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#408 : Les Trois Sorcières

Résumé : Après que Lana ait lu un livre de sortilèges datant du XVIIe siècle, elle, Loïs et Chloé se retrouvent possédées par des sorcières qui ont été brûlées sur un bûcher. Les trois sorcières ont revenues pour se venger et recherchent les puissants cristaux Kryptoniens, provoquant des ravages sur la ville. Clark essaye de les arrêter mais elles lui ôtent ses pouvoirs et le forcent à révéler le lieu où se trouve le cristal qu'il a caché dans la grotte.


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Les Trois Sorcières

Première diffusion

Première diffusion en France


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Guest-stars :

→ Lara Gilchrist dans le rôle de Madelyn Hibbins
 Melanie Papalia dans le rôle de Brianna Withridge
→ William Taylor dans le rôle de Mr. Jacobson
→ Mark Acheson dans le rôle du Juge d'Instance Wilkins


Titre de l'Episode

• Spell est le terme anglais qui se traduit par "sortilège", "envoûtement", "incantation" ou "formule magique".

• Le titre fait référence à Isobel, une sorcière qui a le pouvoir de jeter des sorts. C'est par ce biais qu'elle a pris possession du corps de Lana ou encore qu'elle a ôté les pouvoirs de Clark.


Notes de l'Episode

 La première scène est censée se dérouler à Paris en 1604, et tout le monde parle anglais... Il aurait été plus juste que les acteurs parlent français et que cela soit sous-titré. D'ailleurs plus tard Lana/Isobel se fend d'une réplique en français...

 Au début de l'épisode, lorsque Lana lit à haute voix la préface du livre de sortilèges, elle dit "le grimoire de Isobel Margaret Thoreaux". Elle a interverti le premier et le deuxième prénom de la sorcière qui s'appelle en réalité Margaret Isobel Thoreaux.

 Le livre qui permet de donner des pouvoirs magiques à Isobel renferme des symboles kryptoniens. Sur la couverture on retrouve les 3 symboles de la salle secrète (eau, air, feu) correspondant aux 3 artefacts qui apporteront la connaissance suprême. Dans les bois, lorsque Isobel prépare sa potion pour ramener ses amies, on peut voir sur le sol à nouveau les 3 symboles.

 Chloe est supposée fêter ses 18 ans. Or dans le 1er épisode on peut voir sur sa tombe qu'elle est née en 1987. Il aurait fallu qu'elle soit née 1 an auparavant pour avoir 18 ans en 2004.

 Lex joue du piano dans l'épisode. Or, dans la saison 3, il avait pourtant révélé à Adam ne pas savoir en jouer.

 Malgré le fait qu'elle soit possédée par l'esprit d'une sorcière, c'est la première fois que Loïs découvre le secret de Clark.

 Dans les commentaires sur le DVD, Allison Mack assure que Tom Welling est en fait un très bon danceur.

 Le trio de sorcières est comparé aux Charmed Ones, qui est en fait une référence à la série Charmed, diffusée sur la même chaîne que Smallville.

 Lana/Isobel fait disparaitre le parchemin de Lex qui renferme la carte mystérieuse. L'a-t-elle détruit ?

 Clark découvre qu'il est vulnérable à la magie, comme dans les comic-books.

 Lex avoue à Lana que c'est lui qui a dénoncé Jason.

 Lana révèle à Clark son tatouage kryptonien.

 Cet épisode comporte beaucoup d'éléments similaires au film Supergirl. Tous les 2 ont été réalisés par Jeannot Szwarc, ont une enchanteresse diabolique avec des pouvoirs magiques, qui est à la recherche d'un artefact kryptonien et qui utilise la magie pour manipuler un jeune homme sexy.

Act 1 Teaser

Screen text : France 1604.

Three women, Madeline Evans, Briana Withridge, And Isobel Theroux are locked in a cage being pulled on a carriage by a horse. Night. Briana tries to loosen the chains holding the cage shut without success. Briana and Madeline are both afraid. The cage is covered with a tarp preventing them from seeing outside.

Madeline : We must escape before we reach the pyres. Isobel?

Isobel is wearing a red hooded cape. The hood is over her face and all we can see are her lips. She speaks calmly although she is somewhat impatient.

Isobel : They've taken the book and with it our powers. What would you have me do?

Briana : Anything. We're running out of time.

Isobel : Time is the one thing we do have. If we fall this night, I promise you, we will rise again to finish out quest.

Briana and Madeline gasp as the carriage comes to a halt. The tarp is lifted away from the door to the cage revealing an angry mob of people holding torches and shouting at the women in the cage. They are dressed appropriately for the time period.

A man in a black hooded robe pulls the women out of the cage and sends them on to another man who takes hold of them and drags them toward the pyre. Briana and Madeline both whimper and cry, begging the mob for mercy. The hooded man then grabs Isobel and takes her out of the cage, putting her down on the ground and forcing her toward the pyre. Another man pulls her red hood off of her head and she whips her face around glaring at the mob threateningly. She looks exactly like Lana Lang.

She is pushed toward the large piles of wood where Madeline and Briana are already being tied to the stakes. A well dressed man comes forward and looks Isobel in the eye as the crowd waves pitchforks and axes at her in their rage. Isobel returns the man's gaze.

Isobel : [Unafraid.] Magistrate Wilkins. Come to enjoy your handiwork?

Wilkins slaps her across the face roughly, and she falls back against the hooded guard.

Wilkins : Tell me of the three stones of power, Countess. You may yet escape the pyre's flames.

Isobel : In my book. There's a page marked.

