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#405 : Sans Limite

Résumé : Après que Jonathan se soit fait voler son portefeuille, Clark utilise sa super-vitesse après le voleur mais est surpris de ne pouvoir le rattraper. Le voleur,Bart Allen, revient plus tard à la ferme et essaye de convaincre Clark de quitter Smallville pour partir sur la route ensemble en utiliser leurs super-pouvoirs. Pendant ce temps, Lex achète un manuscrit inestimable avec des symboles Kryptoniens et Clark apprend qu'il contient une mystérieuse carte cachée. Cependant, quand Bartdérobe le manuscrit à Lex, il met par inadvertance la vie de Clark en danger et doit prendre la décision de sauver Clark ou lui-même.


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Sans Limite

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Guest-stars :

→ Kyle Gallner dans le rôle de Bart Allen
 Benjamin Ratner dans le rôle de Hanison


Titre de l'épisode :

• Run est le terme anglais qui signifie "courir".

• Le titre fait référence à la capacité de Bart Allen de courir à la vitesse du son, tout comme Clark.


Indiscrétions :

 Un autre personnage issu des comic-books est le centre de cet épisode. Bart Allen est le petit-fils de Barry Allen alias Flash et est une des incarnations de Flash venant du futur.

 De nombreuses références concernant Flash : Au dos du sac à dos de Bart on peut voir un éclair qui correspond au logo du costume de Flash ; les différents noms d'emprunt de Bart : Jay Garrick, Barry Allen et Wally West qui correspondent aux différentes incarnations de Flash dans le comic-book ; Bart drague Chloe en lui disant qu'il vient du futur, dans le comic-book Bart vient effectivement du futur ; à la fin de l'épisode Bart déclare à Clark qu'ils pourraient un jour monter un club ou une ligue, une référence à Justice League, un groupe de super-héros auquels Flash et Superman appartiennent dans les comic-books ; enfin le rouge et le bleu sont les 2 couleurs utilisées pour différencier les deux héros : rouge pour Bart/Flash (sweat à capuche rouge, clin d'oeil au costume rouge de Flash) et bleu pour Clark. Idem pour les effets de vitesse utilisés.

 Dans la course finale, Bart/Flash est plus rapide que Clark, ce qui correspond bien avec la mythologie des comic-books.

 Lex découvre un parchemin où est caché un plan secret.

 Lana se confie à Jason sur son tatouage mystérieux.

Act 1 Teaser

Two men, Mr. Hanison and his bodyguard, stand in an abandoned car garage in Metropolis. Day. The daylight shines into the dusty room through ceiling windows as Hanison paces impatiently near his parked car and checks his watch.

Hanison : I'm not waiting around for some damn kid. He's late.

Hanison walks toward his car and suddenly there is a young man standing behind him. The young man is wearing a red shirt and backpack with a yellow lightning bolt on it. His name is Bart Allen. Hanison turns around, startled.

Bart : Your watch is fast. If there's one thing I am, it's never late. I say I'm gonna be somewhere, I'll be there like a flash.

Bart looks through the window of Hanison's car to the seats inside.

Bart : Nice car, man. What is this, real leather?

Hanison : [Impatient.] I got places to be, small fry. What do you got for me?

Bart : [Confident.] Oh, I got some great stuff for you, Mr. Hanison. I'm talking top of the line.

Bart walks over to a cart nearby with a hubcap sitting on it. He tosses the hubcap aside and takes off his backpack. He opens the backpack and dumps its contents out onto the cart. The bag is full of wallets and expensive-looking jewelry and watches.

Hanison : [Unimpressed.] Well, you've been busy.

Bart : Well, you know, idle hands... empty pockets. So, what do you think?

Hanison : I'll give you $200 for the lot.

Bart : It's worth like ten times that much!

Hanison : [Counting his money.] And I told you I don't handle this nickel-dime crap anymore. You land a real score, you come talk to me. Until then, you take what I give you.

Hanison drops $200 on the cart.

Bart : [Picking up the money.] Maybe I should just take it all. [He gestures to the merchandise on the cart.]

Hanison : That isn't a threat is it, kid?

Hanison's bodyguard pulls a gun out of his jacket and stares at Bart threateningly. On the other side of the garage, a cat runs through, knocking over a pipe and causing a loud thud. The bodyguard reflexively points his gun in the direction of the noise. While he and Hanison are looking in the other direction they hear a burst of air, and when they turn back, Bart is gone. They both look around but don't see him anywhere.

Cut to Jonathan and Clark walking away from the Metropolis Day Clinic. They make their way toward the sidewalk and to their truck. Jonathan looks at a slip of paper in his hand.

Jonathan : Ah, jeez.

Clark : The doctor said you're doing great.

Jonathan : Yeah, right before he gave me this new prescription. Red ones. At least they'll go nicely with my pink, blue, and green ones I'm already taking.

Clark : I'd rather have more colors in the medicine cabinet than not have you around.

Jonathan : I just didn't want to have to worry your mother with anymore of this stuff. That's all.

Clark : Dad, we both worry about you. What Jor-El did to you because of me...

Jonathan : [Stopping Clark.] Wait a minute. I knew what the risks were, Clark. And I'd take them again in a heartbeat if it meant keeping you safe. [He pulls two tickets out of his pocket.] Don't you and I have a game to catch?

Clark : Metropolis Sharks, 50-yard line. Lex really came through this time.

They resume walking.

Jonathan : Look, son, I understand what that friendship means to you, but please don't forget he had you investigated. Be careful.

Clark : I'm not going into this with my eyes closed. He wants another chance to prove he's changed.

They stop at the corner of an intersection.

Jonathan : Clark--

Clark : Dad, this is my senior year. I don't want to have to worry about Lex or Jor-El or any of that. I just want to live a normal life, hang out with my friends, and play football.

