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#311 : Mes Meilleurs Ennemis

Résumé : Clark et Lana ont chacun fait une tentative de meurtre sur Chloé pour des raisons inconnues, après qu'ils aient reçu un e-mail mystérieux de l'Institut de Sommerholt. Clark veut découvrir l'auteur de ces e-mails après que Chloé révèle qu'elle a découvert la preuve qu'ils font des recherches sur le contrôle du cerveau au laboratoire et se rend compte qu'ils doivent essayer de la tuer pour l'empêcher d'écrire un article. En attendant, Lana décide de louer l'appartement à Adam au-dessus du café, bien qu'elle sente qu'il cache quelque chose de dangereux au sujet de son passé.


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Mes Meilleurs Ennemis

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Photo de l'épisode #3.11

Photo de l'épisode #3.11

Photo de l'épisode #3.11

Photo de l'épisode #3.11

Photo de l'épisode #3.11

Photo de l'épisode #3.11

Photo de l'épisode #3.11

Photo de l'épisode #3.11

Photo de l'épisode #3.11

Photo de l'épisode #3.11

Photo de l'épisode #3.11

Photo de l'épisode #3.11

Photo de l'épisode #3.11

Photo de l'épisode #3.11

Photo de l'épisode #3.11

Photo de l'épisode #3.11

Photo de l'épisode #3.11

Photo de l'épisode #3.11

Photo de l'épisode #3.11

Photo de l'épisode #3.11

Photo de l'épisode #3.11

Photo de l'épisode #3.11

Photo de l'épisode #3.11

Photo de l'épisode #3.11

Photo de l'épisode #3.11

Photo de l'épisode #3.11

Photo de l'épisode #3.11

Photo de l'épisode #3.11

Photo de l'épisode #3.11

Photo de l'épisode #3.11

Photo de l'épisode #3.11

Photo de l'épisode #3.11

Photo de l'épisode #3.11

Photo de l'épisode #3.11

Plus de détails

Guest-stars :

→ Ian Somerhalder dans le rôle de Adam Knight
 Missy Peregrym dans le rôle de Molly Briggs
→ Camille Mitchell dans le rôle du Shérif Nancy Adams
→ Martin Cummins dans le rôle du Dr. Garner
→ Jim Thorburn dans le rôle de Max Taylor
→ Chris Gauthier dans le rôle du Technicien de Luthorcop
→ Suzanne Ristic dans le rôle de la Secrétaire de Max
→ Cornell Turner dans le rôle du Garde de Sécurité


Titre de l'épisode :

 Delete est le terme anglais qui signifie "supprimer", "effacer".

 Le titre se réfère au programme informatique mis en place par Molly Briggs pour contrôler les esprits en effaçant une partie de la mémoire et en insérant un code qui incite à tuer.


Indiscrétions :

 Retour du Dr. Garner et de l'Institut Summerholt qui retenait prisonnier Ryan dans l'épisode 2.08 - Ryan.

 On apprend que Chloé est la cousine de Loïs Lane.

 Dans le comic-book, Brainwave est un super-vilain qui peut contrôler l'esprit, générer des illusions et lancer des rafales psioniques.

 On apprend qu'il y a un appartement qui peut être loué au-dessus du Talon. Pourquoi Lana n'y a pas emmenagé plutôt que d'aller vivre chez Chloe ?

 Après l'agression de Chloe par Lana au lycée, aucune poursuite n'est engagée et Lana se retrouve seulement suspendue. Vu les dégâts qu'elle cause au matériel de l'école et de l'attaque à la hache envers une élève, elle aurait normalement dû être arrêtée.

 L'adresse e-mail de Martha est [email protected] C'est un clin d'œil à la série Shérif fais-moi peur dont John Schneider (Jonathan) était le héros. CNH320 est en effet le numéro de la plaque d'immatriculation de General Lee, la voiture des frères Bo et Luke.

 Adam parle d'un certain Norman Bates qui se retrouverait comme chez lui lorsqu'il découvre l'appartement du Talon. Une référence au personnage schizophrène du film Psychose, réalisé par Alfred Hitchcock en 1960.

 Lorsqu'à la fin Chloé rebranche ses ordinateurs on peut voir en fond d'écran la mascotte des Crows avec le costume de Superman, déjà entraperçu dans l'épisode 1.19 - Télékinésie.

Act 1 Teaser

The city of Metropolis viewed from above. Night. A helicopter zooms past and the shot starts to lower, soaring by the whirling globe on top of the Daily Planet tower, then down the side of the building. We fly in through one of the windows into a large busy office full of journalists typing, talking on the phone, and looking at files.

We stop at a desk that has a coffee mug that says "Go Crows" next to a name plate that says "Chloe Sullivan, Columnist." Chloe is at her desk, packing up her things. She picks up the name plate and takes a moment to look at it sadly, then puts it in a box with the rest of her things. She slings her purse over her shoulder, picks up the box, and starts to leave.

Max Taylor appears in the doorway of his office and leans against the doorframe.

Max : Not even a goodbye?

Chloe turns to face him, sighing in reply.

Max : Come on in.

Max steps out of the way and motions for Chloe to enter his office. She comes in.

Chloe : Blacklisted before I even graduate. That's got to be a record.

Chloe puts her box down on Max's desk.

Max : I don't know who you ticked off around here, but you sure ruffled some feathers.

Chloe : I have enemies in high places.

Max : [Walking behind his desk.] Well, we're going to miss you.

Chloe : [Smiling.] Yeah, right. You're just gonna miss the free proofreader.

Max's secretary Maureen enters.

