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#207 : A.D.N.

Résumé : Rachel Donlevy arrive à Smallville afin de retrouver Lucas, le fils qu'elle a eu avec Lionel Luthor. Persuadé qu'il s'agit de Clark, elle finit par kidnapper Lex et menace de le tuer si Lionel n'avoue pas la vérité. Quand celui-ci refuse, Clarkintervient pour sauver Lex. Plus tard, Clark apprend que Lionel a arrangé son adoption par les Kent en échange de l'aide de Jonathan pour acheter l'usine de la famille de Pete. Par ailleurs, Lana fait la connaissance d'Henry Small, son père biologique.


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Guest-stars :

→ Patrick Cassidy dans le rôle de Henry Small
Blair Brown dans le rôle de Rachel Dunlevy
Malkolm Alburquenque dans le rôle de Clark Enfant
→ Matthew Munn dans le rôle de Lex Luthor à 9 ans
→ Mitchell Kosterman dans le rôle de Ethan Miller
 Angela Moore dans le rôle du Docteur d'A.D.N


Titre de l'épisode :

• Lineage est un nom qui signifie "Lignée/Descendance".

• L'épisode traite des lignées familiales de Clark, Lana, Lex et Chloe.


Indiscrétions :

 Le code postal de Smallville (67524) correspond à celui de la ville de Chase dans le Kansas.

 On comprend pourquoi Clark a comme prénom le nom de jeune fille de Martha.

 On apprend que le supposé père biologique de Lana se nomme Small et qu'il est un descendant des fondateurs de Smallville.

 Patrick Cassidy (Henry Small) est apparu dans plusieurs épisodes de "Lois & Clark : Les nouvelles aventures de Superman" où il interprétait le rôle de Leslie Luckabee, le supposé fils de Lex Luthor.

 John Glover (Lionel) et Blair Brown (Rachel) ont déjà tourné ensemble dans la série télé The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd.

Open on a shot of Martha Kent, dressed in a nice business suit and carrying a leather briefcase, walking through the Kent kitchen. She sets her briefcase down on the counter and calls out to her son.

Martha : [Slightly impatient] Clark! You're going to be late!

Martha turns toward the staircase, but Clark doesn't appear. Instead, we hear his voice from the upstairs level as he hurries to get ready.

Clark : OK, Mom. Going as fast as I can.

Suddenly Clark superspeeds down the steps in a blur, grabbing his jacket off the banister and skidding to a stop in front of Martha.

Martha : How can you be as fast as lightning and as slow as molasses all at the same time?

Clark : [Chuckling] Sometimes, Mom, I'm even a mystery to myself.

Martha just sighs in exasperation.

Clark shrugs off his backpack and crosses the kitchen, going to the counter and taking a piece of bread out of the bag.

Jonathan : [Sipping his coffee] Wait a minute, didn't I just fix your alarm clock recently?

Clark holds up a piece of bread, using his heat vision to toast it to a golden brown. He flips it over and repeats the process on the other side of the bread as he answers his father.

Clark : Yeah, but I crushed it this morning hitting the snooze alarm. Guess I'm not much of a morning person.

Jonathan : Must have got that from your mother.

Jonathan reaches over and grabs the now toasted piece of bread from Clark, wincing a bit as the hot toast burns his own fingers. Martha stands in the doorway, waiting for Jonathan.

Jonathan : Ow! [Continuing] You know, she could be late to her own wedding. [Smiles at Martha, and hands Clark another piece of bread] In fact, she *was* late to her own wedding.

Clark and Jonathan chuckle over the joke.

Martha : [Dryly as she pulls on her coat] Not all of us were trained by roosters.

Clark : [Toasting the new piece of bread] I was up late studying for an exam. Greek tragedy.

Jonathan : [Putting on his coat] Oh, well speaking of Greek tragedy, I've got to get your mother to work. Want a ride?

Clark : [Opening a jar of peanut butter] No. I'll probably just slow you guys down.

Jonathan heads toward the door, grabbing his keys.

Martha : [To Jonathan] Thank you, baby.

Clark grins as his parents leave. He liberally spreads his toast with peanut butter, then takes a huge bite. As he chews, he glances as his watch, and gets a look on panic on his face as he realizes what time it is.

Cut to a shot of Clark--clad in his jacket, with his backpack over his shoulder and the rest of his toast in hand, clattering down the porch steps. He jogs down the walkway, taking a bite of his toast as he goes. As he steps out of the camera's frame, we hear a familiar whooshing sound. The camera pulls back to reveal Clark superspeeding through the barnyard, through the barn, and across the field, headed toward Smallville High. As the camera pans down, we see the Kent pickup truck making it's way down the driveway toward the main road.

As the truck rumbles down the drive, a woman steps out from behind some bales of hay, which are stacked up next to another smaller barn on the Kent farm. It's Rachel Dunleavy, a woman in her mid to late forties with red hair. She steps out into the driveway and, overcome with emotion, steeples her hands in front of her face, bringing them to her lips as she looks toward the Kent farmhouse.

Rachel : Hmm.

She glances around the farm for a moment, then turns and heads for the Kent farmhouse. The back door is unlocked, and she steps into the kitchen, looking at the surroundings, pleased with what she sees. She glances up the stairs, then heads down a small hallway that heads to the living room. Along the wall in the hall is a side table, its top adorned with framed pictures of the Kent family. She picks up one of the photos and gasps slightly with pride. We cut to the picture and see it's a recent picture of Clark, standing on the Kent porch, smiling. Rachel runs her fingers gently over Clark's face in the photo. She touches her lips, giving a slight loving smile, then glances out the window in the direction of town.

Cut to a shot of a hallway in Smallville High. Students rush haphazardly through the halls. Chloe, in mid-sentence, exits a classroom with Pete in tow. She's explaining a Greek tragedy, and Pete--who, unlike Clark, doesn't seem to have been up all night studying--is hanging on Chloe's every word in an attempt to absorb the knowledge needed for the exam. Clark follows behind them, grinning widely as Chloe becomes more and more dramatic with her explanation.

Chloe : [Explaining] So Hera freaks out because Zeus has been two-timing her, with a mere mortal no less. So she sends a bunch of snakes to kill Hercules, who is the illegitimate babe in the cradle.

Pete gives Chloe a look of total confusion.

Chloe : [Emphatically] It's just family dysfunction of Dionysian proportion.

Pete still looks confused. Clark chuckles as he claps Pete on the shoulder and moves around to walk next to Chloe. Pete: Sounds like these people oughta be on Ricki Lake.

Chloe : [Smiling] While I don't condone her behavior, Zeus did break his wedding vows.

Clark : Doesn't give her the right to go "Fatal Attraction" on him.

Clark stops at his locker while Chloe and Pete continue down the hall.

Chloe : [Laughing and turning back towards Clark] Hey, Clark, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Pete and Chloe head down the hall toward their next class, and Clark grins as he watches them go. He turns back to his locker and tosses his books in his locker and slams the door shut. He jumps in surprise to find Rachel standing on the other side of his locker door.

Rachel : [Smiling] Hello, Clark.

Clark looks at her with a look of confusion on his face, and gives her a faltering smile.

Clark : [Confused but polite] Do we know each other?

Rachel : [Looking down sadly] No. [Looks up at Clark, smiling again] Well, yes.

Clark just looks at her, raising his eyebrows expectantly as he waits for an explanation.

