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#317 : Le Pacte

Résumé : Quand Jonathan commence à se comporter de façon étrange, Clark croit que Jor-El envoie des messages à Jonathan par le biais de la clé et que cela serait la cause de son retrait de la famille. Clark se rend dans les grottes pour affronter son père biologique mais Lionel le surprend et commence à rassembler les éléments entre eux... le menant directement vers le Dr Swann. Face à face, les 2 milliardaires concluent un accord et les véritables motivations de Lionel sont révélées...


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Le Pacte

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Photo de l'épisode #3.17

Photo de l'épisode #3.17

Photo de l'épisode #3.17

Photo de l'épisode #3.17

Photo de l'épisode #3.17

Plus de détails

Guest-stars :

→ Christopher Reeve dans le rôle du Dr. Swann
 Gary Hudson dans le rôle de l'Agent Frank Loder
→ Timothy Paul Perez dans le rôle de l'Agent Tobin
→ John Shaw dans le rôle du Scientifique de la Grotte
→ Daniel Bacon dans le rôle du Second Agent du FBI


Titre de l'épisode :

• Le titre "Legacy" signifie héritage.

• Le titre se réfère à la conséquence qui découle du pacte fait entre Jonathan et Jor-El.


Indiscrétions :

 Retour de Christopher Reeve dans le rôle du Dr Swann qui est apparu dans l'épisode 2.17 - Dernier Espoir.

 Les scènes entre Christopher Reeve, John Glover et Tom Welling ont été tourné dans la New York Public Library.

 John Glover a avoué lors d'une interview donnée au site SCI FI Wire à l'occasion du tournage de l'épisode que ce n'était pas la première fois qu'il donnait la réplique à Christopher Reeve. Les 2 acteurs ont travaillé ensemble il y a plusieurs années dans un pièce de théâtre. "J'ai travaillé avec Chris en 1979 pendant le festival de théâtre de Williamstown", a-t-il déclaré, "Nous étions dans une production de La Cerisaie, et Blythe Danner, Chris et moi étions au sein d'un triangle amoureux." L'acteur a ajouté concernant ses scènes avec Reeve : "Ce qui est excitant, c'est qu'avant Lionel se retrouvait toujours face à des gens qu'il dominait, et cette fois il se retrouve face à quelqu'un qui possède plus de connaissance, plus de pouvoir. Ce sera donc intéressant de voir Lionel dans une relation avec quelqu'un comme ça."

Act 1 Teaser

Outside shot of the Kent home. Day. Martha walks toward the barn, yelling to Jonathan who is on the extremely high and steeply slanted barn roof. He is holding a weathervane in his hand, preparing to position it on the roof.

Martha : Jonathan! What are you doing up there? Clark should be doing that!

Jonathan : Sweetheart, I'm fine. Will you stop worrying?

Jonathan adjusts the direction of the metal rooster on the weathervane.

Martha : Jonathan, please be careful!

Jonathan : Martha, my father and I built this roof. I could walk this roof with my eyes closed.

He places the weathervane into its holder on the roof, standing it up straight.

Martha : You know what the doctor said about taking it easy.

Jonathan : [Stubborn.] You know, the last time I checked, the doctor didn't have a farm to run.

As Jonathan starts to tighten the screws on the weathervane, he hears a high-pitched piercing hum. The noise is so loud that he reflexively covers his ears.

Inside the barn, we see the tool chest. A golden glow shines from inside the chest. On the roof, Jonathan continues to block his ears against the sound. Martha doesn't seem to hear it.

Martha : Jonathan?

Jonathan : Ah! Martha! Ah!

Jonathan loses his balance and grabs for the weathervane to steady himself.

Martha : Jonathan?!

The weathervane isn't strong enough to hold Jonathan's weight, and it tears out of the roof. Jonathan tumbles down the slanted roof in slow motion as the weathervane tumbles down beside him. The high-pitched hum can still be heard.

Martha : [She gasps, then screams.] Clark!!!

Elsewhere on the farm, Clark is shoveling hay from a trailer to the ground. He hears his mother scream and super speeds across the farm to the side of the barn as Jonathan rolls off the side of the roof and starts his final descent toward the ground. Clark leaps over the fence next to the barn and stops right underneath Jonathan with his arms outstretched. The metal weathervane falls off the roof after Jonathan, looming above him dangerously.

Clark catches Jonathan, and just before the weathervane lands on them both, Clark pulls Jonathan out of the way. They both fall to the ground next to the weathervane. Clark starts to get up. The hum has stopped.

Clark : Dad, what are you doing, trying to fly? Are you all right?

Martha : Jonathan!

Martha walks quickly to Jonathan's side as he stands up. He groans.

Jonathan : It was just that noise. Where the hell did that come from?

Martha : I didn't hear anything.

Jonathan looks at Clark, pausing for a few seconds.

Jonathan : It was probably nothing.

Jonathan bends over to pick up the weathervane. Clark tries to pick it up for him.

Clark : Um, Dad, look, you don't have to--

Jonathan : [Angrily.] Damn it, Kal-El, I can get it myself!

Martha : [Startled.] Kal-El?

Clark : Why'd you call me that?

