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#421 : À Jamais

Résumé : L'année scolaire touche bientôt à sa fin et Brendan, un étudiant photographe qui n'a pas eu la chance d'être accepté à l'université, se venge en congelant les élèves dont Chloé afin de les conserver dans un entrepôt reconstitué à l'effigie du lycée....


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À Jamais

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Act 1 Teaser

A shot of the front page of Chloe's last issue of the Torch. The headline says, "School's Out Forever!" Chloe is in the Torch office with BRENDAN, another student. Day. She is signing his yearbook. She signs next to a picture of herself with a caption that says, "Chloe Sullivan, Most Likely to Succeed."

Chloe : Wow, can you believe that 4 years has gone by this fast? [She hands the book back.] There you go.

Brendan : Okay. [Reading her note aloud.] "To Brendan. A photographer who could always capture the moment." Thanks.

Chloe : Sure.

Brendan : I gotta run. See ya.

He puts the yearbook in his backpack.

Brendan : Bye.

Chloe : Bye.

Brendan : See ya at lunch.

He exits the office. Chloe sits down at her computer and takes a sip of her coffee. The school bell rings and she keeps typing. Then she notices that there is no sound coming from the hallway. Instead of the usual roar of talking students that usually follows the sound of a school bell ringing, there is nothing but silence. Chloe looks at the clock on the wall and it says 8:30, but no students walk by the open door.

She walks out into the hallway and it is completely empty.

Chloe : Hello?

She walks around the corner and still doesn't see anybody.

Chloe : Hello?

The silence in the hallways is deafening. Finally, Chloe hears a noise like trickling water coming from the girls' locker room. She goes into the coach's office which leads to the locker room and looks around.

Chloe : Is anyone in here? Hello?

She looks through the window in the door to the locker room. Steam is coming from the showers and water from the steam is dripping down the inside of the window, but all of the lights are off. Chloe opens the door and steps into the locker room. There is a girl in the room, leaning over the drinking fountain. Chloe recognizes her.

Chloe : Haley? Oh, thank God, I don't know what's going on, but I think we're the only two peop-

Chloe stops when she gets close to Haley and realizes that Haley is a statue. Haley's eyes move from side to side as if she is aware, but the rest of her body is frozen solid.

Chloe gasps and darts out of the locker room. She runs out into the hallway and tries to exit the building, but the doors are locked. She turns and runs back to the Torch office where she picks up the phone, but finds it to be dead. Then she turns around and runs to the windows. She pulls open the blinds of one window, letting in the daylight, but is distressed by what she sees. She opens the other two sets of blinds and finds the same thing.

Chloe : [Backing away.] Oh my God! What going on?

We see that instead of an outside view through the windows, there are just rows of fluorescent lights imitating daylight. The school bell rings.

Chloe : Help! Help me! Help!!

We see an outside shot of where Chloe is. It is not the school, but an abandoned warehouse.

[Opening credits]

Act 1 Scene 1

Clark comes down the stairs in his house. Day. He overhears Martha and Jonathan talking in the kitchen.

Martha : He's obviously been thinking about this for a while. You have to let him make his own decisions, Jonathan.

Clark enters the kitchen where he sees Jonathan holding a package.

Jonathan : Hey. You mind telling me why you have a financial aid package for Central Kansas?

Clark : That's where I'm going to college.

Jonathan : What happened to Met. U? What happened to Ohio, what happened to Miami?

Clark : I thought I'd stay closer to home.

Martha : Clark, I know starting all over with new friends in a new city can seem overwhelming, but you can't let that hold you back.

Jonathan : This is one of the most important decisions you gonna make in your entire life.

Clark : You don't think I know that?

Jonathan : Does Lana happen to be going to Central Kansas?

Clark : I don't know where Lana's going to school, so no, this is not about Lana.

Jonathan : Oh, then it's about us. You don't think I can run this farm without your help.

Clark : This is where I'm needed.

Jonathan : Clark, your destiny lies far beyond those corn fields out there. And I'm not about to let you turn your back on that just because of us. Now I've got a farm to run.

Jonathan leaves.

Martha : Clark? Is that really the reason?

Clark doesn't answer.

Act 1 Scene 2

Outside shot of the abandoned warehouse. Day. Inside the Torch office replica, Chloe is typing on her computer frantically. A dialogue box pops up on her screen that says, "No Internet Connection." She keeps typing until she hears two girls talking outside the office.

