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#310 : Murmures

Résumé : En essayant d'arrêter des voleurs, Clark devient temporairement aveugle après avoir envoyé un rayon thermique qui s'est accidentellement reflété dans ses yeux à cause d'un morceau de kryptonite. Il se rend rapidement compte que son corps a développé une super-ouïe pour compenser la perte de sa vue. Cependant, comme pour la découverte de ses autres dons, Clark ne contrôle pas tout à fait son nouveau pouvoir...


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Photo de l'épisode #3.10

Photo de l'épisode #3.10

Photo de l'épisode #3.10

Photo de l'épisode #3.10

Photo de l'épisode #3.10

Photo de l'épisode #3.10

Photo de l'épisode #3.10

Photo de l'épisode #3.10

Photo de l'épisode #3.10

Photo de l'épisode #3.10

Plus de détails

Guest-stars :

→ Micah Alberti dans le rôle de Nathan Dea
 Felicia Bell-Shafer dans le rôle du Juge Abigail Ross
→ Camille Mitchell dans le rôle du Shérif Nancy Adams
→ William MacDonald dans le rôle de Walt Masterson
→ Ecstasia Sanders dans le rôle de l'Admiratrice de Pete
→ Lisa Marie Caruk dans le rôle de l'Admiratrice de Pete
→ French Tickner dans le rôle du Propriétaire de la Bijouterie


Titre de l'épisode :

 Whisper est le terme anglais qui signifie "murmurer".

• Le titre se réfère au nouveau super-pouvoir de Clark, la super-ouïe.


Indiscrétions :

 Clark développe un nouveau pouvoir, la super-ouïe, due à sa cécité temporaire.

 Suite à son "accident" aux yeux, Clark porte des lunettes noires puis des lunettes pour la vue, clin d'oeil à la mythologie Superman.

 Jonathan commence à ressentir les effets de l'accord qu'il a passé avec Jor-El dans l'épisode 3.01 - Le sang des héritiers 1/2.

 On apprend par le shérif Adams que Smallville a une population de 45.000 habitants.

Act 1 Teaser

Clark stands outside Smallville Jewelers looking in the display window at expensive-looking necklaces and earrings. Day. In the reflection in the glass, we see Lana walk up to Clark and stand next to him.

Lana : [From beside Clark.] Looking for something special?

Clark looks at Lana, slightly surprised.

Clark : My mom's birthday's coming up. How you feeling?

Lana : Still trying to get the taste of hospital Jell-O out of my mouth. But the leg's feeling better.

Clark : I thought of visiting, but...

Lana : It's okay. I understand. [Pause.] I've gotta go. Bye.

Lana walks away. Clark takes a breath as if about to speak, but Lana leaves too quickly for him to say anything. He watches her as she walks away, then he goes into the jewelry shop.

Outside, a car pulls up to the curb. Nathan Masterson is in the passenger seat, driven by his father.

Nathan : You sure about this?

Masterson : Just follow the plan, Nathan. Nobody will even know you're there.

Nathan nods. Masterson pulls a gun from the glove compartment.

Masterson : You smash, I grab. It's done. Do your thing, kid.

Masterson puts the gun in his jacket and stuffs earplugs into his ears as Nathan gets out of the car.

Inside the shop, Clark talks to the jeweler at the counter who hands Clark a small jewelry box.

Jeweler : Last time Martha was in, she made a point of trying these on.

Clark : Did she try anything on that didn't have four numbers in the price?

Nathan enters the shop inconspicuously.

Jeweler : [Laughs.] Well, I just got in some nice costume pieces from a local designer. Quite unique.

The jeweler puts another jewel box on the counter and opens it, removing a pin with a small kryptonite stone as its main jewel.

Jeweler : Straight from outer space.

Clark backs away, breathless.

Clark : Thanks, but I'll keep looking.

On the other side of the shop, Nathan puts the tips of his fingers against his throat on either side of his voice box. We hear a crunching sound followed by a low rumbling as his voice box bounces up and down rapidly a few times. Then Nathan removes his fingers from his throat and emits a high-pitched piercing noise from his mouth. Everyone in the shop starts to scream and cover their ears.

Jeweler : Aaaah!

Masterson enters the shop, pulling a nylon mask over his face. Nathan's lips shake with the intensity of the noise he is making, and the glass of the display counters shatters. The counter where the kryptonite jewel is sitting shatters, causing the jewel to fly into the air just as Masterson pulls out his gun. Clark sees the gun and shoots small bolts of heat vision at Masterson. His heat vision reaches the gun, causing Masterson to drop it, but not before some of the heat collides with the flying kryptonite jewel. The heat bolts reflect off the jewel, sending a green bolt of light back at Clark, hitting him directly in the eyes. He falls to his knees, holding his face.

Clark : Aah! Aah!

Nathan stops making the noise. The jeweler points a gun at Masterson.

Jeweler : Not another step.

Masterson looks at Nathan who runs from the store unnoticed. Some of the other customers leave the store as a crowd is starting to form outside. Lana comes in.

Jeweler : [To Masterson.] Don't you move. The police are on their way.