Jonathan : [Puzzled.] I don't know.

Jonathan starts to walk away and Clark follows him.

Clark : Dad, you said you heard a noise. What did it sound like?

Jonathan : It was a loud, high-pitched--

Clark : Hum? It was the key!

Jonathan : [Turning toward Clark impatiently.] Clark, I slipped and fell off the roof, okay?

Jonathan starts to walk away again.

Clark : Are you sure this doesn't have anything to do with Jor-El?

Jonathan : I thought we agreed we were gonna drop that.

Without waiting for a response, Jonathan chucks the weathervane to the ground and walks toward the house. Clark and Martha share a worried glance.

Cut to Clark entering the barn. He opens the bottom drawer of the tool chest and pulls out an old tackle box which he places on top of the chest to open. He pulls out the octagonal key to his spaceship and looks at it pensively.

Outside shot of LuthorCorp. Day. Inside Lionel's office, he is still sitting on his couch with the gun pointed at his face as the opera music plays in the background. Just as his finger begins to tighten on the trigger, his cellular phone rings. He remains completely still with his eyes closed as the phone continues to ring.

Finally, he takes his finger off the trigger and pulls the gun away from his face. He picks up the phone and answers it.

Lionel : What? (Pause.) He is? All right, have the chopper standing by.

He closes the cell phone and puts it down on the coffee table. Then he closes the gun box and places the gun on top of it.

Cut to Clark in the underground caves of Smallville. He holds the octagonal key in his hand and gazes at the wall of the cave.

Clark : Why did you have to bring him into this, Jor-El? [No response.] Whatever promises my dad made, I'll take them on. Come on! [He holds the key toward the wall.] Come on, Jor-El! I'm the one you want!

The Kryptonian symbols on the key begin to glow gold and the octagonal hole in the wall opens. The symbols on the key turn red, yellow, and blue and the key floats out of Clark's hand and remains suspended in air in front of the cave wall. Three beams of energy, red, blue, and yellow shoot from the key onto three separate points on the wall surrounding the hole, then converge into one beam.

A distorted sound comes from the wall, what almost sounds like a muffled voice, as energy seems to be transferring from the wall to the key. Clark watches all of this, astonished. Then he hears Lionel Luthor walking toward him.

Lionel : Who is that? Who's down here?

Clark grabs the key out of the air and puts it in his jacket pocket before Lionel comes around the corner. When Lionel comes around, he shines his flashlight at Clark.

Lionel : Oh, Clark. It's you. [Walking toward Clark slowly.] Don't let me interrupt you.

Clark : I just came down here to be alone.

Lionel : Yeah, I can understand that. [He walks past Clark and shines his light on the walls.] Sometimes when I'm down here and I look at these walls, I feel as if it might be possible to solve the mysteries of the universe. [He turns back to Clark, waiting for a reaction.] What do you think?

Clark : I think it's time for me to go.

Clark starts to leave.

Lionel : Clark. [Clark stops.] How's your father? How's his, uh, recovery progressing?

Clark : [Reluctant, monotone.] He's better.

Lionel : I can only imagine how difficult it must be to see him so... so weak.

Clark : Weak, strong, healthy. He's still my dad. And I love him.

Lionel : Of course you do. A son's love for a father... there's nothing to compare it to.

Lionel puts a hand on Clark's shoulder in an eerie display of friendliness. Clark looks down at the hand uneasily. Lionel seems on the verge of genuine emotion.

Lionel : After all, you only get one.

Clark backs away from Lionel's touch. He looks at Lionel strangely and starts to leave. He stops again when Lionel shines his flashlight on the wall and sees that the octagonal groove has reappeared. Clark super speeds away before Lionel can question him further.

Lionel : [Looking around.] Clark?

He touches the groove.

[Opening credits]

Act 1 Scene 1

Outside shot of Lex's mansion. Day. In his study, Lex is seated at the couch looking at a Smallville Ledger as he talks to Lionel. The headline on the front page says "Scientists Return to Cave." Lionel stands next to the fireplace.

Lex : I'm having a strange case of deja vu. Why the sudden resurgence of interest in the caves?

Lionel : Lex? Listen. Something truly extraordinary has happened. [He sits next to Lex on the couch.] Do you remember the, um, the octagonal hole, or the indentation that was in one of the walls of the cave?

Lex : [Uninterested.] I'm sorry, Dad, that's your obsession, not mine.

Lionel : All right, but you remember the hole was sealed over. (Lex nods.) Yesterday, I found Clark Kent down there.

The mention of Clark's name catches Lex's attention.

Lex : [Skeptical.] Clark?

Lionel : Yes. And the hole was opened. He'd opened it somehow.

Lex : [Leaning in to Lionel.] You know, Dad, they say mental illness is hereditary. [Lex stands from the couch and walks to the bar.] I'm willing to accept my break with reality. Are you?

Lionel stands up and follows Lex.

Lionel : Oh, Lex, men of vision have so often been mocked. Galileo knew it was the earth that orbited the sun, and he was sentenced to death for that discovery.

Lex pours a drink.

Lex : [Sarcastic.] Where's the Inquisition when you need it?