Maureen : Max, your wife's called three times about dinner.

Max : All right, tell her I'm on my way.

Maureen leaves.

Max : [To Chloe.] Seriously, if there's anything I can ever do...

Chloe : [Pulls a computer disk out of her pocket.] Actually, um, it's just a few stories I've been working on. I would love for you to take a look at them.

Max : Chloe, I couldn't print your name in the classifieds right now without catching hell.

Chloe : Well, what about a pseudonym? [Chloe leans over to write a name on a piece of paper.] She's my cousin. She won't mind at all. She's not interested in journalism.

Chloe hands Max the paper. He reads the name.

Max : Lois Lane.

Cut to a LuthorCorp screensaver on a computer screen. The computer is in a dark office full of electronic equipment and other computers, the technical department of LuthorCorp. Lex enters, looking for the technical assistant. He finds nobody at the desk and turns to go, coming face to face with an attractive young woman, Molly Griggs, grinning at him a little slyly.

Lex : [Slightly startled.] I was looking for the, uh, on-call tech guy.

Molly : Well, you found her.

Lex : You-- you work in the tech department?

Molly : Would you rather have a Play Station addicted dork wearing a "Star Wars" T-shirt?

Lex smiles apologetically. Molly laughs and offers her hand.

Molly : Molly.

Lex : Lex. [They shake hands.]

Molly : So what's the crisis, Lex?

Lex : Well, I'm trying to finish a presentation, my program keeps crashing, and I don't have the time to deal with it.

Molly : Probably a virus.

Lex : I would assume so.

Molly smiles flirtatiously and turns her back to Lex and bends over the desk to look through a pile of disks. Lex's eyes lower slightly in the direction of her backside, and Molly raises an eyebrow mischievously, clearly aware that she is being checked out. Lex walks up next to her and leans against the desk.

Lex : You know, I've only been back a few weeks, but I'm surprised I haven't seen you.

Molly : Back from where?

Lex : It's a long story.

Molly : Oh. I.E. none of my business. [She finds the disk she's looking for.] There we go. This should scan for any viruses. [Very flirtatious.] Are you a do-it-yourselfer or do you need me to do it for you?

Lex takes the disk from her.

Lex : I think I can handle it.

Molly smiles. Then she watches Lex as he leaves the office. Once he is gone, she goes back behind the desk and pulls a bundle from a box and places it on the desk. She unrolls the bundle revealing a set of tools, and she puts on her glasses. She goes to work, drilling on a partially dismantled hard drive that sits on the desk. The hard drive is hooked up to a monitor which shows Smallville High's mascot and the name Chloe Sullivan across the bottom of the screen. Molly pulls out the drive's inner disk and the screen goes black. The disk says "Property of Smallville High."

Cut to a shot of the Smallville High parking lot after dark. Inside the school, Chloe enters the Torch office. The lights are already on and all the computers are missing. Pete is there.

Pete : Welcome to the Torch. Unplugged.

Chloe : [Shocked.] Pete, what happened to my computers?

Pete : A bunch of deliverymen stopped by this afternoon. LuthorCorp took the computers back.

Chloe : But they were donated.

Pete : [Bitter.] Yeah, well, I guess the Grinch changed his mind. Oh yeah, some girl stopped by. Didn't leave a name.

Chloe : Thanks, Pete.

Chloe puts her purse down on the desk, looking around unhappily.

Cut to Chloe leaving the school. As she is walking through the parking lot to her car, she hears the engine of a vehicle loudly approaching in the street. A truck drives by and makes a sharp turn into the parking lot, squealing its tires on the asphalt. Chloe turns around, startled as the truck heads right for her and stops in front of her.

She stares into the headlights confused and unable to see the driver's face. The truck inches forward threateningly a couple of times, then starts speeding at Chloe again. She runs away, passing a picnic table which the truck plows right through. Chloe runs for her life and the truck keeps speeding after her.

She gets to a Crows van parked next to the school and whimpers as she trips and falls the ground. The truck runs over her, miraculously missing her with its tires, and slams into the side of the van, coming to a halt.

Chloe, still under the truck, raises her head and looks around in fear. She starts to slide out from underneath when the driver opens the door and steps out, his feet touching the ground right in front of Chloe's face. She keeps crawling sideways until she can crane her neck up far enough to see who it is. It's Clark. He looks around, confused, then sees Chloe.

Clark : [As if surprised to see her.] Chloe?

[Opening credits]

Act 1 Scene 1

Outside shot of Smallville Medical Center. Night. Inside, Sheriff Adams is giving Clark a Breathalyzer test. The breathalyzer beeps and she takes the straw from Clark's mouth to read the results. Chloe is sitting on an examination table as a doctor checks her for fractures.

Clark : The last thing I remember, I was in the library. I was working on my history paper.

Adams : [Reading the device.] Stone sober. Miss Sullivan, would you care to shed any light on Mr. Kent's version of the incident?

Chloe : What do you mean, the part where I wasn't eating pavement? [The doctor finishes and leaves.] I don't know, um... it just-- it looked like he lost control of his truck.

Adams : [Sighing.] Well, Mr. Kent, your family sure has its way of going through vehicles.

Clark : [Imploring.] Chloe...

Chloe : [To Adams, cutting Clark off.] Is that all you need from Clark?

Adams : [To Clark.] Why don't you go on home? I got a few more questions for our Miss Sullivan.

Clark leaves. He stops in the hallway to look at Chloe through the window. Chloe glances at him warily, then looks away. Clark starts to walk down the hallway and as he goes, he sees Adam and Lana coming out of a room.