Another man hands Isobel's spell book to Wilkins and he opens it to a page that is marked with a feather. On the page there is a picture of the symbol Lana has on her lower back. He shows it to Isobel.

Wilkins : What means this?

Isobel : It means that the stones of power shall be mine and once I possess them, you shall tremble at my feet and never again persecute my kind.

Wilkins stares at Isobel fearfully. Then she spits blood onto the page which lands on the symbol.

Isobel : Animum remitto. [I send back the spirit]

We move from a shot of the bloodstained symbol in the book to Isobel's exposed lower back. The same symbol materializes into her skin.

Wilkins : Demon. Join your confederates.

Isobel laughs cruelly as the hooded guard drags her toward the pyre. Madeline and Briana are already tied up and terrified for their lives. The both speak quietly.

Briana : Please.

Madeline : Have mercy.

They become more frantic as Isobel is walked up the pile of wood and tied to the stake. Several people in the mob yell excitedly.

Madeline : No, no, please! Have mercy!

Wilkins : Madeline Evans. Briana Withridge. Countess Marguerite Isobel Theroux.

Isobel laughs mockingly.

Wilkins : You have been found guilty of committing the darkest art, witchcraft. For this affront against God, I hereby condemn you to burn in the fires of Hell of which you so eagerly seek communion.

Isobel smirks at Wilkins, a small trail of blood still lingering at the corner of her mouth. Wilkins nods at the hooded guard who is now holding a lighted torch. The guard holds the flame to different points at the bottom of the pyres, setting the beginning of the bonfire that will destroy the witches. Madeline and Briana whimper fearfully, but Isobel remains composed, even gleeful.

Isobel : You think this ends with a lick of flame? I sleep but a while. And when the time is appointed, my heir will awaken me and I will have vengeance!

Isobel throws her head back and cackles at the night sky, frightening the crowd of villagers. She continues to laugh maniacally even as the flames engulf her and the other woman who are both screaming.

Eventually, all we can see is flame. The fire becomes blurry for a moment, and when it comes back into focus, it is a small fire burning in a fireplace. Lana steps in front of the fire and we see the tattoo on her back because of the style of shirt she is wearing which covers the front of her torso but laces up on the middle of her back, exposing the rest.

The fireplace is in her apartment. She sits down on the floor next to Jason. She is holding a mailed package that she puts down on the floor in front of them.

Jason : So you found it on Ebay?

Lana : Yeah, this old guy in Nice was auctioning it off. I had to max out my entire credit card to get it, but I couldn't resist. It was like it was calling to me.

Lana opens the box excitedly and pulls the bubble wrap out of the way, revealing Isobel's spell book. The book is clearly very old and worn around the edges. Lana takes it out of the box and shows it to Jason.

Lana : The spell book of Countess Isobel Marguerite Theroux.

Jason points to the engravings on the leather cover of the book.

Jason : Those look like the same symbols in the cave.

Lana : Yeah. Maybe it will help explain what happened in Paris when I touched Isobel's tomb.

Jason : Yeah, and the tattoo and the missing 12 hours.

Lana opens the book and looks through it slowly.

Lana : Hmm. So, uh, how's your Latin?

Jason : About as good as my Italian which... I don't speak.

Lana looks at Jason then back at the book. She turns another page and comes to the page with Isobel's blood spattered on the symbol. The fire in the fireplace goes out, significantly darkening the room. Jason looks at the fire curiously.

Jason : I'll get it.

He gets up to rekindle the fire as Lana stares at the page.

Lana : Oh, my God.

Jason : What?

Lana : This is the symbol from Isobel's tomb.

Jason : That's kind of spooky.

Jason lights a match and holds it inside the fireplace. Lana reaches out to the bloodstained page and touches the symbol. The symbol begins to glow pink, and the tattoo on Lana's back is illuminated with the same color. A surge of energy goes through Lana causing her to roll her head back just as the fireplace roars back to life with a small explosion of flame that throws Jason backwards onto the floor. Wind rushes through the room and Lana's eyes glow the same shade of pink for a moment. Then a serene but dangerous smile forms on her lips. Jason stands up, grunting. The fire in the fireplace is burning normally again.

Jason : You okay?

Lana stands up slowly holding the book in one hand. She looks at Jason strangely without answering, then looks down at her body, lightly touching her stomach as if to make sure she's really there.

Lana : [Eerily calm.] Never been better.

Jason stares at Lana warily, seeing that something has changed. Lana smiles.

[Opening credits]

Act 1 Scene 1

Outside shot of the Kent farm. Day. The sky is covered with dark gray clouds. Clark puts a bale of hay down near the barn as Lois Lane pulls into the driveway behind him and gets out of her car. He turns around and walks toward her.

Clark : Hey, Lois. What are you doing here? Why aren't you at school?

Lois : We're having a surprise party for Chloe's 18th birthday in your barn, remember?

Lois opens the back door of her car and pulls out a cardboard box full of party decorations.

Clark : No. I remember telling you you couldn't have it here.

Lois : [Handing the box to Clark.] Too late now. Everyone's already been invited, and you really don't want it getting back to Chloe that you rained on her shindig. That would hurt her feelings.

Lois pulls out another box and stacks it on top of the box that Clark is already holding.

Clark : [Incredulous.] What?

Lois : Then I'd have to hurt you.

Lois pulls the third and final box out of her car and closes the door. She walks toward the barn and Clark follows her.

Clark : Listen, Lois, I don't want--

Lois : Can you give me a hand with these? I have to get the wheels back to my dad before he notices them missing.

Clark : Lois, we can't do this tonight. The guy from Princeton's coming to meet me. Besides, my parents are out of town.