Lisa : That bio test was really hard.

Delia : I know, I totally bombed it.

Chloe runs into the hallway and recognizes the girls.

Chloe : Lisa, Delia. Do you guys know what's going on?

Lisa : You better hurry Chloe, or you're going to be late for Trig.

Chloe : Wait, Trig? You guys, there's no classrooms behind these doors.

Delia : [Quietly.] Just play along. He's watching.

Delia looks up at the corner of the ceiling. Chloe follows her gaze and sees a surveillance camera filming their every move.

Brendan enters and Chloe runs to him.

Chloe : Brendan, wait! Don't let the door shut behind you! [The door shuts.] What are you doing? Are you playing along too?

Brendan : Playing along? Chloe, I planned it all.

Chloe : You brought us here?

Brendan : Just because it's the last day of school, doesn't mean it can't last forever.

Chloe : Brendan, you're not serious.

Brendan starts to walk away and Chloe stops him.

Chloe : Why would you want to stay stuck in high school when there's so much else out there?

Brendan : I thought you of all people would understand. You're the editor of the Torch, Prom Queen. Chloe, you had everything in high school. Once you leave, all that's going to be left is a lifetime of disappointments. But not in here.

Chloe : Brendan, you cannot keep us here forever. You have to move on.

Brendan : [Emotional.] To what? Look Chloe, some of us didn't get into our dream colleges like you. When you're staring at a pile of rejection letters, moving on really means working at a local video store for the rest of your life.

Chloe : Well, how can you be sure the rest of us are going to go along with this?

A young man is behind them getting something out of his locker. Brendan hears him and turns around.

Brendan : [Threatening.] Wendell? Wendell, come here.

Wendell doesn't move, afraid.

Brendan : I said come here!

Wendell turns around and comes to Brendan.

Wendell : I didn't do anything, I swear.

Brendan : Chloe was just wondering what happens when we don't play along.

Wendell : [Backing away, holding up his hand.] No. No, please.

Brendan : Wendell...

Wendell : No, I didn't-

Wendell screams as Brendan grabs his arm. Starting with his hand, Wendell's whole body changes from flesh to rock solid and he is now frozen in place. His eyes move slightly. Brendan turns back to Chloe.

Brendan : It's best if you realize how much better off you are here, Chloe. [Brightly.] I'll save a seat for you at lunch.

Brendan smiles and walks away. Chloe stares at Wendell fearfully.

Act 1 Scene 3

Outside shot of the real Smallville High School. Day. In the hallway, the seniors are lined up in front of several tables, receiving their caps and gowns for graduation. Clark gets his red cap and gown which is wrapped in plastic. Lana walks up to him wearing her cap.

Lana : What do you think?

Clark : I think it's finally starting to hit me. It's really over, isn't it? [Lana nods.] You know I remember walking through those doors the first day of freshman year.

Lana : [Taking off her cap.] Actually, I think you tripped. [She laughs.]

Clark : Well I couldn't help it, you made me nervous.

Lana : It was cute. Who knew you'd turn into this big high school football star?

Clark : Former football star, who's gotten used to seeing you every morning at the lockers. [Sadly.] But I guess that's all gonna change now that you're going off to college.

Lana : Well, I don't know if I'm gonna go.

Clark : Really? I mean, what do you mean? You're the one that's always dreamt of leaving this town, ever since you were a little girl.

Lana : I know, it's just that right now I feel I'd be making that decision because it's what everyone expects us to do. If I go, I want to make that choice for the right reasons.

Clark : So you're staying in Smallville?

Lana : I don't know. I think it would be really hard with all of you guys gone.

Clark : Well not all of us will be gone. I'm thinking of commuting to Central Kansas.

Lana smiles.

Lana : Then maybe I won't have to spend any more time trying to figure out how to say goodbye.

They smile at each other. A teacher who is giving out caps and gowns yells more names.

Woman : Wendell Johnson! Chloe Sullivan! Haley Timmins! Delia Watkins!

Clark turns to the teacher, confused.

Clark : I would've thought Chloe would be the first one in line.

Act 1 Scene 4

Lex is on the upper level of his study, talking on the phone heatedly. Day.

Lex : LuthorCorp is the legal conservator of the cave. We can do any excavation work we want down there.

Jason enters.

Lex : I'll have to call you back. [He hangs up.] I thought we'd concluded our business.

