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#504 : Aquaman

Résumé : Une fête sur la plage de Crater Lake prend un tour dramatique quand Loïsse cogne la tête en sautant dans le lac. Avant que Clark puisse la sauver, un mystérieux nageur, Arthur Curry vient à son secours, devançant Clark et le laissant perplexe. Le professeur Fine dit à Clark que Lex est derrière une opération secrète de fabrication d'armes. Arthur Curry tente de s'introduire dans le Centre Marin de Luthorcorp afin d'essayer de détruire une des torpilles de Lex mais il est capturé par ce dernier.


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Crater Lake. Day.Clark and Lana are sitting on the beach. Clark is rubbing sun tan lotion on her back.

Lana : I think you missed a spot.

Clark : Where?

Lana points to her lips and they kiss.

Chloe and Lois walk up.

Lois : Well, I know what you did this summer.

Clark : Lois?

: Oh, don't look so guilty, Smallville. It's about time the love birds flapped their wings.

Clark : What are you doing back?

Lana : Yeah, we thought you were in Europe 'til the end of the year.

Clark : Hoping.

Lana : Will you stay with Chloe?

Lois : Actually, I just ran into Mrs. Kent at the Talon and right out of nowhere, she asked if I would like to move back in at the farm.

: Yeah, right. Really?

: I know, isn't that sweet? Oh, don't worry. You little snuggle bunnies can hop right on away. I'm a light sleeper. I'm going for a dip.

: Do you think she could sleep through me smothering her with a pillow?

Lana : Don't stay in the sun too long. You're going to get dry.

Chloe : So, I take it Lana hasn't gotten to peep intot he confidential files of Clark Kent yet.

Clark : Chloe, you think I'm happy about having my powers back and lying about them? I didn't ask for this to happen.

Chloe : We didn't ask for a world that needs heros, but the truth is we do. Now more than ever, Clark.

Cut to Lois who is taking a dip. She jumps off the diving platform and upon entering the water, she hits her head. She's knocked unconcious.

On the beach, Chloe and Clark are looking at the water.

Chloe : Something's wrong. She's been under way too long. Go!

Clark runs to go save Lois. He dives into the water. Under water, someone zips past Clark, knocking him out of the way. The young man takes Lois into his arms. Clark catches a glimpse of him before he swims off at superspeed with Lois.

The young man carries Lois onto the beach, laying her down on the sand.

Lana : She alright?

The young man is Arthur "A.C." Curry.

A.C. : I'm working on it.

He begins to do mouth to mouth on Lois. She comes to.

A.C. : Hey.

They share a smile. Lois gingerly sits up, holding her head.

: Maybe you outta stick to the shallow end 'til you learn how to swim, gorgeous.

: Maybe you outta try breath mints, Surfer Boy.

A.C. laughs.

A.C. : Name's Arthur Curry; my frineds call me A.C.

Lana, to Lois : Come on. We gotta get you back to the farm.

: Wow, where did Bobby Baywatch come from?

Clark : I don't know, but he can sure swim fast.

Chloe : Are we talking Olympic gold metal fast or meteor freak fast.

Clark : This is something else. He can swim faster than I can.

Central Kansas A&M. Day.

Professor Fine : Do you know where the greatest super computer in the world resides?

He points to his head.

Professor Fine : Right here. It's the human brain; yet we only use ten percent of it.

Clark enters the class late.

Professor Fine : Good morning, Mr. Kent. Did we start too early for you?

Clark : Sorry, I kinda got lost.

Professor Fine : If there are any other wayward travelers, this is Introduction to World History and I am Professor Milton Fine. Before we delve into my lectures about the Greeks, Romans, and Spartans--all of which I'm sure you'll find very enlightening--let's look at the word history. History is not about facts. It's about the context and who is telling the story. So, what is history? What is herstory? What is your story, Mr. Kent? How will you affect the world around you for generations to come?

Clark : I'm not sure you can know that at eighteen.

