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#313 : À Fond la Caisse

Résumé : Après que Pete ait gagné une course de rue, les voyous avec qui il a couru menacent de le tuer. Il demande donc à Clark d'utiliser ses pouvoirs pour les arrêter. Furieux que Pete se soit mis dans cette situation, Clark doit chercher une façon de sauver Pete tout en protégeant son secret. Pendant ce temps, Jonathan commence à subir les conséquences de son pacte avec Jor-El.


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Titre VO

Titre VF
À Fond la Caisse

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Photo de l'épisode #3.13

Photo de l'épisode #3.13

Photo de l'épisode #3.13

Photo de l'épisode #3.13

Photo de l'épisode #3.13

Photo de l'épisode #3.13

Plus de détails

Guest-stars :

→ Ian Somerhalder dans le rôle de Adam Knight
 Ryan Merriman dans le rôle de Jason Dante
→ Camille Mitchell dans le rôle du Shérif Nancy Adams
→ Françoise Yip dans le rôle du Professeur Lia Teng
→ Moneca Delain dans le rôle de Mara
→ Colin Corrigan dans le rôle de Dante cinglé


Titre de l'épisode :

 Velocity est le terme qui signifie "vitesse".

 Le titre se réfère à la course de voiture illégale à laquelle Pete participe.


Indiscrétions :

 Lia Teng est la scientifique qui analyse le sang de Clark dans l'épisode 3.02 - Le sang des héritiers 2/2. Dans le comic-book, le personnage dirige l'équipe de scientifiques chargée par Lex Luthor de créer Bizarro, le clône de Superman.

 Comment Lana découvre l'article sur Adam ? Elle ne connaissait pas le nom de Chad Nash. Et Lex et Chloe ne l'ont même pas découvert.

 Qu'est-il arrivé après la mort de Dante ? Apparemment cela n'inquiète ni le shérif ni les parents de Clark que le jeune ait été tué dans son accident de voiture qui semble pourtant causé involontairement par Pete et Clark.

 Le scénario de cet épisode est clairement pompé sur celui du film Fast and Furious sorti en 2001.

 C'est le deuxième épisode réalisé par le français Jeannot Szwarc. Le premier étant l'épisode 3.05 - Incontrôlable.

Act 1 Teaser

Outside shot of Smallville Medical Center. Night. Inside, Clark and Martha are seated in Jonathan's hospital room. Jonathan is lying in bed asleep hooked up to an IV with an oxygen tube under his nose. He wakes up. Martha and Clark both stand, Martha walks to the bedside and Clark stops at the foot of the bed.

Clark : Dad?

Martha : Sweetheart? How are you feeling?

Jonathan : Are you two still here? I think you need to go back, back home and get some rest. [Clark looks at Jonathan gravely.] Hey, Clark, don't worry about me, son. It's gonna take a whole lot more than a heart attack to keep your old man down.

Clark : I just feel like this is all my fault.

Jonathan : Hey, come here. [Jonathan holds out his hand and Clark takes it.] Look, there's a lot of things that you can do, but causing cardiac arrest is not one of them.

Clark : Last time you were at the doctor's, they said you had a heart of a 20-year-old just before I went to Metropolis.

Jonathan : If you're suggesting that your biological father has anything to do with this--

Clark : He gave you powers to bring me home that no human was meant to have, and I don't think your heart could handle it.

Martha : Clark, no. There were other factors.

Clark : If I hadn't put on that ring and abandoned you and mom when you needed me most, you wouldn't be lying here in this bed.

Jonathan : As hard as this is for you to believe, not everything that goes wrong in Smallville is Clark Kent's fault.

Martha looks from Jonathan to Clark. Jonathan and Clark look seriously at each other.

Cut to Martha and Clark driving home on a quiet empty street. They get to a stop sign at an intersection and come to a halt. Martha looks over at Clark in the passenger seat. Clark is looking out the window sullenly. Martha opens her mouth as if to say something, then changes her mind. She pushes on the gas, and just as the truck starts to go forward two cars speed toward them on the intersecting road.

Clark : Watch out!

Martha slams on the brakes and the two cars speed by in front of them. Both cars are sporty and very flashy and one of the cars is spewing green flames from the tailpipe. Clark unfastens his safety belt.

Martha : Where are you going?

Clark : They're gonna kill someone.

Clark gets out of the truck.

Further down the street, the two cars come to a stop. On either side of the road, there is a row of parked cars all with their headlights shining on the road, all just as sporty and flashy as the two cars that have obviously just finished a race. The car with the green flames has finished in the lead. The owners of the parked cars come running out into the road cheering and flocking around the winning car. Clark super speeds over to the crowd to see what's going on. He looks on, astonished as the winner steps out his car. It's Pete.