Jonathan : [Chuckling.] All right. Why don't you go get the truck? We don't want to miss the kickoff.

Jonathan hands the keys to Clark. Clark walks around the corner as Jonathan picks up a magazine from a stand next to him and starts to browse through it.

About a block away, a large man in an old truck drives toward the intersection. He is drinking from a bottle in a brown paper bag and beginning to fall asleep. He wakes up with a jerk, realizes how fast he is going, and slams on his brakes as he is headed straight for the corner that Jonathan is standing on. Behind him Bart runs into the street with super speed, his legs glowing with a red aura until he stops. We see Bart in the truck's rearview mirror as it comes closer to the sidewalk. The man's tires screech against the street, but he is going too fast for his brakes to be effective. Jonathan looks at the truck with surprise when it is only a few feet away from him.

Suddenly everything seems to freeze in position as, around the corner, Clark goes into super speed perception. The truck has halted where it is and a nearby skateboarder is standing in air above his board in the middle of a jump. With a slight ripple of air, Clark turns around and sees Jonathan about to be hit. Clark super speeds toward the corner leaving bluish-white ripples in the air behind him, but before he can get to Jonathan, Bart gets there first, running even faster than Clark and leaving behind red ripples of air.

Bart pulls Jonathan out of the way just as the truck gets to the magazine stand and crashes into it, easily plowing it over. The truck finally comes to a stop on the sidewalk. With normal speed, Clark runs to Jonathan who is now lying down on the street.

Clark : [Helping him up.] Dad! Dad, you okay?

Jonathan : [Breathless.] Yeah. Yeah, I think so. Your mother would be visiting me in the hospital again if you hadn't pushed me out of the way.

Clark : Dad, it wasn't me. I saw someone who can move like I can. I couldn't believe it. He saved you.

Jonathan is shocked. He puts his hand in his back pocket and finds that it is empty.

Jonathan : Whoever it is, not only did he save my life, Clark. He also stole my wallet.

Jonathan and Clark both look around, but Bart is nowhere in sight.

[Opening credits]

Act 1 Scene 1

Jonathan and Clark drive up outside the Kent Farm. Day. They get out of the truck and walk toward Martha who is on her way to her own car to go to work.

Martha : [Surprised.] Hey. Aren't you two supposed to be at the game?

Jonathan : Well, the tickets to the game were in my wallet.

Clark : Which was stolen. Some kid swiped it outside the medical building.

Martha : [Touching Jonathan's shoulder.] Oh, my God, you were robbed? Are you all right? Did he have a gun?

Jonathan : Yes, no, he had a very fast pair of sneakers. But I'm gonna call the credit card company and report it stolen.

Jonathan starts walking toward the house.

Clark : Hey, Dad, wait. This kid, he was as fast as I am. I should find out who he is. Just let me talk to Chloe. Maybe she can track down where he's been using your card. [Jonathan looks hesitant.] Come on, Dad, if I don't find anything by the end of the day, then make the call.

Jonathan : All right, but I want you to be careful, Clark. We don't know anything about this kid.

Clark : That's why I have to find out who he is.

Clark leaves.

Martha : Are you sure you're okay?

Jonathan : Sweetheart, I'm fine. I wish you wouldn't worry about me all the time.

Martha : You were in a coma for three months, Jonathan. It's hard not to worry when you've been through so much.

Jonathan : With a little help from modern medicine, I plan on going through a whole lot more. [He smiles.] Starting with a romantic evening with my beautiful wife. [Putting his arm around Martha.] I thought maybe we could have a little dinner and then drive on down to the lake.

Martha : I'd love that, sweetheart, but I... I might have to work late again tonight. [Apologetic.] Running the Talon is a lot more involved than I thought it would be. But I'll call you later, okay?

Martha kisses Jonathan and leaves. He looks disappointed.

Act 1 Scene 2

Outside shot of an apartment building in Smallville. Day. Inside, we see a shot of a bed with a pile of schoolbooks strewn across it. There is a fireplace on the wall with a Crows gym bag sitting in front of it, and near the fireplace, Lana and Jason stand in the middle of the room kissing passionately. When the kiss ends, they hold each other closely. Jason lifts up the back of her shirt slightly and notices the tattoo on her back in the mirror across the room.

Jason : What is that?

Lana pulls away and covers her back with her shirt.

Lana : Um, it's nothing.

Jason : It looks like a very large tattoo hovering over a very provocative spot. When did you get that?

Lana : Um, I-I got it, uh... before I came back from Paris. [She turns away from Jason to hide her anxiety.]

Jason : Really? Why didn't you tell me? I could've come with you and gotten a mermaid or an anchor or a mermaid holding an anchor.

He starts to lift her shirt to peak at the tattoo again. She slaps his hand away and turns around abruptly.

Jason : What?

Lana : I didn't plan on getting it, all right? It kind of just happened.

Jason : Tattoos don't just kind of happen. There's usually some ink and a fair amount of pain involved.

Lana : [Defensive.] Well, what was I supposed to do, ask you for permission to get it?

Jason : Whoa, hey. That's not what I meant. Why are you biting my head off right now?

Lana : I'm not.

Jason : Yes, you are.

Lana : Look, I just... I don't want you making a big deal out of this.

Jason : I don't care about the tattoo, okay? But what bothers me is the fact that, for some weird reason, you felt like you had to hide it from me. [Lana lowers her eyes.] I've seen what keeping secrets has done to my parents. I'm not gonna end up like that.

Lana : Jason, the last thing I ever want to do is hurt you, but there are some things that I am just-- I'm not comfortable sharing with you yet. I'm sorry.

Lana kisses him softly on the cheek and leaves.