Professor Fine : Tell that to Alexander the Great or, to bring it closer to home, Lex Luthor. Now, he's not much older than you are and yet he's turned his father's agro business into a leading defense contractor. He's gone from feeding people to killing them, and yet his story is that he's a white knight who's just put a small Kansas town on the map. Beware of white knights, people. They don't slay dragons. They train them for their own dark purpose. Think of Hitler, Stalin, Napoleon.

Clark : Lex is not a saint, but I don't think you can put him in the same league as those guys.

Professor Fine : An honest opinion. I like that.

Talon. Day. We see the cappuccino machine and a cip of coffee that is over flowing. Lois is standing in front of it. A.C. walks up.

A.C. : I think it's full.

Lois : Customers like it that way. More bang for their buck.

A.C. : I got a buck.

Lois : Yeah?

A.C. : Yeah.

Lois : Just use it to get some fashion sense. (She gives some customers their order.) Here you go. (She walks back to A.C..) You know this whole orange and green thing you got going? Looks like Flipper threw up.

A.C. : I'll tell you what. You show me how to dress how you like and I'll teach you how to swim.

Lois : I know how to swim, thank you.

A.C. : You're welcome, but next time, I might not be there to suck the water out of those pretty lungs.

Lois : Look, I didn't need you to play paramedic, fishstick, alright? I just had a little bit of water down the wrong pipe.

A.C. : You were turning blue.

Lois : It's a good color on me. Look, it was a freak accident, alright? I practically live in the water.

A.C. : But, I can swim.

: So can I. I'm a great swimmer. I can swim like a fish.

: Prove it.

Central Kansas A&M. Day. We see Professor Fine walking out of the building. Clark catches up to him.

Clark : Professor, I'm sorry to bother you, but I know I got off on the wrong foot. I want to appologize.

Professor Fine : Never appologize. If you're going to show up late, at least do it with conviction, Mr. Kent.

Clark : How do you know my name?

Professor Fine
: What was the first thing you did the day of orientation?

: I got my picture taken.

Professor Fine : That photo was in a database, which I checked before the semister began, and that way, I can call my students by their proper names. Helps teh learning process. How long have you been freinds with Lex Luthor?

Clark : Friends? Who said we were friends?

Professor Fine : It's just a deduction. Why else would the son of family farmers be defending such a man?

: It's a long story, but Lex's not the man you make him out to be.

Professor Fine : Well, you know, Groucho Marx said there was only one way to find out if a man is honest: ask him. If he says yes, then he must be crooked.

Clark : I would think a collage professor would be quoting Karl Marx, not Groucho.

Professor Fine : German philosophy is easy. Comedy's hard. Hey, why don't you come work for me? I've been interviewing research assistants for my new book on Luthor Corp. You could find out the truth about Lex Luthor yourself.

: Thanks, Professor, but I'm not really looking for a job right now.

Professor Fine
: You know what's worse than the fear of speaking the truth, Mr. Kent? It's the fearing of uncovering it.

Crater Lake. Day. Lois and A.C. are swimming.

Lois : So, I won.

A.C. Come on. I'm waiting for you.

Lois : I thought you loved the water. You're tiring out on me already.

A.C. : I'm just enjoying the view.

Lois : Oh, yeah, yeah. So, you ready to race or what?

A.C. : You don't really think you are faster than me, do you?

Lois : Oh, I know I am. Ready?

A.C. : Alright.

Lois takes off, but A.C. waits for a moment. Then he mouths "three". He submerges and darts past Lois.

Lois looks up to find him sitting on the diving platform.

A.C. : Hey.

Lois : Hey! How did you do that?

A.C. : Don't sweat it. I'm part fish.

He helps her up onto the diving platform.

Lois : Thank you.

A.C. : Well, that was pretty good. Guess you got your stride out there.

Lois : Lots of practice. My swim teacher was a Navy Seal.

A.C. : I swam with the seals. They're awesome.

Lois : You're not a military brat, are you?

A.C. : No, just a brat.

They share a smile. He brushes her hair away from her eyes.