Lana sees Clark still on his knees and runs to his side. He isn't holding his face anymore, but he seems dazed and disoriented.

Lana : Clark, are you all right?

Clark : Lana? [Pause.] Lana, it's my eyes. I can't see.

Lana's mouth hangs open in horror as Clark blinks frantically.

[Opening credits]

Act 1 Scene 1

Outside shot of the Kent farm. Night. Inside, Martha helps Clark sit on the couch as Jonathan watches.

Martha : Here, honey. Sit back, there you go.

Clark sits down and adjusts the cushion behind him, trying to get comfortable. The skin around his eyes is slightly red. Martha goes to Jonathan and speaks quietly.

Martha : Jonathan, we have to do something.

Jonathan : Yeah, I know, sweetheart. But what? Clark's retinas were scarred by that heat burst. You saw the doctor. He was baffled.

Martha : He wasn't baffled, Jonathan, you handcuffed him.

Jonathan : The last time we trusted a doctor, she sold his blood to Lionel Luthor.

Martha : Then we'll find someone we can trust.

Jonathan : We cannot risk that.

Martha : Clark has lost his sight. We may have to risk someone learning his secret.

Jonathan : Martha, this is not about Clark's secret. His powers have now done something that have hurt him. And I think before we run out and just do something, we ought to think this whole thing through.

Clark : Don't I get a vote?

Clark stands up and Jonathan puts a hand on his shoulder.

Jonathan : Of course you do, Clark.

Clark : I think it may just be a question of time before I get better.

Martha : Sweetheart, it could be permanent.

Clark : [Trying to be optimistic.] Then there's a lot of people who learn to live with disabilities every day. What's the worst that could happen, go to school and walk through a wall?

Jonathan and Martha look at each other.

Act 1 Scene 2

Outside shot of Smallville High School. Day. In the hallway, Pete walks at Clark's side, holding onto his arm. Clark is wearing dark sunglasses. Students watch them as they walk.

Clark : Everyone's staring, aren't they?

Pete : Uh, they're just digging your shades.

Clark smiles. They arrive at Clark's locker.

Pete : Hey, man, let me give you a hand. [Pete starts to work the combination lock.] I've been up on this combination since the third grade. [Laughs. Opens the locker.] Here you go.

Pete guides Clark's hand to the open locker.

Pete : If it helps, the guy who did this landed on my mom's court calendar. Somehow, I don't think Judge Ross is gonna be giving this Masterson guy any breaks.

Clark smiles as he continues to take books from his locker. Lana walks around the corner and sees Clark and Pete.

Lana : Clark. You're already back.

Clark : Nothing quite that heroic. It's just a pit stop.

Lana : Well, um, if you need anything, I'm here for you. Class notes, help writing your papers.

Clark starts to turn back to his locker and drops the stack of books in his hands. Lana kneels down to help him pick them up. When she hands him the books, he takes them, accidentally resting his hand on top of hers.

Lana : One thing I learned from my accident is that you can't go through something like this alone.

They both stand.

Clark : Lana, just because I'm blind doesn't mean the issues between us have disappeared. This... [He touches his sunglasses.] ...doesn't change anything.

Lana : I was just offering a helping hand, Clark. But I won't make that mistake again.

Lana walks away.

Pete : Whoever said absence makes the heart grow fonder obviously hasn't met the two of you.

Pete swings the locker door shut. The slam is deafening. He slides the combination lock back into place and spins the combination. All of these actions are enormously loud, but Clark seems to be the only one who notices. Pete lets the combination lock swing back against the locker and the slam causes Clark to wince grab his ears. Suddenly the footsteps of passing students becomes louder, and then the zipping of a book bag. Clark is in obvious pain, holding his ears.

Pete : Clark, what's the matter?

Clark : Pete, did you hear that?

Pete : Hear what?

Chloe's Voice : Hello.

Clark : Chloe?

Chloe's Voice : Hello--

Pete : [Confused.] She's not here, Clark.

Chloe's Voice : Hello?

Clark : Pete, I can hear her right now.

During the following line, we travel into Clark's ear canal to his eardrum which is rattling excitedly at the sound of Chloe's voice.

Chloe's Voice : What do you want? I'm at school. This isn't the best place to talk. I'm done with this.

We come back out of Clark's ear and zoom down the hallway, through the walls, stopping when we get to a close shot of Chloe's lips as she talks on her cell phone.

Chloe : No one can hear me. I can't believe you're calling me, especially after everything that's happened. Look, I told you before, my researching Clark days are over.

Chloe is walking down the stairs down the hall from Clark and Pete. She is talking to Lionel who is seated at his desk at LuthorCorp.

Lionel : Really? I have such a vivid memory of that young reporter, just eager to work for the Daily Planet, as an opportunity I provided for her with only one requirement.

Chloe : Well, I gave you all the information I had, Mr. Luthor.

Lionel : Look, you have to look at Clark Kent as a work in progress. Tell me it didn't arouse your instincts as a journalist when you learned about Clark's blindness, especially when the other people at the scene were treated with hearing-related traumas.

Chloe : Look, you're gonna have to find someone else to connect the dots, Mr. Luthor, because I'm done with this.

