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#304 : Prisonnier de ses Rêves

Résumé : Clark rêve qu'il est poursuivit par une jeune fille qui a besoin d'aide. Cependant, après, il découvre que c'est une voisine à lui, qui est dans le coma depuis longtemps. Il demande à Lana de l'aider pour découvrir la vérité ce qui la met en danger. Pendant ce temps, Lionel réclame que Lex subisse un examen psychiatrique complet avant de l'embaucher.


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Prisonnier de ses Rêves

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Photo de l'épisode #3.04

Photo de l'épisode #3.04

Photo de l'épisode #3.04

Photo de l'épisode #3.04

Photo de l'épisode #3.04

Photo de l'épisode #3.04

Photo de l'épisode #3.04

Photo de l'épisode #3.04

Photo de l'épisode #3.04

Plus de détails

Guest-stars :

→ Katharine Isabelle dans le rôle de Sarah Conroy
Christopher Shyer dans le rôle de Nicholas Conroy
→ John De Santis dans le rôle du Voyageur


Titre de l'épisode :

 Slumber peut être employé en tant que verbe et signifie "dormir". Ce mot se traduit également en anglais par "somnolence".

• Le titre réfère à Sarah Conroy entre dans les rêves de Clark et le force à rester dans ses rêves afin qu'il donne la force suffisante à Sarah pour vaincre son oncle, Nicholas.


Indiscrétions :

 Le scénariste de l'épisode, Drew Greenberg, a écrit 6 épisodes de Buffy (3 de la saison 6 et 3 de la saison 7).

 On peut entendre 5 morceaux du célèbre groupe américain R.E.M., R.E.M. est l'abréviation de "Rapid Eye Movement", la désignation anglaise du sommeil paradoxal, qui est la phase du sommeil durant laquelle se produisent les rêves ...

 Le personnage de Katharine Isabelle, Sarah, vit dans un monde onirique et certaines scènes ont lieu près d'un lac. L'actrice a tourné dans Freddy contre Jason ou le célèbre Freddy Krueger est un psychopathe qui sévit dans les rêves. Dans le film, certaines scènes ont aussi lieu près d'un lac étrangement identique. Il faut dire que l'épisode et le film ont été tourné tous les deux à Vancouver..

Act 1 Teaser

We see a wooden sign in a gathering of trees with the words Crater Lake painted in yellow. Day. Past the sign, Clark comes out of the trees and looks out at the lake. The lake is massive and blue. The sun shines down on it brightly and heavily wooded hills can be seen in the background. Clark smiles and walks out onto the narrow dock, stopping about halfway to the end and takes off his shirt. He starts to unbutton his pants and take off his shoes when he hears Lana's voice behind him.

Lana : Hi, Clark.

Clark turns around as Lana walks up, smiling.

Clark : Lana. I didn't think anybody else was out here.

Lana : Well, it looks like we had the same idea for cooling off.

Clark : Yeah, it's a scorcher.

Lana's smile fades as she lowers her eyes to Clark's bare chest, hardly bothering to hide her desire.

Clark : You know, I'll come back.

Lana : Oh, no, why? It's a big lake. There's enough room for both of us. [Clark doesn't answer.] I'm game if you are.

Clark raises his eyebrows, surprised. Lana walks past him to the edge of the dock, behind Clark.

Lana : No peeking.

She turns toward Clark and takes off her shirt, dropping it onto the dock. A smile starts to form on Clark's face as Lana takes off her bra. She tosses it forward where it lands on Clark's foot. Lana takes off her pants and drops them, then jogs to the end of the dock. Clark turns around just in time to see her dive naked into the lake. Moments later, her head pokes out of the water.

Lana : Your turn, Clark. I promise I won't peek.

Lana turns around in the water so she is facing away from Clark. He smiles as he quickly pulls his pants off and dives into the water. Lana turns around, looking for him, but doesn't see him anywhere.

Lana : Clark?

No response. She turns around in the water, searching.

Lana : Clark!

The fear in her eyes grows as she continues to scan the water for Clark. His head suddenly pops out of the water behind her.

Clark : Boo.

Lana splashes water in his face.

Lana : Don't do that!

Clark laughs and splashes back. They get into a brief splash fight and soon Lana is laughing too.

Lana : You're-- it's not funny.

Lana wipes the water from her face and they take a moment to look at each other, inching closer together.

Lana : [Quietly.] I always said there should be nothing between us.

Clark : Now there's not.

Clark leans in to kiss her, and just as their lips are about to touch they hear a terrified scream.

Girl : Help!

They look at the beach and see a girl, Sara Conroy, running across the sand and into the trees as if being chased.

Sara : Help me!

Sara runs into the forest, hardly watching where she is going. She runs into Clark who is suddenly right in front of her and fully clothed. She looks up at him, breathless.

Clark : What's wrong?

Sara walks a few paces away from Clark, looking around, frightened.

Sara : He's here. Run. Run!

A growl is heard and a decaying hand reaches up from the ground and grips Sara's ankle.

Sara : Aah!

Sara falls down as she is pulled into the dirt. When she is waist deep, Clark runs to her and grabs her hand, trying to pull her out.