Lana : Well, I'm glad you're feeling better, Adam.

Lana sees Clark.

Lana : Clark, are you okay? I just heard about the accident.

Clark : I'm okay. But Chloe's a little scraped up.

Clark and Adam look at each other awkwardly.

Lana : Um, Clark, this is Adam.

Clark : [Offering his hand.] Nice to finally meet you.

Adam hesitates, then shakes Clark's hand.

Adam : So you're Clark. Heard a lot about you.

Clark : Didn't realize there was that much to say. [To Lana.] How'd you get here so quickly?

Lana : I was just upstairs visiting Adam. Physical therapy.

Clark : Isn't that where you two met?

Adam : [Pressing Clark's buttons.] Yeah, I thought I'd see you when you dropped by to visit Lana, but I guess you got busy.

Clark : Looks like we've all been busy.

Lana's PDA beeps from inside her purse. She pulls it out and looks at it.

Lana : [Annoyed.] Ever since Lex gave me this thing, it's like no one can change a coffee filter on their own.

Lana presses buttons on the PDA. Adam looks at Clark challengingly and Clark lowers his eyes. Lana glances at them both, aware of the tension.

Act 1 Scene 2

Outside shot of LuthorCorp. Day. Lex enters the technical department. There is a man working.

Man : Mr. Luthor.

Lex : Where's Molly?

Man : Uh, Molly?

Lex : Yeah. She was working here last night. She loaned me this. [Holds up the disk.]

Man : Ah, I've been looking for that. We don't have a Molly. I was the one on-call last night. From home.

Lex : She was here unpacking these computer boxes.

Lex points to a box, then notices that it's labeled "Smallville High".

Man : Huh, well, that might explain how all those hard drives got wiped out.

Lex looks at the man who shrugs apologetically.

Act 1 Scene 3

Lana pours swirls of caramel onto a mountain of whipped cream in a coffee cup at the bar in the Talon. Day. Adam is seated next to her.

Adam : There is a lot going on in that cup.

Lana : Well, it is your first time here, and I'm trying really hard to get the thumbs up.

Adam holds up his thumb in approval, and Lana laughs. She picks up her own cup from the bar and they walk to a table.

Lana : This place has really been a refuge for me.

Adam : Refuge from what?

Lana : Oh, just everything.

Adam : It was interesting meeting Clark.

Lana pauses uncomfortably, then laughs.

Lana : We're just friends.

Adam : Just friends. [They sit at the table.] Well, for friends, you're very uncomfortable around each other.

Lana : Yeah, well, we've got a lot of history.

Adam : Mm. I saw the way he looked at you.

Lana : [Pause.] Clark doesn't know what he wants. Besides, I can't control the way he feels.

Adam : And . . . you?

Lana : Clark will always be a very important part of my life. But whatever there was between us is gone.

Adam nods, accepting.

Act 1 Scene 4

Outside shot of Clark's loft. Day. The truck is parked inside the loft and Clark takes his school books and his laptop from the passenger seat and closes the door unhappily. The front end of the truck is completely smashed. Clark drops his books onto a nearby table as Chloe enters.

Chloe : If you're looking for signs of tampering, I'll save you some time. There's nothing wrong with it. I asked the mechanic.

Clark : There's got to be some explanation.

Chloe : As to why you tried to mow me over? I'm ready and waiting.

Clark : Didn't you tell the sheriff that I lost control of the truck?

Chloe : I was covering for you, Clark. You chased me onto the sidewalk. [Shaken, she starts to cry.] Now, I-I know that you're still upset with me about this whole Lionel thing, but don't you think that manslaughter is a little beyond eye for an eye?

Clark : Chloe, you don't think I tried to hurt you.

Chloe : I don't know. But the way you've been acting lately... I don't know, Clark, I can only apologize so many times!

Clark : I have been having a hard time getting over this. Every time I see you, I can't help picturing you and Lionel talking. You're not the same person you used to be.

Chloe : Kind of like if I moved to Metropolis and became a motorcycle-riding party animal and told you to get out of my life. Kind of like that, right?

Clark doesn't respond, taking Chloe's point.

Chloe : Look, you know what? As much fun as this guilt trip is, I came here to see if you put any more pieces together from last night. What happened after the library?

Clark : I don't even remember leaving the library. The last thing I do remember, I was working on my laptop.

Chloe walks to the table and opens Clark's laptop, turning it on. She types in the command "Search for recent documents." The search pulls up the paper Clark was working on.

Chloe : Well, the computer recovered your paper. That's an interesting take on General Sherman.

Clark looks at the computer screen.

Clark : I didn't even finish my sentence.

Clark pushes another button, taking them to his e-mail box. The e-mail at the top of the list is from the address "[email protected]"

Clark : It says I downloaded an e-mail before the accident. [He clicks on it, and the screen says "EMAIL IS LOCKED".] It won't open.

Chloe : Who's Brainwave?

Act 1 Scene 5

Molly is seated in front of her home computer. Day. She puts the inner disk from Chloe's hard drive into her computer, then puts another disk into the CD-ROM. She starts typing with a small smile on her face.

Cut to Lana and Adam walking through the hall of Smallville High. There are Crows banners hanging everywhere.

Adam : [Sarcastically.] Remind me again what your school mascot is. [A young man walks by wearing a Crows jacket.] Oh, wait, it's a bird.

Lana : [Laughing.] Okay, it's a small town. We take our school spirit very seriously. Oh, I, um, I forgot my history book. I'll meet you outside?

Adam : Okay.

Adam leaves as Lana walks back to her locker.