Jason pulls out a handgun and points it at Lex. He fires it and a small dart shoots out, hitting Lex in the neck. Lex gasps and pulls the dart out of his neck to look at it.

Jason : Almost.

Lex falls down, losing consciousness.

Fade to black.

Act 2 Scene 1

Jonathan is chopping wood in the barn. Day. Martha enters and sees that he is very out of breath and sweating heavily.

Martha : Clark was gonna take care of that tonight.

Jonathan : It's nothing I can't handle by myself.

Martha : I know what you're doing, Jonathan. You can't take the place of Clark on this farm, no one can. Every other farm in the county has at least five hands to help out.

Jonathan : Sweetheart, my family managed to run this farm for generations before Clark came around. I see no reason why I can't run it by myself.

Martha : Sometimes I wonder which one of you is more stubborn.

Jonathan : Why don't I give you a clue?

He puts another log on the chopping block and chops it in half.

Martha : When are you going to admit that the truth is you and I can't run this place alone?

Jonathan : Martha, what exactly is it that you want me to do? You want me to tell our teenage son that we couldn't possibly survive around here without him? What kind of parents would that make us?

Martha : Honest ones. How many times has he asked be treated like an adult? This decision took a lot of maturity.

Jonathan : Or guilt. Martha, Clark still feels responsible for my heart problems. I'm not going to allow him to do this out of pity.

Martha : It's not pity, Jonathan. Clark knows that if he leaves, he can only come back a few times a year. And he doesn't want one of those times to be your funeral.

Jonathan is shocked into stillness.

Act 2 Scene 2

Outside shot of Smallville High School. Day. Clark and Lana enter the Torch office. There are boxes everywhere as if Chloe was getting ready to pack her things.

Clark : Chloe?

Lana stares at Chloe's wall.

Lana : I don't know if Met. U.'s ready for the Wall of Weird.

Clark : She didn't get the Torch out today.

Lana : Maybe the printers aren't working.

Clark : [Looking at the computer screen.] No. It's not even in its final format. There's no way that Chloe would let the last day of school go by without getting in her final word.

Lana : And when was the last time that Chloe pulled an all-nighter with a deadline and didn't finish her latte?

Lana shows Clark and unfinished cup of coffee.

Clark : Or leave without her lifeline?

Clark finds Chloe's cell phone.

Act 2 Scene 3

Lex regains consciousness. He is tied to a chair in a dark cabin. Day. He struggles against his bindings but can't get free. When he looks around, he sees a deer head hanging on the wall and a fire burning in the fireplace. Next to the fireplace is Lionel, also tied to a chair.

Lex : I guess I should have trusted my instincts. I knew you were working with Jason.

Lionel : Judging from the fact that 10 minutes ago I lost all feeling in my hands, you have a very curious definition of collaboration, Lex.

Genevieve and Jason enter.

Lionel : Genevieve. And the dutiful son. The Oedipal bond certainly has a way of flourishing when it's fed, doesn't it, Lex?

Genevieve slaps Lionel across the face.

Genevieve : Lionel, the stones may be just another hobby for you, but I didn't search all these years just to reach a stalemate.

Lex : You're making a big mistake Jason. I know she's your mother but don't think for a second she won't turn on you. Trust me on this one.

Genevieve : [Defending herself.] Jason...

Jason : It's okay, Mother. I don't expect him to understand the meaning of family loyalty, especially when the only thing running through the Luthor blood is betrayal.

Jason cocks his gun and points it at Lionel's neck.

Jason : Now, we want the stone you stole from us.

Lex looks at Lionel with surprise.

Genevieve : Yes, Lex, your father has one of the stones.

Lex : And what do you want from me?

Genevieve : I have a feeling that he'd sooner die than give up that stone. But all that might change if his own flesh and blood were at stake.

Genevieve walks slowly to Lex.

Lex : You obviously don't know my father as well as I do.

Genevieve : I hope for your sake you're wrong.

Act 2 Scene 4

Lois is working in the Talon. Day. As always, she is extremely busy and the bar is surrounded by customers.

Lois : I've got a couple of cappuccinos and a double espresso. Where do they go? There you go.

She hands the coffee to the customers.

Girl : Thank you.

Clark comes to the bar.

Lois : I'm impressed, Smallville. Of all the seniors skipping the last day of school, I didn't expect to see you.

Clark : I'm on lunch break.