Act 1 Scene 3

Lex is in his study at the mansion. Day. He is prying open a wooden shipping crate with a crowbar. The crate has printing on it in a foreign language. Lex succeeds in removing the lid of the box and he pulls the packing straw out of the way revealing an old framed page with writing in the same foreign language and what looks like a drawing from a fairytale of a knight riding a white horse. Lex smiles.

Act 1 Scene 4

Outside shot of Metropolis. Day. Inside a hotel, Clark opens a door to one of the guest rooms. The door chain is connected, and Clark breaks it with a quick chop of his hand. He enters the room. He can hear a shower running and music coming from the bathroom. The bathroom door is open only a few inches and Clark sees steam rising from the room. He creeps past the bathroom and goes into the living area of the hotel suite.

The room itself is tastefully furnished and obviously expensive. On the couch are several new shirts, still folded, and the coffee table is covered with snack foods and comic books. On the nightstand next to the bed there are a couple of shoe boxes with new shoes near them. On the bed, Clark sees Bart's backpack with the lightning bolt on it. Clark picks up the bag and opens it, emptying it onto the coffee table.

He looks through the wallets and watches but doesn't find what he's looking for. Then he sees a stack of ID cards held together with a rubber band. He removes the rubber band and looks at the IDs. They are all from different states, New York, California, and Kansas, and they all have Bart's picture on them. Shaking his head, Clark continues to look through the items. Bart comes into the room with wet hair and wearing a bathrobe.

Bart : Dude. [Clark stands up quickly.] You lost? You know, because I guess you must be, because this is my room.

Clark : Technically it's my dad's since you used his credit cards to pay for it.

Bart : I didn't take anything from anybody.

Clark : You can save the innocent act. I had a friend trace all the charges you're trying to stick on him after you stole his wallet.

Bart : [Noticing his backpack, becoming more angry.] And you went through my backpack. Man, that's an invasion with privacy, messing with my stuff.

Clark : Your stuff? You stole all this.

There is a burst of air and Bart is suddenly standing behind Clark, fully clothed and with dry hair. Clark turns around.

Bart : Yeah? Prove it.

Clark : I saw you save my dad from that truck this morning.

Bart : [Slightly taken aback.] Man, nobody sees me when I'm doing my thing.

Clark : Maybe you're not the only one who can move like that... [Reading names from the ID cards.] Jay Garrick, Barry Allen, Wally West, whatever your name really is.

Bart : It's Bart. Well, not that that matters because I'll be a thousand miles away before you can even blink.

Clark : [Challenging.] I don't know. I can blink pretty fast.

Bart : Who are you, man?

Clark : I'm gonna get my dad's wallet, and then you and I are gonna sit down for a long talk.

Clark turns around to the coffee table, but Bart is already there wearing his backpack and holding the ID cards in his hands.

Bart : I'm not big on the chit-chat, dude. Smell you later.

Bart super speeds out of the room, and Clark super speeds after him. Through the window, we see them speed down the street below and around the corner. They run through a park toward a lake. Bart is still ahead of Clark, but Clark reaches out to grab him. Before Clark reaches him, Bart jumps an enormous distance toward the lake and lands on top of the water, not sinking in. He runs across the lake at blinding speed. Clark watches him with awe.

Act 1 Scene 5

Outside shot of the Kent Farm. Day. Clark super speeds into the house where Jonathan is setting the dining room table.

Clark : Dad, I found the kid who stole your wallet, but I lost him down at the docks. He just took off across the water.

Jonathan : Uh, son.

Jonathan looks in the direction of the kitchen and Clark looks in that direction too. He sees Bart sitting at the kitchen counter eating a meal.

Bart : Hey, Clark. [He takes a drink of milk.] What took you so long?

Clark raises his eyebrows.

Fade to black.

Act 2 Scene 1

Outside shot of the barn on the Kent Farm. Day. Clark and Bart enter the barn.

Bart : [Excited, rambling.] Dude, I didn't think anybody else could move like that except me! Because, hey, I'm the fastest man alive, right? [Clark doesn't answer.] Yeah.

Bart gives Clark a friendly slap on the back. Annoyed, Clark keeps walking through the barn and Bart follows.

Bart : You were right on my butt, man. You know, I've always wondered if there was anyone out there like me, and it turns out to be you, Jimmy Crack Corn fresh from the farm.

Clark : [Finally stopping at the bottom of the stairs.] What kind of story did you spin to con my dad out of a free meal and a bed on the couch?

Bart : No story, Clark, just the truth.

Clark : And what's that?

Bart : All right, well, a couple of years ago there was, like, this accident, right? There was this huge flash of light, and my body went into overdrive.

Clark : And this happened in Smallville.

Bart : No. Man, this is my first time here, and no offense, dude, but hopefully the last.

Clark is surprised. He walks up the stairs to the loft and Bart follows.

Clark : I've never met anyone with powers like yours that wasn't from around here.

Bart : Yeah, well, maybe you should get out more. So, how'd you get so fast? You in an accident too, or...

They stop on the landing.

Clark : I was kind of born this way. Why are you living on the streets, Bart? What happened to your parents?

Bart : Their son got zapped into a human lightning bolt. That's what happened. I mean, they made this whole big deal that everything was gonna be okay and that... [Pause. Clark looks at Bart with sympathy.] I don't know, man, you should've seen the way they looked at me, you know? I could tell that nothing was gonna be the same.

Clark : So you ran away?

Bart : I... [He goes up the rest of the stairs and looks around.] I just didn't fit in. But, man, I guess you don't have that problem.

Clark : [Coming up the stairs.] Oh, you'd be surprised. I ran away once, too.

Bart : Why'd you come back, man? Mow the lawn? Milk the cows? Dude, you should be out there with me tearing it up.

Clark : You mean stealing everything in sight.

