not really. But I'm a terrible liar so I've moved on to avoidance.

Clark : You've come to the right place.

Lana : What's wrong?

Clark : Have you ever had anyone resent you for telling them the truth?

Lana : Yeah. Whitney, when I told him how I felt, when we broke up.

Clark : Wow, you really did it. I didn't think you'd follow through on that. So you think you'll ever be friends again?

Lana : Someday. I hope. I just wish I'd been honest with him sooner.

Clark : Yeah, Pete and I, we had a big blowout. I don't know if our friendship is gonna last.

Lana : What did you guys fight about?

Clark : I wish I could tell you.

Lana : Typical.

Clark : What?

Lana : Clark Kent starts a discussion about telling the truth, no less, and when it's his turn to open up, everything is suddenly a deep, dark secret.

Clark : Well, Lana, the stuff about Pete is kind of personal.

Lana : Unlike what I just told you about Whitney.

Clark: Lana, have you ever thought that some people are just more comfortable opening up than others?

Lana : I don't think it's ever comfortable for anyone. But if you care about somebody, you owe it to them.

Clark : Then you should talk to Nell, tell her how you really feel.

Lana : You're right, Clark. Hiding the truth only keeps people apart.

She leaves.

Act 2 Scene 7

Dr. Hamilton is searching frantically through Pete's tool shed with a flashlight. Night. Pete enters.

Pete : Hey, man, what do you think you're doing?

Dr. Hamilton : [Shining his light in Pete's eyes] There's a piece missing from the spacecraft.

Pete : You're the one who stole the spaceship?

Dr. Hamilton : It's octagonal in shape, the size of my palm. Tell me where it is!

Pete : I know you. You're Dr. Hamilton. [Hamilton growls as he pushes Pete against a wall] Man, you don't know who you're messing with! That spaceship belongs to someone a lot tougher than you!

Dr. Hamilton : You know who it belongs to.

Pete : Look, I don't know anything.

Dr. Hamilton : Tell me. Tell me who it is!

Pete pushes him away, but Hamilton comes back and throws Pete the floor, knocking him unconscious.

Fade to black.

Act 3 Scene 1

Clark and Martha are in the kitchen. Night. Jonathan enters.

Jonathan : I checked the newspapers, the police wires, even a few UFO websites. There's no mention of the ship anywhere.

Martha : I don't know if that makes me relieved or more worried.

Jonathan : Well, I was thinking about Ray Wallace. If Pete visited him before he died, maybe... maybe he told Pete something that could help us find the ship.

Clark : I assume it's a possibility.

Jonathan : Clark, I want you to talk to Pete one more time.

Clark : I can't.

Jonathan : Why?

Clark : Pete's not speaking to me.

Martha : What happened?

Clark : Look, I don't want you guys to freak out all right? But I told Pete... everything. I really didn't have a choice, he saw us--

Jonathan : What do you mean you didn't have a choice, son, you could've come and spoken to us about it first.

Clark : And what, come up with another lie?

Martha : Clark. At least tell us Pete's not gonna tell anybody else.

Clark : I'm not sure what he's gonna do, Mom. He was pretty upset.

The phone rings.

Martha : Hello? No, he's not here. Okay, whatever we can do. Bye-bye. [Hangs up the phone] That was Pete's mother. He's missing.

Act 3 Scene 2

Nell and Lana are drinking coffee in the Talon. Night.

Nell : This is a wonderful idea, Lana. I realize we haven't had much time alone since I started seeing Dean.

Lana : Actually, that's kind what I wanted to talk to you about. Dean's a really, really great guy. It's just--

Nell : Let me guess. You liked the tables the way they were.

Lana : [Laughing] Am I that transparent?

Nell : Well, I've already had a long talk with Dean, and I told him that you're very independent and before he goes off on any more unsolicited advice, he should um... well, he should get to know you better.

Lana : Thanks, Nell. I really appreciate that.

Nell : Lana, your feelings are very important to me. And they're important to Dean, too. That's why we'd both like to spend more time together. The three of us, as a family.

Lana : [Quietly] Family.

Nell : Lana, Dean didn't want me to say anything until we were all together, but, uh, well you know me. I can never keep a secret. Lana, Dean's asked me to marry him.

Lana : Wow! What did you say?

Nell : I said yes!

She giggles.

Act 3 Scene 3

Pete is tied to a beam in Dr. Hamilton's barn. Day.

Dr. Hamilton : [Shaking even more violently] The spaceship, I need to know! Are you going to tell me who this belongs to?

Pete : Look, man, I-I was just fronting. I was trying to scare you. I have no clue whose ship that is.

Dr. Hamilton : You're lying!

Pete : [Noticing Hamilton's shaking hand] Look, you're sick. Just let me go. I'll bring back help.