Molly continues to type on her computer. She pulls up Chloe's e-mail list and scrolls down to Lana's name, sending Lana a message.

Just then, Lana's PDA beeps. She pulls it out of her purse and turns it on, seeing that she has received a message from Brainwave. She opens it and the screen fills with flashing numbers and letters zooming around. We see the numbers reflecting on her eye, then we travel inside her pupil and along her optic nerve as the electrical impulses travel to her brain. We come back out of her eye which is still reflecting the green code of the e-mail. She blinks once, and the reflection is gone. Her eye suddenly looks cold and dangerous.

Fade to black.

Act 2 Scene 1

Chloe walks down the hall at Smallville High. Day. She stops next to a bulletin board, looking at it. We are still focused up close on Lana's eye, which looks over at Chloe, then straight forward, determined.

In slow motion, we see Lana's legs slowly approaching Chloe as the PDA drops next to her feet. Chloe turns around.

Chloe : Lana, hey, I've been looking for you.

Without responding, Lana grabs Chloe by the hair and slams her head against the bulletin board. Still holding onto her hair, Lana uses her other hand to grab Chloe's arm and whips her around, throwing her down a nearby flight of stairs. Several students gasp and scream as Chloe rolls down the stairs, stopping on the landing.

Lana stalks down the stairs after her as Chloe gets to her feet, terrified. She is bleeding from her forehead.

Chloe : Lana, what are you doing?

Lana : [Calm, cold.] Killing Chloe Sullivan.

Lana does a spin kick to Chloe's back, knocking her down the next flight of stairs. Again, Chloe stops at the landing and gets to her feet as Lana follows her down. Lana kicks Chloe in the stomach, and Chloe slams up against the wall behind her. Then she stumbles forward and Lana punches her in the face, causing her to trip down the first few steps of the next flight of stairs and run into the railing. She turns around, leaning against the railing for balance.

Lana grabs onto Chloe's jacket, and Chloe grabs onto Lana, shaking her back and forth, finally starting to fight back. Chloe whips Lana around so that Lana's back is to the stairs and punches Lana hard across the face. Lana flips around in slow motion, then falls down the stairs. There is a group of students at the bottom of the stairs watching and screaming, shocked and confused.

When Lana gets to her feet, Chloe runs down the stairs and rams her shoulder into Lana's stomach, smashing her against the fire hose case on the wall, breaking the glass. Lana knees Chloe in the stomach, then kicks her in the face, sending Chloe sprawling onto her back on the ground. Lana turns around and grabs a fire ax from the case. There is a trickle of blood coming from her nose. She swings the ax at Chloe who rolls out of the way, and the onlookers scream as the ax connects with the floor. Chloe stands up and jumps backwards, dodging another swing of the ax, this one aimed at her stomach.

Lana kicks Chloe in the stomach and she slams backwards into the double doors of the girls' locker room. Lana then swings the ax at Chloe's head and Chloe tilts out of the way as the ax lodges in the door. Chloe takes a brief, terrified look at the ax before Lana kicks her in the stomach again, causing the door to open and Chloe to fall backwards into the locker room as Lana pulls the ax out of the door.

The room is full of girls standing at their lockers and changing their clothes who all begin to scream. Still on the floor, Chloe backs away frantically as Lana swings the ax at her, hitting the ground between Chloe's legs. She swings again, and Chloe catches her arms, lying back and kicking Lana in the stomach, sending her flipping over Chloe.

Neither of them let go of the ax, and they both pull on it as they stand up across from each other. Lana tugs on the ax, pulling Chloe to her side, then kicks her in the back. Chloe loses her grip on the ax as she slams into a row of lockers, then immediately ducks as Lana swings the ax at her, missing once again. Chloe straightens up and Lana does a spin kick to Chloe's stomach which sends her backwards into the showers. All the girls in the showers run away, leaving Chloe sitting against the wall as the water pours down on her, soaking her hair and clothes.

Lana pulls the ax out of the locker door and storms toward Chloe, holding the ax above her head. Chloe looks up at her, completely helpless and having nowhere else to run.

Suddenly, a hand grabs onto the ax. Lana turns and sees that it's Adam. Never letting the ax go, Lana does a spin kick to Adam's stomach.

Adam : Aah!

Lana tries to swing the ax at Adam, but he pulls out a high kick of his own, connecting with Lana's shoulder causing her to drop the ax and stumble against the shower wall. Adam picks up the ax and spins around kicking Lana in the stomach, holding his foot there, pinning her to the wall. She grabs his foot and twists it, sending his whole body into a spin and he falls to the ground.

Chloe reaches out with her leg and kicks Lana in the back of the foot, tripping her. Lana falls onto her back, banging her head on the hard floor as blood pours from her nose. She opens her eyes, dazed as Adam and Chloe lean over her.

Lana : [Breathless.] What happened?

Chloe looks at Lana in shock.

Act 2 Scene 2

Chloe sips a cup of coffee in the Talon. Day. She looks around nervously as she talks to Clark and Adam. Her forehead is bandaged.

Chloe : So we can rule out paranoia. Someone is officially trying to kill me.

Clark : Not just someone.

Chloe : Yeah, well, either way, it still doesn't look great for me.

Lana comes to the table with an ice pack.

Lana : Chloe, I'm so sorry. I can't believe I went after you like that.

Lana sits down and starts to put the ice pack against Chloe's forehead. Chloe takes the ice pack from her, avoiding Lana's touch.

Chloe : Yeah. I can't believe you got us suspended. Thankfully, Adam was there. [To Adam.] Those were some really nice moves. What was that, Kung Fu? Judo?