Lionel : Ah? What are you going to do then? You gonna go running back to Lex?

Chloe : Or what's left of him?

Lionel : [Suddenly stern.] Lex has a serious mental illness. It's as if there's a crack in his foundation. You understand? The structure may look perfectly stable, but it can't take any pressure. So we will let Lex sit in his office sharpening pencils.

Clark listens unbelievingly.

Lionel : But I expect a full report from you on Clark Kent, Miss Sullivan, by--

Lionel's voice is cut off when the school bell rings. Clark gasps at the noise.

Clark : Ah! Ah!

Pete : Clark, what happened?

Clark : Pete, there's something wrong. You have to get me home right away.

Pete takes Clark's arm and leads him down the hallway full of students. Nathan is standing next to his locker and looks at Clark and Pete strangely as they pass.

Act 1 Scene 3

Jonathan helps Clark up the stairs of the loft as Martha follows. Day.

Jonathan : So these sounds, they--they just hit you all at once?

Clark : It's like someone turned on a giant stereo full blast. Suddenly all the sounds were magnified.

Jonathan : Here's the couch.

Clark sits on the couch.

Clark : Then they just went away. It was completely random.

Jonathan : Well, with your X-ray abilities and your heat vision, I'm not really sure how your senses are supposed to develop.

Martha : It might just have been a one-time thing, or maybe your body's trying to compensate for its lack of sight.

Clark : I just hope it goes away. All the sounds, they were so loud. I didn't even know where they were coming from or what they were. [Pause.] Then there was Chloe and Lionel.

Martha : [Confused.] What about them?

Clark : They must've been on the phone. They were talking about me. I don't think it was for the first time, either.

Lex enters.

Lex : Hey.

Martha : Oh, Lex.

Lex : How are you?

Martha : It's nice to see you.

Lex : Mr. Kent. [He shakes Jonathan's hand.]

Martha : Well, uh, I have to go fill out some paperwork for Clark's principal.

Jonathan : Yeah, that stuff's due tomorrow.

Jonathan and Martha exit. Lex stands next to the couch silently for a moment.

Lex : Clark, I don't know what to say.

Clark : How about hello? Come on, behind the Ray Bans, I'm still the same old Clark.

Lex : You know, when my father lost his sight, I, uh, I made contact with some of the world's top ophthalmologists. You just say the word and I can make any one of them available to you.

Clark : Well, I appreciate that, Lex, but this isn't a problem to be solved. This is something I need to learn to live with.

Lex smiles a little sadly.

Clark : Look, I really don't want to talk about my condition. Even when people don't mention it, I can hear the concern in their voices.

Lex sits on the couch next to Clark.

Lex : Trust me, I know the feeling. I discovered there's an almost medieval prejudice against the survivors of mental illness. I decided the only way I could put the insinuations behind me is by proving my worth.

Clark : How are you gonna do that?

Lex : By returning to LuthorCorp. My father's offered me my position back.

Clark : Lex, do you think that job offer's for real?

Lex : Why, Clark? You know something I don't?

Clark : Look, I heard that that job offer's a sham. Your dad doesn't really think you're better.

Lex laughs.

Lex : So he thinks I'm just going to, uh, sit in my office and twiddle my thumbs?

Clark : No, his exact words were "sharpening pencils".

Lex : Clark, where did you hear this?

Clark : Look, it doesn't matter where I heard it, Lex. The important thing is you need to be careful.

Lex takes a breath and nods slightly.

Act 1 Scene 4

Jonathan enters the house. Martha is seated at the dining room table. Day.

Jonathan : Hi, sweetheart.

Martha : Hi. You know, Jonathan, I was thinking. Maybe we should look into hiring some extra hands. You look tired. I'm concerned about you.

We zoom out of the house and into the loft, where Clark can hear his parents speaking.

Jonathan : Nah, Martha, we're barely making ends meet as it is.

Martha : And it won't help if you wind up in a hospital bed.

Jonathan : I'll be all right. I just need to catch my breath. What are you doing?

Martha motions to the paperwork on the table in front of her.

Martha : Board of education disability application to get Clark a special teacher.

Jonathan : His counselor said that he could take all of his regular classes.

Martha : Until when? His life has changed. And so has yours, but neither one of you will admit it.

Jonathan : Martha--

Martha : You both think you're supermen who can do everything alone, but you can't anymore! You need to start relying on people, and so does he.

Martha gets up from the table and walks away, upset. In the loft, Clark stands still, having heard every word.

Act 1 Scene 5

Outside shot of Lex's mansion. Day. Lex is seated at his desk in the study looking at a report from the Talon. Lana enters.

Lana : So I got a letter from the insurance carrier. Apparently my entire medical bill has been taken care of. [She sits.]

Lex : Well, who said all insurance companies are evil? It wasn't your fault, Lana, it was mine. I pushed you into the stall. I spooked the horse.

Lana : [Standing.] Lex, you were--

Lex : Crazy?

Lana : [Sitting back down.] Not yourself.

Lex : Semantics aside, you got caught in the crossfire trying to help me. For that, I'm truly sorry.

Lana : As much as I appreciate the grand gestures, you could've just stopped by the Talon and said hello.