Sara : No! Don't let him take me! No!

Clark's strength is no match for whatever has hold of Sara. She is pulled completely into the ground leaving behind no trace of a hole.

Sara : No!

Clark looks at the ground, terrified.

[Opening credits]

Act 1 Scene 1

Outside shot of the Kent mailbox. Day. Inside, Clark talks to his parents over breakfast in the kitchen.

Clark : I dug holes, I used my X-ray vision, but it's like she just vanished.

Jonathan : Was anybody else out there with you?

Clark : [Quickly.] No. Just me.

Martha : You were skinny-dipping alone?

Clark : [Smiling, embarrassed.] Well, it was kind of a spur of the moment kind of thing.

Jonathan : All right, son, I'll give the sheriff a call.

Clark : Maybe I should skip school and go look for her.

Martha : Clark, it's not your responsibility to save everybody.

Jonathan : Besides, right now I've got a surprise for you. Outside.

All three of them go outside and come down the front steps.

Clark : Wow, I didn't know you got a new truck.

There is a brand new blue truck parked outside the house.

Jonathan : It's not mine, Clark. It's yours.

Clark : What?

Martha and Jonathan both laugh excitedly.

Clark : Oh, my God! Wait till I tell Pete!

Clark goes to the truck for a closer look.

Jonathan : Hey, it's not just for fun, son, we needed a new truck around here anyway.

Clark : Well, how can we afford it?

Jonathan : Well, the extra money Lex gave us came in handy.

Clark : Considering the source I'm surprised you used it.

Jonathan : Yeah, I-I know. But I finally realized that I wasn't giving him a fair shake.

Martha : After all you've been through the last couple of months, we're really happy to have you home.

Clark : I don't know what to say.

Jonathan : Say that you will take good care of her?

Jonathan holds up the keys.

Clark : [Grabbing the keys happily.] I'll take good care of her.

Martha and Jonathan laugh as they both hug Clark.

Clark : Thanks!

Jonathan : All right. Hey, you better get to school. You're late already. Oh, if Sheriff Adams finds anything about that girl, we'll let you know.

Clark : Okay.

Martha and Jonathan watch Clark get into the truck. Once inside, he gives them a last excited look through the window, then starts the motor. Jonathan waves and Martha blows a kiss as Clark speeds away, stirring up a trail of dust on the dirt road.

Act 1 Scene 2

Outside shot of Smallville High School as the bell rings. Day. Inside Clark is walking down the hallway. Lana catches up with him.

Lana : Hey, Clark.

Clark : Lana. Look, about yesterday...

Lana : Oh, it's okay.

Clark : You're not mad?

Lana : About you running off? No, I had a good view when you left.

Clark smiles, embarrassed.

Lana : So who was screaming?

Clark : Some girl.

Lana : Is she okay?

Clark : I don't know. She just kind of disappeared. I'm really sorry I just left you. Again.

Lana : It's not like we had a date or anything. But I had fun.

Clark : So did I.

Lana : Our relationship's always been about pain and angst. I guess a little levity is refreshing. Maybe after a while, you'll stop torturing yourself and realize that there's no reason why we shouldn't be together.

Clark lowers his eyes, about to argue. Lana puts her hand on his shoulder.

Lana : It's okay, Clark. I'm willing to wait as long as you want.

She walks away and Clark longingly watches her go. Then he turns away and sees Sara standing in the middle of the hallway looking at him.

Clark : Hey.

He goes after her as she starts to walk away.

Clark : Hey, wait. Hey, who are you?

Sara stops in front of a glass trophy case on the wall.

Clark : What happened? I saw you get pulled into the ground. At least tell me your name.

Sara : [Shakily.] Uh, Sara. Sara Conroy.

Clark : Okay, Sara, what's going on?

Sara : He's after me.

Clark : Who?

Sara : He's always after me.

Sara looks past Clark and her features tense up in fear. In the glass behind her, Clark sees the reflection of a faceless figure in a red cape and hood, reaching for Sara. Clark whips around and there is nothing behind him. Pete walks up.

Pete : Clark, where were you?

Clark : Pete, did you see that guy?

Pete : What guy?

Clark : How could you miss him? He had a big red cape on. He was standing right there. [He turns around.] Sara, you must--

Clark sees that Sara is gone.

Pete : Who's Sara?

Clark : She was right there.

Pete : [Nodding.] The insanity defense. It's working. I get it.

Clark : I'm not insane.

Pete : Well, what do you call skipping a history exam worth 50% of your grade?

Clark : That's today?

Pete : That was today. You flunked.

Pete walks away, shaking his head.

Act 1 Scene 3

Clark enters the Torch office where Chloe is working. Day.

Clark : Chloe, I need your help. Something came up at the lake yesterday.

Chloe : [Laughing.] Yeah, I heard. You are referring to the "Blue Lagoon" moment with a certain former girlfriend, right?

Clark : You know about that?

Chloe : Clark, this is high school. Everybody knows.

Clark : The only-- Did Sara Conroy tell you?

Chloe : Highly doubtful, since I've never met anyone with that name.

Clark : Well, she's a new student. I think. I saw her in the woods, and I just saw her in the hallway. She's definitely a candidate for Wall of Weird.