Dr. Hamilton : Oh, sure. You think anyone's gonna help me? The doctors don't even have a name for what's killing me!

Pete : You're dying?

Dr. Hamilton : Yes. But not before I prove I am not some sideshow freak, a quack doctor who sells meteor rocks on the side of the road. And if you don't tell me what I want to know, then you're dying too!

He wipes some sweat off his forehead and wipes it on Pete's forehead.

Act 3 Scene 4

Lionel is in Lex's study reading with a device about the size of a pen. Day. A computerized voice reads the words back to him as he runs it over the page. Lex watches him from the door.

Voice : Hamilton reports finding large concentrations of meteor fragments spread over a large area south of County Highway 17. These fragment vary in circumference from 24 microns to 562 millimeters.

Lex : Interesting reading, Dad.

Lionel : Lex. I didn't hear you come in.

Lex : I'm surprised. Dr. Roland says he's noticed a marked improvement in your other senses since you lost your sight.

Lionel : You spoke to Roland?

Lex : You can imagine my surprise when he told me how worried he was that you'd gone AWOL. You've missed your last several physical therapy sessions. In fact, he says the worst thing for you right now is to be away from your care providers.

Lionel : [Taking off his sunglasses] Do you have any idea how degrading it is to be constantly poked and prodded by occupational therapists? How demeaning it is to be told by a Braille instructor, "One day, one day, all this will feel natural"? You want the truth, Lex? I was tired of being treated like an object, an invalid. I had to get away from that.

Lex : So you decided a couple days of Oedipal mano a mano would make you feel better?

Lionel : Your analogy is apt but flawed, Lex. Blind Oedipus was the son, not the father. I'll go back to Metropolis.

Lex : So, uh, your sudden interest in Dr. Hamilton was really just a coincidence?

Lionel : I admit I find his work intriguing.

Lex : He's sick, possibly delusional.

Lionel : Never underestimate the value of eccentrics and lunatics, Lex. Every Arthur needs his Merlin. Hamilton said that he found some sort of, um, disk and that you had it.

Lex : He's mistaken.

Lionel : Oh, even so, I think it may have been a bit rash to terminate his contract.

Lex : Why do you say that?

Lionel : Have you taken a look in the good doctor's barn lately?

Act 3 Scene 5

Chloe is walking outside the school looking at a piece of paper. Day. Clark catches up with her.

Clark : Hey, Chloe, have you seen Pete?

Chloe : No, but the weird-meter just kicked up another notch.

She hands Clark the paper.

Clark : [Reading] Hospital visitor log.

Chloe : Yeah, um, I was looking into Ray Wallace's death. It turns out he had a visitor drop by just before he flatlined. A certain Dr. Steven Hamilton.

Clark : The meteor freak?

Chloe : Yeah.

Clark : I thought he left Smallville.

Chloe : So did I. So Pete plays good Samaritan and Dr. Hamilton visits the patient.

Clark : The patient dies and Pete disappears.

Chloe : It's not exactly a smoking gun, but...

Clark : It's good enough. I'm gonna go check on Hamilton.

He hands the paper back to Chloe and we hear a whoosh.

Chloe : Okay, well you know, he used to have a place down on Allentown Road. Maybe he's, uh, back there...

She realizes Clark is gone.

Chloe : Clark? Clark? Clark!

Act 3 Scene 6

Dr. Hamilton sets a stool next to Pete in the barn. Day. He grabs a syringe from his table and sits.

Pete : What are you doing?

Dr. Hamilton : See how my hand spasms? It's from a prolonged exposure to the meteor rocks. [He fills the syringe with a glowing green liquid] I'm going to give you a dosage that's gonna make my tremors look like a mild twitch.

Pete : Hold on, but I told you I didn't know anything.

Dr. Hamilton : [Pointing the syringe at Pete's neck] I think you're lying. I think you're protecting someone and I hope whoever it is is worth dying for!

He pulls back his arm, preparing to stab Pete with the needle.

Pete : All right, all right! You want me to talk, here's what I have to say.... Take that needle and stick it wherever the hell you want because I'm not telling you a damn thing.

Dr. Hamilton pushes on the syringe so a few drops of fluid squirt out of the needle. Then he aims it at Pete's neck.

Fade to black.

Act 4 Scene 1

The needle is coming closer and closer to Pete's neck as a small drop of liquid hangs from the tip. Pete closes his eyes tightly. But before the needle gets there, Clark super speeds into the barn, crashing through the wall.

Clark : Pete! [To Hamilton] Put the needle down!

Dr. Hamilton : No, not till he tells me what he knows.

Clark uses his heat vision on the syringe and it bursts into pieces. He starts toward Pete and Hamilton gets up to stop him, but Clark pushes him across the room into a pile of steel barrels.