Bart : It's not like I ever really hurt anybody. [He sits on the couch.] I mean I usually just swipe a little bling from the stiff upper crust whenever I need some cash. I'm what you'd call a have-not, Clark. I take from the haves.

Clark : Like my dad?

Bart : Look, man, don't even sweat it, okay? They don't charge you if your card's stolen.

Clark : Oh, and that makes it all right.

Bart : [He stands, becoming aggravated.] Look, man, my friends down in the Suicide Slums, they shortchanged me. So I had to boost your dad's card in order to get a room. I don't like spending the night out in the streets, okay? Stuff happens there. When I'm asleep, I'm just as slow as everybody else.

Clark looks concerned, wondering what Bart is alluding to.

Bart : [Defensive.] Don't you make the big cow eyes there, stretch, okay? I can always take care of myself.

Clark : [Sarcastic.] Yeah, you've done a great job so far.

Bart : [Laughing.] You know what, man? Enough about poor little street urchin, all right? Let's take a closer look at the mysterious Clark Kent.

Bart super speeds around the room and comes back to Clark holding several of Clark's things. He holds up a book.

Bart : You like to study Native American mythology. [He drops the book and holds up a notebook.] You've scrawled the name "Lana" on your notebooks, and you have one of the most boring hobbies known to man. Rock collecting.

Clark : I don't collect r--

Bart opens a small lead box revealing a chunk of kryptonite. The rock glows green and Clark is immediately weakened. He gasps and backs away, stumbling downward. Bart looks from Clark to the rock, confused.

Bart : Dude, are you okay?

Clark : [Crouching against a table.] Put that away. I'm allergic.

Bart closes the box and Clark's pain ceases.

Bart : Man, I've heard of people sneezing around cats and dogs and stuff, but never getting all weak in the knees over a rock.

Clark : [Standing up.] It's a long story.

Bart : Which is one I'm sure I would love to hear... [He rolls up his sleeves.] ...after we get back.

Clark : Get back from where?

Bart : Anywhere we want. I mean, dude, we are two super-powered studs here. Why else do you think I came to Smellyville looking for you, man? Let's go crank it up, go have some fun!

Clark begins to smile, tempted.

Bart : You ever seen Florida?

Bart super speeds out of the loft. Clark thinks about it for a moment, then shakes his head as if he can't believe what he is about to do. Then he super speeds out of the barn after Bart.

Act 2 Scene 2

Outside shot of the Talon. Night. The marquee says "Grand Re-Opening." Inside, the room is filled with customers buying coffee, talking, and having a good time. Clark and Bart enter and walk toward the bar.

Bart : Dude, that girl in the black bikini was totally checking you out.

Clark : [Embarrassed.] No, she wasn't.

Bart : Look, the girl was eyeing you like you were a sno-cone, dude. You should've got her number.

Clark : I can't just walk up to a girl on the beach and get her phone number.

Bart : Yeah, well lucky for you... [Bart slaps a piece of paper against Clark's chest.] ...I can. [Clark takes the paper.] She says to call her next time you're in Miami.

Clark : Sshh! [Looking around to see if anyone heard.] I can't just go run back down to Miami.

Bart : Why not?

Clark : Because it's--

Bart : It's what? Too much fun, Clark? Come on, dude, nobody's ever died from it.

There is a burst of air and suddenly Bart is standing on the other side of Clark holding a large cookie that he has already taken a bite of.

Clark : What are you doing?

Bart : I'm eating a cookie, dude, I'm starving.

Clark : [Taking the cookie away from Bart.] You can't just take whatever you want. My mom runs this place.

Clark tosses the cookie onto the bar. Chloe enters the Talon and walks toward Clark and Bart.

Bart : Look, man. [Gesturing to the line of people at the bar.] There's a line. I don't do lines.

Chloe : What's up, Kent? I thought you'd still be in Metropolis playing detective.

Clark : [Directed at Bart.] I thought I'd leave that one up to the authorities.

Bart : [Retorting.] Never would've caught him, anyway.

Chloe glances at Bart.

Clark : Chloe, this is my friend Bart. He's from...

Bart : The future.

Chloe : [Skeptical but intrigued.] Really?

Bart : Yeah. [Turning on the charm.] I ran all the way back in time to tell you that we're still in love a hundred years from now.

Chloe laughs out loud, delighted.

Clark : [Shaking his head.] Bart...

Bart : [To Chloe.] What's your favorite kind of flower, Chloe?

Chloe : Uh, tulips.

Chloe grins at Clark. While her head is turned, Bart super speeds away and then back, holding an orange tulip. Chloe looks at Bart in astonishment.

Chloe : How did you do that?

Bart : Magic. [He gives her the flower.]

Chloe : Wow.

Bart : You want to see some more?

Chloe looks from the flower to Bart with wonder.

Martha comes out of the backroom with a tray full of food and sees Clark.

Martha : Clark.

Clark walks between Chloe and Bart on his way to Martha. He pats Bart on the shoulder in a friendly manner but looks at Bart sternly.

Clark : Knock it off.

Clark walks over to his mother, quickly stuffing the piece of paper with the phone number into his shirt pocket.

Martha : Your dad called. [Looking at Bart.] Is that the boy who robbed him?

Clark : Yeah. His name's Bart Allen.

Martha : Why is he here?

Clark : I think he's lonely, wants to be my friend.

Martha : Good. Maybe you can talk some sense into him.

Clark : I'm trying.

Martha : Oh, um, Lex is looking for you, sweetheart. He asked if you'd stop by the mansion. He said it's important.

Clark : Okay, but I probably shouldn't leave Bart alone.

Martha looks at Bart who is seated at a table with Chloe engaged in a lively conversation.

Martha : I really don't think he'll notice you're gone.

Martha walks away and Clark looks over at Bart and Chloe. He laughs disbelievingly.