Clark suddenly looks at the wall, shocked.

Chloe : That's too bad, since the Wall of Weird has been retired.

Clark walks past Chloe to the wall. The clippings are all gone, the wall blank.

Clark : Chloe, who did this?

Chloe : I did. It's time to leave childish pursuits behind. You're not the only one who grew up this summer. Besides, I think the Daily Planet was beginning to frown on my little obsession.

Clark : But we know these stories are true.

Chloe : Do we? People have died because of that wall.

Clark : And people have been saved too.

Chloe : I'm done chasing windmills, Clark. From now on it's hard news that can be backed up with facts.

Chloe leaves the Torch office.

Act 1 Scene 4

Lex is sitting in his study, holding a sifter of brandy that he is looking at contemplatively. Night. Clark enters.

Clark : Lex? Your message sounded urgent. Something wrong?

Lex : I'm not really sure. I'm having a rather strange day.

Clark : Join the club.

Lex : I was hoping you could help me with a problem, Clark.

Clark : What do you need?

Lex : Would you hand me that sword?

Lex points to a sheathed sword hanging on the wall and takes a sip of brandy. Clark pulls the sword off the wall and looks closely at it.

Clark : Is this new?

Lex : [Getting up from his seat.] Depends on your definition. It was a ceremonial weapon used by a group of 16th century Samurai warriors. The Katai. Ever heard of them?

Clark : [Shaking his head.] Japanese history really isn't my strong suit.

Lex : Let me give you your first lesson.

Lex holds out his hands and Clark hands him the sword.

Lex : Legend has it this sword was forged in the fires of Mount Fuji.

Lex unsheathes the sword.

Lex : The blade can cut through anything. [He drops the sheath behind him.] The Katai never took it into battle. They never had to . . . till the day the strongest Katai turned on his own. One by one, the Katai fell at his hand.

Lex walks past Clark, facing the fireplace, holding the sword with both hands. Clark watches him, confused.

Lex : Nothing left to lose, the last of the Katai lunged at the warrior with this sword. The blade cut him clean in two. But when the warrior's armor fell away, the Katai saw he wasn't even human.

Lex tilts his head, cracking his neck. Then without warning, he whips around and swings the sword at Clark. Clark raises his arm and the blade strikes him, shattering into pieces.

Lex : [Breathless.] Just like you, Clark. See I've always been honest with you. But it turns out you've been lying to me from the first day I laid eyes on you.

Clark shakes his head and Lex starts to walk away.

Clark : No, Lex, I can explain!

Lex : It's too late! The irony is all you had to do was come to me, Clark. I was your friend. I would've protected your secret. I would've protected you. But I couldn't be trusted because I'm a Luthor.

Clark : No, that's not it!

Lex : I don't care! [Stepping closer to Clark.] I'm going to dedicate myself to ensuring the whole world knows who Clark Kent really is. Life as you know it is over.

Clark : Lex...

Lex leaves the room.

Clark : Lex!

Cut to Clark driving up to his house in the new truck. He turns off his headlights and steps out of the truck, heading toward the house.

Clark : Mom! Dad! We got a big problem!

Clark sees Sara standing outside the fence, her face a ghostly blue in the moonlight.

Clark : Sara? What are you doing here?

Sara looks at the flowers growing near the fence.

Sara : Lilacs. I haven't seen lilacs in years. They're my favorite. My mother used to grow them for me.

Clark : Where is your family?

Sara : Listen. Please don't let him take me again.

Clark : Who?

Sara : The Traveler, Clark.

Clark : How do you know my name?

A great wind suddenly starts to blow and Sara looks over Clark's shoulder.

Sara : Aaah!!!

Clark turns around and sees the figure hooded in red. It has no face and its deathly arms are outstretched. It speaks in a demonic male voice.

Traveler : Sara, you cannot escape me.

Clark goes to the Traveler who is several feet taller than he is, and tries to punch him in the stomach. The Traveler catches Clark's hand and throws Clark into the air. He lands in the back of the hay truck.

Traveler : [To Sara.] No matter where you hide, I will always find you.

The Traveler walks to Sara slowly.

Sara : No... Please, no! Clark! Aaah!

Clark runs to Sara as the Traveler wraps his arms around her and bends forward, covering her. Clark grabs at the red cape, but Sara and the Traveler are already gone. The cape is all that remains.

Clark : No! Sara!

Clark punches his fist deep into the ground, and a hole opens beneath him . He falls into the hole head first and the ground swallows him.

Cut to Clark jerking awake on the couch in the loft. He sits up. Martha and Jonathan come to his side.

Martha : Clark! Oh, thank God, we've been so worried.

Clark : What happened?

Martha : You fell asleep while you were studying for your history exam.

Jonathan : That was a day and a half ago, son. We've been trying to wake you ever since.

Martha : You must've been dreaming.

Clark : It's was so real. I met this girl Sara Conroy and she was in trouble.

Jonathan : Conroy. That's the name of our new next-door neighbor. He has a teenage daughter.

Clark : They moved into Lana's old house?

Clark gets up from the couch and goes toward the window.

Jonathan : There's been a moving truck there since yesterday.