Another young man, Jason Dante, comes to Pete's side.

Dante : Ladies and gentlemen! Your reigning king of speed, Pete "The Boss" Ross!

Dante raises Pete's arm into the air and the crowd starts to cheer. A sexy young woman gives Pete a kiss on the cheek as Pete smiles and soaks up his praise, not noticing Clark. Clark is dumbfounded.

[Opening credits]

Act 1 Scene 1

Clark drives to an old barn set up as a car garage. Day. Dante and Pete are outside the garage working on a car. Dante is installing a device in the trunk that has a tube of liquid kryptonite attached to it.

Pete : [Excited.] Whoa, Dante! That's some serious green!

Dante : All right, I jacked up the meteor rock ratio in this new batch of nitrous, okay?

Pete : Woo-hoo! You ought to be working for NASA, man! These cars are gonna be like rockets!

Pete and Dante touch fists. Clark gets out of his truck and walks over to Pete and Dante.

Clark : Hey, Pete.

Pete : [Closing the trunk of the car.] Clark. What are you doing here?

Dante : [Sarcastic, looking at Clark's truck.] Hey, nice ride, man. What's that thing do, like 0 to 60 in an hour? Hey, if you ever want to turn that tortoise into a hare, give me a call, all right? [Clark grins, nodding slightly. Dante slaps Pete on the back.] See ya, bro.

Dante walks to another car and starts working under the hood.

Pete : Hey, how's your dad?

Clark : He's doing okay. But in case you didn't notice, you almost obliterated our truck last night. My mom was behind the wheel.

Pete : I'm sorry if I scared your mom, Clark. But I swear I was in complete control the whole time.

Clark : At 100 miles an hour?

Pete walks into the barn and Clark follows.

Pete : Clark, you're not exactly one to talk about breaking the speed limit. You know what it's like to move so fast that nothing can touch you. For me, this is as close as I can get.

Clark looks around in awe at the garage. There is loud music playing and there are several shining new cars.

Clark : How long have you been doing this?

Pete : I don't know. A couple months.

Clark : How come you didn't tell me about it?

Pete : Because I knew you'd want to ground me and take away my allowance.

Clark : Pete, this isn't a joke. You could really hurt someone.

Pete : Clark, I know how to handle these cars. Dante's the best driver in Lowell County. He's taught me everything he knows.

Clark : Including how to break the law. Street racing is illegal. You could go to jail.

Pete : Not if no one finds out. You're good at keeping secrets, Clark. You're not gonna tell anybody. Right?

Clark looks at Pete strangely, as if seeing a new side of him for the first time.

Act 1 Scene 2

Lana and Adam are in Adam's apartment above the Talon. Day. Lana is holding a newspaper article entitled "Tulsa Valedictorian Dead at 17". There is a picture of a boy named Chad Nash who looks exactly like Adam.

Adam : They say everyone's got someone that looks like him.

Lana : Chad Nash doesn't just look like you. [Reading.] Karate team, orchestra, computer club. All things that you just happen to be a master of? According to this article, you died five months ago of a rare liver disease, and suddenly you're standing right in front of me with a different name?

Adam : Who else have you shown this to?

Lana : No one.

Adam : [Stern.) Are you sure?

Lana : Yes! Adam, tell me what's going on.

Adam : [Increasingly aggravated.] Lana, you can't tell anyone. [The white part of Adam's left eye starts turning red.] You have to promise me you'll keep this a secret.

Blood starts to drip from Adam's eye, running down his face.

Lana : [Frightened.] Adam, your eye.

Adam wipes the blood off his face and looks at his hand.

Adam : [Covering.] Happens all the time. It's just a broken capillary.

Lana : Adam, are you sure you're okay?

Adam : It's nothing. I'm fine. [He takes Lana's arm and walks her to the door.] Lana, listen, you have to promise me you're not gonna tell anyone about this, okay?

Lana : Adam--

Adam : [Pushing Lana out the door.] My life could depend on it. Please, promise me you won't say a word.

Lana nods and Adam shuts the door, leaning against it and shutting his eyes tightly. Then he runs into the bathroom and turns on the sink. Lana stands outside the door in shock, then walks away.

Act 1 Scene 3

Outside shot of Lex's mansion. Day. Chloe talks to Lex who is seated at his desk.

Chloe : So I've been following up on our mysterious tenant in the Talon. It seems he has an intimate relationship with needles.

Lex : I take it you're not talking about embroidery.

Chloe : Hardly. I found a vial in his apartment and took it to the pathologist at Smallville Med to have it analyzed. [Chloe holds the vial in her hand.]