Adam : [Shrugs.] I don't know. I guess I've watched a few too many Jackie Chan movies.

Clark and Lana both look at Adam a little disbelievingly.

Chloe : Well, who would've thought it would come in handy in the treacherous halls of Smallville high?

Clark takes a sip of coffee and a thought occurs to him.

Clark : [To Lana.] Just before this, did you get any weird e-mails?

Lana : Let me check. [She looks at her PDA and sees the e-mail from Brainwave.] I did, but I don't remember opening it.

Clark : It sounds like the same thing happened to both of us. It's like we were being hypnotized.

Adam : It could be a subliminal message.

Chloe : Something could've been hidden in the binary codes.

Lana : [Handing the PDA to Clark.] Well, how did I get snapped out of it?

Chloe : Right now, I'm a little bit more concerned with what triggered the "kill Chloe" impulse in the first place.

Clark : [Looking at the PDA.] It's Brainwave again.

They all look at each other nervously.

Cut to Adam typing at the computer behind the bar of the Talon. He has Lana's PDA with him and Clark, Chloe, and Lana watch him work.

Adam : Every computer online has an IP address so we should be able to track the message and the computer that it was sent from.

Clark : [Suspicious.] You can do that?

Adam : We'll see.

Chloe : If this Brainwave person wanted me dead so badly, why didn't they just send me a message saying to off myself?

Adam : The brain's hardwired to stay alive. I mean, not even hypnotic messages can override our survival instinct.

Chloe is startled by Adam's knowledge on the subject.

Clark : What, did you just pick that up somewhere?

Adam : I was in physical rehab for months. What else is there to do but read?

Lana looks strangely from Adam to the computer screen. A dialogue box pops up that says "computer registered to Chloe Sullivan, IP address registered to LuthorCorp."

Clark : Chloe, the message came from your computer.

Lana : I thought Lionel took back all of your computers. Why would anyone at LuthorCorp want to attack you?

Chloe and Clark look at each other, worried.

Act 2 Scene 3

Lex and Clark talk on a sidewalk in Metropolis. Day. Lex buys a newspaper from a Daily Planet dispenser and they start walking side by side.

Lex : Look, I hate to think you wasted a trip to Metropolis, but I seriously doubt my father's trying to kill Chloe.

Clark : Why? He was willing to put his own son in a mental institution. [Lex looks at Clark pointedly.] You know what he's capable of.

Lex : Clark, what reason would he have to go after a high school reporter from Smallville?

Clark hesitates, not answering.

Lex : Is there something you're not telling me? Does this have anything to do with the seven weeks of my life that I can't remember?

Clark : All I know is that Lionel asked you to fire Chloe's dad.

Lex : Look, Clark, that was business. [Lex stops walking and faces Clark.] You know, contrary to common perception, my father isn't behind every nefarious activity in Smallville. Besides, he'd never be that circuitous.

Clark : Those e-mails came from Chloe's computer after it was packed up and shipped to LuthorCorp. Who else would have access?

Lex thinks about it, not responding.

Act 2 Scene 4

Molly is working at her computer. Day. An elevator opens and Dr. Garner steps out. Molly stands to greet him.

Molly : Dr. Garner. How are things at Summerholt? Is everything okay?

Dr. Garner : No. I wish I could say it was. A reporter from the Daily Planet stopped by today.

Dr. Garner pulls a business card out of his pocket and hands it to Molly.

Dr. Garner : His name was Max Taylor.

Molly : About that horrible article that girl wrote?

Dr. Garner : Unfortunately. I just don't know what I'm gonna do if they shut me down. [Walking to the window in the living room and looking out at the city.] Think about all the people that I've helped. Where will they go?

Molly : That's never going to happen.

Dr. Garner : I don't know. I just can't seem to get them to leave us alone. How can I make them understand, Molly?

Molly : You can't. They'll never understand.

Dr. Garner : I'm just glad I was able to help you so much.

Dr. Garner rubs a gentle finger down Molly's cheek.

Dr. Garner : But if these reporters have their way, other patients may not be so lucky.

Molly gets a determined look in her eyes and goes back into the computer room.

Act 2 Scene 5

Adam is packing a bag in his hospital room. Day. Lana enters.

Lana : Are you leaving?

Adam : [Laughs.] Paroled. Good behavior.

Lana : So are you heading back to Metropolis?

Adam : I was...sort of thinking about staying in Smallville.

Lana : [Surprised.] Why?

Adam : Ow. That hurt.

Lana : No, no. I just meant, you know, after what I did at the school. Smallville just doesn't seem like the type of place you'd go to if you could...go anywhere.

Adam : Actually, it's about as close to a home as I have. [Comes closer to Lana and holds her face.] I was hoping I could spend a little more time with a certain coffee shop owner who just happens to have the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen.

Lana : [Lowering her face.] Adam, we don't really know each other.

Adam : Wasn't that the point of me staying? What's the problem? Hmm?

Lana turns around and walks away slowly, then stops.

Lana : No one knows martial arts without remembering where they learned it. Chloe can't even hack a computer like you can, and if you got it all from reading, then where are the books?

Adam : Wow. Clark, must've really messed with your head.

Lana : Yeah, he did. And I'm not gonna let that happen again.

Adam : [Losing patience.] Look, Lana I like you, and I've told you that. But whatever your problems are, I'm not gonna stick around to be one of them. [Lana can't respond.] I think you should go.

Lana looks hurt, then leaves Adam's hospital room. She stops when she gets to the lobby and looks back sadly.

Act 2 Scene 6

Outside shot of Smallville High. Night. Chloe enters the Torch office and doesn't see Clark working behind her.