Rachel : [Smiling] Clark, I'm your mother.

Clark just stares at her with a stunned expression.

[Opening Credits]

Cut to a shot of the Kent barnyard at night. Jonathan walks across the yard, pulling off his work gloves, as Martha and Clark follow.

Martha : It's obviously a mistake. She's not your mother.

Clark : That's what I told her. She said I probably just need time to get used to the idea. [Pulling a paper from his pocket] She gave me her cell phone number...told me to call her if I wanted to talk again.

Jonathan : [Taking the paper from Clark and studying it] Ah, Clark, I don't want you to have anything to do with this woman.

Clark : She's going to be hard to avoid. She said she just bought a Smallville.

Jonathan and Martha stop in their tracks, taken aback by this news.

Clark : [Continuing] She also said that the agency that handled the adoption was Metropolis United Charities. Now that's the same place Chloe told me about.

Martha and Jonathan exchange a look.

Clark : I thought the only adoption they handled was mine.

Martha gives Jonathan a worried look.

Jonathan : [Hesitantly] So did I.

Clark : [Pleading slightly] Dad, tell me what happened back then.

Martha : [Shaking her head] That's not important right now.

Jonathan : Your mother's right. What we need to do is to get this woman to back off.

Martha and Jonathan start toward the house, while Clark remains in place.

Jonathan : [Continuing] We don't want her making people curious about where you came from.

Clark watches his parents go into the house, disappointed that they won't share any information with him.

Cut to a shot of a woman's clasped hands. Another woman's hands cover them, and we pull back to see Martha, Jonathan, and Rachel all sitting at a table in the Talon. Martha is glancing down in surprise as Rachel's hands cover her own.

Rachel : [Understandingly] Mrs. Kent, I know what you're thinking. This woman gave her baby up. What right does she have to show up after all these years?

Martha : Well, the thought did occur to me.

Jonathan : [hesitating] Look...Mrs. Dunleavy, I'm sure you mean well, and I know you've gone though a tremendous amount of trouble finding Clark, but he's *not* your child.

Rachel : [Confidently] Oh, I've done the research. My Lucas was the only baby turned over to Metropolis United Charities, and Clark was the only child that they ever placed.

Martha gives Jonathan a worried look as Rachel explains.

Jonathan : [Slightly frustrated] We are Clark's legal parents. *We* raised him.

Rachel : [Sincerely] Believe me, I'm not trying to take Clark away from you. I just want a chance to get to know him.

Martha gives Rachel a sympathetic look.

Rachel : [Continuing] Giving up Lucas was the worst thing I've ever done. [Tearfully] I didn't do it because I wanted to, I did it because I *had* to.

Jonathan : [Firmly] I sincerely hope...that you find Lucas...someday.

Rachel gives Jonathan a confused look.

Jonathan : [Continuing as he and Martha stand up] But I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you not to bother my family, or Clark ever again.

Jonathan takes Martha's hand and turns to leave. Martha whispers a slight "I'm sorry" to Rachel as she and Jonathan leave. Rachel watches them go, stunned by the turn of events.

Rachel : [Softly, desperately] No.

Cut to a shot of the outside of Smallville High, students filing into the building. Cutting to a shot of the hallway, we see Chloe making her way through the students. She turns and enters the Torch office, seeing Clark sitting behind her computer.

Chloe : [Brightly] Sure Clark, you can use my computer. Knock yourself out.

Chloe moves past him to set her books down, as Clark studies his hands, trying to control his emotions.

Clark : [Accusingly] You've been getting emails from Rachel Dunleavy.

This statement stops Chloe in her tracks, and she turns to Clark.

Chloe : [Stunned] You've been reading my emails?

Clark : [Angrily] You promised me you'd stop digging into my adoption.

Chloe : [Slightly confused] Wh...all I did was post a few notices on adoption websites, to see if I could get some hits. This Dunleavy woman responded.

Clark jumps out of the chair and shoves the chair angrily against the desk. He moves menacingly toward Chloe, his anger increasing, his voice quivering throughout the confrontation as if near tears. Chloe steps back a few paces in fear.

Clark : [Upset] Oh, so you said "Why don't you check out my buddy Clark? He may be your son!"

Chloe : [Pleadingly] You have to believe me...I didn't tell her anything about you, Clark.

Clark : [Sarcastically] So it's just a coincidence she shows up in Smallville claiming to be my mom?

Chloe pauses, a bit amazed by the news.

Chloe : [Happily] She's here?

Clark looks taken aback by Chloe's happiness over the situation.

Chloe : [Excitedly] Clark, what makes you so sure that she's not the real thing?

Clark : [Extremely upset] I am not giving you an exclusive on my life!

Chloe : [Insistent] You're not even curious that she might be your biological mom?

Clark : [Very angry] Why are you so obsessed about my mother? Do I ask you questions about yours?

Chloe's face falls at the mention of her mother.

Chloe : [Quickly] No, I guess not.

Clark gets right up in Chloe's face, his anger boiling over.

Clark : [Very angry] Yeah, that's because she hasn't shown her face here in years! If you want to find somebody's mother, find your own!

At Clark's word's, tears well up in Chloe's eyes.

Chloe : [Tearfully] I know where she is Clark! The difference is, she's not interested in me.

Clark looks taken aback by that info, and knows he's gone too far. He's still angry, however, and turns to walk out of the Torch office. Chloe is crying freely now, and calls out to him as he heads toward the door. Clark stops, but keeps his back to Chloe.

Chloe : [In tears] Since you'll probably never speak to me again, there's something you might want to know. Metropolis United Charities was founded by Lionel Luthor.

Clark continues out the door. Once outside, he hesitates, with a look of regret on his face. He looks as if he is considering going back in and apologizing to Chloe, but the regret is replaced by angry determination, and he continues down the hall.

Cut to a shot of a man's hand, twirling a pen between it's fingers. As the camera pulls back, we see it's Lex, sitting behind his desk, talking to his visitor.

Lex : I admit, I'm even more intrigued now than when I got your note. But I'm still not sure what any of this has to do with me.

Pan over and see Lex's visitor is Rachel.

Rachel : [Hopefully] Well, I understand that you and Clark are good friends. Mr. Kent has forbidden me to speak to him. I thought you might be willing to talk to Clark, ask him to give me a chance.

Lex : [Chuckling] Ms. Dunleavy, Jonathan Kent doesn't exactly see me as the ideal role model for his son. I wouldn't want to get Clark in trouble by encouraging him to defy his father.

Rachel : Even if it meant giving him a chance to know his real mother?

Lex : I'm sorry, but it's just not appropriate for me to get involved.

Rachel : [Hesitantly] I wasn't going to bring this up unless I had to, but I once worked as a nurse for your mother.

Lex : You knew my mother?

Rachel : [Nodding] And your father. He and I became...very close.

Lex gets a look of realization on his face, and sighs, pinching the bridge of his nose as he waits for the details about Lionel's exploits.

Rachel : [Continuing] He got me pregnant, and made me give the child up for adoption.

Lex looks up at Rachel with a look of surprised disbelief. Rachel looks back at him, slowly nodding her head in confirmation of what Lex is thinking.

Lex : [Disbelieving] You're claiming that Clark....that Clark and I...

Rachel : [Happily] He's your brother, Lex.

Lex just looks on in stunned disbelief as Rachel smiles happily.