Lex : [Standing.] Well, what is it?

Chloe : It's a serum that contains minute amounts of cells resembling blood platelets. Now, what's even freakier is the molecular makeup is like nothing the pathologist has ever seen in any human or animal. [Lex takes the vial to look at it more closely.] That's why I decided to take a peek into Adam's medical records.

Lex : [With a grin.] Privacy laws don't seem to faze you much, do they?

Chloe : Not when I'm worried about one of my best friends. As long as Lana has the Talented Mr. Ripley living above her, I'm gonna do whatever it takes to make sure he's not dangerous.

Lex : Is he?

Chloe : I don't know. All I know is that when he was in the hospital, he had a doctor visiting him twice a week.

Lex : Well, that doesn't sound very unusual to me.

Chloe : It is when it's not an M.D. Dr. Tang is a professor of molecular biology at Metropolis University.

Lex : Have you been following up with him?

Chloe : Him is a her. And she's so high up in the ivory tower, I'd need a hook and ladder to get to her. That's why I came to you. A generous benefactor of the university is gonna have a lot more luck than a high school student.

Lex : Have you mentioned any of this to Lana?

Chloe : I didn't want to say anything until I found out all the facts.

Lex : Let's keep it that way.

Chloe blinks at Lex, unsure of his decision.

Act 1 Scene 4

Pete cruises down an empty road in his sporty race car. Day. He sees something speeding forward past the driver side window so fast that it's no more than a blur. When he returns his focus to the windshield, he sees Clark standing several meters up the road. Clark puts out his hand, motioning for Pete to stop, and Pete has to slam on his brakes coming to a stop inches away from Clark. Pete gets out of the car, slamming the door angrily.

Pete : What do you think you're doing? If I'd have hit you, I would have totaled this car, and it's not even mine.

Clark : Maybe if you slowed down, you wouldn't have a problem.

Pete : Since when did you become a traffic cop?

Clark : Since you started driving kryptonite-fueled cars that can practically break the sound barrier.

Pete : Don't I wish.

Clark : Pete, listen to me. There have been a series of fatal car accidents this year in Lowell County. They were all tricked out with the same kryptonite booster tanks.

Pete : Clark, any car can be dangerous if you don't know how to drive it. But I do.

Clark : That's not the point.

Pete : Yes, it is! For once in my life, I finally found something that I'm truly good at.

Clark : What are you talking about? You're good at a lot of things.

Pete : Like what?

Clark : Like basketball. You got a killer jump shot. You've beat me plenty of times.

Pete : Yeah, when you're not using your powers. Clark, I'm okay at hoops. I'm a decent photographer. But you saw that crowd last night. You heard them chanting my name. And for once in my life, I finally get to feel what you feel like every single day. I get to feel special.

Pete starts walking back to the car.

Clark : Pete, I'm not special. I'm different.

Pete : Clark, who do you think you're kidding? You can do things that I could never even dream of. And ever since we were kids, even before I knew your secret, I've always been walking in your shadow.

Clark : Pete, that's not true.

Pete : Clark, don't get me wrong. It's not a bad place to be. But I'm growing up. I'm realizing that I got my own talents.

Clark : Pete, as your friend, I can't let you race anymore. It's too dangerous.

Pete : Clark, what are you gonna do? Physically stop me every time I go to race?

Pete opens the car door and Clark slams it shut.

Clark : If I have to!

Pete looks up into Clark's eyes angrily for a long time. Then his expression softens.

Pete : Fine, Clark, you win. I guess I'll just keep living vicariously through you.

Clark steps away from the car, defeated. Pete gets inside and speeds away.

Act 1 Scene 5

Jonathan is flipping channels on the television in his hospital room. Day. Clark enters carrying a game of checkers.

Jonathan : Hey.

Clark : You look like you're feeling better.

Jonathan : [Dropping the remote control.] Yeah. They need to give this room to somebody who's really sick. I got a farm to run.

Clark : Everything's taken care of. What you need to concentrate on is feeling better and your checkers strategy, not necessarily in that order.

Clark sets the checkers box down on the table and wheels the table over to the bed.

Jonathan : Clark, you've been here every night. Why don't you go out with your friends, have some fun.

Clark : [Sitting on the edge of the bed.] Why would I go out with my friends when I can beat my dad at checkers?

Jonathan : I'm serious. Listen, just because I'm stuck in here doesn't mean you need to be. Call Pete, go to the movies. I'll watch TV.

Clark : [Setting up the game.] Pete has other plans.

Clark tries to hide his troubled expression, but it comes through.

Jonathan : You two all right?