Act 2 Scene 3

Clark and Lex stand side by side in Lex's study looking at the old page with the foreign writing on it. Night. Lex has it framed in a glass box on a steel pedestal in the center of the room. There is a light shining directly onto the page from above.

Lex : I purchased this from a private collector in St. Petersburg. Convincing him to part with it required quite a few glasses of vodka and a small fortune, but it was worth it.

Clark : [Smiling.] It's very nice.

Lex : Take a closer look at the border design.

Clark steps closer to the pedestal.

Lex : Embedded glyphs similar to the Kawatche symbols found in the cave.

We see that the border is lined with Kryptonian symbols.

Lex : And no one's spent more time down there than you.

Lex walks around Clark to stand on his other side. Clark looks slightly shaken, but he covers it well.

Lex : Any idea what they mean?

Clark : No. But I thought you weren't interested in this stuff anymore.

Lex : Oh, I'm still interested, Clark, just not obsessed. Which is why I'm not keeping this from you. I'd like it if we could work on this mystery together.

Clark : I'd like that. [They smile at each other tensely for a moment. Clark turns back to the frame.] So what is it?

Lex : It's the last surviving page from a 14th century manuscript.

Lex walks away from the pedestal and sits down at his desk.

Lex : It depicts the Grand Prince Danskoy's victory over his mortal enemy Mamaya at the Battle of Kulacova. Legend has it that this was the only object adorning the walls of Rasputin's chamber while he studied at the Verkhoture Monastery.

Clark uses his X-ray vision to look through the page and sees a deeper layer that has what appears to be a map and more Kryptonian symbols.

Lex : He believed this page would reveal a path to unimaginable power. Rasputin would stare at it for days at a time, attempting to penetrate its secrets.

Clark : It's incredible.

Clark reaches for the frame.

Lex : Don't. [Clark stops.] I've had state of the art security installed to protect it. I'm keeping it at the mansion for a few days before it goes into the vault at LuthorCorp.

Clark looks from the page to Lex anxiously. Lex's watch starts to beep.

Lex : I'm sorry, Clark, I have an appointment. Why don't you swing by tomorrow and we'll, uh, roll up our sleeves?

Lex stands up and puts on his jacket.

Clark : [Smiling to hide his uneasiness.] Yeah.

Clark leaves the study. He walks down the hallway and with a burst of wind, Bart is suddenly standing right in front of him.

Bart : [Excited.] Dude, you know Lex Luthor?

Clark : What are you doing here?

Bart : Well, Chloe shot me down, but, you know, her loss. Man, this place is awesome! [Gesturing to a room down the hall.] I mean, have you seen all the cool stuff?

Clark : You were just in there?

Bart : Yeah, I just took a quick spin. Don't worry, man, he won't have a clue.

Clark : You gotta get out of here.

Lex walks into the hallway behind Clark.

Lex : Clark.

Clark turns around and we hear Bart super speed away behind him.

Lex : Who are you talking to?

Clark turns around and sees that Bart is gone. Shaken, he turns back to Lex who is still waiting for a response. Clark continues to look at Lex awkwardly, completely at a loss for words.

Act 2 Scene 4

Clark enters the Kent house, popping the door open loudly. Night. Jonathan is in the living room.

Clark : Dad!

Jonathan : Hey, Clark. You're just in time, son. Your mom's working late again, so I thought maybe we'd have guys' night. You know, catch up on the highlights of the game we missed?

Clark : I saw something at Lex's, Dad. It was a page from an old manuscript and it had Kryptonian symbols on it.

Jonathan : Kryptonian symbols? Were you able to read them?

Clark : It had a message repeated over and over. "Look deeper." I used my X-ray vision, and I saw a map hidden underneath.

Jonathan : A map? A map to what?

Clark : I don't know, Dad, but I think it has something to do with Jor-El and what he sent me after when he was controlling me.

Jonathan : I want you to leave this alone, Clark.

Clark : No, Dad--

Jonathan : Son, you were just telling me how you want to have a normal senior year, right? Well, how does traipsing around the globe on Jor-El's crusade fit in with that?

Clark : It doesn't. But hanging out with Bart reminded me that I'm not normal, Dad. Maybe it's time I stopped running from who I really am.

Jonathan : [Putting his hands on Clark's shoulders.] What you really are is a 17-year-old boy. Now sit down.

Clark sits on the living room couch. Jonathan sits next to him.

Clark : Dad, it doesn't matter how old I am. Whatever Jor-El sent me to find, I have a feeling it's very powerful and dangerous. Especially if it falls into the wrong hands, and I'm the only one who can stop that from happening.

Jonathan : How? By stealing this manuscript from Lex?

Clark : No. He has no idea what he has. All I have to do is sneak back in there and get a better look at it.

Jonathan : Clark, it's a bad idea. He could see you.

Clark : I'll be in and out before he even knows I'm there.

Cut to Clark tearing a sheet of paper from his notebook in the loft. He starts to leave and Bart super speeds in.

Bart : Dude! Lex's place was sweet! I mean, that guy's got like 20 cars, man! There's no way you get that rich playing it straight. Man, I gotta step it up a notch, because that is definitely how I want to live.

Clark : Listen, Bart, there's something I've got to take care of, all right?

Clark tries to step around Bart, and Bart stands in his way.

Bart : Can I come?

Clark : No. Um, it's personal. But maybe we'll hang out when I get back.

Clark starts to leave again, and Bart follows him down the stairs.

Bart : Oh, dude, there's this midnight showing of "Speed" at the Mann's Chinese Theater. The best popcorn, and Keanu rules in that one. So do you want to go?

Clark : You know, it sounds great, but, uh, just don't mention it to my dad, okay?

Bart : Okay. [Pause.] Clark. [Clark turns around.] Man, it's been really cool hanging out with somebody like me, you know? So I got you something just to say thanks for everything.