Cut to a shot of a stairway inside Smallville High. Students rush up and down the steps, and Chloe cuts through them all as she hurries down the stairs. Her expression is one of dismay, and her face is blotchy with tears. Behind her, Lana rushes to catch up with Chloe, calling out to her.

Lana : Chloe! Hey, I've been looking for you everywhere...

Chloe turns to look at her, and Lana pauses as she sees Chloe's distraught expression.

Lana : [Concerned] What's wrong?

At Lana's concern, Chloe's face falls, and she struggles to fight back tears as they continue down the hall.

Chloe : [Tearfully] Clark and I just had a *massive* blow-out.

Lana : [Concerned] About what?

Chloe : [Tearfully] His secrets... pathological inability to curb my curiosity. [With fake brightness] How are you?

Lana stops walking and turns Chloe toward her.

Lana : [Understanding] Hey, we can talk about it later.

Chloe : [Apologetic, wiping away her tears] No, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to dump on you.

Lana : If you can't dump on your friends...

Chloe : Exactly. So, what did you want to talk about?

Lana studies Chloe's face for a second, not wanting to push her problems onto Chloe if Chloe doesn't want to hear it. Deciding that Chloe is concerned, Lana glances around to make sure nobody is eavesdropping, then pulls her off to the side, near a bank of lockers.

Lana : [Opening a book and handing Chloe a picture] His name's Henry Small.

Chloe studies the picture. We see it is one of the pictures Lana found in Redux.

Chloe : As in the Smallville Smalls?

Lana : [Nervous amusement] Very own first family.

Chloe : [Curiously] Well, who's the hottie hanging all over him?

Lana : [Softly] My mom.

Chloe looks up in surprise, and gets a look of embarrassment--mixed with a little fear resulting from the previous Mom blowout--on her face.

Chloe : [Stuttering] Oh, I'm--I'm sorry, Lana...

Lana : [Reassuringly] It's Okay. You didn't know. [Pauses] I think he may be my biological father.

Chloe : [Stunned] Wow. You OK?

Lana : [Smiling] I think so. I want to find out everything there is to know about him...and I thought...maybe you could help.

Chloe looks touched by Lana's request.

Lana : [Hurriedly] But if you don't feel comfortable, it's...

Chloe : [Interrupting and smiling] Actually, I'm flattered. It's nice that someone trusts me enough with their big family secret.

Lana : [Hopefully] Then you'll do it?

Chloe : You know, I could tell you where he went to college, I can tell you how many outstanding parking tickets he has...I can even pull up his dental records and let you know if he flosses regularly. But, if you really want to know who he is, I would suggest using the high tech research device called...the doorbell.

Lana sighs nervously, and Chloe smiles at her encouragingly.

Cut to a shot of the Kent farm on a sunny afternoon. Jonathan and Martha climb out of the pickup truck, and Jonathan lowers the gate on the truck. In the back of the truck are various paper and burlap bags. Jonathan hefts a bag of feed over his shoulder while Martha picks up some of the smaller paper bags. Behind them, we hear a whooshing sound as Clark speeds toward them.

Martha : [Surprised] Clark?

Jonathan : Grab a sack, son.

Clark : [Angrily] I just found out that Lionel Luthor was the one who founded Metropolis United Charities. Why was he involved in my adoption?

Jonathan gets a look of resignation on his face, but Clark's request is met with silence.

Clark : [Frustrated] Would somebody tell me what is going on?

Martha : Jonathan. He needs to know.

Jonathan looks at Martha and sighs. He tosses the bag of feed on the ground and turns toward Clark.

Jonathan : Alright. It was the day of the meteor shower....when I realized that nothing was going to be normal around here again.

[Flashback scene]

We see the meteors streaking toward Smallville. As Jonathan and Martha speed down the road in the pickup, a meteor just hit the "Welcome to Smallville" sign, and the sign explodes into splinters. In the truck, Martha and Jonathan both turn back and look at the meteor strike in fear.

Martha : [Gasps] What's happening, Jonathan?

As Martha and Jonathan are looking back, we see--through the front windshield--Clark's ship crash. It hits the road first, and flames shoot up on the road, before skidding off into a field, thick black smoke in it's wake. Jonathan turns around just in time to see the explosion, and he slams on the brakes. As the truck disappears into the black smoke, we hear a loud crash.

Cut to a shot of the Kent truck, it's wheels spinning, turned over in a ditch. Inside, Martha and Jonathan, hanging upside down, slowly come to. Jonathan looks over at Martha, who is clutching her head, her red tulips scattered all over the roof of the truck. Jonathan glances out the window, and something catches his eye.

We see a small pair of bare feet walking across the smoking debris. Jonathan isn't sure if he's seeing things, and calls out to Martha.

Jonathan : Martha?

Martha slowly turns her head, and sees what Jonathan sees. Outside, a naked little dark haired boy, about three years old, crouches down and looks inside the cab of the truck, giving the occupants a huge, friendly grin. Martha and Jonathan look at each other, stunned.

Cut to a shot of a fire-truck zooming down the road, siren wailing. The corn fields are smoldering, and the air is thick with smoke. We see Jonathan, running down the road. He comes across a blue flatbed truck, the hay in the back covered by a burlap tarp. He glances inside the window and pulls open the drivers side door. Inside, a man leans against the steering wheel.

Jonathan : [Panicked] Teddy!

Jonathan pulls the man back from the steering wheel, checking to see if he is okay. He looks at the cracked windshield and sees a hole, directly in line with where the head of the truck's driver would have been. Jonathan steps back, taking a deep breath and fighting off tears as he realizes whatever came through the windshield killed Teddy.

Cut to a shot of the cornfields, with small fires burning themselves out. As we pan down, we see Martha standing next to Teddy's blue truck, a blanket wrapped Clark in her arms. Jonathan struggles to push Clark's ship onto the bed of the truck. With a huge effort, he finally gets it onto the truck, and covers it up with the tarp. Martha watches, hugging Clark close. Jonathan looks at them, and Martha looks at him hopefully. Jonathan just sighs, and continues covering the ship with the tarp.

Cut to a shot of the blue truck zooming down the road. Jonathan is driving, with Martha and Clark next to him. Jonathan watches Martha cuddle Clark close, and smile at him. Suddenly, Martha glances up at the road ahead.

Martha : [Fearfully] Jonathan, watch out!

Jonathan looks up and slams on the brakes. As the truck skids to a stop, we see Lionel Luthor emerging from a field, waving his arms frantically.

Lionel : [Frantic] Stop! Please! Help!

The truck stops, and Jonathan quickly climbs out of the cab.

Jonathan : [Concerned] Are you alright?

Lionel : [Panicked] My son...

Jonathan : What about him? Is he hurt?

Lionel : [In shock] He--he--I--I can't...

Jonathan : [Urgently] Mister, Mister calm down! [Speaking slowly] Where is your son?

Lionel turns toward the field behind him.

Lionel : [Pointing] He--he's in there.

While Lionel stands rooted to the spot, Jonathan rushes out into the field. Lionel follows slowly. Jonathan comes across Lex, clad in his private school uniform. Lex is lying curled up in the ground, unconscious. He's bald except for one little tuft of red hair on top of his head. Jonathan kneels down and checks Lex's pulse, while Lionel looks on.

Jonathan : [To Lionel] Give me a hand.

Lionel continues to stand there, staring at Lex in shock. Jonathan takes off his coat.

Lionel : [Shocked] Wh-what happened to him? is...