Clark : He's been hanging out with a different crowd lately.

Jonathan : When you say different you mean wrong?

Clark : Without realizing it, I think I've taken Pete for granted.

Jonathan : Well, you and Pete have been friends since the sandbox, son. Maybe he's just going through a phase. As long as he's not getting himself in any trouble, give it some time.

Clark looks at Jonathan hopefully.

Act 1 Scene 6

Both sides of a road are once again lined with parked cars. Night. Pete walks into a large crowd of people who are cheering and clapping for him. Pete goes to the center of the crowd where two race cars are waiting side by side. Dante comes to Pete.

Dante : How you feeling, Boss?

Pete : Like I'm about to own the road.

Dante : All right.

Pete gets into his car and Dante leans down to the window, speaking to Pete quietly.

Dante : Look, you're gonna have to shift gears.

Pete : What do you mean?

Dante : It's time to take a dive. [Pete doesn't respond.] No winning streak lasts forever, okay? You're 6-0. That's the best driver this county's seen since yours truly. Now, that means all the money's on you.

Pete : So?

Dante : So there's a lot of bucks to be made if you get smoked.

Pete : So all that stuff about the beauty of racing and the triumph of victory. That was all lies?

Dante : Oh, hell no. I meant every word of that. This is the beauty of racing. Dante style. See you at the finish line.

Dante pats Pete on the shoulder and walks away from the car, leaving Pete upset. The sexy young woman comes to Pete's car and leans down next to the window.

Girl : This is for good luck. [She kisses Pete on the lips.] Not that you need it.

She stands upright and walks up the road so she is in front of the two cars. Pete's opponent is seated in his own car and looks over at Pete as he revs his engine. Pete rolls up his window and faces forward, concentrating. The sexy girl takes a yellow scarf hanging from her belt and holds it in the air. Pete puts his car in gear. The girl brings her arm down and both cars take off. The crowd runs out into the road, cheering.

The opponent's car is ahead by a little bit and gaining speed, leaving Pete in second place. Pete shakes his head in frustration and reaches for the green button on his dashboard, ready to push it and activate the kryptonite boost, then changes his mind and pushes on his brakes. His speedometer lowers from 81 mph to 76 mph, giving his opponent an even bigger lead.

They have nearly come all the way around the track as the crowd and the two lines of parked cars come into view in the distance. On an impulse, Pete reaches forward and hits the green button sending a shot of liquid kryptonite through a tube and spraying into his gas tank. The car has an immediate burst of speed, sending Pete's speedometer to 101 mph, and he flies past his opponent. He smiles as he gets to the finish line first and the crowd goes crazy, cheering and surrounding his car. He steps out of the car to bask in his victory. Dante squeezes through the crowd and puts an arm around Pete's shoulder, walking him away from the group.

Dante : Congratulations, Boss.

Pete : Thank you. Hey, Dante, look, about that whole cheating thing... It's like, I didn't have it in me.

Dante : Yeah, it isn't in you? [Pushing Pete roughly, furious.] What do you think this is, some little backyard game of Hot Wheels? I'm out $20,000 dollars because of you.

Pete : [Speechless.] Sorry.

Dante : Sorry's not gonna cut it. So you're gonna give me the keys to my car, you're gonna pay me my 20 G's, and I never want to see your face again.

Pete looks around, realizing he is surrounded by Dante's large and intimidating friends.

Pete : Dante, where am I gonna get $20,000 dollars?

Dante : Oh, you're gonna figure it out. 'Cause if you don't, the only car you're gonna be driving in is a hearse.

One of Dante's friends pushes Pete lightly on the back threateningly and Dante stares at Pete for a few seconds more. Then Dante and his friends walk away, leaving Pete alone, helpless and afraid.

Fade to black.

Act 2 Scene 1

Outside shot of Smallville Medical Center. Day. Inside Clark walks down the hall toward the lobby. Lana enters with balloons.

Lana : Hey, how's your dad?

Clark : He'll be better once we get him home. [Needing to get away.] Look, I gotta run. His room is right around the corner. He'll be happy to see you. [Clark starts to leave.]

Lana : Clark. [Clark stops.] Have you, by any chance, seen Adam?

Clark : [Walking to Lana, concerned.] Is everything all right?

Lana : I just hope your dad likes the balloons. It was either these or the "Get Well" teddy bear.

Clark : [Sweetly.] He'll love them. [Pause.] I'm gonna go.

Lana : Bye.

Clark leaves.

Act 2 Scene 2

Outside shot of Metropolis. Day. Lex enters Dr. Tang's laboratory at Metropolis University. A monkey in a cage screeches as Lex walks by. Dr. Tang is at her table looking through a microscope.