Lionel : Oh, don't let your friendship with Clark Kent blind you, son. Don't forget it was Clark who discovered the caves. Then one of the symbols from the caves mysteriously appeared on his barn. The hole sealed itself up the same day that explosion happened on his farm.

Lex : Probably coincidence.

Lionel : [Scoffs.] Coincidence. That's an explanation used by fools and liars. [Persuasive.] Lex, we could accomplish so much if we work together.

During the next line, we get a close up shot of Lex's shirt. We go through the shirt and see a small microphone taped to his chest. Then the shot zooms to a small office where two men sit at a desk listening to the conversation over a speaker. One of the men is the FBI agent that made a deal with Lex to bring Lionel down in the episode Crisis.

Lionel : Don't pretend that this isn't an obsession you and I share. We both know that you have an entire archive devoted to uncovering the mystery of Clark Kent. And if you won't help me, I'll find someone else who will.

The two men are surrounded by various recording equipment. We zoom out of the office and see that it's actually a small trailer parked in the trees just off the road in Smallville. Two men in construction uniforms are surrounding the outside of the trailer with orange fencing to keep trespassers out.

Act 1 Scene 2

Jonathan stands in the barn looking at the octagonal key that he holds in his hand. Day. He doesn't see Clark standing behind him.

Jonathan : You said there'd be more time.

Clark : Who are you talking to?

Jonathan : [Turning around.] I'm not talking to anybody, Clark, I'm just thinking out loud, that's all.

Clark : Were you talking to Jor-El?

Jonathan : Listen, son, not everything is about your real father, okay?

Clark : He's not my real father.

Jonathan : Yes, he is, Clark. He is. [Taking a look around the barn.] He's gonna be around this place long after I'm gone, anyway.

Clark : Dad, what's going on with you?

Jonathan : I don't expect you to understand any of this stuff, Clark, but I-I almost died, and I look around here and I think, what in the hell did I really accomplish anyway? You're lucky, Clark. You won't ever have to face your mortality. But if you did, you'd find yourself reevaluating your choices too.

Clark : [Sadly.] Like taking me in?

Jonathan turns to face Clark, realizing he misspoke.

Jonathan : [Apologetic.] Clark, no, that's not-- I would never regret that. It's just there's so many chance I never took. I have to live with my mistakes. Don't let my mistakes be yours.

Clark : You're tired. [Clark holds out his hand for the key.] Let's go inside.

Jonathan holds the key over Clark's hand and drops it in.

Clark : The last thing we want to do is call more attention to this.

Clark wraps the key in a rag and puts it into the tackle box. He closes the box and locks it with a padlock.

Act 1 Scene 3

Outside shot of the Talon. Day. Inside, Clark is seated at a table reading a book called "Handbook Assessment and Treatment Planning for Psychological Disorders". His brow is furrowed. Lana walks up to him.

Lana : That looks a little heavy for Psych 101.

Clark : [Closes the book.] I'm just trying to get a handle on what my dad's going through. You know, the surgery and everything.

Lana : [Refilling Clark's coffee.] When I was in the hospital, the doctors told me that depression's pretty common after a major surgery.

Clark : He's just not the same dad I know. He keeps talking about all these opportunities he missed in his life.

Lana : [Comforting.] Clark, it's gonna be okay. There isn't anything that you can't recover from.

Clark : What if you screw up something so badly you can never get it back?

Clark is not necessarily talking about Jonathan anymore.

Lana : Well, I guess that depends on how determined you are.

Lana smiles sympathetically and walks away, leaving Clark thoughtful.

Act 1 Scene 4

Lex is at the dirt road outdoors where the trailer is parked. Day. He is speaking to the two FBI agents who were inside the trailer.

Agent : So what's with the cave obsession?

Lex : You listened to the conversation. It's one of my father's many eccentricities.

Agent #2 : Along with Clark Kent?

Lex : Trust me, Clark has nothing to do with my father.

Agent : That's not what it sounded like to me. You know, when the Metropolis police had that noose around your neck, you offered us full disclosure.

Lex : [Aggravated.] Look, don't try to hang this on me. Before I agreed to help, all you had on my father was some creative bookkeeping. I'm giving you illegal cellular research, cloning, crimes against humanity. So leave Clark out of this.

Agent : Hmm. [Reading from a transcript of Lex and Lionel's conversation.] "You've got an entire archive devoted to unlocking the mystery of Clark Kent." That sounds to me like more than your average kid from Podunk.

Lex : [Quiet, threatening.] Maybe if I speak into the microphone, you'll hear it clearer. [Steps closer.] Clark Kent is nobody.

Agent #2 : A nobody who's pals with Dr. Virgil Swann?

Lex looks to the first Agent for a confirmation of this statement.

Agent : [Nodding.] Uh-huh.

Lex lowers his eyes. The two agents go back to their trailer and Lex watches them with worry in his eyes.

Act 1 Scene 5

Outside shot of Virgil Swann's enormous building. Day. Inside, Lionel waits in a large room looking out the window. Dr. Swann enters the room in his wheelchair. Lionel turns to him.

Swann : Corporate titans don't often show up on my doorstep unannounced.