Jonathan covers Lex with his coat and gathers the boy up in his arms. Lionel continues to just stand there in shock. Jonathan turns and gives Lionel a look of disbelief, before hurrying back to the truck. Lionel follows.

Cut to a shot of the truck speeding toward town. Inside the truck's cab, we see Jonathan is driving, and Martha sits next to him, Clark on her lap. Next to Martha sits Lionel, with Lex gathered in his arms. Lex is floating in and out of consciousness.

Lionel : [Frustrated] Can't we go any faster?

Jonathan : We're doing the best that we can.

Lionel : [Glancing out the back window] What are you carrying back there? It's slowing us down.

Jonathan and Martha ignore the question. Clark glances over at Lex, and smiles at him. Lex opens his eyes slowly, and looks back at Clark. Clark reaches over and touches Lex's head, running his fingers down the side of Lex's face in curiosity. Lex gives Clark a tiny smirk, and then his eyes roll back in his head as he passes out. Clark just smiles wider and settles back into his seat.

Cut to a shot inside Smallville's hospital. Lionel slowly approaches a window and looks through it, his face concerned and fearful. Inside, we see Lex, now completely bald, lying in a hospital bed, sleeping peacefully. Lionel turns away from the window and walks down the hall, which is filled with injured Smallville residents. He passes Jonathan, who reaches out and touches Lionel's arm.

Jonathan : [Concerned]'s your--how's your son?

Lionel : He's in shock, but he'll survive. You saved him, acting so quickly.

Jonathan : I'm glad I could help out.

Lionel : I'm sorry. I don't even know your name.

Jonathan : Jonathan Kent.

Lionel extends his hand, and the two men shake hands.

Lionel : Nice to meet you, Mr. Kent. If there is ever anything I can do for you...

Jonathan just shakes his head, letting Lionel know that's not necessary.

Lionel : [Continuing] Please. Call me.

Lionel hands Jonathan his business card. Jonathan studies it.

Lionel : [Seriously] I mean that, Mr. Kent.

Jonathan continues to look down at the card, a look of thoughtfulness on his face.

Cut to a shot of Jonathan looking down, with the same look on his face. As the camera pulls back, we see we are back in the present day. Jonathan gives a small start as the memory ends.

Clark : Dad, you were a hero. I don't know why you thought you had to keep that a secret from me.

Jonathan starts to explain, but is interrupted by the sound of a car pulling up the driveway. He turns and sees a police car pulling up the driveway. The car stops, and the sheriff climbs out. The Kents start toward him.

Jonathan : [Concerned] Ethan, is there, uh, something we can do for ya?

Ethan : Well, I'm sure you know there's a woman in town claiming to be Clark's mother.

The Kents nod.

Ethan : [Sighs] But she's petitioned Judge Ross to order a DNA test.

Martha looks at Jonathan in fear.

Clark : But, that's crazy! She's not my mother!

Ethan : [Reassuringly] If that's true, then this test will prove it, son. Well, I can have somebody come out and take the sample, get it to Metropolis Genetics Lab, and, uh, they can run the test in the morning, and we can get this thing over with quick. I'm sure you folks have nothing to be afraid of.

The Kents look on, their faces concerned as they realize what else the DNA test will prove.

Cut to a shot of Lana, walking down a sidewalk. She glances at a small piece of paper in her hand, then glances up at the house in front of her. She turns and nervously heads up the stairs to the porch. The front door is open, and we hear a male voice from inside, in mid conversation, yelling.

Henry Small : [Angrily] ...not to mention, it's an eyesore! [Pause] You're dumping there!

Lana peers nervously though the windows on the door, then takes a deep breath and steps inside, knocking on the door timidly as she does so.

Henry : What do you mean, that's it? I don't care what Lowell Country Water and Power says, they are illegally dumping and I'm not going to sit here....hello? Hello?

Lana peers inside the house. We see books stacked everywhere, and see Henry Small stalking around angrily, yelling as he talks on the phone. As he realizes he has been hung up on, he slams the phone down several times in a burst of anger.

Lana : [Small, nervous voice] Uh, Mr. Small?

Henry : [Angrily] What!

Henry looks up and sees Lana cowering near the door. He takes a deep breath, collecting himself, taking off his glasses and rubbing his eyes.

Henry : [Embarrassed] Oh... ha-ha. I'm sorry. Um...I'm not taking on any more law students right now...

Lana : [Quickly] No, no...I'm not a law student.

Lana takes a few small steps out from behind the door, and Henry gets a better look at her.

Henry : Wait, I know you.

Lana walks toward him, much of her nervousness gone.

Lana : [Hopefully] You do?

Henry : Yeah, you run the, uh, coffee place in town.

Lana : Uh, yeah, yeah, The Talon. I don't think I've seen you there.

Henry : And you never will. I boycott it.

Lana : Uh, do you have a thing against coffee?

Henry : No, I've got a thing against Luthors.

Lana : [Reassuringly] Lex Luthor's just a silent partner.

Henry : [Dryly] That's what the Vichys said about the Nazis. Look what happened to France. [Pauses] I didn't catch your name.

Lana pauses, then reaches down and pulls the picture from her purse as she walks toward Henry.

Lana : Lana Lang.

Lana extends the picture toward Henry.

Lana : [Continuing] You knew my mother.

Henry takes the picture from Lana. As he looks at it, he stops in his tracks as he recognizes it.

Henry : [Stunned] Where did you get this?

Lana : I found it.

Lana looks hopefully at Henry, while he looks back in shock.

Lana : [A bit tearfully] Did you love her?

Henry : [Sighing] What do you want me to say.

Lana looks a bit surprised at the dismissiveness in Henry's voice.

Henry : [Continuing] It's ancient history. It doesn't matter.

The moment is broken as a woman's voice calls out to Henry from offscreen. Henry and Lana both glance quickly toward the direction of the voice.

Mrs. Small : [Amused] Henry? Can you stop saving the world for one minute and come give me a hand, please?

We pan over and see a middle aged blonde woman--Mrs. Small--standing in the kitchen, setting grocery bags on the counter. She doesn't see Lana.

Henry : Oh, okay honey. I'll be right there.

Henry turns back to Lana.

Henry : Look, Lana....

Lana : [Interrupting hopefully] I think you might be my father.

Mrs. Small : [Offscreen] Honey, are you coming?

Henry : [To Mrs. Small] Yeah, I-I'll be one second. [To Lana] Look,'ve made a mistake...

Lana : [Interrupting] But I...

Henry backs up, stepping back from Lana.

Henry : [Nervously] I...have a family now. Please, don't bother me again.

Henry heads off quickly for the kitchen.

Cut to a shot from outside the house. Lana, very upset, quickly exits the house and runs down the stairs, close to tears.

Cut to a shot inside the Kent farmhouse. Clark sits with his mouth wide open, while a nurse swipes the inside of his mouth with a cotton swab. Martha and Jonathan look on uncomfortably. The nurse finishes getting her sample, and smiles at Clark.

Nurse : There. Now that didn't hurt a bit, did it?

The nurse picks up her equipment and prepares to leave.

Ethan : I'll let you know.

Jonathan nods, and follows Ethan and the nurse toward the door. Clark stands up and starts to follow, but Jonathan puts a hand on his arm as he passes him, letting Clark know to stay put. The nurse and Ethan exit the living room, and Clark speaks up.

Clark : Dad...