Lois : Relax, Smallville. It's just gonna be a couple of people standing around singing Happy Birthday. It's not gonna be Sodom and Gomorrah. Mr. Ivy League won't even know we're here. Trust me.

Lois enters the barn, leaving Clark unable to argue further.

Act 1 Scene 2

Lana is in the kitchen of her apartment. Day. The counter is covered with candles, herbs, bowls of steaming liquid, and jars of mysterious potions. Lana is mashing some ingredients in a stone bowl. When she finishes, she looks at a list of ingredients sitting next to the bowl on the counter. Some of the ingredients have already been crossed off.

Lana : [Reading.] Hair of two virgins.

She plucks a strand of hair from her own head and looks at it with a smile.

Lana : Ah. We've been a good little girl, haven't we?

She laughs to herself and puts the hair in the bowl. There is a knock at the door, and Chloe and Lois enter. Lana covers the spell book with a washcloth.

Chloe : Hello.

Lois : Oh, you are home. I've been calling, but no one answered.

Chloe looks confused at Lana's paraphernalia.

Lana : Well, I've been kind of preoccupied. Science project.

Chloe : From what century?

Lana : It's a whole retro thing. I'm trying to recreate some of the stuff they did back in the 1600s.

Chloe : Oh.

Lana looks at them both thoughtfully.

Lana : I really think you two are going to like it.

Lois : [To Chloe.] Damn. I left my phone in your car. Do you mind?

Chloe : Oh, no. No worries. This whole smell of science is making me crave an aromatic latte anyway, so I'll just meet you downstairs with your cell phone. [To Lana.] Bye.

Lana : Bye.

Lois : Thanks.

Chloe leaves. Lois turns to Lana.

Lois : What's the matter with you? You were supposed to take Chloe shopping so that I could finish everything with the party.

Lana : Right. Must've slipped my mind.

Lois : Well, get some traction. Little Miss Reporter there, she can smell a ruse a mile away. [Turning toward the door and facing away from Lana.] I'm going to need some serious help to keep her from ferreting out whatever it is we're planning tonight.

Lana reaches up and plucks a strand of hair from Lois's head.

Lois : Ow!

Lois turns to face Lana, glaring at her questioningly.

Lana : [Staring at the hair she plucked.] Oh, no, no. That's no good.

Lois : Well, yeah, not since you pulled it out.

Lana : [Making an excuse.] It was gray.

Lois : I don't have gray hair. [Lana looks at her as if to disagree. Lois starts to second guess herself.] I'm just gonna use your bathroom for a second.

Lois rushes into the bathroom. Lana squints at the strand of hair disappointedly. Then an idea comes to her. She leaves the apartment. The last thing we see is a shot of the list of ingredients, the top of the list saying "hair of two virgins."

Act 1 Scene 3

Outside shot of the Kent house. Day. In the kitchen, Clark is working on a project of his own. The table is covered with shreds of blue wrapping paper, blue and red bows and ribbon, scissors, and tape. He has clumsily wrapped a large box in the blue paper and is now fidgeting with a large red ribbon, trying to tie it around the box. He finally settles on a simple shoelace-type bow and slaps it, satisfied. Then he picks up one of the pre-made red bows and slaps that on top of the ribbon. He sits down and turns the gift around, inspecting it as Lana enters behind him. Her manner is coy and mysterious.

Lana : [Seeing the present.] Maybe you need a woman's touch.

Clark stands up and turns around to look at her, surprised to see her.

Clark : Hey, Lana.

Lana : Hello, Clark. It's a big box.

Clark : It's, um, it's a gift for Chloe. Lois and I got it for her.

Lana : Well, I'm sure that she'll love it. Especially if it's from you.

Clark : Look, um, I'm glad you're here. I wanted to talk to you about what happened with Jason.

Lana : Oh, well, don't worry about it. It's water under a very... tall bridge.

Lana walks slowly toward Clark, smiling up at him as she drags out the word "tall." We see that she is holding the pair of scissors from the table behind her back.

Clark : Are you, uh, feeling okay? You seem a little, uh... [Clark plops down on the stool as Lana continues to advance on him.] ...different.

Lana : Well, maybe it's the company.

Lana puts a hand on Clark's face and drags it down his cheek softly.

Clark : Jason's my friend.

Lana : [With her face extremely close to Clark's.] Well, he doesn't think so.

She closes in on him, about to kiss him. Clark's eyes close as their lips touch lightly and Lana brings the scissors up behind his head to cut off a lock of his hair. But when she tries to cut the hair, the scissors break into two pieces. Clark stands up, backing away.

Clark : Hey, what's-- what are you doing?

Lana : I need a lock of your hair for a scrapbook I'm making for Chloe's birthday.

Clark : [Slightly annoyed.] Well, all you had to do was ask.

Lana : [Smiling.] Well, where's the fun in that?

Clark stares at Lana, trying to figure out what's wrong with her. Lana holds up the two pieces of the scissors.

Lana : What happened to these?

Clark : [Taking the scissors away from her.] They were broken already.

Clark reaches up to his head and pulls a strand of hair from his head. He hands the hair to Lana.

Clark : Here. Is that enough?

Lana holds up the hair and looks at it closely. She smiles with satisfaction.

Lana : It's perfect. Thanks, handsome.

She walks out of the house happily. Clark watches her go, then looks at the broken scissors.

Act 1 Scene 4

Lex is in his study at the mansion playing the grand piano. Night. He is playing a very complex classical piece with impressive skill. His right hand rapidly dances over the keys, hitting each note flawlessly and his left hand accompanies. He hardly has to look at the written music that rests on the piano before him. Lana enters the study and Lex stops playing.