Lois : Right, right. Because why would you do anything like any other normal teenager in America? The last day of school is a "get out of jail free" card. Even my best employee Haley flaked on her morning shift.

Clark : I'm here looking for Chloe. Have you seen her?

Lois : After my 2 A.M. java run to the Torch last night so that she could make her deadline, I'm guessing she's crashed out somewhere.

Clark : Lois, she never published the last issue. It's kind of why I think something is going on.

A young woman walks up to Clark with a yearbook.

Girl : [Shyly.] Um, Clark? Could you sign my yearbook?

Clark : [Pleased.] Yeah.

Lois rolls her eyes as Clark signs next to a picture of himself with a caption that says, "Most Likely to be Drafted to the NFL." While he is signing, he notices a picture of Haley. He shows it to Lois.

Clark : Is this the girl who didn't show up to work today?

Lois : [Reading the caption.] "Most Likely to be a Sharks Cheerleader"? Yeah, that's our girl.

Clark gives the yearbook back to the girl.

Girl : Thanks.

She walks away.

Clark : Listen, Wendell, Haley, Chloe, and Delia. They didn't pick up their graduation robes today.

Lois : Not your "Most Likely to Ditch" crowd. You think something's happened to them?

Clark : I don't know. Anything seem weird last night when you left Chloe?

Lois : No, she was just swarming through a pile of photos with some photographer kid.

Clark thinks about it.

Act 2 Scene 5

Lana leaves the school and walks to her car. Day. She gets in and pulls a small pouch out of her purse. She unzips the pouch and pulls out a red handkerchief which she unfolds to reveal the Stone of Power that was found in China. She stares at it intensely for a moment, then wraps it up again and puts it away. When she turns back to her open window, Brendan is standing there with his yearbook. He startles her.

Lana : Hi.

Brendan : Hey. I didn't mean to scare you there.

Lana : It's okay.

Brendan : I was just wondering if you'd sign my yearbook actually.

Lana : Sure.

Brendan opens his yearbook to a picture of Lana. She reads the caption aloud.

Lana : "Most Likely to be a Cover Girl". [She laughs.] I think that the photographer had something to do with this.

She signs it.

Brendan : Thanks. Of course a photograph could never take the place of the real thing, right?

Lana smiles at him and continues to sign. He reaches into the car and touches her. We see Lana's hand holding the pen stiffen up and become still.

Fade to black.

Act 3 Scene 1

Outside shot of the abandoned warehouse. Day. Chloe is standing in the hallway near Wendell's frozen body when Lisa walks up to her.

Lisa : Chloe, you better get to class. The bell's going to ring soon. You don't want to be late.

Chloe : I'll be right there.

They both glance at the camera on the wall. Brendan walks up to them.

Chloe : [Surprised.] Brendan!

Brendan : What are you two talking about?

Clark : We were just planning a study session for Mr. Kramer's quiz.

Lisa smiles in agreement, and walks away quickly.

Brendan : I have a surprise for you.

He leads her back to the Torch office. Chloe stops when she gets inside, horrified by what she sees. Lana is frozen, sitting on the desk.

Brendan : If you ask me, "Most Likely to be a Cover Girl" is selling her short. But at least you'll have a friend in here with you.

Chloe smiles, trying to hide her fear. Brendan touches Lana's face and she comes back to life with a gasp. She gets off the desk and goes to Chloe.

Lana : Chloe, what's going on?

Brendan : Chloe, I'm going to let you tell Lana the rules.

Chloe : [Brightly.] Okay! Great!

Brendan leaves.

Lana : How did I end up back in school?

Chloe : [Still forcing a smile.] Okay, don't wig out. We're not in school.

Lana : Why are you acting like this?

Chloe : He's watching.

Chloe looks at the camera on the wall and Lana sees it too. Chloe goes over to the window and pulls up the blinds revealing the fluorescent lights. Lana gasps.

Chloe : Brendan, A.K.A. Mr. Medusa's touch, recreated this place. It's kind of like a cage. Gives new meaning to the phrase "capturing the moment", doesn't it?

Lana : But how... The last thing I remember doing is signing his yearbook.

A thought occurs to Chloe and she picks up her yearbook. She brings it to Lana.

Chloe : Lana, will you sign my yearbook?

Lana : [Playing along.] Okay.

Chloe has opened the book to the page with her picture on it. There are also pictures of Lana, Clark, Wendell, and everyone else being held in the warehouse.