Bart takes off his backpack and opens it, pulling out a package.

Bart : It's an MP3 player. That way you can download all your favorites tunes and listen to them wherever you go.

Clark takes the gift, smiling. Then a thought occurs to him.

Clark : Where'd you get this?

Bart : I got it for you, Clark. It doesn't matter where I got it.

Clark : Yes, it does, Bart. [Bart looks at Clark blankly.] You haven't been listening to anything I've said to you. You can't go around stealing whatever you want.

Bart : Why not?

Clark : Because there are laws.

Bart : For normal people. And, dude, why do you treat your abilities like a curse? They're not, man. They're a gift. I'm gonna use them.

Clark : I'm not saying you shouldn't. Just use them to help people, not hurt them.

Bart : Who am I hurting, the store that I swiped this from? Because they're insured.

Clark : [Raising his voice.] That doesn't make it right.

Bart : Whatever, dude. I'm not sticking around for another lecture.

Bart starts to walk away.

Clark : What are you gonna do, run away again? You're not gonna solve all your problems like that, Bart.

Bart : [Turning back to Clark.] Look, I'm not running away, Clark. I'm running towards something. I'm gonna have everything that I've ever dreamed of one way or another.

Clark : Bart--

Bart : [Angry.] Look, I thought you and I were the same, but I was wrong. You are nothing like me.

Bart super speeds out of the barn. Clark looks at the ground, discouraged.

Cut to Lex's study. The room is empty. We hear the sound of rushing air as Clark super speeds into the room and stops in front of the pedestal. He leans over and looks at the page closely.

Suddenly, we hear another rush of air, and a blur of red energy ripples through the room, past the pedestal, and out the door. When the blur is gone, the glass box that was holding the manuscript is empty and white lights start flashing all over the room as a deafening alarm starts to shriek. Clark looks around, panicked.

Clark : [To himself.] Bart.

Lex enters with a security guard who has his gun pointed at Clark.

Guard : Don't move!

Lex : Clark?

Lex walks toward Clark and sees the empty pedestal.

Lex : What the hell are you doing here?

Clark's eyes shift nervously.

Fade to black.

Act 3 Scene 1

Two security guards leave Lex's study, and Lex closes the door behind them. Night. Clark is still standing next to the pedestal in the center of the room. The alarm and flashing lights have been shut off.

Lex : Would you like to explain what happened here?

Clark : I just came by to say hello. The next thing I know, all these alarms and lights were going off.

Lex : [Disbelieving.] It's a little late for a, uh, social call, Clark.

Clark : Yeah, I just-- I should've called, but I just figured you'd be up.

Lex : Are you sure you didn't see anyone else when you came in?

Clark : No, I-I didn't see anyone.

Lex : Then you don't know who did this.

Lex walks past Clark to his desk. Clark is silent for a moment.

Clark : No, I don't.

Lex : [Without looking at Clark.] I believe you. I know a real friend would never lie to me.

Lex turns back to Clark and looks him straight in the eye, as if waiting for Clark to say something more. Clark returns Lex's gaze for a moment, then looks away guiltily.

Clark : I better go and let you take care of this.

Clark starts to go.

Lex : I'll let you in on a secret. [Clark stops but doesn't turn around.] I'm not that worried.

Clark : [Turning to face Lex.] You said this manuscript page was worth a fortune.

Lex : It is. [Walking toward Clark.] And there aren't that many fences in Metropolis that can move such a high-end item. If I put the word out, I'm sure some fiscally challenged citizen will point me in the right direction.

Clark : You really think that'll work?

Lex : Don't worry, Clark. Our thief is gonna learn that there's nowhere on earth he can run from Lex Luthor.

Clark nods with a nervous smile.

Act 3 Scene 2

Outside shot of the Talon. Night. Inside, Martha is seated at a table after hours working on the bookkeeping. She is on the phone with Jonathan.

Martha : I'd like that too, Jonathan, but I can't. [Pause.] Because I still have all this work to do. I'll be home as soon as I can. That's the best I can do. [Pause.] Okay, bye.

She hangs up the phone and puts it down on the table. She brings her hand to her forehead with an expression of exhaustion. Lana enters behind her.

Lana : You're working late.

Martha : Oh, God. It's like this never stops. I don't know how you managed all this and went to school too, Lana.

Lana : It wasn't easy. But I don't remember staying this late after closing every night.

Martha : Well, it's easier to do this here than at home.

Lana : Is everything all right, Mrs. Kent?

Lana sits down at the table.

Martha : Oh, Jonathan thinks the only reason I took this job is to help out with our finances. [Lana nods. Martha pauses, becoming emotional.] I love him so much. But after everything that's happened, all his health problems, the only time I'm not worried about losing him is when I'm here working.

Lana : But if you're here all the time, then, um, you don't see him anyway. Isn't that like you've lost him already?

Martha : [Smiling.] A summer in Paris has really given you some insight, Lana. [Lana smiles in return.] Thank you for reminding me.

Lana : Reminding you of what?

Martha : That it's easier to deal with your fears if you can share them with someone you love.

Lana nods thoughtfully, affected by Martha's words.

Act 3 Scene 3

Outside shot of Metropolis. Day. Mr. Hanison is talking on his cellular phone in the old car garage.

Hanison : Sure, however you want to handle it. [He laughs.] No problem, and it's my pleasure.

Hanison hangs up the phone and walks over to where his bodyguard and Bart are standing.

Bart : Well, it's about time.

Hanison : Oh, I had some things to take care of. Maybe when you grow up, you'll understand how men do business.

Bart takes off his backpack and unzips it. He pulls out the manuscript page rolled up and hands it to Hanison.

Bart : This grown up enough for you?

Hanison unrolls the page and looks at it.