Lionel : [Laughs quietly. He seems respectful, even nervous.] I, uh, I apologize for surprising you like this, Dr. Swann, but, uh, it's a matter of some urgency.

Swann : I've been wondering how long it would take for you to finally walk through the door.

Lionel : Then you, uh, obviously know why I'm here.

Swann : [Calmly.] I think perhaps you've been reading my e-mails to Clark Kent. Am I correct?

Lionel : [Chuckles.] My transgression doesn't seem to upset you. I'm glad.

Swann : I'm a scientist. I find curiosity to be a most admirable trait.

Lionel : Dr. Swann, I am the conservator of the Kawatche caves. If you can tell me what is written on the cave walls, I would agree to hand over that conservancy to your foundation.

Swann : Well, thank you, but I'm afraid I can't help you. The language remains a mystery to me.

Lionel : Are you aware that, uh, at one time there was an octagonal keyhole on the wall of the cave? It was sealed for months. Then it reopened suddenly just after our young friend Clark had been down there.

Swann : [Jokingly.] Oh, then you don't need me. You need a locksmith.

Lionel : [Laughs.] All right, but, uh, the key to that lock was in my possession. But it was stolen from my safe. Again, Clark was present.

Swann : So now you believe that he has it.

Lionel : He trusts you. Would you be willing to talk to him? [Swann lowers his eyes.] Such a small price to pay in exchange for the answers you've been searching for.

Swann : Yes, well, I know what I'm after. But what do you expect to find?

Lionel hesitates. He can't bring himself to answer.

Swann : You're dying.

Lionel : [Startled.] How do you know that?

Swann : As I said, curiosity is an admirable trait.

Lionel walks closer to Dr. Swann. When he speaks, his voice is soft and earnest.

Lionel : Dr. Swann, I know that what can save my life is locked within the wall of that cave.

Swann : I believe in the extraordinary, in the possibilities it holds. But I prefer to follow my own path.

Lionel steps back, realizing he has just been refused.

Lionel : All right. Thank you for your time, Doctor.

Lionel starts to leave and stops when Dr. Swann speaks again. Dr. Swann doesn't turn around when he speaks and Lionel doesn't turn around either. Their backs are to each other.

Swann : Even if you had the key, you have no idea what would happen if you put it into the lock.

Lionel : I'd be willing to take that risk.

Swann : Mm-hmm. Then perhaps there is an arrangement we might make.

Lionel finally turns back to Dr. Swann, who looks thoughtful. He is obviously planning something.

Fade to black.

Act 2 Scene 1

The underground caves. Day. The cave is full of bright electric lights, lab equipment, and lab personnel in white coats working busily. Clark enters, distressed at everything he sees. Lionel walks up behind him.

Lionel : Clark. [Clark turns around.] I'm afraid I've invaded your sanctuary.

Lionel walks to a lab technician with a clipboard and signs a paper.

Clark : What do you think you're gonna find down here?

Lionel : Uh, you tell me. How'd you open it, Clark?

Clark : I don't know what you're talking about.

Lionel walks to the wall with the octagonal keyhole. There is a bright spotlight shining on the wall through a large pane of glass with a hole in the center that lines up with the keyhole.

Lionel : I don't want to play games. [Lionel walks to another man with a clipboard.] You expect me to believe your fascination with these caves started with a term paper assignment?

Lionel looks over the man's notes and makes some marks on them with a pen.

Lionel : [To the man.] Now, do it again.

The man walks away.

Clark : I don't think you want to start talking about unusual obsessions, Mr. Luthor. Unless you want to explain why you blackmailed my friend into spying on me.

Lionel : I believe that we're put on this earth for a reason, Clark. Our task in life is to find out what that reason is. Sometimes, we can't do that alone.

Lionel walks to another lab technician. Clark makes a visible effort to swallow his fear.

Clark : You're never gonna find what you're looking for.

Lionel turns to look at Clark. The pale shine of one of the spotlights illuminates Lionel's face ominously.

Lionel : I'm much closer than you think.

Clark doesn't respond. He looks at Lionel uneasily.

Act 2 Scene 2

The Kent home. Night. Several black government cars speed into the driveway with their blue and red lights flashing. They skid to a stop and Martha runs out onto the front porch.

Martha : What's going on here?

An officer, Agent Tobin, walks up to the front gate.

Tobin : [To two other men.] You guys check the barn, and the rest follow me. [To Martha.] Martha Kent?

Martha : What are you doing?!

Tobin : FBI Agent Tobin. We're going to search the place.

Martha : You can't do that!

Tobin : [Handing a search warrant to Martha.] We can and we will.

Martha stands on the front lawn looking at the search warrant in shock as Agent Tobin walks into the house and more men run from their cars onto the Kent property.

Inside, the house is already full of agents who are knocking things off shelves and emptying drawers. The flashlight beams are waving everywhere and the flashing red lights from the government cars shine through the window and reflect on the walls. The sound of falling objects and crashing glass is everywhere and the house is filled with a feeling of chaos and destruction.