Lois : What are you doing?

He leans in to kiss her, but an ear-peircing noise strikes his ears. He clutches them.

A.C. : Aahh!!

Lois : A.C., what's happening? What's wrong?

A.C. : Do you not hear that?

Lois : Hear what?

: Aaah!

He falls off of the platform and into the water.

Lois : A.C.

Under water, we see a sonic device. A.C. swims to it and then back to the shore.

Lois : A.C.!

She runs to meet him.

He's on his stomach. She turns him over.

Lois : Okay, okay. Shh, just lie back.

She sees that his ears are bleeding. She looks to the lake to see all of the fish rising to the surface, dead.

Luthor Mansion. Day. A scientist is going over something with Lex.

Scientist : With the exception of an unexplained disturbance at the site, today's trial was a complete success.

Lex : Great, send me the tapes. Best part of my job, watching impossible dreams become reality. How far was the target?

Scientist : Three kilometers away.

Lex : Three kilometers? That's half a kilometer further than projected.

Scientist : Yes, Leviathan is exceeding all expectations across the board.

Lex : If this goes well tomorrow, my associates from the Pentagon are going to want to put Leviathan on every vessel in the fleet.

Scientist : What about marine life? We still haven't figured out how to protect the---

Lex : There are plenty of fish in the sea, Doctor. Nobody's going to miss a couple that go belly up. Let's get Leviathan back to the lab.

Cut to Lois filling up a glass of water. She hands it to A.C. and they sit next to each other on the couch.

Lois : Hey.

A.C. : Thanks.

He begins to guzzle the water.

Lois : You know, we really should get you checked out at a hospital.

A.C. : No, I'm cool.

Lois : Is that surfer talk for "there's blood coming out of my ears"? 'Cause, you know, on dry land that usually isn't a good sign.

A.C. : It was probably just an ear infection or something...or just...can we just drop it?

Lois : Uh, sure.

They stand up. She feels his forehead.

A.C. : What are you doing?

Lois : Seeing if you have a fever.

A.C. : You really don't listen, do you?

Lois : I try not to. I find it distracting.

A.C. : Well, what's the verdict, doc?

Lois : You're actually a little cold.

A.C. : That's weird. Feeling kinda warm right now.

Lois : Does that line ever work on anyone?

A.C. : I figured it was like a one in ten shot, but you're worth the risk.

Lois : You don't even know me.

A.C. : What's to know? You're abrasive, sarcastic, and you never shut up.

Lois : Yeah, those are my good qualities.

He kisses her.

Lois : Look, just because you saved me when I wasn't really drowning, doesn't give you the right to slobber all over me.

A.C. : I'm sorry.

Lois : You should be.

She kisses him.

Clark walks in.

Clark : Lois!

Lois and A.C. pull away.

Lois : Hey, Smallville.

Kent Barn. Day.

Clark : Lois was all over this guy and all we know about him is he can swim faster than I can.

Chloe : Well, let me look him up. He's a sophomore at the University of Miami; majoring in marine biology. Oh, and here's a shocker, he's on the swim team, leaving all of his competition in the wake.

Clark : Does he have a criminal record?

Chloe : Um..yeah. Last yaer he broke into the Ocean Village Resort.

Clark : What did he steal?

: Eight dolphines. He busted open an underwater fence and released them back into the ocean. I don't know, Clark. It doesn't sound like FBI"s most wanted material to me.

Clark : Maybe it's the only thing he's bee ncaugt for.

Chloe : Maybe, but I mean, according to all of this, he's never even dipped a fin into Smallville until now. Which sorta shoots down our meteor freak theory.

Clark : He's not the first guy I met who didn't get his abilities from meteor rocks.

: Really?

Clark : There was a this kid last year, kinda ran too fast for his own good.

Chloe : Well, so far, the only thing we have on Arthur Curry is he saved Lois from being permenantly water-logged. Clark, are you sure you're not just upset that someone stole your hero fun day?