Jonathan, still watching their guests leave, holds a hand up to stop Clark from talking until they are sure Ethan and the nurse are out of the house. Once they hear the front door close, Jonathan speaks.

Jonathan : You had to do it Clark. If we'd have refused, they'd have dragged us into court.

Martha : What happens when they start looking at Clark's DNA under a microscope?

Clark : If I even *have* DNA.

Jonathan : That's why we have to make sure that nobody gets a chance to analyze that sample.

Clark simply looks at his father, realizing what he has to do.

Cut to a shot of Metropolis at night. We pan over the skyline, then cut to a shot inside a medical lab. A guard waits for a set of sliding doors to open, and as they do, he walks down the hall. The guard makes a turn and heads away from the hallway. As he does so, pair of doors on the other side of the hallway slide open, and Pete and Clark slip inside the facility.

The two boys break into a light jog as they hurry down the hallway. Clark comes to a door and opens it. The writing on the door says the door leads to the Genetic Testing lab.

Clark : [To Pete] This is it.

Clark and Pete enter the lab, and Clark scans the room with his X-Ray vision. He stops on a metal cabinet, and sees tubes of DNA tests inside.

Clark : There.

Clark walks over to the cabinet, and bends the thick metal door back.

Pete : [Glancing around] Man, this "Mission Impossible" stuff is great.

Clark reaches inside and pulls out the tube marked "Kent, C". He looks at it, then turns to Pete.

Pete : But other than my scintillating conversational skills, I still don't understand why you brought me along.

Clark smiles slightly and holds the tube out to Pete.

Clark : I need your spit.

Pete just looks at Clark like he's gone crazy, then at the tube.

Cut to a shot of the Kent farm, the next morning. We go inside the farmhouse and see Martha and Jonathan sitting in the kitchen with worried expressions on their faces. Clark enters from outside and the Kents turn to him quickly.

Clark : You can relax. We switched the sample. No one saw us.

Jonathan : Clark, I-I'm sorry to put you through all this.

Clark : [Tossing his jacket on a chair] It's not your fault, Dad. I guess it just comes with the territory.

Jonathan : [Uncomfortably] Yeah...uh, I'm gonna go work on the combine.

Jonathan exits, and Clark sits down across from his mother.

Clark : [Confused] Everything's okay. Why does Dad still seem upset?

Martha : This has been tough on him. He always said making a deal with the devil was going to come back to haunt us.

Martha gets up and comes around to stand next to Clark.

Clark : [Curiously] Then why did he do it.

Martha just shakes her head slightly, not really wanting to spill more details.

Clark : Come on Mom. Why'd you need Lionel Luthor's help in the first place?

Martha : You have no idea the kind of pressure we were under...

As she talks, Martha walks to the edge of the kitchen, gazing out toward the living room floor.

Martha : [Continuing] We suddenly had this new little person in our home, and we didn't know what to do with you. We were completely overwhelmed.

As the camera pans around, we see three year old Clark, sitting right where Martha was gazing. He's clad in a little blue T-shirt, with matching shorts and red socks. He sits on the floor surrounded by toys, playing with an old fashioned space ship. He looks up and smiles, and we see Martha, clad in the same outfit she was wearing in the earlier flashback, kneeling next to him. Jonathan is sitting in the kitchen, watching them.

Martha : [Happily] Thank goodness your mother was a pack rat.

Jonathan : [Gently] Sweetheart, he's not ours to keep.

Martha : I just keep feeling there's a reason he's here. He's exactly what I wished for in the flower shop.

Jonathan gets up and comes over to kneel next to Martha and Clark.

Jonathan : Hey. Since when did Martha Kent believe in magic wands.

Martha : [Cupping Clark's cheek] Since the moment I laid eyes on this little boy.

From behind them comes a knock on the door. Both the Kents glance toward the door, and Jonathan gets up quickly.

Jonathan : [Urgently] Get him upstairs. Hurry, go on.

Martha scoops Clark up in her arms and carries him from the room as Jonathan heads toward the door.

Jonathan : [Calling toward door] Uh, just a--just a second.

Jonathan glances over his shoulder to make sure Martha has left the room, then opens the door. Ethan is standing on the porch.

Ethan : Evening, Jonathan.

Jonathan : Ethan.

Ethan : [Concerned] I saw what was left of your truck out on Route 17. I wanted to stop by and make sure you're alright.

Jonathan : Oh, yeah, we're, uh, a little banged up, but we're fine. Look, I-I'm sure there are folks who need your attention a lot more than...

Jonathan is interrupted as Clark runs into the room. Martha chases after him, laughing slightly. She catches him and pulls him close, smiling up at Ethan and Jonathan.

Ethan : [Curiously] Who's the little fella?

Martha : He got away from me. He's a strong little guy.

Ethan steps inside and walks toward Martha and Clark, while Jonathan attempts to explain.

Jonathan : That's um...

Martha : [Quickly] Clark. I thought my family name would make a good first name. Deputy, I would like you to be the first one in Smallville to meet our son.

Martha crosses to stand next to Jonathan and Ethan, and they all look down at Clark. Ethan looks at the Kents curiously, and Martha quickly corrects herself.

Martha : Adopted, of course. Uh, we just brought him back from Metropolis this morning.

Ethan : [Happily grinning at Clark] Well, I didn't know you folks were planning to adopt.

Jonathan : Oh, Ethan, you know us. We like to keep to ourselves, but it's been in the works for quite a while.

Ethan : [Clapping Jonathan's shoulder] Well, congratulations. It's nice to see something good happen in the middle of all this tragedy.

Martha smiles down at Clark and extends her arms toward him. Clark throws himself into her arms, hugging her legs tightly. As we pan up from Clark's POV, we see Martha looking down lovingly. As she looks up, we see it is actually present day Martha looking down lovingly, much as she must have looked that day.

Martha : He was right. [Walks back to where Clark is sitting at the kitchen table] You were the one good thing that happened that day.

Clark : So you just made it up, spur of the moment.

Martha : I couldn't say we found you in a cornfield. Once the words came out, I-I knew we'd have to back them up eventually, so we called Lionel Luthor, cashed in that favor. He arranged everything.

Clark : [Curiously] If everything worked out, why'd you keep it a secret?

Martha starts to tell Clark, but is interrupted by Lex's voice offscreen.

Lex : Hey.

Clark and Martha glance over, and we pan over to see Lex walking through the door.

Lex : I hope I'm not interrupting anything important.

Martha : [A bit nervously] Uh, not at all, Lex.

Cut to a shot inside the Kent barn. Clark and Lex climb the steps to Clark's loft. Lex is shifting a basketball from hand to hand as he talks.

Lex : Ever wish you had a big brother to help you with your jump shot?

Clark moves past Lex, taking the ball from him.

Clark : [Chuckling] I think I've managed to become a pretty decent player on my own.

Lex : [Casually] Rachel Dunleavy came to see me.

Clark stops on the landing at the mention of Rachel's name.

Lex : She says you and I have a few chromosomes in common. My father's chromosomes to be exact.

Clark turns back to Lex.

Clark : You mean...

Lex : [Dryly] Personally, I think I got all the looks in the family.

Clark glances down at the ball, pausing before speaking, choosing his words carefully.

Clark : Look, I don't know what happened between her and your father, but she's not my mother.

Lex : Trust me, I'm as skeptical about her as you are. For all I know, this is some elaborate scheme to win a paternity suit against my father.