Cut to the inside of the barn where the same relentless search is taking place. The agents are tipping over tables, throwing haystacks off of the loft, and searching through all the different tools and equipment. Martha walks into the barn looking around in disbelief. She still holds the folded search warrant in her hand. She halts in fear as she sees an agent place the locked tackle box on top of the overturned tool chest. Another agent starts trying to break the padlock with a pair of bolt cutters.

Martha tries to walk quickly to the tackle box, but Agent Tobin gets in her way.

Tobin : Excuse me, ma'am, we need you outside.

He pushes her backwards toward the door. She looks around his shoulder at the tackle box and sees the agent with the bolt cutters finally succeed in breaking the lock.

Act 2 Scene 3

Outside shot of the Talon. Night. Clark is inside talking on the phone. The Talon is closed.

Clark : [Leaving a message.] Hi, Mom. You must be out looking for Dad too. I think I have an idea where he is. I'll see you soon.

Lana walks up to Clark as he hangs up the phone.

Clark : Thanks for the phone.

Lana : [Concerned.] Clark, what's going on?

Clark walks to the bar and stays there with his back to Lana.

Clark : My dad kind of went AWOL. He was halfway through unloading the feed run, and he just jumped in his truck and took off.

Lana walks closer to Clark.

Clark : [With emotion in his voice.] I'm sorry, Lana, it's just-- He's never done anything like this before.

Lana puts a hand on Clark's arm and turns him around, taking his hands in hers.

Lana : Hey, you know what? It's gonna be okay.

Clark : I didn't mean to unload on you like that.

Lana : You never have to apologize for opening up to me.

They share a long needful look. Clark finally leans down and kisses Lana. She starts to return the kiss, then lowers her face.

Clark : Lana?

Lana : I know this is a stressful time for you.

Clark : No. That's not what this is about. Lana, I don't want to look back like my dad and wonder what my life could've been.

Clark leans in to kiss Lana again, and she pulls away. It is extremely hard for her to resist him.

Lana : Clark, we've tried this once before.

Clark : You said there's nothing you can't recover from.

Lana : [With tears in her eyes.] No, I wasn't talking about us. Look, right now think about your dad, okay? He's the one that needs you.

Clark : [Disappointed.] Yeah.

Clark walks out of the Talon and Lana turns to the bar, letting the tears fall down her face as she scrubs the bar in frustration.

Act 2 Scene 4

Jonathan kneels before his parents' graves in the cemetery. Night. Clark walks up behind him.

Clark : Dad? You okay? Mom and I have been worried sick about you. You can't just take off like that.

Jonathan : How'd you know to find me out here?

Clark : When I'm searching for answers, I turn to my dad. I guess it runs in the family.

Jonathan : Your grandfather was the stubbornest man I ever knew. [He stands up.] And believe me, Clark, I wasn't nearly the son you are. My mother used to say that he and I were like watching two sides of the same coin duking it out. And I see the way you and Jor-El fight and I wonder if maybe fathers and sons were the same on Krypton.

Clark : Except he's not my father. You are.

Jonathan : [Immensely unhappy.] Yeah. I am your father who turns his back on you when you need him the most. I am your father who forces you to run away. My father never would've done that.

Jonathan looks at the dates on his Hirum Kent's grave: Jan 24, 1924 - Dec 22, 1980.

Jonathan : I wish I had his strength and his wisdom.

Clark : Dad, you do.

Jonathan : Clark, I don't know how to protect you anymore.

Clark : It's not your job. Your job is to teach me how to protect myself. But that doesn't mean I don't need you. Mom needs you too. Let's go home.

Jonathan takes a deep breath and walks out of the graveyard with Clark.

Act 2 Scene 5

Lana and Lex sit across from each other at the couches on either side of the coffee table in Lex's study. Night. The fire burns in the fireplace next to them as they work on the Talon bills. The room is silent.

Lex : I realize paying the Talon's bills isn't the, uh, high point of your month, but I'm guessing something else is going on.

Lana : [With a forced smile.] No, no, everything's fine.

Lana picks up her purse and starts to leave. She stops at the door when Lex speaks.

Lex : Lana, you know you can talk to me about anything.

Lana turns around and looks at Lex's back, deciding whether or not to stay. She finally gives in and walks back to the couch across from Lex.

Lana : I want to believe that someone can change, but... [Starting to cry.] But I'm starting to lose faith.

Lex : Are we talking about Clark?

Lana : [Nods, wiping her tears.] You know, he, uh, he came by the Talon earlier. And he kissed me.

Lex : He kissed you.

Lana : Yeah.

Lex : Isn't that what you wanted?

Lana : I don't-- [Lana takes a breath, holding back a sob.] I don't know.

Lex stands up and walks over to Lana's side of the table, sitting next to her. He puts a comforting hand on her back.

Lex : Look, I'm afraid I'm a little jaded in the romance department. The only thing I know about relationships is that someone usually winds up getting hurt.

Lana : And you don't think I can trust Clark to not do that.

Lex : I don't think it's about trust. It's like the German poet Rilke said, "A person isn't who they are during the last conversation you had with them. They're who they've been throughout your whole relationship."

Lana looks at the floor and then back into Lex's eyes unhappily.

Act 2 Scene 6

Martha stands in the middle of the barn. Night. The agents are all gone but the mess remains. Clark and Jonathan enter.