Clark : How could I dream about someone I've never even met?

Jonathan and Martha exchange a worried look as Clark looks at them both, fearful.

Fade to black.

Act 2 Scene 1

Clark sits on the front steps of his house drinking a cup of coffee. Day. He stands up and walks to the bottom of the stairs, stretching out his arms. Jonathan and Martha come outside.

Jonathan : Wow. Somebody's sure up early.

Martha : Clark, have you been up all night?

Clark : I was kind of afraid to go to sleep. I can't get over how real that dream was. I feel like I should check on the Conroys.

Martha : What would you say to them? That Sara was in danger in your dreams?

Jonathan : You need to be careful, Clark.

Clark : Yeah, now I got to be careful when I'm sleeping too.

Jonathan : You weren't just asleep, son. You were out for 36 hours. That just happens to coincide with that girl moving in next door?

Clark : You think she's keeping me asleep?

Jonathan : I don't know, Clark. But with all the weird things been going on around here, you need to be careful. So look, I'm asking you, you stay away from the neighbors.

Clark doesn't answer, but looks into the distance in the direction of the Conroys' house.

Act 2 Scene 2

Clark is loading bales of hay into the back of the truck. Day. Lana approaches.

Lana : Missed you at school the last few days.

Clark : I haven't been feeling so good.

Lana : To be honest, you look a little tired. Maybe you should try and get some sleep.

Clark : [Quickly.] No. Uh, I'll be fine.

Lana : [Laughing.] Okay.

She pulls some papers from her bag and hands them to Clark.

Lana : Well, um, I brought you your homework. Mr. Blair said that you could, uh, make up your history exam as long as you have a note from your parents.

Clark : [Smiling.] You're the best. [Pause.] Can I tell you something?

Lana : Sure.

Clark : I had this dream, and it's really freaking me out.

Lana : What was it about?

Clark : A lot of things. This girl.

Lana : [Slightly disappointed.] Oh.

Clark : Lana, it's not like that. She needed help.

Lana : Let me guess. You had to save her.

Clark : Except I couldn't. Her name's Sara, and she moved into your old house.

Lana : When did you meet her?

Clark : That's the thing. I haven't. How could I be dreaming about her?

Lana : Well, maybe if you walked me through the dream we could figure it out together.

Clark : You don't think I'm nuts?

Lana : Clark, I think you have a lot of issues, but I do not think you have lost your mind.

Clark laughs.

Lana : Okay, so where did you see her first?

Clark : Crater Lake. You were there.

Lana : Really? What were we doing?

Clark : [Defensive.] Nothing. Um, it's really hazy.

Lana : Okay. Well, I have a better idea. Why don't we go see Sara in person?

Clark looks like he is about to argue, then smiles and nods.

Cut to Sara lying unconscious in her bed. Clark and Lana watch as Sara's uncle Nicholas touches her forehead affectionately.

Clark : [To Nicholas.] She seems so . . . Do the doctors think she'll come out of it?

Nicholas : Well, there's always hope.

Lana : It must be really hard to see your daughter like this.

Nicholas : Oh, Sara's my niece. So, this is your old house, Lana.

Lana nods.

Nicholas : [To Clark.] And you're the boy from next door.

Clark : What exactly happened?

Lana : [Whispering.] Clark...

Nicholas : It's okay. It's no secret. It was a car accident. Sara and her parents went off the Loeb Bridge on their way home from a soccer game. The paramedics say Sara was asleep, which is probably why she survived.

Lana : Sara's from Smallville?

Nicholas : Grandville. Just over the county line.

Clark notices the flowers on Sara's bedside table.

Clark : Lilacs. Those are Sara's favorite.

Nicholas : Yes. How did you know that?

Lana : [Covering.] They're my favorite too. Must be kismet, living in the same house.

Nicholas leans over to adjust Sara's pillows and a gold pendant hangs from his neck.

Clark : That's an interesting medal.

Nicholas : This? Well, it's just good old St. Christopher.

Clark : The patron saint of travelers, right?

Nicholas : Yes. Yes, I say his prayer every night in the hopes that Sara's journey will end and she'll come back to us. Look, I-I'm sorry. You'll have to excuse me. It's, um, time for Sara's medication. Thank you for stopping by.

Clark smiles uneasily and he and Lana leave the room. When they are gone, Nicholas unlocks a cabinet and opens it, revealing it to be full of various medications.

Act 2 Scene 3

Outside shot of LuthorCorp. Day. Lex walks to Lionel's office where he finds Lionel face down on a table getting a massage.

Lex : Dad, I thought I made it clear that I'm back fully committed to LuthorCorp and to you.

Lionel : [Without lifting his head.] Well, I'm delighted... [He grunts in pleasure.] hear it. Now, what's the problem?

Lex : I've been blocked out of half the computer files I need to do my job. Insufficient security clearance?

Lionel : [To the masseuse.] Thank you, Meli.

Lionel sits up and the masseuse helps him put on his robe.

Lionel : These, um, security measures, Lex, are a necessary evil. You should know that. We have to protect our assets.

Lex : From me?

Lionel gets off the table and walks across the office to the couch.