Lex : Dr. Tang.

Tang : [She doesn't look away from the microscope.] If you'd bothered to read the sign on the door, you'd know my office hours don't begin until five.

Lex : I'm not a student, doctor. I'm Lex Luthor.

Tang : [Looks at Lex.] Am I supposed to be impressed? Even the chancellor makes an appointment before he interrupts my work.

Lex : I've heard you like to play doctor. Think I can get a checkup?

Tang : I don't give physicals, Mr. Luthor. Nor do I see any patients. I'm a research scientist.

Lex : What about Adam Knight? Isn't he a patient?

Tang : I told you, I don't--

Lex : I just don't understand why a world-renowned molecular biologist would pay regular visits to a patient in a small town hospital.

Tang : The amount of money your family funnels into this university does not grant you the right to storm in here and interrogate me. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have work to do.

Dr. Tang picks up her clipboard and walks over to her desk.

Lex : Does that work happen to involve blood platelets of unknown origin?

Tang : [Laughs.] I think you've seen one too many science fiction movies, Mr. Luthor.

Lex : No. I've simply been fascinated with the mysteries of hematology for quite some time. [Tang looks at Lex seriously.] Next time, I'll be sure to call first. I wouldn't want to interrupt a moment of inspiration.

Lex leaves and Dr. Tang watches him go nervously.

Act 2 Scene 3

Clark walks down the hall at Smallville Medical Center. Day. He sees Pete coming out of Jonathan's hospital room. They smile at each other.

Pete : From the way your dad's going off about Kansas State's free throw shooting, I wouldn't know he had a heart attack.

Clark : It's nice of you to stop by, Pete.

Pete : Clark, I've known your dad almost as long as I've known my own. How you holding up?

Clark : It was tough the first couple of days. But now that he's out of the woods, I'm doing okay.

Pete : Your dad's the strongest guy I know besides you. He's gonna be fine.

Pete looks at Clark for a moment, as if deciding whether or not to talk about his problems. Then he starts to walk away.

Pete : I better get going.

Clark : Pete, are you okay?

Pete : Clark you got enough on your plate without me adding to it.

Clark : Pete!

Pete stops walking. Clark comes after him.

Clark : Don't worry about me. What's going on?

Pete : Dante asked me to throw a race and I couldn't do it. Now he's threatening to kill me unless I pay him the money that he lost in bets.

Clark : How much is it?

Pete : $20,000 dollars. Clark, I don't know what I'm gonna do.

Clark : [Thinking.] All right, look. You're just gonna lay low for now. I'll figure something out.

Pete nods.

Act 2 Scene 4

Clark enters Dante's car garage. Day. There are no people inside and all the lights are off. Clark looks around and sees a metal cabinet near the wall. He uses his X-ray vision to look through it and sees that it's full of license plates. His eyes widen.

Act 2 Scene 5

Clark sits next to Chloe who is typing at the computer in the Torch. Day.

Chloe : So you think Dante is more grand theft auto than Indy 500, huh?

Clark : Why else would he have a personal collection of license plates with brand new registrations that match?

Chloe : Journalistic obsessions aside, it almost seems like you have kind of a vested interest in this story.

Clark : You know how it is, Chloe. Once you get started on a really good story, you can't stop until you get to the bottom.

Chloe stops typing and takes a deep breath as she turns to look at Clark.

Chloe : I just chatted with the motor heads up in auto shop. Your source wouldn't happen to be Pete "The Boss" Ross, would it? [Clark looks at Chloe guiltily.] I understand protecting your source. But we're talking about a friend of mine who's putting his life at risk every time he goes for the checkered flag.

Clark : Pete asked me to keep it a secret. I'm keeping my word.

Chloe : Yeah, but Clark, you of all people should know that when your friend is doing something reckless, sometimes keeping a secret hurts more than it helps. [Clark nods.] He needs a friend. Now, Pete might listen to me.

Clark : What's that supposed to mean?

Chloe : It's called sibling rivalry. You and Pete are practically brothers. Now, from what I've heard, sometimes it's difficult to take advice from your sibling.

Chloe goes back to work on the computer as Clark thinks it over. Chloe pulls up a list of stolen cars, all of them matching the plates in Dante's garage.

Chloe : Whoa. You were right about Jason Dante. He could be the poster boy for Lojack. All the VIN numbers you took down are for stolen cars.

Clark : It's all the evidence we need. I'm gonna go talk to the sheriff.

Clark stands up and leaves. Chloe keeps looking at her computer screen.

Act 2 Scene 6

Dante is working under the hood of one of his cars in the garage. Day. The double doors behind him suddenly burst open and Sheriff Adams, along with several other officers, enter the garage pointing guns.