Clark : Did you ask him about it?

Lex : [Taking the ball back from Clark] I didn't want to make any accusations until I had more facts. It's not hard to imagine. In the annals of extramarital exploits, my father probably has his own chapter.

Lex takes a jump shot, tossing the ball into a nearby empty crate at the top of the stairs. He climbs the steps, retrieving the ball from the crate.

Clark : It doesn't bother you? I mean, I know how close you were to your mother.

Lex : To the extent that it caused my mother pain? Sure, it bothers me. But, unfortunately, not every marriage is quite as Rockwellian as Jonathan and Martha Kent's.

Clark and Lex study each other, Clark realizing that Lex's words are true.

Lex : [Taking a seat next to the crate] Anyway, I told Ms. Dunleavy that in the 21st century, people shouldn't be making claims like hers without the DNA evidence to back them up.

Clark's eyes widen slightly as he realizes where Rachel got the idea for the DNA test.

Lex : [Slightly hopeful] So, what do you think Clark? [Tosses the basketball to Clark] Is there a chance we could be brothers?

Clark : [Sadly] As cool as that would be Lex, we're not.

Lex just studies Clark for a moment, then looks down sadly.

Cut to a shot of the outside of the Luthor Manor. We go inside and see the doors of Lex's study being opened. A servant steps through the door and walking behind him is Rachel. Lionel is standing inside the study, and the sound of the doors opening alerts him to Rachel's presence.

Lionel : Rachel. When the guard called and told me you were down at the gate, I didn't believe him. I thought we had an agreement.

Rachel : [Walking toward Lionel] I just got the results from the DNA test. [Angrily] I don't know how, but you did something to alter them.

Lionel : [Walking away] Did what? What are you talking about?

Rachel : [Following Lionel] Clark Kent is our son and you know that!

Lionel pauses and turns back toward Rachel.

Lionel : [Dimissive] You haven't changed, Rachel. [Pulls off his sunglasses] You are still completely irrational. [Walks away]

Rachel : [Upset] No. The only irrational thing that I ever did was to let you rip my child from my arms.

Lionel : [Matter of factly] You were well compensated and well taken care of.

Lionel turns back toward Rachel as he speaks.

Rachel : [Disbelieving] What, you think money made up for seven years in a psychiatric ward?

Lionel : You needed help.

Rachel walks over and stands right next to Lionel.

Rachel : No, what I needed was a home and a family. After you were through with me, that was never going to happen. Not with Lucas, not with anybody.

Lionel : [False concern] Oh, why didn't you continue your treatment?

Lionel starts to walk away, but Rachel rushes in front of him and stops him.

Rachel : [Insistent] I didn't need any treatment! You just wanted me out of the way.

Lionel : Classic denial.

Rachel : [Shaking her head] Oh, this isn't over Lionel. I'm going to expose you.

Lionel : [Unconcerned] Expose me--to whom? My wife is dead. You know that.

Lionel reaches out and softly strokes his fingers along Rachel's face. She tries halfheartedly to pull away

Lionel : [Seductively] Are you still as beautiful, Rachel?

Lionel leans in closer, and whispers into Rachel's ear.

Lionel : [Softly] Oh, you were lovely.

Lionel gently kisses Rachel's ear, and trails a few light kisses down the side of her face. Rachel closes her eyes and sighs, turning her head, but making no attempt to step away.

Lionel : [Softly] You have to move on. Forget the past. If you need help, I'd be happy to call Dr. Fryberg. I'm sure he'd be more than willing to make room for you at the clinic.

At those words, Rachel opens her eyes and gets a look of intense fear on her face. She looks at Lionel, and pulls away. She cries out in fear, and runs from the room. Lionel looks in the directions of the sounds.

Cut to a large purple garage door, emblazoned with the LexCorp logo. A sign in front states the garage is for "Staff Parking Only". The door opens, and Lex, driving a silver convertible sports car, pulls out of the garage. He starts to speed out of the lot, but slams on the brakes as he sees Rachel standing directly in his path.

Lex : [Confused] Ms. Dunleavy?

Rachel doesn't respond, just walks around toward the drivers side.

Lex : [Concerned] Is everything alright?

Rachel reaches the drivers side of the car and pulls a small syringe from her pocket. She raises it toward Lex, who tries to move away.

Lex : Whoa, whoa, whoa...ahh!

Lex doesn't really have anyway to escape, and he winces as Rachel plunges the syringe into the side of his neck.

Rachel : [Whispering] There.

Within seconds, Lex is unconscious, and he slumps over in the seat as Rachel gently strokes his neck.

Cut to a shot of Clark and Lana, sitting on the steps to Clark's loft. Clark is flipping through a photo album, and the two are smiling and laughing at the photos.

Lana : [Impressed] Wow, that is quite a catch.

Clark : Took all my strength to pull that one in. My dad even had to help me land it.

Lana : You're lucky you've got such a great father.

Clark nods slightly and continues flipping pages in the album, smiling at the photos.

Lana : I heard you and Chloe had a big fight.

At the mention of Chloe's name, the smile falls from Clark's face and he stops flipping through the album. He shuts the album quickly, and gets up, moving away from Lana.

Lana : Don't worry. She didn't give me any details.

Lana climbs to her feet and follows Clark up toward the landing.

Lana : I assume that this is shrouded in the usual Kent cloak of secrecy.

Clark stops, and puts his hands on the railing, leaning on it. Lana comes to stand next to him, waiting for an explanation.

Clark : Chloe promised not to look into my adoption, then she did. [Slightly angry] Now I've got a woman in town claiming to be my mother.

Lana : Is there any chance?

Clark : [Shaking his head] No. Not in a million years.

Lana : So she just showed up out of the blue?

Clark : Yeah, she ambushed me at school. "Hi Clark, I'm your mother." [Annoyed] I mean, who does that?

Lana looks away, then sheepishly raises her hand. Clark looks at her questioningly.

Lana : Do you remember that guy in the photo with my mom?

Clark nods.

Lana : I kind of found out who he was. His name's Henry Small. I went to his house.

Clark gives Lana a look of utter surprise.

Clark : How'd it go?

Lana : [Dryly] Well, uh, he hates the Talon, hates the Luthors, compared me to the Nazis, and told me to never come back again.

Clark : [Dryly] That good, huh?

The two gaze down into the barn for a moment, each lost in their own parental issues.

Clark : [Sympathetically] I'm sorry.

Lana : It's okay. I have done pretty well without a father this long. I don't know why I thought I needed one now.

Clark pauses, considering the situation.

Clark : I do.

Lana looks at him questioningly.

Clark : Lana, we're different. We don't get to see our biological parents every day, and see a little piece of who we are, who we may become. If I had a chance to get to know my birth parents, I wouldn't give up just because the first meeting didn't go the way I hoped.

Lana nods slowly in understanding.

Cut to a shot of a large gray farmhouse. Inside, we see Lex, unconscious, and strapped to a chair with thick, heavy tape. Rachel puts her hand under Lex's chin and lifts up his face, gently wiping the sweat from his brow with a cloth. At her touch, Lex comes to with a start, struggling to get away.

Rachel : [Soothingly as she continues to wipe Lex's face] No, no, no, no, no.

Lex : [Slightly groggy] Where am I?

Rachel : [Soothingly] You're at my house. I bought it with the money that your father gave me. I knew I'd need it one day, so I never spent it. I'm fixing it up so that Clark would feel at home here.