Lionel : I applaud your renewed commitment to LuthorCorp. After what you've been through, it's remarkable.

Lex : But you think I might betray you again.

Lionel takes a peach from a bowl on the coffee table.

Lionel : Betray me? That's an interesting notion. [He takes a bite out of the peach.] Might you?

Lex crosses the room and sits on the couch next to Lionel.

Lex : I want this to work. I want us to be a family again. You have nothing to fear from me.

Lionel : Why have you refused to complete the psychological profile?

Lex : Come on, Dad. You've never believed in psychobabble, and neither do I.

Lionel : I believe that, um, personal emotional problems are bound to affect day-to-day decision making. I think that dreams can often reveal hidden dangers, serve as a warning--

Lex : Spare me the Jungian cliff notes, Dad.

Lionel : It's five sessions, Lex. That's all. I thought you wanted to reestablish our bond.

Lex : I do.

Lionel : Then do it. Prove that my total confidence in you is justified.

Lionel takes another bite from his peach and Lex just looks at him.

Act 2 Scene 4

Clark closes his locker at Smallville High School. Day. Chloe is standing with him.

Chloe : Clark Kent dreaming of the girl next door. Isn't nice to know that some things never change?

They start walking.

Clark : Right now I'm just trying to stay awake.

Chloe : Yeah, even Red Bull has its limits. Trust me. I've tested them.

Clark : I think Sara's reaching out to me for help.

Chloe : Entering your dreams to communicate?

Clark : How else would I know these details of her life? Like the lilacs.

They enter the Torch office.

Chloe : There is a theory that telepathic receptivity is increased during R.E.M. sleep. It has to do with frontal lobe activity.

Clark : My frontal lobe is acting as a beacon.

Chloe laughs.

Chloe : I've never seen a case this dramatic. But we all know that your brain is wired a little differently than the rest of ours. Add the fact that the river where she crashed is a known source for our favorite green stuff and you have the perfect Smallville cocktail for weirdness.

Clark : You think the meteor rocks gave her this ability?

Chloe : Well, once she's in she can keep you asleep. It certainly explains the day and a half snore-a-thon.

Clark : I didn't wake up until the Traveler appeared. And I think it's her uncle.

Chloe : Or a manifestation of fear that she has for her uncle. Sorry, I didn't mean to get all Freudian on you.

Clark : No, her uncle's all-powerful in her life. Why wouldn't he be in her dreams?

Chloe : You're not buying the altruism angle?

Clark : My faith in human kindness is not what it used to be. You up for a trip to the courthouse to see what public records tell us about Uncle Nicholas?

Chloe : I have a deadline for the Daily Planet, and shockingly, a Wall of Weird story doesn't take precedence in their mind.

Clark looks at the Wall of Weird, which is now intact.

Clark : No time for childish pursuits anymore.

Chloe : Hey, now that's not fair. You know that if I had a choice, I would definitely be down there pulling dusty records with you.

Clark : I doubt that. It's okay, I'll grab Lana.

Clark starts to leave.

Chloe : Yeah, at least she can provide a constant source of caffeine.

Clark looks back at Chloe and smiles wryly, then leaves.

Act 2 Scene 5

Clark and Lana are looking through stacks of public records in Clark's loft. Night. Lana is seated at the couch and Clark is standing behind her.

Lana : Now I know why public records are public. They're incredibly boring.

Clark kneels down and holds out a piece of paper.

Clark : Not all of them. Take a look at this.

Lana takes the paper.

Lana : Wow. Sara's parents were rich.

Clark : When they died she inherited everything. One guess who's in control of the money.

Lana : Uncle Nicholas.

Clark stands up and walks around to the front of the couch, where he sits next to Lana.

Clark : As long as she stays in a coma, he controls the wealth.

Lana : But he still hasn't done anything wrong. I mean taking care of your niece and living a nice life isn't exactly a smoking gun.

Clark : Then why is Sara so scared of him? I just don't get it.

Lana : Hey, you're tired.

Clark : I'm afraid to close my eyes.

Lana : I'll go put on another pot of coffee.

Lana stands up.

Clark : You don't have to stay.

Lana : I want to, Clark.

They smile at each other and Lana goes down the stairs, exiting the loft. Clark runs his hands over his face and takes a deep breath, letting it out in a loud sigh. His eyelids start to droop and in seconds, they're closed. He opens them again when he hears footsteps.

Clark : That was fast.

Clark sees that it's Sara coming up the stairs.

Clark : Sara.

Sara : [With a small smile.] Hi.

Clark : I must've fallen asleep.

Sara : Yeah.

Clark : How do you get into my dreams?

Sara stops about halfway up the stairs.

Sara : I don't know, Clark. I-- This has never happened to me before. Just the other day, suddenly I was-- I was in the woods and then at school and then at your house. I realized what happened when you and Lana came to see me.

Clark stands up slowly.

Clark : You can hear us?

Sara : Yeah. It's like being in a long dark tunnel. I mean, sometimes it's open, but sometimes it's not. I tried to reach out to you. I mean, you don't know what it's like to be locked in your own body, never any contact.

Clark : Sara, who's the Traveler?