Lex : [Smiles.] Yeah, well, the grand gestures have always come easier. I'm sorry I couldn't be there during your rehabilitation, but I'm sure Clark was more than able to pick up the slack.

Lana : Actually, Clark hasn't been around. We kind of decided that the best way to stop hurting each other was to stop seeing each other altogether.

Lex : Given his new reality, I'm sure he could use your support right now. Look, the brave front's just an act, Lana. My father did the same thing.

Lana : Lex, I've tried to reach out to him. I don't think my presence is going to raise his spirits.

Lana stands up and starts to leave.

Lex : By the way, who's Adam?

Lana turns back, surprised.

Lex : I noticed the Talon bill has included some gift baskets sent to him at the Smallville Medical Center.

Lana : I am going to reimburse the shop.

Lex : You still haven't answered my question.

Lana : He's a friend I made in physical therapy.

Lex : Oh. Must've made quite an impression.

Lana : Yeah, he did. Don't be a stranger.

Lana leaves, and Lex goes back to the Talon bill.

Act 1 Scene 6

Chloe drives up to Clark's loft. Day. Clark is inside, still wearing his sunglasses, and turns as he hears her car. She gets out of the car and enters the loft.

Chloe : Clark?

Clark : Chloe.

Chloe : Hi. Look, as much as I try and avoid unbearable cliches, if there's anything I can do, just-- [Rests a hand on Clark's arm.]

Clark : I-I'll manage. [Walks a few paces away from Chloe.] You didn't come all the way out here to check out the blind guy.

Chloe : Actually, I'm on something of a mission. Have you seen Pete?

Clark turns his head toward Chloe, reacting to the word "seen".

Chloe : Sorry. It's, um ... we were supposed to meet this morning and double-team on my Daily Planet column.

Clark : The column Lionel Luthor helped you land?

Chloe : What's that supposed to mean?

Clark : I may have lost my sight, but things are becoming much clearer now. Exactly how long have you and Lionel been looking into my life?

Chloe takes a long pause.

Chloe : [Quietly.] Since last spring. The day after Lex's wedding.

Clark : When you saw me and Lana together. Is that why you did this? (Chloe doesn't answer.) Your silence is deafening. What did you give him?

Chloe : [Defensive.] Nothing. Nothing he didn't already know.

Clark : [Angry.] Well, then what is he sharing with you?

Chloe : Nothing. Believe it or not, Clark, I-I was just--I was trying to help you.

Clark : Oh, by spying on me.

Chloe : No, by just trying to understand why he's so intrigued with you.

Clark : And if the Torch got a few new computers and you made a name for yourself at the Daily Planet, that was okay too. For all the times you accused me of keeping secrets, how could you do this to me?!

Chloe : I was-- He just, he caught me at an especially bad time. And I caved. I've been trying to get out of it ever since, but when people like Lionel Luthor have you, they don't want to let go. [Her eyes start to water.] You know, I thought that you out of all people would understand making a stupid decision in a moment of weakness. But I guess I was wrong.

Chloe leaves. Clark stands silently as he hears Chloe get into her car and start the engine.

Act 1 Scene 7

Pete drives down the road near the Kent farm and pulls over to the side of the road when he sees Clark sitting on the fence. Day. Pete gets out of the car.

Pete : Clark. Your parents were ready to start gluing your picture to milk cartons. How'd you get out here, anyhow?

Clark : [Getting off the fence.] I walked. Turns out I do know every inch of this farm. [Pete laughs.] I really didn't mean to scare them, but I couldn't take all the noise.

Pete : So your mega-hearing thing's back.

Clark : Suddenly I'm the ultimate eavesdropper.

Clark turns his head slightly and hears the rattling sound of a noisy vehicle approaching.

Clark : Did someone follow you?

Pete : No. Why?

The clanging gets louder and Clark covers his ears.

Pete : Clark!

The noise gets louder until Nathan drives up in a tow truck and gets out.

Nathan : Ross! Get in the truck!

Clark : Pete, what's going on?

Nathan touches the sides of his voice box, causing it to bounce again, and his lips quiver as the high-pitched screech issues from his mouth.

Clark : Aaah!

The windows of Pete's car shatter as Pete and Clark both fall to the ground, screaming and holding their ears. Nathan stops making the noise and grabs Pete, forcing him to stand.

Nathan : I said get in the truck!

Clark holds onto the fence as he stands up.

Clark : Pete, who is that?

Nathan shoves Pete into the truck and gets in next to him.

Clark : Pete, what's going on? Talk to me!

Nathan starts the truck and drives away loudly.

Clark : Pete!

Fade to black.

Act 2 Scene 1

Sheriff Adams is with Jonathan and Martha in the Kent dining room. Day. Sheriff Adams is adjusting her CB radio, listening for information.

Jonathan : They didn't find anything by Pete's car?

Adams : Nothing helpful.

Martha : Sheriff, whoever took Pete made the same sound Clark heard at the jewelry store. There has to be a connection.

Adams : I understand that, Mrs. Kent, but frankly, your son's "ear" witness testimony isn't much help.

Jonathan : No, it is, too, a help, Sheriff. It means that Masterson has an accomplice.