Clark : I don't know what it is about this guy, but I get a bad feeling.

Cut to the Talon. A.C. is drinking a glass of water.

Lois : You guys, you shoulda seen this guy. It was amazing. I've never seen anybody swim so fast, or drink so much water.

A.C. : Keeps my skin soft.

Clark : So, how do you like the University of Miami?

Lois : You go to school in Miami?

: Yeah. (To Clark.) How did you know about that?

Clark : I'm a big fan of collage swimming.

Lana : Really? Since when?

Clark : Since Arthur Curry started dominating the sport. So, how did you learn to swim so fast?

A.C. : I don't know. I guess it runs in the family. My dad operates a light house down south, swims like a lead weight. It must've been my mom with the skills, but she died when I was a baby.

: A.C., I'm so sorry.

A.C. : I'm not going to say it doesn't suck, but you know, growing up by the water was awesome. I probably spent more time in it than out.

Clark : What brings you to the most landlocked spot on the map?

A.C. : Crater Lake. Last few months, a bunch of fish have been dying off. EPA blames it on temperature changes, but I think that is totally bogus.

Clark : Smallville's a long way to go to check on temperature changes.

: Not if you care about the world you live in. See, people think that whatever happens in the oceans and lakes doesn't effect their lives, but it does. It's all connected.

Clark : Do you really believe that or is that a pickup line for the girls?

: Clark!

Lois : Smallville, can I talk to you over here for a minute? There's a cinnamon bun I need your opinion on.

She leads Clark away from the others.

Lois : What're you doing? I already have an over-protective dad and I don't need an over-protective brother, especailly one who isn't my brother.

: Am I the only one that thinks there's something fishy about this guy?

: Yes! Now, quit being a jerk.

Lois walks back to the others.

Lois, to A.C. : I'm sorry about that.

A.C. : So, it's cool. I gotta bounce.

: Do you want some company?

A.C. : No, I have a few things I need to take care of by myself.

He leaves and Lana and Lois look at Clark.

Clark : You're right. I was being a jerk. I'm going to go appologize.

He walks out.

Lois : I don't know how you put up with him, Lana.

Crater Lake. Day. A.C. enters a cavge and Clark superspeeds, following him, seeing him enter.

Through a vent in the floor, A.C. enters a lab. He looks through the Luthor Corp. documents on a table there.

He reaches into his bag, pulling out an expolsive device. He sets it to go off. Then he begins to exit through the floor, but he sees Clark in the lab.

Citing that the bomb is about to go off, Clark takes it in his arms, letting it explode there to spare the lab.

He looks to the vent to find that A.C. has disappeared.

A.C. dives into the water coming face to face with Clark. He begins to use his powers, shooting a ball of water at Clark, who barely avoids it. Clark pushes him and then A.C. shoots another ball of water at Clark, knocking him out of the water and onto the beach.

Kent Farm. Day.

Lois : Thanks for dropping the A-bomb on my date, Smallville. Did you appologize to A.C.?

: I didn't get a chance to.

Lois : Why not?

Clark : He was too busy playing terrorist. Lois, I saw him try to blow up some sort of lab.

: You really don't like him, do you?

Clark : It's nothing to do with the way I feel.

Lois : No? Attacking A.C., making up stories. You know, if I didn't know any better, I'd say somebody is jealous.

Lois walks out and A.C. comes out of nowhere.

A.C. : Is she great or what?

Clark : Arthur.

: Call me A.C. I thought I had the hook up. The way you flack-jacketed that C4. Ah, that was awesome bro!

Clark : I was just trying to stop a bomb you were going to set off, bro.

A.C. : Well, nice work. Thanks to you, the oceans are one step closer to becoming a graveyard.

Clark : That thing you were trying to blow up, it has something to do with the dead fish?

: No, not something. Everything. It's a sonar weapon called Leviathan. It emits some kind of focused wave. Packs enough punch to rip a submarine in half.

Clark : How do you know that?

A.C. : I had a peek at some documents at the lab. They had Luthor Corp stamped all over them.