Lana : You play beautifully.

Lex : Thanks, but I'm afraid I'm a little rusty.

Lana : Well, I hate to interrupt. But I wanted to ask you for a favor.

Lex : Have I ever been able to refuse Lana Lang?

Lex smiles at her and gets up from the piano walking toward the center of the room. Lana follows him.

Lex : What do you need?

Lana : Oh, a good bottle of wine for Chloe's birthday.

Lex : Well, the last time I checked, she wasn't turning 21 yet.

Lana : I know, but I thought it'd be nice to raise a glass with her and Lois to celebrate. [Lex looks reluctant.] I promise I won't tell anyone where I got it from. [Almost a whisper.] It'll be our little secret.

Lana stares temptingly into Lex's eyes, weakening his resolve.

Lex : Well, I think I might have a light Riesling that won't do too much damage.

Lana smiles and Lex starts to leave on his way to the wine cellar.

Lana : Actually, I was looking more for a vintage Merlot from the south of France. Something from a vineyard in the Languedoc or possibly the Deldonia. That should do in a pinch.

Lex : [From the next room.] Well, your tastes have certainly matured from a summer in Paris. Just give me a second.

Lana looks around the room, then notices the old manuscript page that Lex still has displayed in the glass box on the pedestal. She suddenly becomes very serious and walks toward it slowly, obviously recognizing it. Lex returns to the study with a bottle of wine.

Lex : 1902 from the Sallier vineyards in Languedoc. It should make quite the birthday present.

Lana : [Still looking at the page.] What is this?

Lex : Just a little something I picked up in St. Petersburg. It's an illuminated manuscript depicting the ancient--

Lana : You're lying.

Lex : [Startled.] What?

Lana : [Turning to him.] You know it's true nature, but the map was not meant for you.

Lex : Lana, how did you know there's a map hidden under the page?

Lana : Because...

She looks at Lex coldly for a long moment. He looks back at her, confused and a little uneasy. Lana then turns back to the manuscript page and points at it with her index and small fingers. When she points, a small ball of pink energy hovers above her hand.

Lana : Venis e! [Come out!]

The manuscript evaporates from the box on the pedestal. Lex walks toward it, stunned.

Lex : Lana, what did you do?

Lana : [Pointing her fingers at Lex.] Finis! [End!]

Lex stops mid stride, unable to move.

Lana : You seek the stones, don't you? [She takes the wine bottle out of Lex's hands.] Well, we can't have that. [She walks behind him.] I think that you're right, Alexander. You do need more practice. Keep playing. Infinitas. [Forever]

Lana leaves the study. Lex then walks robotically over to the piano and sits down on the bench. He begins to play the same piece he was playing when Lana came in. As he plays, he looks around helplessly, unable to stop, his hands caught in Lana's spell.

Act 1 Scene 5

Lana is standing in the woods softly shaking a decanter of dark liquid and chanting in Latin. Night.

Lana : Per lunam et mare. Redi e aquae sublatus sunt. Per lunam et mare. Redi e aquae sublatus sunt. Per lunam et mare. Redi e aquae sublatus sunt. [Through moon and sea. Return, having been raised out of the water]

As she chants, the potion turns an incandescent pink and pink steam rises from the bottle. On the ground before her are three Kryptonian symbols, one of which is the symbol from her back. They glow on the dirt, then slowly disappear as the potion also stops glowing. Lois comes up behind Lana.

Lana : Per lunam et mare. Redi e aquae sublatus--

Lois : Okay, what are we doing in the woods? Chloe's right behind me, and the moonlight nature hike? It's making her a little suspicious.

Lana : I thought it'd be nice to get together with my girls before the party.

Chloe runs up to them.

Chloe : What party?

Lois : [To Lana.] Way to ruin the surprise.

Chloe : [Laughing.] Oh, you mean the party that you've been planning for the last month?

Lois : You know about that?

Chloe : Oh, hello. Investigative reporter. Nothing gets past me. Except why we're playing wood nymph when there's a party waiting for me with my name on it.

Lana : Then we'd better hurry.

Lana picks up three goblets from a picnic basket and hands one to Chloe and one to Lois.

Lana : A toast, in honor of this special night.

Lois : [Smiling.] All right. This is getting better.

Lana fills their glasses with the potion, and pours some for herself too.

Lana : No matter how much time passes, old friends are never forgotten.

Chloe : I'll drink to that.

Lana : Cheers.

Chloe & Lois : Cheers.

They clink their glasses together and Lana holds her glass near her mouth without drinking. She watches with quiet excitement as both Chloe and Lois drink.

Several loud thunderclaps are heard as lightning flashes and a strong wind starts to blow. Lois looks at her glass strangely. Then just as their eyes start turning pink, Lois and Chloe both throw their heads back roughly, looking toward the sky and gasping. When they return to their normal upright positions, the wind and thunder stop. Lois and Chloe look around as if unsure of where they are.

Lana : [To Chloe.] Madeline. [To Lois.] Briana. Welcome to the 21st century.

Chloe : [Excited.] How did we come to be here?

Lana : The last spell I cast before Wilkins condemned me to the pyre. My blood entwined with the symbol in the book which called to my heir. [Lois smiles.] And when she touched it, I gained possession of her body and brought you back.

Lois : I'm gorgeous! [Touching her chest and laughing.] Look at these!

Lana : [Uninterested.] Yes. They're very nice.

Chloe : [Breathing deeply.] Ah, the woods of France. I'd know them anywhere.

Lana : We're in Kansas, Madeline.

Lois : Where?