Hanison : It's a start.

A large black SUV drives up outside the garage, and Bart turns away from Hanison and the bodyguard to see who it is. Then the bodyguard strikes Bart in the back of the neck with the butt of his gun, knocking him unconscious. Lex steps out of the SUV and comes into the garage.

Hanison : [Holding the rolled page.] Mr. Luthor, I believe I have something that belongs to you.

Lex looks at Hanison silently, then steps past him to where Bart is unconscious on the ground.

Lex : Is this the dangerous criminal you warned me about?

Hanison : Hey, he's not your problem. Come on, let's talk about that finder's fee.

Lex : He's just a kid. Let him go.

Hanison : No. You have no idea what that freak is capable of.

Lex : If I were you, I'd be more concerned about the police right now, Hanison.

Hanison walks toward Lex slowly.

Hanison : What did you do?

Lex : In about five minutes, this place will be swarming with Metropolis P.D.

Hanison : [Nodding.] Well, okay, then I guess we better hurry this up, huh? [To his bodyguard.] Tony.

Tony points his gun at Lex, ready to fire. But Lex grabs Tony's arm and punches him in the stomach. Then he knocks his own head against Tony's and kicks him in the stomach, sending Tony to his knees. Lex kicks Tony in the face, sending him all the way to the ground, unconscious.

Hanison : Aah!

Hanison hits Lex across the face with a gun, knocking Lex unconscious. Then he walks over to Bart. Hanison is still holding the manuscript. He kicks Bart's unconscious body furiously.

Hanison : Look at the mess you made, kid!

Bart regains consciousness and sits up, staring at Hanison angrily. Hanison points his gun at Bart.

Hanison : Let's see if you're faster than a speeding bullet.

As Hanison is starting to pull the trigger, Clark super speeds into the garage and grabs the gun out of Hanison's hand, throwing it out of his reach. Then he grabs Hanison by the jacket and throws him through the roof of the building. He lands on an old trailer outside. Tony regains consciousness as this is happening.

Clark : [To Tony.] You don't want to be here!

Tony runs away.

Clark : [To Bart.] You still think what you do never hurts anyone?

Holding the manuscript, Clark walks over to Lex and turns him onto his back. He is bleeding from the side of his head. Clark checks Lex's neck for his pulse.

Clark : Lex. [No response.] Lex?

Bart : [Getting to his feet.] I am sorry, Clark.

Bart is holding a small box which he opens, revealing a kryptonite rock. Clark feels the effects and tries to stand up. He stumbles over to a tool chest and falls against it, sinking to the floor.

Bart : This doesn't change anything.

Bart kneels down next to Clark and takes the manuscript away from him.

Clark : No, you don't understand. It'll kill me.

Bart puts the box down next to Clark and backs away.

Clark : [Weakly.] You're not a murderer! That's not who you are!

Bart : You don't know who I am!

Clark : Yes, I do. Bart, I saw you save my dad. I've seen the good in you. Bart, you've got to stop running, or in the end you'll just be alone. You don't want that. I know you don't. I know because down deep, we're the same.

Clark gasps in pain as Bart turns around and walks slowly back to him, kneeling down.

Bart : I wish that was true, Clark.

Bart looks down at the box for a moment, then closes it. Clark lets out a relieved breath. Bart looks at Clark for another moment, then super speeds away.

Fade to black.

Act 4 Scene 1

Clark waits on the ground next to the fence while Jonathan climbs down the ladder of the windmill on the Kent Farm. Day.

Jonathan : You have no idea where Bart could be?

Clark : Lex was unconscious. I stayed with him until I heard the police sirens. Then I went after Bart. By then, he could've been halfway around the world.

Jonathan reaches the ground and he walks with Clark toward the house.

Jonathan : Well, I think it could be for the best, Clark.

Clark : But, Dad--

Jonathan : Now, look, I know how much you wanted to help him out, but you can't force people to change no matter how strong you are.

Clark : He's not a bad kid, Dad, he's just different. At least he's willing to accept that.

Jonathan : Clark, embracing your abilities and flaunting them are two entirely different things.

Clark : I know. It's just sometimes there's a part of me that wishes I could be more like him. [They stop walking.] I mean, I spend so much time trying to hide who I really am, I'm starting to feel like two separate people.

Jonathan : Clark, I think you'd be really surprised to find out how many normal people feel exactly the same way. Son, everybody has secrets. Yours are just-- just bigger than most.

Clark : Well, I better go check on Lex.

Jonathan : All right. You want to use the truck?

Clark : No, I, um, I kind of want to stretch my legs.

Jonathan nods understandingly and Clark super speeds away just as Martha pulls up. She gets out of the car as Jonathan walks toward her.

Jonathan : Hey. I thought you'd be at work all day.

Martha : Well, that's one of the benefits of being the boss. I promoted Linda to assistant manager so I could take a break and spend some time with a ruggedly handsome farmer.

Jonathan : Well, you're in luck. There just happens to be one sweating in your driveway right now.

Martha : [Flirtatious.] Maybe I should get the hose and a bucket of soap.

Jonathan smiles and walks closer to Martha, putting his hands on her face.

Jonathan : I've really missed you.

Martha : Me too.

They kiss and then embrace. Martha closes her eyes happily as she leans her face against Jonathan's chest.

Act 4 Scene 2

The Kawatche caves. Day. The shot starts on the painting of Naman and Sageeth. As the shot lowers, we see Jason and Lana enter the caves. Jason looks around in wonder, shining his flashlight on the walls.

Jason : This is amazing.

Lana : When Clark first found these caves, I had no idea why he was so obsessed with them. I always felt like he was keeping secrets from me because he was afraid of how I was going to react. I don't want to live like that. I don't want to be afraid all the time.