Sara becomes afraid and backs down the stairs, stopping halfway down.

Sara : Oh, w-we shouldn't talk about him. He'll find us.

Clark : [Coming down the stairs.] Is it your uncle? Why are you so afraid of him? What does he do to you?

Sara : I don't know. I used to be able to hear the doctors talking, and they said I should've woken up. But every time I do feel just a little bit better, he does something and I get sent back to a deep dark place that's like the bottom of the ocean. I almost woke up once. That's when he moved us here.

Wind starts blowing in the loft.

Sara : Oh, God, he's here.

Sara is suddenly pulled backwards over the railing. Clark runs to the railing and looks over to see Sara falling toward the ground. The Traveler is underneath her, slowly wrapping his arms around her, covering her with his red cloak.

Sara : Aaah! Aaah!

The cloak swirls through the air and shoots into the ground, disappearing.

Fade to black.

Act 3 Scene 1

Outside shot of Lex's mansion. Day. Clark and Lex walk through a hallway inside.

Lex : Interesting theory, Clark.

Clark : I know it sounds crazy, but that's what happened.

Lex : Now you're saving people in your dreams, too. I bet a shrink would have a field day with that scenario.

Clark : You don't believe me?

They enter the study.

Lex : I believe you believe it, and that's enough for me. You'll have to forgive me, Clark. I have a personal bias against psychotherapy.

Clark : You don't like letting people in your head.

Lex : Something like that.

Clark : Well, this girl's in my head until I figure out a way to help her.

Lex : I made a few calls to Metropolis General. It's true, Sara was supposed to wake up.

Clark : So her uncle is drugging her.

Lex : They didn't have any evidence of foul play, but they've only performed routine blood tests.

Clark : Maybe he's using a drug that's untraceable.

Lex : Clark, from all appearances the guy hasn't done anything wrong.

Clark : We both know appearances can be deceiving, Lex.

Lex : Telling the cops you heard it in a dream won't get him arrested.

Clark : I appreciate your help.

Lex : Any time.

Clark starts to leave, but stops when he notices a sword on the wall. It is in the same place he found the sword in his dream. He goes toward it nervously.

Clark : I always liked this sword. What is it, some sort of, uh, legendary Samurai antique?

Lex : Hardly. [Taking the sword off the wall.] It's a, uh, it's a prop from my favorite Kurosawa movie. "Throne of Blood."

Lex takes the sword out of the sheath, studying it.

Lex : I bought it at auction.

Lex swings the sword at Clark and stops just before hitting him. Clark flinches.

Lex : [Smiling.] Relax, Clark, it can't hurt you. It's not real.

Clark : Right.

Lex : [Sheathing the sword.] You've got to learn the difference between fantasy and reality. Get some sleep.

Act 3 Scene 2

There is a knock at Nicholas's door. Day. He opens it and finds Clark on the porch.

Nicholas : Clark. This is a pleasant surprise.

Clark : I thought I'd bring Sara some fresh flowers.

Clark holds up a bouquet of lilacs.

Nicholas : [Pleased.] Oh. Come in.

Cut to Sara's room. Clark watches Sara, still unconscious in her bed while Nicholas puts the lilacs in a vase.

Nicholas : This is real nice of you, Clark.

Clark : Would you mind if I sit with her for a while?

Nicholas : Not at all.

Clark uses his X-ray vision on the cabinet in the corner. He sees all the medication inside.

Nicholas : Can I get you something to drink?

Clark : Anything with caffeine.

Nicholas : I think I might have some soda.

Nicholas leaves the room and Clark goes to the cabinet. He forces the door open and grabs a bottle of medication, looking closely at the label. He ponders for a moment, then super speeds from the room. Nicholas returns, looking puzzled when Clark isn't there. Then he notices the half open cabinet door. He goes to the cabinet, realizes the medication is gone, and immediately becomes angry.

Cut to Clark driving his truck down a dirt road. He has the radio playing loudly and he squints his eyes against the bright sunlight and his own exhaustion. He rubs his eyes with his hand and then realizes that Sara is next to him in the truck.

Sara : [Afraid.] Clark!

Clark : Sara...

Sara : He's so angry.

Clark : Wait, if you're here... that means I'm...

Clark's truck drives off the road and over a fence, sending it spiraling into the air. It lands upside down and rolls over in the field a few times before coming to a stop on its roof.

Act 3 Scene 3

Martha is looking at a piece of paper and punching numbers into an electronic calculator at the dining room table. Day. Lana knocks on the door and enters.

Lana : Hello?

Martha : Lana, hi. Come on in.

Lana has an iced coffee in her hand.

Lana : I was, uh, looking for Clark. I brought him a little pick-me-up.

Martha : Oh, well he's not back from Lex's, but you're welcome to wait.

Lana : Thanks.

Lana puts down the drink.

Lana : So you finally have new neighbors.

Martha : Yeah, not as good as the old ones.

Lana laughs nervously.

Lana : Mrs. Kent, could I ask you something?

Martha : Of course, Lana.

Lana : [Sitting at the table. A long pause.] Do you know why Clark pushed me away?

Martha : [Gently.] Metropolis changed Clark. He's not the same boy he was when he left this spring. Jonathan and I are trying to figure it out too.