There is a knock at the door and Martha goes to answer it.

Adams : And in a town of 45,000 people, Mr. Kent, that doesn't exactly narrow things down.

Jonathan : No, but I would think it would give you a place to start looking.

Martha comes back into the dining room with Pete's mother, ABBY ROSS followed by another officer.

Jonathan : Abby?

Adams : Judge Ross. You should be home in case there's a ransom demand.

Abby : They just called. I asked your deputy to bring me straight here.

Martha : Is Pete all right?

Abby : So far.

Martha touches Abby's arm comfortingly, and Jonathan pulls out a seat at the table for Abby to sit.

Jonathan : Abby.

She sits down.

Jonathan : What do they want?

Abby : Masterson's pretrial hearing is tomorrow. Apparently, his attorney is going to make a motion to dismiss all charges. If I don't grant it, they're going to kill my son. [Her voice shakes.]

Clark is in the loft, hearing the whole conversation.

Martha : Oh, my gosh, Abby...

Act 2 Scene 2

Outside shot of the Kent farm. Day. Several loud noises are coming from the loft including a table saw, a tractor engine, and a news report on the radio. Clark is in the loft adjusting the antenna on the radio. Martha and Jonathan enter just as Clark gets frustrated with the radio and knocks it off the desk shattering it.

Jonathan : [Yelling over the noise.] Clark! Do you mind telling us what's going on in here?

Clark : I'm trying to focus my hearing!

Martha : I take it you're not having much luck!

Clark : If I don't get a handle on this, I can't save Pete!

Martha turns off the tractor and Jonathan turns off the table saw. The rumbling of the engines dies down.

Jonathan : Clark, Judge Ross was at the house.

Clark : I know, Dad, I heard. But playing chicken with the kidnappers is not a good idea. They're gonna kill Pete. I've got to focus. Help me.

Jonathan : All right, let's get to work then.

Jonathan guides Clark to the center of the room. He leans over and pulls the cord on the wood chipper and the engine sputters to life. He goes to the wall and turns on the table saw as Martha powers up the tractor. She jogs to Clark's side and takes his hand and has to yell to be heard over the racket.

Martha : Listen for your father's voice.

Clark nods.

Jonathan stands across the room from Clark next to the table saw. He mouths the words "Concentrate, Clark." But Clark can't hear him over the other sounds.

Jonathan : [Mouthing.] Concentrate on my voice.

Clark turns his head, focusing his hearing on all the individual sounds. He hears the metal grating of the blades in the wood chipper. He hears the grinding of the table saw. He hears the motor of the tractor.

Slowly the noises start to fade away and Jonathan's whispers get louder.

Jonathan : [Whispering.] Clark, concentrate. Concentrate on my voice, son.

Clark : Dad!

Jonathan walks toward Clark. As he brushes past a table with is arm, a nail falls off the table and lands on the ground with a crash that is deafening to Clark.

Clark : Aaah!

Jonathan : Clark?

Clark : [Holding his ears.] Aah!

Jonathan : Clark!

Clark : Dad, it's okay. It's okay. For a second, I could hear you.

Martha smiles at Jonathan.

Jonathan : That's great. I was barely whispering. Okay. Let's keep working.

Clark nods, and Jonathan walks away, this time standing next to the door.

Jonathan : [Whispering.] Focus, Clark. Focus on my voice. Can you hear me? [Clark nods.] Good.

Act 2 Scene 3

Lex pours a glass of orange juice in his study. Day. He takes a drink of it and Lionel comes in.

Lionel : Lex? I'm sorry, son, I'm afraid I don't have much time. I have to be back in Metropolis within the hour. What did you want to talk to me about?

Lex : When I was released from the institution, you welcomed me back with open arms.

Lionel : That's right.

Lex : I should've known better than to take your promises at face value.

Lex walks away from Lionel and Lionel follows.

Lionel : I don't understand, son, what are we talking about?

Lex : Humiliation. Apparently, word's out that my new position at LuthorCorp will consist of a title and little else.

Lionel : Oh, that's foolish, son. I've always wanted you to work with me. You know that.

Lex : To do what, sharpen pencils?

Lex goes to the couch and sits down.

Lionel : Lex, please. Listen to me.

Lionel sits on the couch next to Lex.

Lex : If you thought you could throw me behind a desk and forget about me, you're making a grave mistake. Unless, of course, my source is wrong.

Lionel : It's true, Lex. I have been disappointed with your performance in the past, but that's nothing I haven't said to you.

Lex : And, evidently, to anyone who will listen. So I have to keep proving myself. Is that it?

Lionel : [Chuckles.] Well, unfortunately, we have to prove ourselves every day. I've come to accept that, and in time, so will you. I hope. Lex, listen to me. If someone is trying to drive a wedge between us, someone we both know, then that's treachery, son. Who is this source of yours?

Lex : Who were you talking to when you decided to trash me behind my back?

Lionel returns Lex's gaze steadily.

Act 2 Scene 4

Jonathan drives up to the curb outside the Talon. Day. Clark is in the passenger seat.

Clark : Dad, I'm really worried about Pete. We've looked everywhere.