As she speaks, Rachel walks away from Lex, looking around the house as she imagines Clark living there.

Lex : [Trying to twist around in the chair] I know how hard it must be.

As Rachel talks, Lex continues struggling against his bonds.

Rachel : Oh, no, no. You don't. All those lost years.... [Upset] Martha Kent getting to bake the birthday cakes. Martha Kent getting to dry his tears...

Lex : So that gives you the right to kidnap me?

Rachel shakes her head.

Rachel : [Desperately] Well, believe me I didn't want to do this, but your father gave me no choice.

Lex : [Attempting reason] Look, if my father's lying and Clark really is my brother, I want to know just as much as you do.

Rachel just shakes her head.

Lex : But how does holding me prisoner help you?

Rachel : Because, Lex, either your father tells the truth, or he's going to know the pain of losing his son.

At the mention of his father actually telling the truth, Lex gets a look of realization on his face--realization that it will never happen. He begins to struggle mightily against his bonds, as Rachel dials a number on her cell phone.

Cut to a shot of Lex's study. Martha is sitting at the desk working, as Lionel slowly sets the phone down on the desk.

Martha : [Concerned] What's wrong?

Lionel : [A hint of fear] Rachel Dunleavy. She's kidnapped Lex.

Martha : [Shocked] Oh my God.

Lionel : If I don't call a press conference announcing that Clark's adoption was a sham and that he's my illegitimate son, she's...she's going to kill Lex.

Lionel stands in shock, as Martha looks on in fear.

Cut to a shot inside Smallville High. Chloe stands at her locker, putting books inside. We pan over and see Clark walking down the hall. He spies Chloe and hurries toward her.

Clark : [Relieved] Chloe, I'm so glad I found you.

Chloe : Okay, there's a sentence I never thought I'd hear again.

Clark : [Apologetic] We both did and said things that we regret. I know I did.

Chloe : [Insistent] Look, you have to believe that I would burn my press pass if I thought it would come between us.

Clark : [Amused] No you wouldn't. It's too much of who you are... And right now, I need it.

Chloe looks at Clark, willing to do whatever he needs.

Cut to a shot inside the Torch office. Chloe is seated at her computer, and Clark is sitting on a table behind her.

Chloe : If Rachel Dunleavy did buy a house in Smallville, she'll be listed with the county clerk. It's just going to take a minute to get a hit.

Clark comes over and sits next to Chloe.

Clark : [Regretfully] Chloe, what I said about your mother...I was way out of line.

Chloe just shrugs it off like it didn't bother her.

Chloe: It's cool. [Smiling] We all have family secrets I guess. [Pauses] She left when I was five, so... I came downstairs and... There was my dad, trying to make waffles. He never even really explained why she left. It was weird.

Chloe laughs nervously as she's telling the story, as if it is no big deal, but as she finishes she has a few tears in her eyes.

Clark : [Sincerely] I'm sorry.

Chloe shrugs again. Her tone is matter of fact, but it also quivers slightly with tears.

Chloe : It's just hard thinking you weren't good enough for someone to love.

Chloe turns back to the computer. Clark reaches over, covering the hand she's using to operate the mouse with his own hand.

Clark : [Firmly] Don't ever think that.

Clark smiles at Chloe, and she gives him a sad little smile back. The computer beeps, and Chloe turns to it.

Chloe : Oh. Uh, there is no record of Rachel Dunleavy.

Clark gets up, pacing as he thinks.

Clark : Um...try the name Lucas Luthor.

Chloe : [Surprised] Okay. You're going to have to explain that one to me later.

Chloe types in the name, and instantly the computer beeps. We see the screen, which says, "Lucas Luthor 1436 Blueberry Park Lane, Smallville, Kansas, 67254." Clark reads the info over Chloe's shoulder before she even realizes it's on her screen, and we hear the whooshing sound as he speeds out of the office.

Chloe : [Surprised] Oh. Bingo. There's his address.

Chloe turns in her chair and looks around, then sighs as she realizes she's all alone.

Cut to a shot inside Rachel's house. Rachel is watching Lionel Luthor on the TV, her back to Lex, who is still taped to the chair. Lex turns his head as far as he can, trying to see the TV as well. Lionel begins speaking. Rachel watches the TV intently.

Lionel : [On TV] Thank you, ladies and gentlemen for coming on such short notice. I, um, I have an important announcement to make that concerns my family. My son, Lex Luthor, has been kidnapped. I want to say to his abductor.... I will never give in to your demands.

At his father's words, Lex gets a look of incredulous disbelief on his face, and immediately begins struggling furiously against his bonds.

Rachel : [To TV] No.! NO! NO!

She begins pounding on the TV as Lionel continues speaking.

Lionel : [Continuing] If you harm him in any way, I will not rest until you are hunted down and locked away. This time, forever.

Rachel : No! No! No! No!

Lex, meanwhile, continues to struggle. He has managed to loosen the tape binding his feet to the chair, and rubs the tape against the chair leg, trying to loosen it more.

Rachel runs past Lex and into another room, as Lionel continues to speak.

Lionel : It has always been the policy in my company and my family never to negotiate with kidnappers, terrorists...

In the other room, Rachel picks up a large axe, and heads back out toward Lex.

Lex : [To Rachel] Where are you going? [Sees the axe] No!

Rachel brings the axe up over her head.

Rachel : Your father just killed you, Lex.

Lex begins to freak out, and cries out in fear. Rachel swings the axe around, yelling. As she does so, Lex gives his feet a mighty yank. The tape rips loose, and Lex brings his feet up, kicking Rachel in the mid-section, shoving her across the room. Unfortunately, as he does so, his backward momentum causes the chair to tip backwards. With his hands still bound, Lex has no way to break his fall, and is knocked unconscious as the chair tips over and his head slams against the floor.

Rachel climbs to her feet and grabs the axe, as Lex lies unconscious on the floor.

Cut to a shot of the roads outside. We see a red and blue blur as Clark speeds along the road, skidding to a stop in front of the house he thinks belongs to Rachel. Using his X-Ray vision, he sees one figure slumped on the ground while another figure stands over it, raising an axe, about to strike.

Clark speeds up the walk, and the front door shatters as he bursts through it. As Rachel swings the axe down toward Lex, Clark throws himself across the room, directly into the path of the axe. The axe makes contact with his stomach and shatters into several pieces. Clark crashes against the opposite wall, while Rachel looks at the axe handle in shock. Clark climbs to his feet, and Rachel drops the axe handle.

Rachel : [Stunned] Who are you?

Clark : That's what I've been trying to tell you. I'm not your son.

Rachel : [Breaking down crying] No. Oh no...

Rachel collapses to the floor, sobbing. Clark comes over and hugs her, trying to calm her down.

Cut to a shot of the Talon sign. Inside, Lana is pouring coffee for two customers.

Lana : If you guys need anything else, give me a shout.

Customer : Thanks.

As Lana turns to head back to the counter, she runs into Henry, who is entering.

Henry : Cute place. Very colorful.

Lana : [Surprised and nervous] Mr. Small.

Henry : Call me Henry.

Lana : [Pointing to the pot in her hand] Umm, can I... Can I get you a coffee? [Laughs nervously] Of course, you wouldn't want a coffee.

Lana heads back toward the counter, and Henry follows.

Henry : Regular coffee would be great.