Lana : The Americas. I am unsure as to why I was resurrected here. It was not of my intention, but--

Chloe : The book! Do you have it?

Lana smiles and looks at the picnic basket sitting nearby on the ground. In the basket we see the wine bottle and the spell book.

Lana : It is ours once again. And with it, our magics. Now we may continue our quest for the stones of--

Chloe : Oh, uh... Is that the same quest that got us burned at the stake?

Lois : That was not pleasant.

Lana : A small toll to travel the road of ultimate power. [Lois and Chloe look hesitant.] You have your hosts' memories. Use them to navigate this world and help us to seize the power.

Lois and Chloe smile at Lana and she smiles in return.

Act 1 Scene 6

Clark's barn. Night. A large banner is hanging that says "Happy Birthday Chloe." The whole place is decorated and music plays as the guests mingle. A lot of people are there, but the party is calm. Clark is trying to call someone on his cell phone, but no one answers and he hangs up his phone, frustrated. He sees Jason looking around and checking his watch. Clark goes to him.

Clark : Hey, Jason, do you know where the girls are? They were supposed to be here an hour ago.

Jason : [Dismissive.] No, sorry.

Jason walks away. Clark follows.

Clark : Look, Jason--

Jason : Clark, I'm only here because Lana wants me to be here. Because I'm her boyfriend, whether you like it or not.

With a loud clank, the double doors at the front of the barn slide open and we see Lana, Lois, and Chloe standing there, silhouetted in blue moonlight. They enter the barn purposefully, walking in perfect stride with each other. All three of them are wearing tight and provocative black clothing and black high-heeled boots. Everyone applauds for Chloe. She smiles brightly.

Guests : Surprise!

Clark and Jason both look at the girls strangely.

Lana : [Impatient.] We don't have time for this.

Chloe : Time is the only thing we do have. Isn't that what you said right before the angry mob set us on fire?

Lana : You're really not gonna let that go, are you?

Chloe goes to greet the guests and Clark pulls Lois aside.

Clark : The guy from Princeton's gonna be here any minute. Why are you so late?

Lois : I took the scenic route. [Looking Clark up and down lustfully.] Love the view.

Clark : [Uncomfortable.] Have you been drinking?

Lois merely smiles in response. Jason goes to Lana.

Jason : Hey, so, I don't want to be rude, but I think I'm just gonna tell Chloe happy birthday and take off.

Lana : Well, you're a big boy. You can do what you want.

Jason : You're the one who wanted me here.

Lana : Well, things change.

Jason : Why are you acting like this? And why are you dressed like that?

Lana : Because it makes me feel sexy. [Rudely.] Weren't you leaving?

Lana walks away from Jason to where Chloe is standing at the refreshment table. Jason looks at Lana for a long time, then leaves.

Chloe : [With her mouth full.] The food is so good in this century!

Lana : And the men actually bathe.

Lois joins them, checking out a passing guy.

Lois : And their bodies are so hard!

Lana takes both of them by the hand and starts leading them to the door.

Lana : But we have definitely had better celebrations. This is appalling.

Chloe : We could change that.

Chloe smiles mischievously at Lana. Lana looks from Chloe to Lois, thinking it over.

Lana : Well, it has been 400 years. Perhaps a little fun before we continue our quest.

All three of them turn around and point at the guests of the party with their index and small fingers. They each have a small ball of pink energy hovering above their hands and wind starts to blow through the barn as the lights dim.

Lana : Liberate bestia! [Set free the wild animal!]

The pink energy above their hands explodes and fills the room. When it fades away, dance music is playing loudly and everybody in the room is dancing manically. Several guests, both men and women, are in nothing but their underwear.

A man dressed in a suit and carrying a briefcase enters. He is Mr. Jacobson, the man Clark has been waiting for from Princeton University. He steps through a beaded doorway and jumps out of the way of a shirtless young man and woman who run by him. He looks around the room, taken aback, and starts to make his way through the half naked dancers.

Jacobson : Pardon me.

He taps a young man on the shoulder.

Jacobson : Where's Clark Kent?

The young man points to the stairs to the loft. Mr. Jacobson looks up and sees Clark in his boxers dancing with reckless abandon next to Lana and Chloe.

Jacobson : Clark!

Clark looks down to see who called his name.

Jacobson : Clark!

Clark smiles down at him, still dancing.

Jacobson : Mr. Jacobson, Princeton University.

Clark : Hey, come on in! Join the party! Whoo!

Jacobson looks around as if he can't believe his eyes and ears. Clark continues to dance.

Clark: Whoo!

Fade to black.

Act 2 Scene 1

Outside shot of the Kent farm. Day. Inside the barn, party decorations from the night before are strewn all over the ground. The guests are all gone. A cell phone starts to ring, and Clark sits up behind several bales of hay where he had been sleeping. He looks at the caller ID on his phone, has a brief moment of panic, then answers the phone.

Clark : [Brightly.] Hey, Mom. Yeah, how's Metropolis? Really? I'm glad you're having a great time.

Clark tugs at his pants which are lying next to him but seem to be stuck under something. We realize they are stuck under a young man and woman who are also sleeping nearby. They both get up and run out of the barn.

Clark : [Standing up.] What? Oh, yeah, the guy-- the guy from Princeton. Yeah, I met him last night. I, um... Don't worry. I-I think I made an impression.

Clark looks at a dangling line of strung lights miserably.

Act 2 Scene 2

Clark enters Lex's study. Day. We can still hear Lex playing the piano. Clark walks into the room and Lex keeps playing as Clark is talking. Clark doesn't actually look in Lex's direction while he speaks.