Clark : Chloe.

Chloe gasps as she turns around, startled.

Chloe : Clark, don't sneak up on me like that!

Clark : Look, I talked to Lex and they found your old computer at LuthorCorp, but the hard drive is gone.

Chloe : [Groans.] Including all of my e-mail addresses.

Clark : Well, we think this is who took it.

Clark shows Chloe a surveillance picture of Molly.

Clark : She may be working for Lionel. Her name's Molly--

Chloe : Griggs, yeah, I know. And for once the connection isn't Lionel. I interviewed her for a story I did about a month ago.

Clark : About what?

Chloe : Summerholt Neurological Institute.

Chloe goes to her drawer and pulls out a file.

Clark : Summerholt? Isn't that where Ryan used to be?

Chloe : Yeah, to study his ESP. That's why I started looking into the place. Apparently he isn't the only patient Dr. Garner held against their will.

Chloe hands Clark the file.

Clark : Well, his methods are right out of the Mengele handbook. Why was Molly there?

Chloe : Uh, MIT recruited her at 15. She was a total engineer whiz kid until she went homicidal on another student. After her breakdown, they sent her to Summerholt.

Clark : Yeah, but Summerholt isn't exactly a psych ward.

Chloe : For megalo-brainiacs it is.

Clark : Why would she want to kill you?

Chloe : Well, when I talked to her, she was pretty adamant that Dr. Garner had given her a new life. I had enough ammunition in that article to shut him down in a second.

Clark : [Urgently.] Chloe, who else knows about this article?

Chloe : Max.

Cut to Max Taylor talking to Chloe on the phone in his office at the Daily Planet.

Max : Chloe, I've been looking at your Summerholt story. I think you've got something here. [Pause.] Wait, slow down, threats are a part of the job. But I appreciate the heads up. You'll get used to it.

Max's secretary Maureen enters the office, takes a pencil out of a stack, and sharpens it in the electric sharpener. Then she looks at the tip of the pencil, making sure it's sharp enough. Max puts his hand over the phone and looks at Maureen over his shoulder.

Max : You need something, Maureen?

Chloe, talking to Max from the Torch, waits on her end of the line.

All we see is Maureen's face as she makes a violent thrusting motion. Chloe hears a thump.

Chloe : Max?

Max's arm falls limp to his side and the receiver hangs from its cord next to his chair.

Chloe : Max?

Chloe hears Maureen begin to scream chillingly.

Maureen : Aah!

Chloe : Max?

Maureen : Aah! Max! Help! Aaah!!! Max!

Maureen continues to scream and cry. The shot widens and we see Max with his head down on his desk, the pencil sticking out of his ear as blood drips down his face. He is dead.

Fade to black.

Act 3 Scene 1

Lex, Chloe, and Clark enter Lex's study. Day.

Clark : Thanks for letting Chloe stay here, Lex.

Lex : Whatever I have to do to help.

Lex goes to the bar and pours a drink.

Chloe : Yeah, this is the last place anybody would look for me.

Lex : Chloe, I'm sorry about what happened to your friend at the Daily Planet. You must've really had Garner over a barrel.

Chloe : Yeah, well, I obviously didn't know what I was getting myself into. Just seems to be a nasty habit that I've picked up lately.

Lex sits at his desk.

Lex : So your theory is that Garner has turned Molly into his own e-mail assassin, using hypnotic suggestion?

Clark : It's not that far of a stretch. Summerholt goes from studying the brain to controlling it.

Lex : It's a pretty amazing breakthrough if you don't consider the application.

Chloe : [Suddenly intense.] Well, there's no question. When it comes to brain warping, Dr. Garner is definitely the guy.

Lex looks at Chloe thoughtfully.

Clark : I'm gonna go talk to Garner.

Clark starts to leave, but Chloe grabs his arm.

Chloe : No, no, Clark, don't, please. It's too dangerous.

Clark : I'm not the one he's looking for. It'll be all right. Just don't leave the mansion. I'll call you if I find anything.

Clark leaves and Lex gets up from his desk.

Lex : Chloe, I have my tech guys trying track her. I'm gonna go see what they've got. Make yourself at home.

Chloe nods and Lex leaves. She watches him go with tears in her eyes.

Act 3 Scene 2

Outside shot of Summerholt. Day. Clark comes in through the front door into the large foyer. Dr. Garner is on his way out.

Clark : Clark Kent.

Dr. Garner : Here to abduct another one of my patients? I think you'll find security significantly increased since your last visit.

Clark : I know what you and Molly are doing.

Dr. Garner : [Trying to place the name.] Molly... Griggs? She left us months ago.

Clark : She's sending out hypnotic e-mails. It's not the kind of technology you pick up at Radio Shack.

Dr. Garner : Nor Summerholt if that's what you're implying.

Dr. Garner starts to leave and Clark grabs his arm.

Clark : Molly's already killed one reporter who was about to expose everything you're doing here, and she's going after another. That's quite a coincidence.

Dr. Garner : Mr. Kent, this is a serious research institute. I'm not going to involve Summerholt in some imaginary high school investigation.

Clark : [Stepping forward threateningly.] I don't think the police are going to see it that way.

Two security guards walk up.

Guard : Dr. Garner?

Dr. Garner : Cornell, could you show our friend to the door?

Cornell puts a hand on Clark's shoulder and escorts him out the front door. Clark looks back long enough to see Dr. Garner take out his cell phone and dial a number. Cornell keeps pushing him until he is outside. Clark stays outside and looks in through the glass as Dr. Garner turns a corner down a hallway inside.