Clark : You mean, Lex is trying to develope some sort of weapon?

A.C. : ONe that also happens to kill any sea life around it. Even when it's on standby. In four hours, he's demoing Leviathan for the Pentegon. IF they buy it and start dropping these things in the water, it'll be an eccological disaster. We have to stop him.

Clark : I'll go talk to Lex.

A.C. : There isn't enough time! Come on super boy! With you on the turf and me in the surf, we can stop this thing cold.

Clark : By blowing up his lab?

A.C. : Well, I'm not going to sit back and let this happen, Clark. I was born with an amazing gift and I plan to use it to protect the planet.

He walks off, but Clark superspeeds in front of him.

Clark : I'm not going to let you put innocent lives at risk.

A.C. : Like your buddy Lex Luthor?

Clark : He's not my buddy. Not anymore, but I think we can get him to listen.

A.C. : You think he doesn't know what this thing does? He doesn't care!

Clark : You wanna work together, then we clear this thing up with Lex. That's the deal.

A.C. : Alright, we'll try it your way, boy scout. Let's have words with the cue ball.

Cut to Luthor Mansion. day. Lex is looking at something on his laptop. Clark and A.C. enter.

Lex : Clark, you got here fast.

Clark : Thanks for seeing us, Lex.

Lex : Well, I only have a few minutes. I'm on my way out.

A.C. : Yeah, we know, bro.

Lex gets up.

Lex : Now, I don't believe we've had the pleasure.

Clark : Lex, this is my friend from out of town, Arthur Curry.

Lex offers his hand, but A.C. doesn't take it.

A.C. : You have to stop it.

Lex : Stop what?

Clark : We know about the weapon you're testing, Lex. I guess the billions you make from agriculture isn't enough.

Lex : One day of collage and he's already an activist. Clark, the only I'm developing is the kind that fights hunger. My team has been working on a strain of fast growing, high protein kelp---

A.C. : Leviathan has nothing to do with feeding the hungry, Luthor! It's a weapong that will kill everything in the water around it!

: I'm sorry, who are you, again?

A.C. : Someone who actually cares about the world he lives in.

Clark : You have to shut Leviathan down. There's other ways to defend this country.

Lex : Clark, the days of you barging into my home to give me safe advice are over.

Clark : Lex, whatever our differences, I don't want to see you get hurt! There are people out there who will do whatever it takes to stop you.

Lex : If you think I'm going to bow down to the thuggish tactics of extremeists, then you really don't know me very well.

A.C. : I told you this was a waste of time.

A.C. moves to leave.

: Arthur.

A.C. walks back.

A.C. : I heard you were a real tool, Lex. I hope you get what you deserve. I'm outta here. I got things to do.

: Your friend's got a bit of an anger problem.

Clark : He gets that way when someone's trying to destroy what he loves.

: Clark, I'm not trying to destory anything.

: Lex, don'tbother trying to cover it up. The days of me believing your lies are over.

Lex watches him go. Then he opens his laptop back up.

Cut to Crater Lake. Day. A.C. is shot in the neck with a tranquilizer dar. He falls to the ground.

Cut to the lab. Someone is taking a blood sample from A.C., who is tied down with restraints.

A.C. : Why are you doing this to me?

: One, you called me a tool, and two, most people I know need scooba gear to breathe under water.

A.C. looks really bad, very weak and dehydrated looking.

A.C. : I'm just good at holding my breath.

Lex has a glass of water in his hand. He leans down.

Lex : Right, I guess I shouldn't be surprised there's something unusual about you. I mean, you are a friend of Clark Kent's.

: He doesn't know anything about this. How about some water? I'm running a little thirsty.

: So am I. I have a thirst for knowledge, one that never seems to get quenched. What group are you with? Gaurdians of the sea?

A.C. : I don't travel with an enterage. Please, I need some water.

Lex : Now, I usually don't deny my guests a drink, but something tells me that if I give you water, you'll bust out of those restraints before the glass is empty. Now, let's try again. How are you able to breathe under water?