Adams : County Sheriff! Hands where I can see them! Drop that drill now!

Dante raises his hands.

Act 2 Scene 7

There is a knock on the front door of the Kent house. Day. Clark comes down the stairs and opens the door. It's Sheriff Adams looking not at all happy.

Adams : Good work, Mr. Kent. It only took eight deputies and four cruisers to discover that that barn was as clean and my grandma's pantry.

Clark : That couldn't be. I saw those license plates.

Adams : The only plates in that barn were the ones in the kitchenette sink. And none of the cars in there had VIN numbers even remotely similar to the ones you gave me.

Clark : Sheriff, that's impossible.

Adams : As usual, Mr. Kent, your information is about as accurate as the local weatherman. But I'm cutting you some slack this time because I've had my eye on Jason Dante for a while now, and he is one slippery fish. Next time you say there's a storm a-brewing, Mr. Kent, I better see some rain.

She leaves.

Act 2 Scene 8

Outside shot of the Kent farm. Day. Clark walks up the stairs of the loft carrying some books. He gets to the upper level and sets his books on the desk, then realizes that Pete is standing behind him in the shadows.

Clark : Pete?

Pete steps forward. His face is bloody and cut up. The blood has dripped down onto his collar.

Clark : [Shocked.] What happened to you?

Pete : Dante thought I was the one that called the sheriff. It was you. Dante knew about the raid because he's got a deputy in his pocket. That's why he never gets busted.

Clark : Pete, we gotta get you inside and clean you up.

Clark walks to Pete and tries to take his arm, but Pete pulls away.

Pete : Clark, I'll be fine! I just need you to get me that $20,000 dollars.

Clark : Pete, how am I supposed to come up with that much money?

Pete : Go Kal on an ATM machine. You've done it before.

Clark : When I was on red kryptonite.

Pete : Then go slip on a ring.

Clark : Pete, I can't do that!

Pete : Clark, you don't get it. Dante's a psycho. He told me he's gonna kill my parents first, and then if I still don't pay up, he's gonna come after me.

Clark : Pete, you know I'd never let anything happen to you or your family. But it doesn't mean I need to break the law.

Pete : That's never bothered you before. We've gone Watergate on so many buildings, I've lost count!

Clark : We were trying to help people.

Pete : Yeah, and now I'm the one that needs help! Me!

Pete's lip starts to tremble and his eyes fill with tears.

Pete : Clark, if you beat him up, he's just gonna come after us later. Of course you're not gonna kill him, and let's face it. You can't be on secret service detail forever. I got to put an end to this.

Clark : There's got to be another way.

Pete : [Grabbing Clark's arm.] Clark! It's my family we're talking about. If you don't give me that cash, we're dead.

Pete looks up at Clark imploringly.

Fade to black.

Act 3 Scene 1

Clark enters Lex's study. Day. Lex is dressed in a suit.

Lex : Clark, you just caught me. I was on my way out to a meeting. Did your dad get the DVD player?

Clark : Thanks, Lex. That was nice of you. He, uh, really enjoyed those westerns.

Lex : I figured he would. I hope he feels better soon.

Lex leaves the study and walks down the hall on his way to the front door. Clark follows him.

Clark : Lex, you've done so much already, but I need a big favor.

Lex : Name it.

Clark : [Quickly.] I need $20,000 dollars, cash.

Lex stops walking.

Lex : You're right. That is big. You mind telling me what it's for?

Clark : My friend got mixed up with the wrong crowd, and now they're making him pay for it.

Lex : Is this the old proverbial friend who happens to be you?

Clark : Believe me, if that was the case, it'd be a lot easier.

Lex : Well, tell your friend that in my experience, money-hungry thugs are like stray dogs. You feed them once, they're at your back door every night asking for more.

Clark : Lex. Unfortunately I don't think my friend has a choice. They're threatening to kill him.

A servant enters the hallway.

Servant : Mr. Luthor. Chopper's waiting.

Lex : [Sincerely, to Clark.] Be careful.

Lex takes his coat off the rack and leaves. On the desk below the rack, Clark notices the keys to Lex's Porsche.

Act 3 Scene 2

Clark drives up outside the loft in Lex's silver Porsche. Day. Pete comes out of the loft as Clark gets out of the car. Pete's face is bandaged in several places.

Clark : Here's your $20,000 dollars.

Pete : This car is worth a lot more than that. Lex gave it to you?

Clark : Not exactly.

Pete : You stole it?

Clark : I plan on giving it back after you challenge Dante to a race he can't say no to.

Pete : What are you talking about?