Jason : You don't have to be. Not with me. That's what I've been trying to tell you.

Lana : Okay.

Nervously, Lana walks past Jason.

Lana : Do you remember the church we went to in Paris?

Jason : Yeah, and I had to leave early to make arrangements for your birthday.

Lana : Right. Well, after you left, I noticed something strange on the tomb of Countess Theroux. There were these symbols etched into the rock like the ones in this cave.

Jason : [Looking at the walls.] How is that possible?

Lana : [Turning to look at him.] I don't know. [She walks past him again, keeping her back to him.] And when I touched them, there was this blinding light and then pain. And all I remember is waking up the next morning to you knocking on my door. And I had this.

Lana pulls up the back of her shirt and shows Jason the tattoo. He looks at it for a long moment, having a hard time accepting the story.

Jason : Okay, wait a second. So you're saying that some strange symbols on the tomb of a dead countess gave you a tattoo?

Lana : I know how it sounds. Why do you think I didn't want to tell you?

Jason : [Beginning to understand.] That's why you left Paris.

Lana : I had to come back to these caves. I had to find out why I was missing 12 hours of my life. But all I found were more questions.

Lana points over Jason's shoulder at the wall. He turns around and sees a wall painting of the symbol tattooed on Lana's back. He shines his flashlight on it.

Jason : It's the same as yours. What does the symbol mean?

Lana : [Afraid.] I don't know. Jason, I don't know what's happening to me.

Jason : Hey, hey. Whatever it is, we'll figure it out together, okay?

Lana : [Whispered.] Okay.

Jason holds Lana close. She rests her chin on his shoulder as he stares at the wall painting warily.

Act 4 Scene 3

Outside shot of Lex's mansion. Day. Lex is seated at his desk in the study working at his laptop. Clark enters and Lex closes the laptop. Lex has a red bruise next to his left eye.

Lex : Clark. Good to see you keeping normal hours.

Clark : I just came by to see if you were all right. I heard you had some trouble in Metropolis.

Lex : News travels fast.

Clark : Curse of a small town. So what happened?

Lex : I decided to play cowboy and got my spurs handed to me. To be honest, I don't know why I'm not dead.

Clark : There must be someone watching over you.

Lex : [Smiling.] In more ways than one.

Lex looks toward the center of the room. Clark looks too and sees that the manuscript page has been returned to its pedestal. Clark walks over to it.

Clark : How'd you get this back?

Lex : I didn't. [Lex walks to the pedestal.] It was sitting on my desk when I returned from the hospital. Whoever took it must've had a change of heart.

Clark : I guess he did.

The tone in Clark's voice is proud, suggesting to Lex that Clark knows who took the page. Lex notices this, but doesn't comment on it.

Lex : Look, we'll have plenty of time to study this later. Right now I'm still nursing a bit of a headache.

Lex walks back to his desk.

Clark : I'm just glad you're feeling better.

Clark focuses his eyes on the manuscript and uses his X-ray vision to look through it, once again seeing the map and the hidden symbols. He smiles with relief and starts to leave.

Lex : Clark. [Clark turns to Lex.] I thought you'd like to know I had the manuscript page examined by a team of experts as soon as it turned up.

Lex opens his laptop and we see an image of the manuscript on the screen. Clark is on the other side of the desk and can't see the image.

Lex : Do you know what they discovered?

Clark stares at Lex nervously, waiting for an answer.

Lex : That I paid too much for it.

Clark shows a second relieved smile.

Lex : Thanks for checking in on me.

Clark nods and leaves the room. When he is gone, Lex hits a button on the laptop and the image of the manuscript page changes, revealing the map and symbols underneath. Lex smiles at the screen.

Act 4 Scene 4

Clark sits outside the farm on a bale of hay drawing the map from the manuscript in his notebook. Day. We hear a burst of air and Bart is standing behind him, looking over his shoulder at the notebook.

Bart : Dude, your drawing sucks. Stick to the hero thing.

Bart drops his backpack on a bale of hay and walks around Clark to face him as Clark closes his notebook.

Clark : You mean like returning a priceless artifact to its owner?

Bart : Carrying all that money around would've just slowed me down anyway.

Clark : To a dead stop if I hadn't found you.

Bart : Yeah, how did you do that? What are you, fast, strong, and psychic?

Clark : [Smiling.] I wish. [Clark holds up the MP3 player Bart gave him.] I spent a whole night down in Suicide Slums trying to convince someone that I had a thousand of these to fence. A few guys pointed me in the direction of Hanison.

Bart : Well, look at you. Channeling your inner criminal.

Clark : So, um, what are you gonna do now?

Bart : I don't know. I mean, it's a big world. I figure I'd check it out, see if there's anyone else out there like us. Maybe start, like, a club or a league or something.

Bart puts on his backpack as Clark nods a little disappointedly.

Bart : You know, you could come with me.

Clark : Or you could stay.

Bart : You have a great life, Clark. But it's not mine. I have no reason to stay in Smallville.

Clark : [Hopeful.] You have me.

Bart : [He smiles, but refuses.] Thanks for being my friend.

Bart turns to go.

Clark : Are you sure there's nothing I can do to change your mind?

Bart : [Turning back to Clark.] Tell you what. If you can catch me... I'll think about it.

Without waiting for an answer, Bart super speeds away from the farm and onto the road. Clark super speeds after him, chasing him down a road lined with corn and catching up slowly. In slow motion, we see Clark gaining on Bart as the scenery blurs past. Bart looks back at him. Smiling, he turns around so that he's running backwards. Clark smiles in return.

Then Bart waves his hand goodbye, and gains even more speed. His body flashes red and he runs out of sight, too fast for even Clark to keep up. Clark comes to a stop in the middle of the road, amazed at Bart's speed. He looks in the direction that Bart went with a smile.


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