A.C. : Shutdown Leviathn. Then I'll tell you everything you wanna know.

Voice over loud speaker : Mr. Luthor, Leviath is submerged. Your guests are in the viewing room. All systems are ready to go.

Lex : Well, I guess we'll have to pick this up later.

A.C. : Please! Please, please. I don't care what you do to me, just destory that weapon.

Lex : Wow. Okay, you convinced me. I'll flush a hundred million dollars of R'n'D down the toilet and put the nation's fleet at risk while I'm at it. You might be a big fish in the water, but up here, I'm the shark.

He dumps the water on the ground just beside A.C. and he walks away.

A.C. : No!

He passes out.

Clark superspeeds into the lab and sees him coming to.

A.C. : Water.

Clark turns on the sprinklers. The water revives AC. and he breaks free from the restraints.

Clark : I knew I'd find you here. Are you okay?

A.C. : It worked, man. Soemthing's going soqn. Security's everywhere. I'll never make it through in time.

: You might be able to with a little help.

A.C. smiles.

Cut to Lex's presentation.

Lex : Gentlemen, I stand befor eyou humbled by technology that will forever tip the balance of naval power in our favor.

Admiral : That's a bold claim.

Lex : You'll see with your own eyes. Let the show begin.

: Activating ranging system. Modulator engaged. What the hell was that?!

Lex : What's going on?

Admiral : It looks to me like Mr. Luthor'as miracle weapon just self-destructed.

Scientist : Admiral!

She goes to follow him, leaving Lex alone to look at the computer screen. He walks over to the window to see something dart across the lake.

Luthor Mansion. Night. Lex is on the phone.

Lex : Yes, Admiral. I understand. I'm sorry to have wasted your time.

Clark enters. Lex hangs up.

Lex : Clark! I thought next time I saw you, you'd be waving some banner at a protest rally outside Luthor Corp.

Clark : You know, Lex. I was thinking I'd write a paper on that high protein kelp you said you were working on. Are there any new developments?

Lex : Well, it's funny you should ask. The project was derailed by a couple of misguided vandals. The equiptment's damanged beyond repair.

Clark : Maybe it wasn't meant to be.

Lex : Maybe. Say, how's your friend?

Clark : Arthur? Dunno, haven't seen him.

Lex : Well, if you bump into him, tell him I'm looking forward to seeing him again.

Clark : Lex, do you ever stop and think about where you life is heading?

Lex : All the time. It's a complicated world, Clark. Only the naïve view it in black and white.

Clark : You know, the other day, a professor of mine, he accused Luthor Corp. of being evil and you just being short of the devil.

Lex : Well, you didn't tell him about my pitchfork, did you?

Clark : I defended you. Guess I am naïve.

He walks out.

Kent Barn. Night. Clark enters.

A.C. : You got some awesome stuff in here, bro.

Clark : Yeah, I got the feeling the ocean floor is a little more interesting.

A.C. : And it'll stay that way now, thanks to you.

Clark : Well, I did have some help.

A.C. : We do make a pretty good team, huh? Maybe we should start up a junior life guard association or something.

: I'm not sure I'm ready for the JLA just yet. Unless you promise to stop blowing things up.

A.C. : As long as Luthor sticks to dry land, I'll keep the sea floor to myself, but if anyone messes with me home...

Clark : Look, I don't think Leviathan is going to be a threat again, but Lex might. He's seen your abilities. He'll turn the world upside down looking for you.

A.C. : The world is 3/4 water. Good luck finding me.

Clark : What about school in Miami?

A.C. : I guess the swim team will have to find another handsome stud.

Clark : Just stay out of trouble, alright, A.C.?

A.C. : Try to get in some, Clark. Stay super, bro.

They put their fists together.

A.C. leaves

Central Kansas A&M. Day. Clark enters Professor Fine's almost empty classroom to find the professor working on his laptop.

Professor Fine : If you dropped my class, I hope you haven't come to appologize.