Lana : I guess I just-- I feel like if I stay in his orbit long enough he'll finally decide to open up.

Martha smiles sympathetically. They hear Jonathan's voice from outside.

Jonathan : Martha! Come quick! It's Clark!

Lana and Martha both run out of the house. Outside, they see the upside down truck in the field.

Martha : Oh, my God! Jonathan!

Jonathan pulls Clark from the overturned truck. Clark is unconscious.

Martha : What happened?

Jonathan : I don't know. He must've fallen asleep at the wheel.

Lana : I'll call an ambulance.

Jonathan : No, no, Lana, I think he just hit his head. He's gonna be fine.

Martha : Well, where was he coming from? Lex's mansion is the other way.

Jonathan : Oh, Clark, I told you not to go to the Conroys.

Lana : He was worried about Sara. He kept seeing her in his dreams. This is my fault. I took him over there.

Martha : Oh, sweetie, don't blame yourself. Clark will be fine.

Lana : What about Sara?

Martha : I'm worried about her too.

The shot closes in on Clark's right eye which is vibrating from side to side under his closed eyelid.

Cut to Clark's dream. He pulls the truck to a skidding halt on the dirt road right by Crater Lake, and Sara gets out of the car, running away. Clark gets out after her.

Clark : Sara, wait!

Clark runs after her as she gets to the dock.

Clark : Sara!

Sara : No! We have to get away from him!

Clark : You can't keep running.

Sara stops and turns to face Clark.

Sara : I just want to be free.

Clark : You can. In the real world. You just have to face him.

Sara : I'm afraid.

Clark : Sara, you're keeping us in this dream. I can't help you until I wake up. I have no power.

Sara : I'm sorry, Clark.

A distant growling is heard. Then the Traveler's arm reaches up from the water and grabs Sara's ankle, pulling her in.

Sara : Aaah!

Clark : Sara!

Clark dives in after her.

Act 3 Scene 4

Outside shot of Sara's house. Day. In Sara's room, Nicholas fills a syringe with blue liquid from a medicine bottle.

Nicholas : [Angry.] How did he know about this? How did he know about the lilacs? [He kneels next to Sara's bed.] I don't know what's going on in there, but it's gonna stop.

Nicholas grabs Sara's arm, about to inject her. Lana comes through the door.

Lana : Don't put that needle in her!

Nicholas stands upright, hiding the needle behind his back.

Nicholas : How did you get in here?

Lana : We know you've been drugging Sara.

Nicholas : Really?

He comes closer to Lana, menacing.

Nicholas : You and your boyfriend are a little to neighborly for your own good.

Lana : If you kill her, there's no more money.

Nicholas : Who said anything about killing *her*?

Nicholas grabs Lana and holds her with his arm around her throat. He sticks the needle in her neck and she drops her purse, losing consciousness immediately. Nicholas wraps his arm around her stomach, lowering her slowly to the ground.

In her bed, Sara's closed eyes are vibrating from side to side.

Fade to black.

Act 4 Scene 1

Clark walks out of the water and onto the beach, holding Sara in his arms. Day. He puts her down on the beach.

Clark : Sara, are you okay?

Sara : I'm all right, Clark. She's in trouble.

Clark : Who?

Sara : Lana.

They hear a strong wind.

Sara : No. No...

Clark turns around and looks at the lake. Storm clouds form all around, blocking out the sky and hills with gray, and the Traveler rises from the water, spreading out his arms. He stands on the water, drifting closer and closer until he is on the beach.

Traveler : I warned you, Sara. This is a fight you'll never win.

Sara stands up.

Sara : [To Clark.] It's too late.

Clark : Sara, we have to save Lana.

Sara : He's too strong. You can't stop him.

Clark goes toward the Traveler, who grabs Clark by the neck and lifts him into the air.

Traveler : Death to all those who trespass here.

Clark : Sara! You have to help me!

The Traveler throws Clark through the air and he lands on a picnic table which crumbles beneath him. The Traveler drifts toward Sara.

Traveler : Sara, you cannot escape me. Return with me.

Sara : No...

Clark : You're stronger than he is, Sara! You know you are!

Traveler : He cannot save you.

Clark : He did this to you! Get angry! He took six years of your life!

The Traveler slowly reaches out his hand as Sara starts to shake with rage.

Traveler : I control your destiny, Sara. Close your eyes and return to your slumber.

Clark : Don't be afraid, Sara!

Traveler : The more you resist, Sara, the more you will suffer. I will not warn you again.

Sara glares at the Traveler, furious. Suddenly the clouds disappear and the sun shines brightly. The Traveler gasps pulling his hand back. Clark shoots heat vision at him. The Traveler explodes.

Cut to Clark waking up on his living room couch with a gasp.

Martha : Clark.

Clark : Mom. Lana's in trouble.

He super speeds out of the house, across the field, and into Sara's house where he stops in her bedroom. She is still unconscious. Clark finds Lana's cell phone on the floor next to the bed.

Clark : Lana.