Chloe : [Quietly.] Look at the names. I seriously doubt it's just a coincidence that the slumber party's guest list is all on the "most likely to..." page. We have been collected.

Chloe is still smiling for the camera. Haley comes in, acting just as chipper.

Haley : Hey guys! [To Chloe.] I told Brendan you had a crush on him just like you wanted me to.

Lana : What are you guys talking about?

Chloe : Brendan wants high school? We'll give him high school.

Lana looks at Chloe with confusion.

Act 3 Scene 2

Jason walks toward Lex in the cabin holding a fire poker with a red hot tip. Day. He points the poker at Lex's face. Then he lowers it to Lex's chest where it sizzles against the skin. Lex cries out. Lionel winces.

Genevieve : [To Lionel.] Where is the stone?

Lex : Aah! God!

Lionel doesn't respond.

Genevieve : Lionel, Lex is your son. And despite what you want him to believe, I know you don't want to watch him die.

Lionel remains silent.

Genevieve : Jason, darling? [She takes the poker.]

Jason holds Lex's head and Genevieve slowly moves the poker toward Lex's eye.

Lex : [Struggling.] Oh, God!

Lionel watches for a few moments, then finally breaks.

Lionel : Stop! Stop it!

Genevieve : Where is it?

Lionel : I gave it to Lana!

Lex : Lana doesn't know anything about this.

Genevieve : You wouldn't have trusted anything that valuable to her.

Lionel : I gave it to her for the same reason I gave her that map to the temple. She is the chosen one, and we all know that!

Jason walks away from Lex, about to leave.

Genevieve : Jason. [Jason stops.] I'll take care of Lana.

Jason : You promised me you wouldn't hurt her.

Genevieve : Has she ever shown any gratitude? Lana has no idea how much you've been protecting her. And for what? For her to choose Clark over you?

Genevieve reaches for the keys in Jason's hand, speaking gently to him.

Genevieve : You know, I would never betray you the way she has.

Jason doesn't want to give in, but he finally does. Genevieve takes the keys away from him.

Lionel : I wouldn't underestimate her, Genevieve. Don't forget Lana Lang's ancestor pledged that she would revenge your family.

Genevieve : I would leave folklore in the past if I were you, Lionel. My ancestors burn traitors at the stake. Let's hope you're not one of them.

Genevieve leaves the cabin.

Act 3 Scene 3

Outside shot of Smallville High School. Day. Clark and Lois enter the dark room. There are pictures hanging up everywhere on the line to dry.

Clark : Brendan? He's got to be in here, it's like his second home.

Lois : Just like Chloe should be at the Torch. This whole "10 Little Indians" thing is starting to give me the creeps. [Looking at the pictures.] Popular guy. Cheerleaders, alternate girls, jocks.

Clark : Brendan knows everyone. It's sort of your fast track to the front page of the Torch.

Lois turns to a screen on the wall and sees several pictures posted there. They are all pictures of the people from the "Most Likely To..." page and some of them have been crossed out.

Lois : That's a little "Norman Bates".

Clark : It's everyone from the "Most Likely..." list.

He sees that Lana has been crossed out too.

Clark : Lana?

Lois : Oh, God, do you think they're...

Clark : No. It seems more like a collection, like he's keeping them somewhere.

Clark finds a transparency and puts it on the overhead projector.

Clark : Lois, check this out.

He turns on the projector and it shines in Lois's eyes. She blocks the light with her hand.

Lois : Oh, thanks, Clark.

Clark aims the projection at the screen where the pictures are posted. The projection is some kind of building plan and each person on the screen fits into a different room.

Lois : It's like they're his paper dolls or something.

Clark : Except these blueprints are to scale. He must've rebuilt this part of the school somewhere. [He reads from the blueprint.] "Nash Construction."

Act 3 Scene 4

Outside shot of the warehouse. Day. Chloe is still in the Torch office typing. Brendan knocks on the door.

Chloe : [Trying to sound pleased to see him.] Hey! It's amazing how much material we have for tomorrow's issue already.

Brendan : Well, I wanted to make sure you have some great shots to work with.

He sits down on the edge of the desk.

Brendan : You know, it's funny. Four years in school together, and I had no idea that you and Haley were such good friends.

Chloe : [Feigning embarrassment.] Why? What did she tell you?

Brendan : [Flirting.] Nothing I didn't suspect already.

Chloe stands up.

Chloe : You know, the more I think about it, the more I can't believe you recreated this whole place for all of us.