Clark : Mom?

Martha : Oh, thank God you're back.

Clark : What happened?

Martha : The FBI came. They tore through everything.

Clark : What did they want?

Martha : I don't know, but they had a search warrant, and the only thing that's missing is the key.

Clark goes to the tackle box on the floor, panicked. He opens the box and finds it empty.

Clark : I have to get that back. If they find out what that key's really for...

Jonathan : It doesn't matter, Clark.

Clark : [Knocking the tackle box away.] How can you say that?!

Jonathan : Because they didn't get what they came for.

Jonathan holds up the key. Martha and Clark share an astonished glance.

Fade to black.

Act 3 Scene 1

Outside shot of Lex's mansion. Night. Lex is seated across from two business associates at the couches in front of the fireplace.

Lex : Wir müssen die Kosten reduzieren. [We have to reduce the costs]

Clark storms in.

Clark : Lex!

Lex : Clark, I'm in the middle of something. Can this wait?

Clark : The FBI just raided our farm.

Lex : [To the businessmen] Meine Herren, es ist spät, wir sprechen morgen weiter. [Gentlemen, it's late, we'll talk tomorrow]

They both stand up and leave.

Lex : [To Clark.] Any idea why?

Clark : They didn't say, but for some reason, I think your dad's involved.

Lex walks toward the fireplace.

Lex : Clark, I can't imagine my father's on the FBI's Most Trusted list, but I'm curious why you think he'd be interested in the farm.

Lex pokes at the fire with a poker.

Clark : I talked to him today. He was saying all sorts of crazy things. He thinks I can give him answers about the caves.

Lex : [Turning to Clark.] Can you? My father's methods are often questionable, but usually there's a germ of truth in his madness.

Clark : Your father's so obsessed about those caves that he's imagining things that don't exist.

Lex : Clark, I'm glad you told me about this. It means a lot that you trust me enough to let me help.

Clark : Is there something you're not telling me?

Lex : [Avoiding the question.] And what would that be, Clark? [Pause.] I'll check into it.

Cut to Lex driving up to the dirt road that leads to the FBI trailer. He gets out of his car and addresses the first agent who is standing in the door of the trailer.

Lex : What the hell were you doing barging into the Kent farm?

Agent : Be quiet. You're bound and determined to blow our cover, aren't you? Get in here.

Lex enters the trailer and the agent closes the door.

Agent : If I want to take a serious look at Clark Kent, you won't have much to say about it.

Lex : Those weren't your men?

Agent : We don't make it a habit of storming farmhouses. What is it about this kid you're trying to protect?

Outside, Clark super speeds to Lex's car. He sees the trailer at the end of the dirt road. He focuses on the trailer and looks through the side of it with his X-ray vision. He sees Lex talking to the agent, and he sees the microphone taped to Lex's chest. He uses his super hearing to listen to their conversation.

Agent : Look, Luthor, this is my show. Do I need to remind you you came to us?

Lex : Like I had a choice.

Agent : You know the deal. The FBI is not interested in some farm boy. We're interested in your father. Now, get out of here so we can do our work.

Cut to Lex walking away from the trailer as it drives away. He raises his key ring into the air, unlocking the doors of his car with the remote control. Just as he gets to the car, Clark comes toward him and grabs his shoulders, turning him around and slamming him back against the car.

Clark : [Furious.] Your father's not the one working with the FBI. It's you!

Lex : Clark, you have to trust me.

Clark : I did.

Clark rips open Lex's shirt and tears the microphone off his chest.

Clark : This was a bad mistake. [He starts to walk away.]

Lex : Clark, you've got it all wrong! Look, it's not about you! We're going after my father! [Clark stops walking without turning around.] He tried to pin the murders at Metron Labs on me, so I went to the Feds and I cut a deal. [Clark turns around, and Lex walks toward him.] Look, over and over, I've given him the chance to show me who he really is, and I now realize he already has. He deserves what's coming to him.

Clark : And you don't care whose privacy gets invaded in the process.

Lex : Clark, it wasn't the FBI who raided the farm. My father could've had his own men impersonate the Feds. The question is why.

Clark : Maybe he's onto you! Maybe he's warning you to back off!

Lex : Look, if that's the case, I'm sorry he got you involved. But I think you already were.

Clark : What's that supposed to mean?

Lex : How well do you know a Dr. Virgil Swann?

Clark : [Covering his surprise.] What makes you think I know him at all?

Lex : Well, according to the FBI, my father's been talking to him. And he found Dr. Swann through you. Apparently you two have been e-mailing each other?

Clark : He's been studying the cave paintings.

Lex : Look, Clark, I don't know how you stumbled into this. But somehow, you've got two billionaires keenly interested in you and those caves. They're your enemies. Not me.

Clark doesn't respond.

Act 3 Scene 2

Outside shot of Virgil Swann's building. Day. Clark storms into the large room where Dr. Swann is waiting.

Clark : You betrayed me!

Swann : Hello, Kal-El.

Clark : [Annoyed.] My name is Clark.

Swann : You think I betrayed you because I met with Lionel Luthor?

Clark : You did more than meet with him. You agreed to help him.