Jonathan turns off the engine and gets out of the truck.

Jonathan : Well, we're at the Talon, Clark. I thought maybe you and I could get an update. I'll be right back, son.

Jonathan goes into the Talon. Clark hears the driver side door of the truck open and close.

Clark : [Thinking he's speaking to Jonathan.] That was fast.

Lana : Your dad told me you were out here.

Clark : [Surprised.] Lana.

Lana : I thought you might want some company. [Clark doesn't respond.] But if you don't ...

Lana starts to get out of the truck.

Clark : No, please stay. [Lana stops.] About this morning ...

Lana : It's okay, Clark, you were upset.

Clark : No. It's not okay. All I've managed to do lately is push people away, and the truth is, Lana, I miss having you in my life. But I understand why you don't want me around.

Lana : I-I was hurt and scared, Clark. I overreacted.

Clark : The way I've been treating you, I'm surprised you didn't bolt sooner.

Lana : I know you've had your reasons for pulling away.

Clark : Maybe those reasons are gone.

Lana : [Pause.] What are you saying?

Clark : What I'm saying is my life is different now. And one thing I've realized is I don't want to be alone.

Lana : Clark, you-- you're not alone.

Clark reaches out and places his hand on top of Lana's, holding it softly. Lana pulls her hand away. She has tears in here eyes.

Lana : [Almost a whisper.] I should get back inside.

Clark hears a metal clanging approaching.

Clark : Lana, wh-what is that?

Nathan drives past them in his tow truck.

Lana : What, the tow truck?

Clark gets out of the truck and walks to the front of it, feeling his way along the hood. Lana gets out too.

Clark : It's the same sound as when Pete--

Lana : Pete? Clark, what's going on?

Clark : Lana, this is very important. Go get my dad.

Lana runs inside the Talon. Clark walks out into the street as the tow truck drives by slowly. Unnoticed by Nathan, Clark climbs onto the back of the truck and is carried away.

Cut to the tow truck driving into an alley and stopping outside what appears to be an old service station. Clark jumps off the truck before it comes to a complete stop.

Inside the service station, Pete is tied to a chair with a square of tape covering his mouth. Nathan parks the tow truck and gets out just as Pete succeeds in opening his mouth wide enough to get the tape to peel off. Clark is outside the service station when he hears Pete scream.

Pete : Help!!

Clark : Pete?

Pete : Can anybody hear me?

Clark : Pete!

Pete : Clark! Clark, help! Clark, help!

Nathan enters the room.

Nathan : Shut up!

Nathan punches Pete across the face, knocking him unconscious. Clark kicks open the door and feels his way into the room.

Clark : Pete? Pete, where are you?

Clark reaches out, touching everything he can, but doesn't find Pete. Nathan is suddenly standing right behind him, holding a blow torch. He lights the torch and Clark immediately turns at the sound. Nathan knocks Clark's sunglasses off of his face and waves the blow torch in front of Clark's face, shooting the flame straight into his eyes.

Clark : Aah! Ah!

Clark grabs his eyes, backing away.

Nathan : How's that, blind man?

Clark : Aah!

Nathan turns off the blow torch and drops it. Then he grabs Pete by the jacket, pulling him to his feet and out of the room.

Nathan : Come on! Come on!

Clark : [Still covering his eyes.] Pete! Pete!

Clark removes his hands from his face and looks around. The darkness that he sees gives way to a soft green light, then gets brighter as his sight begins return and the room comes into focus.

Fade to black.

Act 3 Scene 1

Shot of the mailbox outside Kent Farm. Day. Inside, Clark looks at an apple he is holding in his hand. His vision is still slightly blurry and doubled. Martha and Jonathan stand in front of him.

Jonathan : Any more improvement?

Clark : There's a little. But everything's still a blur. At least I won't be walking through any walls.

Martha : Uh, what about your other abilities?

Clark : The X-ray vision and the heat vision-- they're still gone.

Jonathan : Well, the heat from the torch must've broken up the scar tissue. Maybe the rest will just take time to heal.

Clark puts his sunglasses back on.

Clark : Pete's still out there.

Jonathan : Clark, Pete could be anywhere. Besides, you already told Sheriff Adams everything you know.

Clark : Well, I can't just sit here.

Jonathan hesitates, looking at Martha.

Jonathan : Okay. But before we do anything else, there's one stop we have to make.

Cut to Jonathan and Martha stepping out of an office at the Smallville Medical Center. They wait for Clark to follow them.

Martha : Clark, come on out.

Clark comes out of the office reluctantly. He is wearing a pair of prescription glasses.

Martha : Sweetie, they look fine.

Clark : Yeah?

Martha : Yes.

Jonathan : Yeah. Now, what is your plan? How are you gonna find Pete?

Clark : The Masterson hearing is in an hour. We know he's trying to set up an exchange. If Mrs. Ross lets him go, I'll follow him.

Jonathan : Son, that is such a long shot.

Clark : It's all I've got.

Act 3 Scene 2

Outside shot of Metropolis. Night. The night is illuminated by the lights coming from all the different office buildings. Lionel is in his office at LuthorCorp. Chloe enters, escorted by an assistant.