Clark : You were right about Lex.

Professor Fine : Of course I was. I'll never lie to you, Mr. Kent. After all, I'm an educator. Turth is my life's work.

: It might be too late, but I was wondering if the research assistant possition was still available.

Professor Fine
: It is, but I'm not interested in hiring someone who changes their mind as often as they change their clothes.

Clark : Professor, I just can't sit back and watch anymore. And if your book is going to expose the turth about Luthor Corp., I wanna be a part of it.

Professor Fine : I expect my research assistants to be smart, thourough, and show up to each and every class.

Clark : I can guarantee it.

Professor Fine : Alright. You know, hisotry shows us that every decision a man makes has an effect on someone's life. You made the right decision, Mr. Kent.

Crater Lake. Day.

Lois : You haven't learend, have you? Orange and green, totally hideous, guy.

A.C. : I didn't think you were going to show. I just wanted to say goodbye.

: You going to Miami?

A.C. : No, I think I'm going to take some time off, float around for a little while, see where the currents take me.

Lois : If those currents ever bring you back to Smallville...

A.C. : I don't think that's going to happen. Well, not for a while.

Lois : Oh.

They kiss.

Kent Farm. Day. Clark is doing some paperwork. Lois enters.

Lois : You know, in my first week of collage, the only book I cracked open was the bar tender's guide and even that was the Cliff's notes version.

Clark : Well, I guess we're two different types of students.

Lois : I hope so, for your sake. Look, Clark, I know I got a little thorney when you raised the red flag on A.C.

Clark : I was just trying to look out for you.

Lois : And I appreciate it. I've just never had someone to guide me through the shark infested water of romance, not that I can't fend for myself.

Clark : You know, I think I was wrong about our friend A.C. He was a little misguided; his heart was in ther ight plcae.

: Yeah, he was definitely unique. I've known a lot of guys who wanna own the world; I haven't met very many who actually wanna save it. When am I ever going to meet someone like that again?

Clark : Lois, I promise someday, you will meet someone even more special.

He puts a hand on her shoulder.



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GQ's Men Of The Year Party

GQ's Men Of The Year Party
Justin Hartley s'est rendu à la soirée 'Men Of The Year', organisée chaque année par le magazine...

Justin Hartley pose pour GQ US

Justin Hartley pose pour GQ US
L'édition américaine du magazine GQ s'est entretenue avec Justin Hartley pour discuter de son rôle...

Tom Welling et Michael Rosenbaum à Paris ce weekend !

Tom Welling et Michael Rosenbaum à Paris ce weekend !
Le Paris Manga & Sci-Fi Show se tiendra ce weekend, samedi 20 et dimanche 21 octobre, au Parc des...

'Titans' World Premiere

'Titans' World Premiere
Le 3 octobre dernier était présentée, à New York, en avant-première mondiale, la toute première...

RENOUVELLEMENT | Titans obtient une saison 2

RENOUVELLEMENT | Titans obtient une saison 2
GO TITANS ! GO ! Avant même le lancement de la série, planifié le 12 octobre, DC Universe accorde sa...


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cinto, Hier à 11:58

Des séries ont un épisode spécial Noël; venez voir la PDM de Ma sorcière bien Aimée s'il y a la vôtre...

CastleBeck, Hier à 13:10

2 bannières et 3 thèmes attendent vos clics dans les préférences. Merci pour les 4 quartiers qui attendent patiemment. Bon dimanche!

quimper, Hier à 14:55

Et moi, je vous annonce l'arrivée du calendrier de décembre d'Elementary. L' esprit de Noël est au rendez-vous.Bonne fin de week-end à vous.

juju93, Hier à 16:39

Nouveau sondage chez The L Word : "A table ! avec Lez girls". Venez réveiller vos papilles ! Et toujours la PDM, les calendriers...

cinto, Hier à 19:28

Merci à tous ceux qui sont passés chez Ma sorcière Bien aimée suite à mon post sur la PDM sur les séries spécial Noël!

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