Swann : I didn't betray you, Kal-El. I promised you your secret would never leave this building and it hasn't. My involvement with Lionel Luthor is in your best interest.

Clark : That man has done nothing but cause my family pain.

Swann : Was he the one who caused the explosion on the farm? Did he make you run wild in Metropolis? [Shaking his head.] I opened the door to your heritage because I thought that you were ready. Your actions over the past year have proven me wrong.

Clark : You don't understand. There was another message in the ship from my biological father, and it said I was sent here to conquer. Do you know if that's true?

Swann : I don't have all the answers. I'm still on the same journey as you are, Kal-El.

Clark : [Turning away, frightened.] Please, don't call me that. I don't even know who that is!

Swann : Fathers often want futures that their sons reject. That struggle is as old as the human race.

Clark : [Turning back to Swann.] Except I'm not... human.

Swann : Humanity is not only about biology.

Clark : Look, you don't know Jor-El. Everything that he said has come to pass. My father made a deal with him to save me, and now it's killing him.

Swann : But the more you pursue this course, the greater the risk that you'll expose your secret not only to the Luthors, but to the world.

Clark : [Desperate.] I can't let my father die for my mistakes.

Swann : [Pause. Reluctant.] Well, if that's your decision, then there's something else I have to show you. [He raises his voice.] Activate screen.

A large screen rises behind Dr. Swann. There are several rows of Kryptonian symbols on the screen, each row scrolling across in alternating directions. Clark looks at the message.

Clark : It says, "I am waiting." It must be from Jor-El.

Swann : That message didn't come from the stars. It originated right here on Earth. But I believe that it wasn't meant for you, Kal-El.

Clark is stunned.

Act 3 Scene 3

The key is sending off its golden glow from inside the tool chest in the barn. Night. Jonathan enters and the glowing stops. He opens the drawer and takes out the key. He looks at it seriously for a moment and then exits the barn.

Fade to black.

Act 4 Scene 1

Clark enters the Kent home through the front door. Day. The entire house is still a mess with lamps on the floor and furniture overturned.

Clark : Dad?! [He enters the living room where Martha is just starting to clean up.] Mom, where's Dad?

Martha : He left again, Clark. Don't be too hard on him. Your father can't do what he used to around here.

Clark : [Urgent.] Mom, I don't think it's that simple. I just went to see Dr. Swann. He thinks Jor-El is trying to contact someone. Mom, it's not me. And I think the way Dad's been acting-- I think he's been getting messages through the key.

Martha : What would Jor-El want with your father?

Clark : I don't know, but he said Jor-El was waiting for something. Do you know where Dad went?

Act 4 Scene 2

Lionel talks to Tobin in the underground caves. Day.

Lionel : You searched every inch of that farm?

Tobin : Yes, sir.

Lionel : You're certain?

Tobin : Yes, sir. I assure you, it's not there.

Jonathan enters the cave with a shotgun.

Jonathan : Everybody out of here. Get out of here. Get out. Go on. Right now! Get out of here!

All the workers in the cave start to panic and run away when they see the gun.

Jonathan : Get out of here now!

Jonathan cocks the gun and shoots a laptop computer, shattering it.

Jonathan : I said everybody get out of here!

Everyone but Lionel runs away.

Lionel : What the...

Jonathan : [Cocks the gun again and points it at Lionel.] You have no right to be down here.

Lionel : Yeah, well, the state park service might disagree with you.

Jonathan : [Stepping closer, threatening.] You want something that doesn't belong to you. I'm not gonna let you take it.

Lionel : There exists in this world some things that are too valuable to be the sole possession of any one person.

Jonathan slams the side of his gun against Lionel's chest, using it to push him back against the glass in front of the keyhole on the wall.

Jonathan : I am sick and tired of talking to you. This is your last warning. Stay away from my son.

Lionel : If you'd raised your son the way I raised mine, maybe you wouldn't have to protect him. You know, weakness isn't something you're born with. You learn it. And Clark learned his from you.

Jonathan loses his temper and punches Lionel in the face, causing Lionel to groan and double over. While he is down, he elbows Jonathan in the stomach. Then he puts his hands on Jonathan's chest, pushing him backwards and they both fall to the ground, knocking a nearby shelf full of equipment and causing a shower of sparks.

Red and white lights begin to flash throughout the cave as Jonathan and Lionel struggle to their knees. Jonathan punches Lionel in the face again, causing him to fall down. Lionel grabs Jonathan's arm in an attempt to get back up and Jonathan knocks his arm away. This time Lionel lands on his back. Jonathan comes toward him, but Lionel places his foot on Jonathan's chest kicking him away.

Lionel finally gets to his feet and pulls Jonathan into a standing position, where he then knocks his own head into Jonathan's head. Jonathan is dazed long enough for Lionel to throw him at a nearby pane of glass which shatters, and Jonathan slams against the cave wall. Lionel comes at him again and punches him in the face. Then Lionel grabs him, holding a thumb over Jonathan's eye, and begins to squeeze.