Henry reaches into his jacket pocket and pulls out a sheaf of paper.

Henry : I got your letter. And yes, you did ambush me... But from the way you describe yourself, it might just be a habit you got from me.

Lana looks at Henry in shock.

Lana : So you are my father?

Henry : I don't know.

Lana nods, disappointed.

Henry : But I'm willing to find out.

Lana smiles at Henry as tears begin to well up in her eyes.

Cut to a shot of Clark's loft window at night. We go inside and see the Kents discussing the events of the day.

Martha : Rachel's been admitted to a private psychiatric clinic. Even if she tries to explain what you did, nobody will believe her.

Clark : I really feel sorry for her.

Martha nods.

Jonathan : I can't even imagine what it must've been like having to give up that baby.

Martha : [Relieved] I'm just glad our own family is still in one piece.

Jonathan : [Smiling slightly] Not even Lionel Luthor could tear us apart.

Clark looks curiously between his parents. Jonathan notices the look, and the smile falls from his face. He starts to walk away, but Clark calls out.

Clark : But Lionel helped us. Dad, why do you hate him so much?

Jonathan just shakes his head. Martha looks at him, encouraging him to tell Clark the entire story. Clark notices the look, and glances back and forth at each of them. Jonathan bites his lip, and begins to talk.

Jonathan : The morning he came by with the adoption papers, I... thought I'd never lay eyes on him again.

Jonathan turns toward the barn entrance. As he does so, the camera pans down and we see Lionel, briefcase in hand, entering the barn as sun streams in from outside.

Lionel : Mr. Kent.

We see Jonathan up in the loft, lifting bales of hay. He starts down the steps as Lionel starts up them.

Jonathan : Mr. Luthor.

Lionel : [Chuckling] Well, you can call me Lionel. Please.

The two men meet on the lower landing. Lionel extends his hand, and Jonathan shakes it.

Jonathan : Lionel.

Lionel chuckles, and sets his briefcase down against the top of the railing, and opens it.

Lionel : I think you'll find everything in order.

Lionel pulls out a several documents, and hands them to Jonathan.

Jonathan : [Gratefully] Oh, thank you. And thank you for bringing it out here yourself. You really didn't have to do that.

Lionel : [Smiling] We're taking Lex back to Metropolis today.

Jonathan : [Happily] Hey, that's fantastic. I'm glad your son is going to be all right.

Lionel : Thank you, thank you.

Jonathan unfolds the documents and studies them, as Lionel reads over his shoulder.

Lionel : There is one thing I'd like you to do for me.

Jonathan : Yeah?

Lionel : I'm sure you've heard that the, uh, Ross brothers are having second thoughts about selling me their factory. They don't want to sell to an outsider. They're friends of yours, aren't they?

Jonathan : [Uneasily] Yeah, yeah, they are.

Lionel : [Shrugs] Talk to them, convince them that, uh I only have Smallville's best interests at heart. I think it would make a difference.

Jonathan : [Uneasily] Um, I-I really don't think that's... Really any of my business, Mr. Luthor.

Lionel : [Chuckling] I understand.

Lionel claps Jonathan on the shoulder, then turns back to his briefcase, closing it up as Jonathan heads back up into the loft.

Lionel : [Offhandedly] I'd be careful with that certificate if I were you. I wouldn't want the Department of Family Welfare to find out young Clark's adoption is a sham.

Jonathan stops climbing the steps, shocked. Lionel smiles to himself and starts down the steps onto the barn floor.

Jonathan : [Stunned] W-wait, are you threatening me?

Lionel : Of course not. I'm just asking for a small favor.

Lionel chuckles and walks away, while Jonathan slowly climbs the steps, studying the adoption papers. He pauses on the upper landing, and watches in dismay as Lionel steps out of the barn.

We pull back and see Jonathan, present day, standing in the exact same spot on the landing, facing the barn door. His eyes are closed, and his face is pained.

Clark : [Softly] So you did it. You convinced the Rosses to sell.

Jonathan : [Regretfully] I helped the Luthors get a foothold in this community. The smokestacks, the toxic dumping, all the people who were cheated, including Pete's family. None of that would've happened if it weren't for me.

Clark : [Sympathetically] Dad, you couldn't have known.

Jonathan : [Slightly angry] Nah, I should have known, Clark. I knew exactly what kind of man Lionel Luthor was

Clark : Why didn't you tell me?

Jonathan : Because I knew that you would do exactly what you're doing right now, which is blame yourself.

Clark : [Sadly] You were trying to protect me. It is my fault.

Jonathan : [Firmly] No. You never believe that. This was my decision. This is my fault. [Pauses and looks from Clark to Martha] Mine alone.

Jonathan turns and heads down the stairs. Martha and Clark move to the landing and watch sadly as Jonathan exits the barn, his shoulders slumped with guilt.

Cut to a shot of Lex's study. Lionel is sitting in a chair, listening to Madam Butterfly. He reaches over and fumbles slightly in an attempt to local his glass of scotch on the end table. He finds it and brings it toward his chest. Behind him, the study doors open and Lex enters the room.

Lionel : Lex? That you?

Lex : [Dryly] Still alive and kicking, Dad. No thanks to you.

Lionel : [Chuckling] You're a survivor, son. I knew she wasn't going to kill you.

Lex : Not for lack of trying.

Lex crosses the room, stopping in front of the fireplace and facing his father.

Lionel : [Matter of factly] I couldn't give in to her. You must know that.

Lex : [Sarcastically] Like you did all those years ago?

Lionel : [Contemplative] I, uh, loved your mother very deeply, Lex, but I was not a perfect husband. I strayed. If you've never been tempted Lex, I'm sure one day you will be.

Lex : We're not talking about me, Dad. We're talking about Rachel Dunleavy. Did she bear your illegitimate son or not?

Lionel : I never knew she was pregnant. Then she reappeared one day with a child she claimed was mine, demanding that I leave your mother and marry her.

Lex sits down in the chair next to Lionel.

Lex : [Unsurprised] So you bribed her to give the child up for adoption.

Lionel : [Firmly] She was imbalanced. She threatened me. Your mother was too sick to burden her with a scandal.

Lex : [Sarcastically] Your altruism is inspiring, Dad.

Lionel : [Insistent] I did what I thought best for everyone. I had the child placed with a suitable family.

Lex : Not the Kents?

Lionel : [Chuckling] The Kents? Don't be ridicules.

Lex : [Demanding] Then where is he?

Lionel takes a long pause, swirling his glass of scotch.

Lionel : [Hesitating] He, um, died before his first birthday.

At this news, Lex gets a look of great sadness on his face, and his eyes get slightly glassy. He swallows hard, and looks down, almost blinking back a few tears.

Lionel : [Rubbing his eyes] Forgive me, Lex, I'm very tired. It's been a long day.

Lex takes a deep breath and looks up at his father in understanding.

Lex : [Softly] Sure, Dad.

Lex gets up and walks toward the door. He pauses for a moment, studying his father, before leaving, pulling the door shut behind him.

As the music swells, Lionel opens his hand, which he's kept closed the whole time. Inside is a gold locket. He opens it, running his hands over something stored inside, with a slight smile on his face.

Cut to a shot of the inside of the locket. As Lionel moves aside a lock of blonde baby hair, we see that also inside the locket is a picture of a happily smiling Lionel along side a young boy with reddish hair, who looks around the age of 6 or so...presumably Lucas Luthor.


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