Lionel : [On the phone.] Was there any result with the change? Hmm.

The assistant brings Chloe to the center of the room, then leaves. The door closes. Lionel continues to talk on the phone, as if not noticing Chloe's presence.

Lionel : Uh, all right. Do it again. [Laughs.] How long will that take? All right. Call me when you're done.

Lionel disconnects the call, still not acknowledging Chloe.

Chloe : I guess this is the part where I'm supposed to cough suggestively? You know, I don't have any new information on Clark.

Lionel glances at Chloe, taking his mug from the coffee table.

Chloe : And even if I did, I would have happily e-mailed it to you sans three-hour drive.

Lionel pours a cup of coffee.

Lionel : Would that have been before or after you spoke to Lex?

Chloe : What are you talking about?

Lionel : You know, Miss Sullivan, these coy evasions may work when your wheedling information out of a high school librarian, but up here, you're out of your league.

Lionel sits on the couch.

Chloe : Mr. Luthor, what's this about?

Lionel : We had what I assumed was a private conversation, but imagine my surprise to have Lex throw my very own words right back in my face. You led me to believe, Miss Sullivan, that, uh, you were no longer in communication with Lex.

Chloe : Well, I'm not. But thank you for the wildly offensive insinuation. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm on a deadline.

Chloe starts to leave.

Lionel : Not anymore. Your column at the Daily Planet's been cancelled.

Chloe : [Stopping in her tracks.] What?

Lionel looks Chloe in the eye for a moment.

Lionel : All right, all right. Here's the deal. You tell me everything you fed to Lex, I'll let things stand.

Chloe : I told you I'm not Lex's source. And while I'm sure you could kill my column, this is not the only piece I'm working on for the Daily Planet. I know I could interest them in a story about an eccentric billionaire with an obsessive interest in a Kansas farm boy.

Lionel looks up at Chloe from his seat at the couch dangerously.

Lionel : [Quietly.] You threatening me?

Chloe swallows. Lionel stands and comes closer to her.

Lionel : I'd be careful, Miss Sullivan. Very careful.

Lionel walks past Chloe to the desk.

Chloe : I'll be whatever I want. Apparently, I don't work for you anymore.

Chloe turns and walks out of the office. When she gets outside the double doors, she stops and takes a nervous breath, wiping a hand across her brow.

Act 3 Scene 3

Outside shot of the Smallville courthouse. Day. Inside, Abby Ross is in her judge uniform, walking down the hall on her way to the courtroom. Sheriff Adams is at her side.

Adams : Judge, I've got people fanning out from that garage trying to find your son, but we are running out of time.

Abby stops walking and turns to Adams.

Abby : I know. Releasing Masterson goes against everything that I believe in. But if I don't, it could mean Pete's life.

Abby looks across the hall at Masterson who is speaking with his lawyer.

Abby : Look at him. He knows he has us over a barrel.

Adams : What are you gonna do?

Abby : Until the hearing starts, pray.

Abby touches Adams' arm and they continue walking through the hall. We see Clark standing in the background, obviously having heard their conversation. He looks at Masterson who is finishing his conversation with his lawyer, and the lawyer walks away. Masterson pulls out his cell phone and dials a number. Clark focuses his super hearing to hear who Masterson is talking to. Nathan is at the other end of the line.

Nathan : Hello?

Masterson : Nathan.

Nathan : Talk to me.

Masterson : Everything's set. If this judge is smart, I'll be out of here in 20 minutes.

Clark's eardrum rattles as Nathan's voice echoes through his ear canal.

Nathan : Cool. Then it worked? So what do you want me to do next?

Masterson : As soon as I'm out, get rid of the Ross kid. Then we'll meet as planned in Metropolis.

Nathan : Done. Ross will be a pile of junk in a minute.

Clark stays long enough to see Masterson turn of his cell phone, then super speeds out of the courthouse.

Cut to the car garage. Nathan is standing over an old, battered car looking down at Pete who is lying half-conscious in the trunk. Nathan slams the trunk closed and steps away from the car. Clark super speeds to the garage and sees a sign that says "Auto Wrecking."

Nathan flips a switch on the wall that turns on a motor above the platform the car sits on. The compactor above the car begins to lower, on its way to crushing the car with Pete inside. Nathan walks away from the press and Clark enters the maze of old cars parked in the field, looking around.

Clark : Pete!

He keeps looking until he sees Nathan. He jogs to Nathan's side, not recognizing him.

Clark : Hey, you work here?

Nathan : What the hell? What are you doing here, blind man?!

Clark grabs Nathan by the jacket.

Clark : Where's Pete?

Nathan : In a minute, neither one of you will care.

The compactor is now touching the roof of the car and beginning to crush it. Nathan utters the piercing noise from his throat and Clark lets him go, backing away and holding his ears. He backs into a large pile of cars and rips his glasses away from his eyes, covering his face. The pile of cars behind him starts to tilt and Clark super speeds out of the way, leaving Nathan.

Nathan : Aaah!

Nathan is crushed under the falling cars.

Pete : Help me! Can anybody hear me? Help me! Help!