As Jonathan struggles, the key starts to glow through his jacket pocket. Lionel notices it and reaches into Jonathan's pocket, grabbing the key. Jonathan knocks it out of his hand and it lands across the cave from them on the ground. Lionel dives to the floor, reaching for it, but Jonathan grabs Lionel's legs holding him back. He then climbs on top of Lionel, grabbing Lionel's hand just before it touches the glowing key. Lionel reaches with the other hand, then stops, staring in wonder as the key begins to rise into the air. The different symbols turn yellow, red, and blue.

The key zooms toward the wall and through the hole in the center of the pane of glass, landing directly into the keyhole. The air around the hole becomes distorted with white energy and a loud swishing sound. Jonathan puts his arm around Lionel's throat and his other hand on top of Lionel's head as if about to break his neck. Clark super speeds into the room and sees what is about to happen.

Clark : Dad! [He runs to Jonathan's side.] Dad!

Clark pulls Jonathan off of Lionel and pushes him against the wall. Lionel remains on the floor choking.

Clark : What are you doing? You're not thinking!

Jonathan : It's the only way that I know you're safe.

Tobin and several other of Lionel's men enter the cave and point their guns at Jonathan.

Jonathan : [To Lionel.] Unless you want to explain to the police why you illegally raided my farm, you had better let me walk out of here.

Lionel pauses briefly.

Lionel : [To the men.] Back off.

A lab technician has reentered the cave and is looking at the wall.

Technician : [Astounded.] Sir... you better take a look at this.

Lionel walks over to the wall followed by two of his men. He sees that the keyhole has once again been sealed over.

Lionel : [Bewildered.] The key's in the wall. It must be.

Jonathan : [Quietly.] Where is it, Clark?

Clark : [Just as bewildered as Lionel.] I don't have it.

Act 4 Scene 3

Clark is outside the farm pushing a wheelbarrow full of soil toward the barn. Day. Lana drives up behind him. He puts down the wheelbarrow and turns around, and Lana steps out of the car.

Clark : [Walking to her.] Hi.

Lana : Yeah, um... [Walking past Clark.] I know you got a lot going on right now. Just-- I think we left things in kind of a weird place.

Clark walks with her.

Clark : I know the way I've been acting is kind of hard to understand, but, Lana, my feelings for you have never changed.

Lana : I guess a part of me knows that. But, you know, it's like Lex says, a person isn't who they say they are in any one moment. They're who they've always been.

Clark : Lex? What does he have to do with this?

Lana stops and turns to Clark.

Lana : I trust him. I trust his advice. He only wants what's best for us.

Clark : Look, Lana, how many times have we been standing here avoiding what we both want?

Lana : That's because every time you let me get close, it hurts that much more when you leave. You can't keep changing the rules.

Clark : I'm sorry, Lana, I never meant to hurt you. But I promise, I'm not gonna leave this time.

Lana : [Quickly.] Maybe I am. [Clark stops, surprised.] You know what your dad said about looking back on his life and feeling as though he'd missed something? Clark, I have been so focused on you, waiting to see if we could ever get back together, that maybe I'm missing out on some opportunities.

Clark : [Hurt.] Like seeing other people.

Lana : No. No, I mean everything. Until I figure that out, I can't keep doing this. It's not fair to either of us.

Clark looks down silently, unable to respond. Lana walks back to her car. She looks at Clark as she gets in and starts the engine. He watches her regretfully.

Cut to Jonathan driving the tractor through a field. A trailer full of haystacks is hooked up to the back of the tractor. Jonathan brings it to a stop and turns off the engine next to the fence where Clark is standing. Jonathan walks to him.

Jonathan : Clark? Lana sure didn't stay very long.

Clark : No.

Jonathan : You all right, son?

Clark : Yeah. Dad, we're gonna have to talk about what happened down in the cave.

Jonathan : I know.

Clark : You always tell me to be so careful around Lionel Luthor, and then you just-- Why'd you go down there with the key?

Jonathan : I'm not sure. I was just drawn to it. That's the only way I can explain it.

Clark : Dad, I know it's the deal you made with Jor-El. And all this time, I thought that you'd sacrificed your health to bring me home, but it's more than that, isn't it?

Jonathan : Clark, look, I've-- I've done a lot of things in the last few days that I'm not particularly proud of, but it wasn't Jor-El who did them. It was me.

Jonathan turns away and walks back toward the tractor.

Clark : What's Jor-El waiting for?

Jonathan : [He stops but doesn't turn around.] How do you know about that?

Clark : Dr. Swann. Dad, what did you promise him?

Jonathan : [Turning to Clark.] That's none of your concern, Clark.

Clark : Dad, if it wasn't for me, you never would've gotten involved with Jor-El. Come on, why don't you let me help?

Jonathan : Clark, I've always told you to take responsibility for your own decisions. Now why don't you let me take responsibility for mine?

Clark : Because now we're both in Lionel's sights. And what are we gonna do when he gets that key out of the wall?

Jonathan : The key is not in the wall, Clark.

Clark : You took it?

Jonathan : No. But it's-- it's still out there somewhere.

Clark looks at Jonathan nervously.

Act 4 Scene 4

Dr. Swann sits in his office looking at a small ornate open box. Inside the box rests the key. Dr. Swann's expression is a mixture of fascination and excitement.


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