Brendan : After I got those rejection letters, I realized I spent so much time proving myself in here and none of it mattered on the outside.

Chloe : And we'd have to do it all again if we left. [She comes close to him.] So, how'd you do it?

Brendan : I told my dad if he didn't do it, I'd turn my annoying step-monster into his own personal mannequin. [He laughs.] You should have seen the look on her face. It was just crazy...

Lana hits Brendan on the back of the head with a desk drawer, knocking him unconscious. He falls to the floor, and Chloe takes his keys from his pocket.

Chloe : Let's go.

They run from the office, and Haley is waiting for them outside.

Haley : Please, get us out of here!

They run by the statue of Wendell and to the exit. Chloe touches a security card on Brendan's keys to the sensor by the door and the door unlocks.

Cut to the three of them running through the warehouse toward the door that leads them outside. Lana trips and Chloe stops to help her up. Haley keeps running and goes up the stairs to the door. When she gets there, it opens and Brendan is standing outside.

Brendan : You shouldn't have tried to get away, Haley.

Haley turns to run back down the stairs, but Brendan touches her, freezing her in place.

Chloe and Lana get to the foot of the stairs and stop when they see Brendan.

Brendan : I thought you felt the same way I did about our future.

Chloe : Brendan, you can't keep us here forever.

Lana : You have to let us go.

Brendan : I don't think you really want that. I know you'll like it here. Or you'll end up like your friend Haley.

He holds up Haley's severed mannequin head. Then he tosses it down the stairs and it shatters, spilling blood everywhere. Chloe and Lana gasp and stare up at Brendan.

Act 4 Scene 1

A shot of the fireplace in the cabin. Day. Jason is kneeling next to the fire while Lionel and Lex are still tied to their chairs.

Lionel : I don't blame you for getting caught up in all this, Jason. Your mother, ooh. She's a difficult woman to resist. You were supposed to get close to Lana but what happened? Did you stray a little too far from those apron strings?

Jason grabs his gun and stands up.

Jason : You know, with all your resources, I would've thought by now you'd know that Lana is nothing more than my mother's pawn.

Lionel : Pawn? Well that's true but, a pawn you fell in love with. It must be killing you that you've sacrificed your feelings for Lana in exchange for some maternal warmth... [Jason points the gun at Lionel.] seems you can't do without.

They stare at each other for a moment, and then Jason walks out of the cabin, slamming the door behind him.

Lex : Makes us look like the Waltons, doesn't it?

Lionel : [He chuckles.] I'm sorry, Lex, I got you involved in all this. You may not believe me but I truly wish I were here alone.

Lex stares at the fire.

Lex : To be honest Dad, I'm glad you're here with me. Now, knock that iron out of the fire, and get it as close to my chair as you can.

Lionel scoots his chair closer to the fire. He knocks over the rack of pokers which hits the handle of the iron that is sticking out of the fire. This causes the iron to flip over onto the floor, its tip glowing red hot.

Lex rocks his chair back and forth until he finally tips over on his side, landing with the hot iron under the ropes binding his arm. He grimaces at the heat, but he stays where he is until the rope is burned of off his arm.

Cut to Lionel and Lex leaving the cabin. Jason is outside gathering firewood and sees them. They run into the woods and Jason follows them, cocking his gun. He shoots at them a couple of times and misses. They continue to run and Jason shoots again, hitting nothing but trees.

Lex and Lionel make it to a thick tree and hide behind the trunk.

Lex : [Breathless.] We gotta split up. Go!

They run in opposite directions. Lionel runs up a small hill, and as he is pulling himself to the top, he comes face to face with Jason who is at the top of the hill. Jason points his gun at Lionel's face and fires. The bullet hits a fallen tree trunk right in front of Lionel, and Lionel loses his grip, tumbling back down the hill. He lands at the bottom and Jason walks closer to the edge, pointing his gun again. Lionel remains still, having nowhere else to run.

Then Lex runs up to Jason and hits his arm with a tree branch, causing Jason to drop the gun. Then he hits Jason across the face with the branch and Jason falls down. He is about to hit Jason again, but Jason flings dirt in Lex's eyes. Lex gasps, blinking the dirt away which gives Jason a chance to run away.

Lex chases after him again, still holding the tree branch. They run up a hill near a river and Jason stops in his tracks when he realizes he has reached a cliff with a dead drop down to the water. Lex comes up behind him, ready to strike again, but Jason holds up his hands.