Clark focuses his super hearing on Dr. Garner's phone call. We fly inside Clark's ear and see his ear drum rattling at the sound of a phone ringing, then back out of his ear and down the hall of Summerholt until all we can see are Dr. Garner's lips. A man picks up the phone.

Man : Centennial Tower Apartments. How may I direct your call?

Dr. Garner : Apartment 927, please.

Another ring and then Molly picks up.

Molly : Hello?

Dr. Garner : Molly, something else has come up.

Hearing all he needs to, Clark walks away.

Act 3 Scene 3

Lana is bussing tables at the Talon. Day. Adam enters.

Adam : Library. [Lana looks at him, confused.] That's where you'll find all the books I was reading.

Lana : I thought you'd be on your way to Metropolis by now.

She starts walking to the bar and Adam follows her.

Adam : I was, but I didn't want to leave things the way we did. I can be a little abrupt.

Lana puts her tray down on the bar.

Lana : That's one way of putting it.

Adam groans, frustrated.

Adam : You're driving me nuts! I can see how strong you are, and then for some stupid reason, you retreat into this hurt little girl facade. It's ridiculous.

Lana : This is your way of ending things on better terms?

Adam : People here don't say what they think. I wasn't trying to hide anything from you.

Lana : Then why are you so guarded?

Adam : You have to understand, there are patches of my life that I just can't piece back together.

Lana : [Understanding.] And everyone that could answer those questions is gone.

Adam : It's kind of scary. Smallville just seemed a little less terrifying than going to Metropolis on my own.

Lana lowers her eyes, then looks back up at Adam smiling.

Lana : Crazy ninja girls and all?

They both laugh.

Adam : Crazy ninja girls and all. I guess I just was moving a little too fast, so I'm sorry if I read something in our friendship that wasn't there.

Lana : I think it was a little too early to tell what was there.

Adam : Yeah.

They smile at each other warmly for a moment.

Adam : I'm gonna miss my bus.

Adam gets his bag and starts to leave. He turns back.

Adam : Lana, I-- I really hope you find a way to trust people again. Because you're a really amazing person, and it'd be a shame not to let someone get close enough to see that.

Adam smiles and starts to leave again. Looking agitated, Lana can't keep from saying something.

Lana : Adam, wait. [She walks to him.] Were you serious about staying?

Adam smiles at Lana, and she looks into his eyes hopefully.

Act 3 Scene 4

Outside shot of Metropolis. Night. In her apartment, Molly brings a tray with a coffee pot and two mugs into the living room where Lex is seated.

Lex : I'm starting to get a complex. It seems all the women I find even remotely appealing turn out to be psychopaths.

Molly laughs softly, setting the tray down on the coffee table and sitting in front of Lex.

Molly : Birds of a feather.

Lex : [Leaning forward and touching Molly's chin.] What did Garner do to you? Hmm?

Molly turns her head away. The elevator door opens and Clark enters the apartment. Molly stands up.

Clark : [Shocked.] Lex, what are you doing here?

Lex : My tech guy traced her.

Molly : [To Clark.] And you would be?

Clark sees the computer on the desk and points to it.

Clark : Is this what you're using to hurt my friends?

Clark walks to the desk and Molly blocks his way.

Molly : Get away from that!

Clark : Molly, you don't have to protect Garner. We know he's controlling you.

Molly : Look, there's only one person with that ability, and you're looking at her, now get away from the computer!

Lex : You looking for this, Clark?

Lex holds up a disk.

Molly : How'd you get that?

Lex : Birds of a feather. [Lex stands up.] It wasn't Garner. You're the one who developed the program, huh? [Molly grabs for the disk, but Lex keeps it from her.] I pulled it from your disk drive.

Molly : You don't understand. You don't know what it's like to be so different, to see things other kids can't see, to feel and to think about things they can't even imagine.

Clark takes the disk from Lex and holds it in front of Molly's face.

Clark : Molly, Garner's not helping you.

Molly : He made me feel normal, and I never thought that could happen.

Lex looks at the computer screen.

Molly : Now, if someone gave you that chance, wouldn't you protect them, too?

Clark doesn't answer.

Lex : Clark, she sent an e-mail right before we got here. You recognize the address?

Clark looks at the address on the computer screen. [email protected]

Clark : Mom!

Act 3 Scene 5

Chloe enters Clark's loft. Night. Martha is standing next to a table.

Chloe : Mrs. Kent? Mrs. Kent, I got your call.

Martha turns around smiling.

Chloe : What did Clark find out?

Martha grabs a sickle from the wall and walks toward Chloe threateningly. Chloe starts to back away and runs into Jonathan who grabs her and pushes her against a support beam, wrapping a chain around her neck to hold her still. Chloe whimpers and struggles against the chain as Martha inches forward with the sickle raised above her head.

Fade to black.

Act 4 Scene 1

Chloe, Martha, and Jonathan in the loft. Night. Jonathan pulls the chain tighter around Chloe's neck.

Chloe : Aah!

Martha continues to come toward Chloe slowly with the sickle. Then Chloe kicks Martha in the face, causing her to drop the sickle and fall to the floor. Clark super speeds into the loft and pushes Jonathan away from Chloe who falls to the floor gasping.

Clark : Chloe. [Kneels at her side.] You all right?

Chloe nods. Jonathan pulls a piece of kryptonite from his pocket, smiling sadistically. He stands up and comes toward Clark.

Chloe : Clark!