Cut to Lana unconscious in the driver's seat of her car, which is parked on a dirt road in the woods. Nicholas has poured gasoline all around it and is now pouring a trail away from it on the dirt road. He empties the gas can and throws it aside. He pulls a lighter from his pocket and triggers its flame.

Clark looks out Sara's window and sees no sign of Lana. He uses his X-ray vision to look through the trees at the edge of the field and into the woods. He sees Nicholas toss the flaming lighter at the trail of gasoline. Clark's mouth opens in horror and he super speeds from the room.

In slow motion, the lighter falls to the trail of gasoline. Before it hits the ground, a blurred figure flies across the trail and the lighter is suddenly gone.

Clark : [From behind Nicholas.] Looking for this?

Nicholas turns around and sees Clark holding the still flaming lighter. Clark closes the lighter and throws Nicholas against a tree. Nicholas lands on the ground unconscious with the St. Christopher's medal resting on his collar.

Act 4 Scene 2

Outside shot of LuthorCorp. Day. Lionel is sitting at his desk in his office, facing away from the door. Lex enters.

Lionel : [Without turning around.] Lex? What's so urgent?

Lex : I decided to do it.

Lionel : Oh? Do what?

Lex : Meet with the psychiatrist, submit to a full battery of mental tests.

Lionel : [He turns to look at Lex.] Curious. Tell me what changed your mind.

Lex : Because I was dealing from a position of fear. If there's one thing you can sniff out like a bloodhound, it's that.

Lionel : It's a gift, Lex. And it's useful.

Lex : I know the only way I'm gonna prove to you that I'm your rightful heir is to deal from a position of strength. I have nothing to hide.

Lionel stands up and walks to Lex.

Lionel : That would mean a lot to me, son.

Lex : I figured you're my father and you only have my best interest at heart.

Lionel : Who's the good doctor?

Lex : Claire Foster.

Lionel : Oh, highly credentialed. She's published a couple books. She'll be able to help you work through any problems.

Lex : [Pause.] That island didn't make me crazy, Dad.

Lionel : [Chuckling.] Oh, crazy, no. Of course not.

Lionel pulls Lex into a brief hug.

Lionel : But it'll be good to have that in writing, won't it?

Lex starts to leave.

Lionel : Lex. When you're rich, you're not crazy. You're eccentric.

Lex looks away, nodding slightly, and leaves the room.

Act 4 Scene 3

Outside shot of Smallville Medical Center. Night. Inside Clark walks down the hallway with a bouquet of lilacs. He stops outside Sara's room where she is sitting up in bed, and knocks on the window. He goes in.

Clark : Hi, Sara, how you doing?

Sara : Hi.

Clark : I brought you some fresh lilacs. I know they're your favorite.

Clark puts the flowers on the table.

Sara : It's Clark, isn't it?

Clark : [Nodding.] I didn't think you'd remember me.

Sara : Yeah. We've been through so much together even though we've never officially met. I-I still don't know how I got in your dreams.

Clark : The important thing is your safe. And you're awake.

Sara : You're obviously a special guy. I saw some of the things you're able to do.

Clark : Well, in our dreams we're all super.

Sara : I just-- I know it's none of my business, I know dreams are usually private...

Clark : No, um...

Clark sits down next to the bed.

Clark : I'm curious to hear your perspective. What'd you see?

Sara : Someone who's clearly in love, but who resists it. Lana, right?

Clark doesn't answer.

Sara : Clark, take it from someone who's been trapped for six years. If you love her that much, don't push her away.

Clark : It's a long and complicated story, Sara.

Sara : I only know what I saw. I may have been there, but... Lana's the girl of your dreams.

Sara smiles and lowers her eyes as Clark looks at her thoughtfully.

Act 4 Scene 4

Clark is doing his homework in the loft. Night. Lana enters.

Lana : Burning the midnight oil?

Clark : I finally got some sleep. My makeup history exam is tomorrow. How are you feeling?

Lana : [Laughing.] Pretty stupid.

Clark : Why? What you did was really brave. You saved Sara's life.

Lana : Yeah, and it almost cost me mine. I was lucky you got there.

Clark : You believed in me when I thought I was losing my mind. It was the least I could do.

Lana smiles. She walks past Clark and to the window.

Lana : So I finally met Sara. All she could talk about was you. I told her I'd love to switch places, you know, find out what goes on inside your head.

Clark : It's not that exciting.

Lana : Still, you know, maybe it would explain why things between us...

Clark : [Pointing to his head.] Lana, if I had the answers up here, you'd be the first to know.

Lana : It's just the last few days, I've felt like the girl next door again. It was nice.

Clark : Even though it almost got you killed?

Lana gives him a small smile and starts to leave.

Clark : Lana. You'll always be the girl next door.

Lana starts to go down the stairs, then turns back.

Lana : So, um, any chance we could do something this weekend? You know, as friends.

Clark : What'd you have in mind?

Lana : Well, it's been like an oven outside, so I was thinking we could go swimming at Crater Lake.

Clark : [Embarrassed.] Yeah-- I really don't think skinny-dipping is a good idea.

Lana : [Startled.] Who said anything about skinny-dipping? [Teasing.] Maybe in your dreams, Clark.

Lana goes down the stairs and Clark smiles as he watches her leave.


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