Jason : Wait, Lex, don't do this! Don't do this! [Lex stops.] Come on, look at me. Look at me. You and I, we're not that different. It was never about you and me. It was about our parents. Please! Lex, please!

Lex : I always knew I had to protect Lana from you.

Jason : But not as much as you've been protecting your best friend, huh? Clark?

Lex : Clark doesn't have anything to do with this!

Jason : Oh, you don't believe that. Clark's more connected to this than any of us. You just choose to ignore it. I mean, think about it... the symbols burned into the Kent barn? The fields?

Lex : It's a little late and obvious to be shifting the blame in the 11th hour.

Jason : Why can't you see what's right in front of your face, Lex? It's Clark. He's-

There is a gunshot and a bullet hits Jason in the chest. Lex turns around and sees that Lionel was the one who fired the gun. Jason looks down at his wound, then loses his balance and falls backwards off the cliff, splashing into the water far below. Lex drops the tree branch.

Lionel : He was... about to kill you, Lex.

Lex : Or divulge something you didn't want me to know.

Lionel : Lex, you saved my life back there. I was returning the favor son.

Lex : I had no choice. I know you have the stone. [He grabs Lionel's shirt threateningly.] If anything happens to Lana you'll be begging for an end like that.

Lex walks away.

Act 4 Scene 2

Lois and Clark walk up outside the warehouse. Day.

Lois : How cliche, an abandoned warehouse.

She sees that the door is chained shut.

Lois : Oh great.

Clark : You know maybe there's another way in around the corner. Why don't you go check? I'll see if I can find a key for this lock.

Lois : [Doubtful.] Keys? Well, I highly doubt they're under the welcome mat, but, uh, you knock yourself out.

Lois walks away and Clark breaks the chain and opens the door.

Around the corner, Lois finds a bin of scrap metal and takes a piece of it. Then she sees a vent in the side of the warehouse above a storage shed. She climbs to the top of the shed and pries open the vent. Then she climbs into the warehouse.

Cut to Clark entering what looks like the hallway of Smallville High School. He sees Wendell frozen in place. He looks through the window of the Torch office and sees Chloe frozen inside.

Clark : Chloe.

He goes into the office. He touches her on the shoulder, but she remains still.

Clark : Chloe?

In the hallway, Lois opens a vent in the ceiling and drops through it to the floor. She walks slowly down the hallway and sees Clark and Chloe through the window of the Torch office. In the reflection on the window, she sees Brendan walking up behind her. Without hesitation, she turns around and tries to kick him, but he catches her leg and turns her into a statue.

Then he walks over to the wall where a baseball bat is hanging on an award plaque and tears the bat off. Lois is now frozen with her leg in the air. Clark turns around and sees her through the window just as Brendan is about to shatter her with the bat.

Clark super speeds out of the office and covers Lois with his body just as Brendan swings the bat, and it shatters over Clark's back. Brendan stares at the broken bat in shock, then runs away from Clark and up the stairs. Clark super speeds up the stairs and stops in front of Brendan, forcing Brendan to stop running.

Clark : Brendan.

Brendan tries to run in the other direction, but Clark is already there.

Clark : You have to release everybody.

Brendan : I wanted you to be a part of all this Clark. But you guys...[Pointing his finger angrily.] You guys had no right coming here!

Clark : You have to let them go. Things change. No matter how much we don't want them to.

Brendan backs up the stairs and Clark follows him slowly.

Clark : We can't live in high school forever.

Brendan : You don't really want that. Clark... think about it.

He gestures to the top of the stairs where Lana is frozen in place.

Brendan : She could stay like this forever. Always be with you. You wouldn't be afraid if she ever left you.

Clark : I'm not afraid of that, Brendan.

Brendan : You should be. She'll leave you, Clark. She might never come back. If you really care about her, you'll do anything you can to keep her.

Clark : Let her go!

Clark walks toward Brendan and Brendan grabs his arm. He tries to freeze Clark, but it doesn't work and the process starts to reverse. Brendan's hands start to freeze.

Brendan : What's happening? No! It won't stop! You're going to find out what it's like to lose someone forever.

Brendan knocks Lana over.

Clark : No!

Clark super speeds up the stairs and catches Lana before she lands.