Clark : Lex, can I talk to you for a second? I got a big problem. I was supposed to meet this alumni from Princeton last night, but then Lois wanted to throw a party for Chloe in the barn. Well, the party kind of got out of hand, and the guy from Princeton showed up and I think I kind of blew it.

Clark walks past the piano, still not looking at Lex. We see Lex from the back. His head sways exhaustedly.

Clark : Look, um, I hate to ask you this, but do you have any connections at Princeton?

Clark finally looks at Lex who continues to play without answering.

Clark : Lex?

He walks closer and looks down at Lex's hands. Lex's fingers are bleeding and there is blood all over the keys of the piano.

Clark : Lex, what are you doing?

Lex looks up at Clark. His eyes are desperate, watery, and tired, but he plays on. Clark kneels down next to him and grabs his arms.

Clark : Stop. Stop it!

Lex : I can't.

Clark pushes the piano with one hand, and it wheels away from them. Then he holds Lex's arms tightly to keep him seated.

Clark : Lex, what happened?

Lex : [Weakly.] Lana.

Breathless, Lex lets his head slump down and his eyes close.

Act 2 Scene 3

Jason is in Lana's apartment looking at the cover of the spell book. Night. A fire lights itself in the fire place and Jason looks at it as Lana enters behind him.

Lana : You really shouldn't play with that. You might hurt yourself.

Jason : I heard you and the girls were the life of the party last night.

Lana : One last fling before I finish what I started a long time ago. [Jason walks to her slowly.] You don't want to get in my way.

Jason : Who are you?

Lana : Qui est-ce que vous pensez? [What do you think?]

Jason : [Quietly.] Isobel?

Lana : In the new flesh. [She laughs.]

Jason : What did you do with Lana?

Lana : She's in here somewhere.

Jason : Could you let her out?

Lana : [Laughing loudly.] Now, why on earth would I ever do that?

Jason : [Looking at the spell book.] You know, all this started when Lana found this book.

He picks up a kitchen lighter and clicks the flame to life, holding it above the book.

Jason : So, I'm guessing if anything happens to this book...

Lana wiggles her finger as if saying "Come here" to the spell book, and it is suddenly out of Jason's arms and in hers.

Lana : You have no idea what you're dealing with, little man. [She points to the wall.] Porta! [Carry!]

Jason flies across the room and crashes against the wall, falling to the floor.

Lana : [Pointing at him.] Suus summum. [His highest!]

Jason rises against the wall until the side of his face is pressing against the ceiling, bending his neck dangerously.

Lana : So now you begin to understand. You are not but an insect in my path to be crushed on the journey toward greater things.

Lana holds her hand out and pink energy floats above it. She laughs as Jason struggles against the force that is holding him to the wall. Clark enters and sees what is going on.

Clark : Lana, no!

Lana looks at Clark, then whips her hand in the direction of the window. Jason flies across the room and crashes through the glass. Clark super speeds out of the apartment and down to the street outside, catching Jason.

Clark : Jason! Are you okay?

Jason is too weak to answer. His face is cut up from the broken glass. Clark's face is suddenly lit by a fiery glow, and he looks at the side of the building where he sees the words "The barn midnight" written in flame.

Cut to Clark entering his barn. He looks around and doesn't see anyone. Lana speaks from the loft and Clark turns around to see her standing on the upper level with Chloe and Lois.

Lana : You're early. You're not planning something devious, are you, Clark?

Clark : What did you do to Lex and Jason?

Lana : Nothing compared to what we're going to do to you.

Lois : Surgite! [Rise!]

Lois points at a large wooden wagon wheel, and it rises into the air and flies at Clark, knocking him across the barn. He lands on the ground, and the girls come down the stairs as Clark stands back up, unharmed.

Clark : I don't know what's going on, but this needs to stop before it gets out of hand.

Lana : So you're more than just fast. Well, that'll make this a whole lot more exciting.

Chloe smiles at Lana, then steps forward holding her arms out to both sides and then bringing them together.

Chloe : Incede! [March!]

Several tools rise into the air including pliers, a wrench, and a blade from an electric saw. They come together in front of Chloe, then fly at Clark one by one. He shoots bolts of heat vision at each tool, knocking them all out of the air. All three women watch him, astounded.

Clark : I don't want to hurt anyone.

Lana : Your magics are impressive.

Clark : Magic?

Lana : But so are mine. Evertere! [Overturn!]

Lana points at Clark and he rises high into the air, convulsing.

Lana : We have traveled through the ages to complete our quest, outwitting death itself! We will not be outdone by some farm boy with a few tricks.

Lana lowers her hand and Clark drops to the floor. Chloe and Lois both kneel down next to him.

Chloe : He's not what he seems, Isobel.

Lois : I can feel his power.

Lana : Then perhaps we should rid him of it.

Clark looks up at them with bruises on his face and blood dripping from his lip.

Clark : Chloe. You gotta help. I know you're in there.

Chloe : [Looking into his eyes, seriously.] Clark?

Clark : [He nods.] Listen to me. You gotta help me.

Chloe looks distressfully from Clark to Lois. Then she breaks into hysterical laughter, revealing that she was only pretending to be affected by Clark's words. Lois laughs too. Then Lana kneels down over Clark and rips his shirt open, putting her hands on his bare chest. She chants in Latin quietly.

A bright light begins to shine out of Clark's chest and a long purple-white string of energy flies from Clark and out of the barn.

Lana : It is done. His powers are gone.

The girls stand up and back away from Clark who is now unconscious. They smile down at him triumphantly.

Fade to black.