Clark : If he wins, the Porsche is his. If you win, your debt is settled.

Pete : The problem is, as fast as this thing moves, it can't stand a chance versus Dante's car.

Clark : No, this is the prize. You're gonna drive the car you always drive. And you're gonna win.

Pete : Well, I appreciate the confidence, Clark, but Dante's never lost a race.

Clark : He will this time, I guarantee it. I'm gonna use my heat vision to fry his engine. I can stay away from the kryptonite and no one gets hurt.

Pete : A last minute tune-up. [Excited.] Clark, you're awesome!

Clark : [Angry.] I'm glad you're happy, Pete. Because I had to lie for you and I had to steal for you. Now I have to cheat for you. Let's get this done.

Act 3 Scene 3

Clark and Pete are in Dante's garage. Day. The sexy girl watches as Dante sits in Lex's Porsche.

Dante : [Getting out the car.] Well, I got to hand it to you, Boss. You got quite a pair of lug nuts to take me on. [He puts his hand on the sexy girl's hip and hands her the keys.] Baby, take the Porsche out to the starting line, okay?

Girl : Okay.

She kisses Dante as Pete watches jealously. Then she takes the keys and opens the car door.

Pete : Whoa, how do I know she's not gonna drive off with it? I'll drive it down. [Pete takes the keys.] Clark, keep an eye on the Mustang.

Pete gets into the Porsche and the sexy girl gets in on the passenger side. They drive out of the garage. Dante goes to the back of the garage and talks to one of his friends. Clark uses his super hearing to listen to the conversation.

Dante : We ready to fly?

Guy : Oh, yeah. But this kid's for real. He might not be such an easy win.

Dante : Did you put the package in the kid's car like I told you?

Guy : Yeah, we're all set.

Dante : Good. Once his speedometer hits 100, the Boss will be blown to bits.

Clark is shocked. He goes to the back of the garage to confront Dante.

Clark : The race is off. You rigged his car. There's a bomb in the engine.

Dante : [Laughs.] And who made you racing commissioner?

Another of Dante's friends is standing behind Clark near a work table. He picks up the kryptonite booster filled with liquid kryptonite and Clark is immediately weakened. Clark starts to lose his balance and Dante's friend hits Clark in the back of the head with the booster, knocking him to the ground.

Dante : Put him in the trunk.

Cut to Pete waiting by the Porsche out on the road. Dante comes out.

Pete : Where's Clark?

Dante : I thought he was out here. Let's stop stalling. Let's put it down.

Pete and Dante's cars are sitting side by side in the empty road. They both go to their cars and get in, revving their engines.

Inside Pete's trunk, Clark is barely conscious, the kryptonite booster hanging right behind him.

Clark : Pete. Pete...

Pete looks over at Dante.

Dante : Good luck, Boss.

Pete rolls up his window and the sexy girl walks out in front of the cars, standing between them. She raises her scarf into the air, then brings it down. Pete and Dante take off with a screech of tires. Pete shifts gears and his speedometer shoots from 46 mph to 56 mph. He and Dante are still right next to each other. Clark is completely unconscious in the trunk.

Pete shifts gears again and he is up to 6000 rpm. (Rotations per minute.) Dante looks out his passenger window at Pete maliciously as he starts to gain the lead. Pete shifts and continues to speed up accelerating to 81 mph. He looks over at Dante who is still in the lead and pushes the green button on his dashboard. The kryptonite empties into the gas tank and the exhaust pipe starts spitting green fire as Pete shoots into first place, his speedometer reaching 93 mph. Dante smiles cruelly as he watches Pete go. The speed goes to 95 mph.

As the kryptonite booster finishes draining, Clark suddenly regains consciousness and looks around. The entire trunk is rattling with their speed. Pete shifts gears, raising the speed to 97 and then 98 mph.

Clark continues to look around and finally sees the tube coming out of the kryptonite booster running through the floor of the trunk into the gas tank. Just as Pete reaches 99 mph, Clark punches a hole through the trunk floor causing the gas tank to burst and drain out all over the road. Pete's car immediately starts to slow down. Pete pumps the gas pedal to no avail.

Dante, who is still driving behind Pete, is startled and starts swerving left and right as he tries to slow down and avoid hitting Pete's car. Dante's tires screech as he swerves and suddenly one of his tires catches on the road, causing his car to flip over sideways and roll along the road, falling to pieces as it goes. Pete jumps at the impact and looks into his rearview mirror to see what is happening.

Dante's car finally comes to a stop on the shoulder of the road and Pete stops his car. He gets out and runs into the road. Through the passenger window, he sees Dante slouched against the steering wheel. The top of his head is against the nearly shattered windshield where there is a large spray of blood. Clark gets out of the trunk of Pete's car.