Brendan is still on the stairs next to the railing as his face becomes frozen in a look of terror. His whole body is frozen now. He falls backwards over the railing, his leg staying behind on the stairs, and falls to the ground where he shatters. Lana comes back to life and gasps.

Lana : Clark.

In the hallway, Wendell unfreezes and so does Chloe in the office. She runs into the hall where she and Lois hug.

Chloe : Lois!

Lois : Oh, hey!

Chloe : My God...

Clark and Lana look over the railing and see Brendan on the floor in pieces. There is a large piece of his face with one eye still open. They eye closes.

Fade to black.

Act 5 Scene 1

Outside shot of the loft. Night. Clark watches the stars through his telescope. Jonathan enters behind him.

Jonathan : Wow, I haven't seen you use that thing in a long time. I thought maybe you'd outgrown it.

Clark : Dad I think that we-

Jonathan : Look. Clark, the time comes in everybody's life when they realize their parents aren't gonna be around forever.

Clark turns around, protesting.

Clark : Dad, I-

Jonathan : Clark, I just... I just don't want you sacrificing your potential because of me.

Clark : It's not a sacrifice, Dad. It's a choice.

Jonathan smiles and walks to the window.

Jonathan : It's a really fine line, don't you think?

Clark : Dad, I get the feeling we could talk about this all night, and you're still not gonna understand.

Jonathan : Oh, I understand a whole lot more than you think.

Clark : Right. That's why you came up here to change my mind. Dad, you raised me to make my own decisions. Why don't you trust me on this?

Jonathan : [Turning back to Clark.] Because you are a lot like me. I had a full ride to Met. U. waiting for me when I graduated. Problem is, my father needed me on this farm. So I stayed.

Clark : [Surprised.] Dad that's a pretty big footnote to leave out. Why didn't you tell me?

Jonathan : I didn't want it to weigh you down. As much as I loved my father, I... a part of me still resents him for needing me that much. I don't want you to feel that. That's not the kind of father I... I ever wanted to be.

Jonathan starts to leave.

Clark : Dad. [Jonathan stops.] This isn't about the kind of father you are. It's about the kind of son I want to be.

Jonathan smiles at Clark and hugs him tightly.

Act 5 Scene 2

Outside shot of Smallville High School. Day. Inside the Torch office, Chloe is taking down the last picture from the now empty Wall of Weird. She looks around at the office which is also completely bare, and puts the article in her box.

Chloe takes a walk around the office, looking around it one last time, and then she goes to the door. She reaches out to turn off the lights and looks at the office again with tears in her eyes.

Finally, she turns off the light and closes the door. She takes a deep breath and walks away.

Cut to Chloe leaving the school. Many other students are leaving, talking loudly and signing each other's yearbooks. There is a storm of colored paper that students are throwing happily from the upper level windows of the school as Chloe comes down the stairs. Clark and Lana walk up to her.

Chloe : Hey.

Clark takes the box for Chloe.

Chloe : Thank you.

The three of them walk away from the school together quietly.

Chloe : So I guess this is it, huh?

Clark : It's not like we're never going to see each other, right?

Lana : Yeah, you'll have summers and holidays.

Lana's comment isn't much consolation to any of them.

Chloe : This sucks.

Lana : Yeah, big time.

Clark : Suddenly, all those tests and teachers we hated seem a lot less scary than the big question mark that's hanging out there.

Lana : You'd think after everything that happened with Brendan, it'd be a whole lot easier to say goodbye to all this.

Clark : There's a lot here to say goodbye to.

Chloe : You know, not to go all "psycho-sympathizer" on you guys, but I can't blame Brendan for wanting to keep everybody together. Although, after that little lock-in I can't think of anything scarier than being stuck in the past and not moving on.

They continue to walk in silence for a while. Then something occurs to Chloe. She stops walking and stands in front of Clark and Lana, facing them.

Chloe : Wait a minute, Lana. Did you say "I'll" have summers and holidays? What about you?

Lana : I'm staying in Smallville.

Clark : I thought you said you weren't sure.

Chloe : Don't you want to see what else is out there?

Lana : Well that's exactly why I went to Paris last year, but there's a reason that I was drawn back home. I'm just not sure that I've explored all the possibilities here.

Chloe looks at Lana for a long moment, trying to understand. Then Lana starts walking again and Clark follows her. Chloe watches them together.

Chloe : [To herself.] Maybe things won't change much after all.

Chloe runs after them to catch up. She links arms with Clark and all three of them walk away from Smallville High School.


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