Jonathan punches Clark across the face with the rock and Clark falls down. Chloe stands up as Jonathan leans over Clark and punches him repeatedly. Chloe looks around for some way to help and notices stacks of hay bales on the upper floor of the loft. She runs to the wall and pulls a lever, causing the railing to fall away and the hay bales come crashing down on top of Clark and Jonathan. The kryptonite rolls away and its green glow goes out. Clark throws a bale of hay off of himself and Chloe sighs, relieved that he's all right.

Clark : Mom.

Martha is getting up from the ground. Clark throws another bale of hay off of Jonathan and goes to his mother.

Martha : What happened?

Clark : You okay?

Martha looks at Clark in confusion and Jonathan sits up, coughing. Clark looks at Chloe who is still shaken.

Act 4 Scene 2

Outside shot of the Talon. Day. Inside, Lana leads Adam up the stairs at the side of the main room. She stops when she gets to the top and turns back to him.

Lana : Okay, just keep an open mind.

Adam nods and gestures for Lana to keep going. She turns to the door and unlocks it. She enters, followed by Adam, and turns on a light revealing a dusty crowded storage room filled with boxes, furniture, and an old movie reel. Dusty sunlight filters in through the windows.

Lana : So? What do you think?

Adam : I think...Norman Bates would be right at home here.

Lana : Not exactly the tenant I had in mind.

Adam : Is that an offer?

Lana : If we clear out all this junk and paint, it could be a really cool space. I negotiated a good deal on the rent with the owner.

Lana turns on another lamp next to a stained glass window and Adam looks around.

Adam : Well, I guess an upside would be I wouldn't need an alarm clock. [Lana doesn't understand.] The smell of fresh coffee would wake me up in the morning.

Lana : Yeah, unless you're making it. If you stick around long enough, I might just put you to work.

Adam smiles, then steps closer to Lana.

Adam : I appreciate you doing this for me, but I don't want you to do it because you feel sorry for me.

Lana : No. No, that's not what this is about. Trust me. I'm just trying to help out a friend.

Adam looks at her warily for a moment, then smiles a nods.

Act 4 Scene 3

Chloe is in the Torch office. Day. She is powering up a new set of computers as Clark enters.

Clark : New computers?

Chloe : The same old computers. New Luthor. Lex returned them to me, no strings attached. Uh, I guess he felt guilty about firing my dad.

Clark : Well, at least you're up and running.

Chloe : Sans cyber stalker. [Laughs.]

Clark : Your soul is still intact.

Chloe : Yeah. [Long pause. She studies Clark.] You know, all this stuff with Molly...there's just--there's a part of me that feels like maybe I deserve it.

Clark : No, Chloe...

Chloe : No, like it was my penance, you know, for what I did to you.

Chloe sits on the desk. Clark takes a breath and puts down his backpack, sitting on the other desk across from Chloe.

Clark : You can't take all the blame. You went to Lionel because I pushed you away. It seems to be one of my hidden talents lately.

Chloe : [Laughing.] It's not so hidden. [Clark smiles sheepishly.] You know, I never set out to investigate you, Clark. It just--it was so flattering that someone like that would be interested in my work.

Clark : It made you feel like you mattered.

Chloe : Yeah. And then Lionel, like, set my dream out right in front of me, and I just... [She starts to cry.] I don't know, I gave in to all my worst instincts.

Clark : No, Chloe, he caught you at a weak moment, and we all have them. [Chloe nods.] When you found me at mine in Metropolis, you didn't turn your back on me. You gave me a second chance, and I at least owe you the same.

Chloe : [Smiling, grateful.] I'd like that. [She wipes her eyes.] So what do we do now? I mean, we can't just forget about everything that's happened.

Clark thinks for a moment, then stands up to come sit next to Chloe.

Clark : Well, you have to understand that there are some things about me that'll never add up.

Chloe : [Laughs.] I know that.

Clark : Are you willing to stop digging?

Chloe : [Pause. She takes a breath.] Yeah. I mean, I figure you'll just tell me when you think it's right.

Clark smiles.

Clark : I'll see you tomorrow.

Chloe : Okay.

Chloe watches Clark hopefully as he leaves.

Act 4 Scene 4

Lex is leaning against his car next to a fountain outside Summerholt Neurological Institute. Night. Dr. Garner comes out of the building.

Dr. Garner : Mr. Luthor. I should've known when young Clark stopped by that you wouldn't be far behind.

Lex : Any more attempts on Chloe Sullivan's life would be...ill-advised.

Dr. Garner : Molly seems to have vanished into thin air. I don't suppose you'd know anything about that.

Lex : Molly's in the care of people who should be able to help her, not exploit her.

Dr. Garner : Lex, you're a smart man. You know that the line has to be bent now and then to make progress.

Garner starts to walk away and stops when Lex speaks.

Lex : I believe there's a difference between bent and broken.

Dr. Garner : You've never been so close to making a discovery that you'd be willing to do almost anything to see it through? My work could change that the world views intelligence. Thought.

Lex : I don't think your research is worth the cost of innocent lives.

Dr. Garner : And I don't think I have time for a morality lesson. Excuse me.

Garner starts to walk away again.

Lex : Chloe's article is a real page-turner. [Lex pulls a disk out of his pocket as Garner stops walking.] Almost worth killing over.

Garner turns around.

Lex : Wouldn't you say, Doctor?

Dr. Garner : What do you want, Lex?

Lex : Your help. [Lex walks closer to Garner until they are standing face to face.] Two months ago I had an unfortunate session of shock therapy that basically erased seven weeks of my life.

Garner watches Lex silently, waiting.

Lex : I want those seven weeks back.

The light reflected off the water in the fountain flickers eerily across Lex's face as he stares deeply into Dr. Garner's eyes.


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