Clark gets to Pete and rips the rope off him. The liquid on the rope absorb into Clark's skin causing the veins in Clark's hands to swell and turn green. Clark holds his hands and stands up to get away, but loses strength and falls into a table and onto the floor.

Pete : Clark, what's wrong?

Clark : [Weakly] I'm allergic to the meteor rocks.

Dr. Hamilton stands up, grabs a beaker of the green fluid, and stumbles over to Clark.

Dr. Hamilton : [Holding the beaker over Clark's head] This ship is yours, isn't it? Open it. Open it! Open it!

Pete unties his feet and grabs a large metal pitcher and hits Hamilton over the back sending him crashing into another table. Another bottle of the green liquid tips on the edge of the table and drips onto Hamilton's forehead. Each drop is absorbed into his skin.

Pete : [Grabbing Clark's shoulders] Clark, come on!

Hamilton starts to shake with blurring speed.

Clark : Pete, Pete, we have to get him to a hospital.

Pete : We gotta get you out of here!

Clark : Pete, I have to help him!

Pete runs to Hamilton's side, but can't get close enough to do anything. Eventually, Hamilton stops shaking. Pete goes back to Clark and pulls him to the door.

Pete : It's too late. He's dead. Come on! We better get the ship.

Act 4 Scene 2

We see the spaceship back on the floor of the storm cellar. Day. Pete, Clark, Martha and Jonathan walk up to it.

Pete : So, does it do anything?

Martha : We've always hoped we'd find some answers inside about Clark and where he's from, but we haven't been able to get it open.

Pete : Clark, look... I know I sort of went postal when all this started. But after what happened to Hamilton, I realize why you never told me and I'm sorry.

Clark : Well, I guess you had a good reason to be upset.

Martha : We're just glad you weren't hurt.

Pete : There's still one thing. Hamilton tried to kill me and he could've told the whole world about you, but you still tried to save him.

Clark : Well, Pete, I couldn't let you die to protect my secret, and I can't let anyone else die either. No matter who they are.

Pete : Man. It's not easy being you, is it?

Clark : Well, the good thing is I got my best friend to watch my back.

He puts his arm around Pete.

Jonathan : Pete... I'm proud of you. But I do hope you realize what a tremendous responsibility knowing this secret is. And believe me, it's not gonna get any easier.

Clark : That's my dad's way of saying welcome to the family.

Pete smiles and Martha laughs quietly.

Act 4 Scene 3

Lex stands in Dr. Hamilton's barn looking around. Day. Lionel is behind him.

Lionel : Does it look anything like Hamilton's description, what he says it was?

Lex : There's nothing here, Dad.

Lionel : Well, he must have moved it. Or someone took it.

Lex : Come on, the helicopter's waiting.

Lionel : No, no, I'm not going back to Metropolis. Not just yet.

Lex : What about your treatment?

Lionel : I'm afraid those charming physical therapists will just have to come to me.

Lex : I hope you're not staying because of a sudden interest in alien spacecrafts.

Lionel : [Chuckles] Of course not. I'm staying because I want to spend more quality time with my only son.

He touches Lex's face and Lex takes his hand to lead him to the door.

Lex : Good. Because this could all be a hoax.

Lionel : Hoax or not, I'm not the only one who's suddenly interested in it.

Act 4 Scene 4

Pete and Clark are playing basketball outside Clark's barn. Day. Clark makes a basket and Pete catches the ball.

Pete : [Throwing the ball back to Clark] So this super speed thing. How fast are we talking, 20, 30 miles per hour?

Clark : Yeah, something like that.

He shoots again and misses.

Pete : [Catching the ball] What about the x-ray deal? Have you ever used it to look through a girls...

He throws the ball to Clark.

Clark : It only works when I focus and I do not use it to invade people's privacy.

Pete : Ah, come on.

Clark : I'm serious.

He makes the shot and Pete catches the ball.

Pete : So you're telling me never once have you looked in the girls' locker room?

Throws the ball back to Clark.

Clark : [Laughs] Well... maybe once.

Pete : That's my boy. [Clark misses another shot and Pete grabs the ball] So does this mean you've been holding back on court?

Clark : A little bit.

Pete : So what are you waiting for? Show me what you really got.

Tosses Clark the ball.

Clark : I don't think you want to go there, Pete.

Pete : Bring it on.

Clark : All right.

He throws Pete the ball.

Pete : Now we all know if I come out there and guard you, you're not getting anywhere near this hoop. I don't care what kind of powers you got.

Pete throws Clark the ball and Clark starts to dribble.

Clark : Let's go.

Pete comes toward Clark and starts to block him. But instead of running forward, Clark jumps meters over Pete's head and slam dunks the ball, which then bounces off the ground and all the way back to Pete. He catches it with a look of amazement. Clark smiles.

Pete : [Laughs] This is gonna be fun.

They toss the ball back and forth a few times and continue to play.

Fade to black.



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