Act 3 Scene 1

Clark's hands are chained to a wooden railing above him in the barn. Day. He struggles to get free but can't. Lois, Lana, and Chloe watch him. Clark has bruises all over his face and blood trailing from his nose and lips.

Lois : He awakens.

Clark : What have you done to me?

Chloe : We made sure you were no longer a threat, sorcerer.

Clark : I'm not a sorcerer.

Chloe : You're not? You sure?

Lana : No. He's something else. Something special. [To Clark.] I could sense it when the magics were ripped from your body. I can taste it on you. [Pause.] The three stones of power. You know of them, don't you?

Clark : I've never heard of them.

Chloe and Lois walk to Clark slowly.

Chloe : You've done more than hear of them. You've touched them.

Lois : We can feel it.

Lana : There's more. You know where one of them is hidden.

Chloe : Tell us where it is, Clark.

Chloe runs her hand gently down Clark's chest.

Lois : Please tell us.

Clark : I don't know what you're talking about.

Chloe : Let me cut it out of you.

Chloe claws her fingernails down Clark's chest, drawing blood.

Clark : Ah!

Lana : No!

Chloe stops hurting Clark, looking at Lana questioningly.

Lana : There are easier ways to get what we want.

Lois and Chloe back away from Clark. Chloe licks the blood off of one of her fingers. Lana comes toward Clark very slowly.

Lana : This body I inhabit. You have desires for it, don't you? Well, it desires you too, Clark. Very, very much.

Lana kisses Clark softly on the lips.

Lana : [Whispered.] Demonstra. [Point out.]

Lana kisses Clark again, slowly and sensuously, and Clark returns the kiss. When Lana finally pulls away, a pink mist comes from Clark's mouth and surrounds Lana as she steps back from him. Though Clark's mouth doesn't move, we hear the sound of his whispering voice coming from the mist.

Clark : [Slowly, whispered.] The cave...

Clark looks at Lana, startled by what he has just heard. Lana smiles.

Lana : Thank you, Clark. You've been very helpful. [She holds up her right hand.] Abige! [Drive away!]

A blinding pink light flashes in the barn and the three women are suddenly gone. Clark struggles against the chains binding him, but he still can't get free. Jason enters.

Jason : Clark?

Jason runs to Clark and helps him get free.

Jason : Are you all right? What happened?

Jason releases the chains and Clark falls to the ground. Jason kneels next to him.

Jason : Did Lana do this to you? Take it easy, take it easy. Where is she? I need to find her.

Clark : She's with Lois. And Chloe. But they're different. They're not themselves. It's like their bodies have been taken over.

Jason : They have. In fact, this is gonna sound kind of out there. Let's get you up. [He helps Clark stand.] Lana has been researching a 17th century witch. She tracked down her spell book, and when she touched her hand to the page--

Clark : Wait a second. Lana's been possessed by the spirit of an evil witch?

Jason : Yes. Isobel got into Lana by using the book. So we've got to find her and destroy the book. Any idea where they went?

Clark : Uh, I'm not sure. Um, why don't you check the school? I'll go to the Talon.

Jason : All right. Clark, call my cell if you find them, okay? Don't-- don't try anything alone. Just be careful, okay?

Jason leaves.

Act 3 Scene 2

Lana, Chloe, and Lois are in the Kawatche caves. Day. Lana touches her special symbol on the stone wall with one hand as she holds her spell book in the other.

Lana : It begins to make sense. Why I was resurrected here in this time a thousand miles from my home. It was destiny.

All three women walk to the wall which hides the secret chamber for the stones of power. They stare at the wall lustily.

Lana : Can you feel it? Calling to us. The first stone of power lies behind this wall. And with it, our magic shall increase tenfold. And when we possess all the stones, we shall walk on earth as gods among men. Reach out and seize what was meant to be.

Lana opens the spell book to a page with three symbols on it. They are the same symbols that were glowing on the ground in the woods just before she transformed Lois and Chloe. She takes a deep breath and points at the wall.

Lana : Murus scinde! [Tear the wall.]

The wall begins to open and a white lights shines out of the chamber. Lana, Lois, and Chloe all begin to chant as they walk toward the opening.

All : Volutus vita nostra est. Volutus vita nostra est. Volutus vita nostra est. Volutus vista nostra est. [Our life has been turned.]

Inside the chamber, they look at the altar where rests the first stone of power that Clark took from Lex's jet.

Lana : All of our suffering, all of our pain and persecution. It ends tonight.

Lois : And our future begins.

Chloe : Take it, Isobel. Lead us to glory.

Lana : The first stone. How I've dreamed of this moment. And at last, it has arrived.

Lana reaches for the stone slowly, but just before her hand reaches it, we hear a gun cocking.

Clark : Not quite.

Lana looks across the altar and sees Clark standing there with a shotgun. He is now wearing a shirt. His bruises are still present.

Lana : [Smiling.] You shouldn't have come, Clark.

Chloe : Silly boy.

Lana : We owe you a debt for revealing this chamber to us. We were going to let you live.

Clark : I'm sorry, Lana, but I can't let you do this.

Lois : You don't have a choice!

Lois points to Clark's gun and whips her arm to the side, causing the gun to fly out of Clark's hands and across the room.

Lana : Bear witness, Clark Kent, to the dawn of a new age.

Lana grabs the stone off of the altar. Almost immediately, it starts to glow white and burn her hand. She screams and drops it. Clark catches it before it hits the ground, and then he stands up slowly. The light from the rock begins to trail into his chest. When the light is gone, Clark's face is healed and he stares at the women strongly.

Lois : [Confused.] His powers are restored.

Chloe : How?

Clark : I'm not from around here.