Clark takes a moment to figure out where Pete's voice is coming from, then sees the car compactor. The car's windows shatter under the pressure and Clark super speeds to the platform, climbs onto it, and holds his hands against the ceiling, stopping it from lowering anymore. Eventually, the engine shorts out and the compactor stops. Clark opens the trunk of the car.

Clark : Pete! Pete, are you okay?

Pete : [Smiling.] Clark.

Pete looks up at Clark for a moment, then drops his head in relief.

Fade to black.

Act 4 Scene 1

Outside shot of the Talon. Day. Inside, Pete is seated at the bar surrounded by three attractive young women and a young man, all listening to him with awe.

Pete : And that's the way I pulled myself out of the compactor and got away.

Girl : Oh, my God. That's the bravest thing I've ever heard.

Pete : Well, you know, if I didn't do something fast, I'd be Spam in a can, so ...

Girl #2 : Well, I'm glad you're okay. [Kisses Pete on the cheek.] Call me.

Pete : [As the group is walking away.] I will do that.

Clark is standing next to the bar behind Pete, smiling to himself. Clark is still wearing his prescription glasses.

Clark : [Loud enough for Pete to hear.] I have a feeling I'll be hearing this story for a long time.

Pete turns around on his seat, laughing.

Pete : Busted. But, you know, what can I say? Chicks dig a hero.

Clark : Uh-huh.

Pete : Hope you don't mind I'm bending the truth a little bit.

Clark : Pete, look who you're talking to. The master truth-bender. Besides, after everything you've done for me, it's the least I can do.

Clark takes off his glasses and rubs his eyes.

Pete : What's the matter?

Clark : My eyes are just adjusting. I think I need a new prescription.

Chloe walks up to them, dazed. She looks like she has been crying.

Chloe : Hey.

Pete : Hey, Chloe. Hey, I'm ready for my big Torch interview.

Chloe : Sorry, Pete, I'm gonna have to reschedule. [To Clark.] I'm really glad you're feeling better.

Chloe turns to go and Pete grabs her arm.

Pete : Chloe, what's the matter?

Chloe : [Takes a deep breath.] I just lost my Daily Planet column.

Pete : What? Why?

Chloe : They didn't exactly spell it out on the pink slip. And in the "when it rains, it pours" category, my dad just got laid off from his job at LuthorCorp this morning.

Clark : That doesn't make any sense. Your father's worked there for years.

Chloe : If you want answers, ask Lex. He's the one that dropped the ax.

Clark is confused.

Act 4 Scene 2

Outside shot of Lex's mansion. Day. Clark is sitting on the couch in the study waiting. Lex enters and Clark stands up.

Lex : Clark. I heard about your miraculous recovery.

Clark : I just found out that you fired Chloe's father today.

Lex : Yeah, well, uh, apparently his performance was seriously lacking.

Lex walks past Clark to the desk, and Clark follows.

Clark : Chloe's father has worked for the company for years. This could ruin her family.

Lex : [Turning back to face Clark.] Clark, my father suspects Mr. Sullivan was the one spreading malicious rumors about me. I assumed Chloe overhead the gossip and passed it along to you.

Clark : [Stepping closer.] No, this isn't right.

Lex : It's not about being right. It's about positioning. My father won a battle today.

Clark : And Chloe's father is a casualty.

Lex : True. But the war's just starting, and I have the greatest advantage. He thinks I'm weak.

Clark looks away, at a loss for words.

Lex : Frankly, Clark, I thought you'd be relieved.

Clark : Why would you think that?

Lex : [Coldly.] Because at least this way, I was able to keep you out of it.

Clark is startled by this.

Act 4 Scene 3

Outside shot of the cows grazing in the Kent field. Day. Clark is in the loft. He takes off his glasses and squints into the mirror, then puts them back on. He blinks a few times and takes the glasses off again. In the mirror, he sees Lana come up the stairs behind him.

Lana : Looks like you're back to normal.

Clark turns around toward her.

Clark : Hey, Lana. Um, I'm glad you're here. [He steps closer.] I wanted to talk to you about what happened yesterday in the truck.

Lana : Right, I, uh, wanted to talk to you about that too.

Clark : I was way out of line. I was feeling vulnerable, but I don't expect--

Lana : Clark, um ... The reason I pulled away is that I ... I met someone at the hospital.

Clark : Oh.

Lana : And I'm not sure how I feel about him.

Clark : [Pause. He is shaken.] Well, I mean, the fact you're telling me about him means you already know.

Lana : [Quietly.] Maybe you're right. But if, um, if you and I are going to be friends, I-I didn't want you to find out from somebody else.

Clark : [Nodding, sad.] Yeah. Yeah.

Lana : Well, uh, I should get back to the Talon.

Lana turns and starts walking down the stairs.

Clark : Hey, Lana?

Lana stops and turns around.

Clark : Thanks for being honest.

Lana : [Nods.] Well, it's the only way our relationship can last, right?

Clark smiles softly. Lana smiles back and continues to walk down the stairs, her face tight. She exits the barn and as she gets into her car outside, a tear runs down her cheek. She starts the car and drives away.

In the loft, Clark focuses his super hearing and he hears Lana sobbing quietly. He stares at the floor sadly.


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