Lana : It doesn't matter. We took them from you once before. Do you really believe that this time will be any different?

Clark : I'm counting on it.

Clark's eyes turn orange-red and he shoots his heat vision at the spell book in Lana's hand. Lana looks down at the page and the symbol representing Isobel begins to glow white.

Lana : No!!!

White energy shoots upward from the open book.

Fade to black.

Act 4 Scene 1

Lana, Chloe, Lois, and Clark all lie unconscious on the floor of the Kawatche cave. Day. Clark wakes up and looks around. He stands up as the girls awaken.

Lois : Why are we lying in the dirt?

Chloe : And what the hell are we wearing?

Clark : [To Lana, helping her up.] Are you okay?

Lana : Clark, what happened?

Clark : Well, let's just say that you haven't been yourself lately.

Lana folds her arms over her chest, embarrassed by her clothing. Clark smiles at her.

Act 4 Scene 2

Outside shot of the Kent farm. Day. Inside, Clark comes down the stairs to where Martha is in the kitchen slicing fruit on the cutting board.

Martha : Well, look who's finally awake.

Clark : Mom. When did you guys get home?

Martha : This morning. Your dad is out there doing your chores.

Clark : Sorry. I guess I overslept.

Clark gets a pitcher of juice from the fridge and pours a glass. Jonathan enters.

Clark : Hey, Dad.

Jonathan : Hey, Clark. Son, is there maybe a little something you'd like to tell your mother and me?

Jonathan holds up a sexy red and black bra.

Martha : [Quietly.] Where did that come from?

Jonathan : From out in the barn. In the hay.

Martha : [Shocked.] Clark...

Clark : [Quickly.] It was magic.

Martha : I'm sure it was.

Clark : No, I mean it really was. Look, I should not have thrown this party without talking to you guys. I know that. But it's the way things spun out of control. It was Lana. Well, it wasn't Lana exactly. She was possessed by a witch who then cast a spell on us, and... that's how that happened.

Jonathan : Son, I realize that, after all, this is Smallville. But witches and spells and... [He holds up the bra.] ...magic?

Clark : Dad, magic exists. I saw it. And worse, it can hurt me.

Jonathan and Martha share a concerned glance.

Act 4 Scene 3

Outside shot of the Talon. Day. Lana is in her apartment, cleaning up some broken glass from the countertop. Lex enters.

Lex : You leave quite a path of destruction.

Lana : Lex. I was going to come see you.

Lex : Preemptive strike. Just in case there was any evil dead action still brewing.

Lana : Well, apparently I have been exorcised. I didn't do anything to you, did I?

Lex looks at one of his hands.

Lex : Oh, nothing permanent, but you did display some intriguing abilities.

Lana : Yeah, I don't remember anything. I don't think I really want to.

Lex : Well, I'm just glad you're all right.

Lana : Thanks to Clark. I don't remember what he did, but Isobel's back to being history.

Lex : I guess we all owe Clark our gratitude.

Lana : Yeah. You know, I really don't understand him. He can be so selfless, risking his life for his friends, and... you know, and then he turns around and gets Jason fired. Because, what, you know, he's jealous?

Lana goes toward the living room. Lex hesitates for a moment.

Lex : Lana. [Lana turns to face him.] Clark didn't get Jason fired. I did.

Lana : [Softly.] You what?

Lex : Look, no matter how mature you may think you are, the fact is you're still in high school, and I wasn't gonna sit idle while someone in a position of authority coerced you into a relationship.

Lana : [Angry, but still quiet.] What are you doing, Lex?

Lex : I'm trying to protect you.

Lana : Do you really think that's what I need?

Lex : Lana, I know you're upset, but I only had your best interests at heart.

Lana : My interests are none of your concern, Lex. I'm old enough to decide who I want in my life. [Pointedly.] And who I don't.

Lana leaves the apartment. With a hurt expression, Lex watches her go.

Act 4 Scene 4

Clark is cleaning up the rest of the party decorations in the loft. Day. He picks up a pair of red women's underwear and stares at it uncomfortably. Lana enters behind him, seeing the underwear.

Lana : At least those aren't mine.

Clark quickly drops the underwear into the garbage.

Clark : Hey, Lana.

Lana : [Coming up the stairs.] I wanted to thank you. Once again, you managed to come to my rescue.

Clark : Well, it's good to have the old Lana back. Isobel was, um... aggressively sexy.

Lana : [Smiling, embarrassed.] Oh, great. Possessed by an evil slut.

Lana looks at Clark silently as if she has more to say. Clark waits for her to go on.

Lana : Um, look, I found out that Lex was the one that got Jason fired. I should've known that you would never do anything like that.

Clark : I wasn't thrilled when I heard about you and Jason. But I realized that the way I acted when we were together didn't make you happy.

Lana : You know, I always resented you for keeping secrets from me. And I don't want to do the same thing to you. Clark, there's a reason I came back to Smallville. When I was in Paris, I touched Isobel's tomb, and then there was this flash of light and the next thing I remember is waking up in my apartment. And I had this.

Lana turns around and lifts up her jacket, showing Clark the tattoo. Clark reaches out to touch it, but doesn't.

Clark : I've seen this before. On the cave wall.

Lana : I should've told you this months ago, but I was too scared. Clark, you know those caves better than anyone else. Do you know what this symbol means?

Clark : [Wanting to say yes.] No. I'm sorry.

Lana looks into Clark's eyes pleadingly, as if knowing that he isn't telling the truth. Clark looks back at her guiltily.

Cut to the symbol on the cave wall. A flashlights shines on it. We see that the person holding the flashlight is Lex. He stares at the symbol very seriously.


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