Pete : Oh, my God. I think he's dead.

Clark doesn't respond. Pete looks from Clark to Dante's smoking car fearfully.

Fade to black.

Act 4 Scene 1

Dr. Tang enters Lex's study angrily. Day. Lex is pouring a cup of coffee.

Lex : I thought you didn't do house calls.

Tang : Thanks to you, the university is threatening to revoke my tenure. My funding has been cut off.

Lex : Well, I suppose those are the consequences of conducting illicit drug trials without bothering to notify your own university, let alone the FDA. You're lucky no federal charges have been pressed, but then again, that could simply be a matter of time.

Lex takes a sip of his coffee and goes to his desk. Tang follows him.

Tang : What exactly is it that you want?

Lex : I want you to do what you do best, Doctor. [Pause as Tang looks at him expectantly.] Biology.

Tang : How do you suggest I do that? The university won't even let me in the building.

Lex : I'm gonna fund your research, Doctor. Consider your budget doubled. You'll have access to whatever equipment you require as long as you tell me where the platelets come from and what you're using them for.

Tang continues to stare at Lex.

Act 4 Scene 2

Adam groans in his bed. Night. He tosses and turns under the blankets, then throws the blankets away from himself, sitting up in bed. He is wearing pajama pants and no shirt. He stands up with difficulty and staggers into the kitchen where he grabs a syringe from under a towel on the counter. He injects himself directly into the chest as he continues to pant and groan. There is blood dripping from his eye again, and the skin on his chest and arms seems to be peeling off in several places. There is a knock on the door.

Lana : [From outside.] Adam? Are you there?

Adam : [Strained.] I'll be right out!

Adam breathes heavily.

Lana : Adam? Are you okay?

The door opens and Adam steps out. His hair and face are damp, but he seems to be back to normal.

Adam : [Calm.] I'm fine.

Lana : Um, Adam, I kept my word. I didn't tell anyone about Chad Nash. But I think I deserve an explanation.

Adam : Look, Lana, this is bigger than you realize. Whatever you know, just forget about it. For your own good.

Lana : No, Adam, I can't do that. If you're gonna live here, you're going to have to be honest with me.

Adam : You want the truth?

Adam walks toward Lana, backing her to the stairs threateningly.

Adam : [Slowly, menacing.] I'll make it real clear to you. You tell anyone what you found out, and you're gonna regret ever meeting me.

Lana looks into his eyes, frightened. Adam slowly backs into his apartment and slams the door shut, leaving Lana confused and out of breath.

Act 4 Scene 3

Outside shot of the loft. Night. Inside Clark comes down the stairs as Lex is entering.

Lex : Clark.

Clark : Hey, Lex.

Lex : Hey. I was wondering what ever happened with your friend?

Clark : It turns out the dog's bark was bigger than his bite.

Lex : I had a feeling you'd work it out, Clark. You know, the oddest thing happened yesterday. After I talked to you, my silver Porsche was seen speeding off the grounds.

Lex walks past Clark, facing away from him.

Clark : Someone stole it?

Lex : Not exactly. [Faces Clark.] By the time I got in, it was resting in my garage, snug in its car cover.

Clark : That's odd. I'm glad you got it back.

Lex : My security thinks it was a joy rider, but I'm not so sure.

Clark : Why? What do you think happened?

Lex : I don't know. [Steps closer to Clark.] But I understand what it's like to have a friend in need, Clark. Sometimes you have to cross the moral line to come to their aid. Often, that can be the test of a true friendship. [Clark nods nervously.] Give your dad my regards.

Lex smiles and leaves the loft. Clark barely grins, seemingly aware that Lex knows what really happened.

Act 4 Scene 4

Outside shot of Kent Farm. Day. Clark and Martha enter through the front door followed by Jonathan who is taking off his jacket.

Jonathan : The words "Home Sweet Home" have never been truer.

Clark : Come on, Dad, let's get your feet up.

Martha walks Jonathan into the living room.

Jonathan : [Stubborn.] Clark, I don't need to put my feet up. They've been up for a week. The doctor said that I need to rest. I'm not an invalid.

Martha : Well, I'm gonna make some lunch. I got you some low-sodium turkey.

Jonathan : Low-sodium turkey?

Martha : [Slightly pleading.] Jonathan...

Jonathan : [Giving in.] Sounds good, sweetheart.

Martha goes into the kitchen. Jonathan sits on the couch and pats the seat next to him.

Jonathan : Clark, sit down. [Clark sits.] Listen, son, it doesn't take a genius to realize that something's been bothering you other than my health lately. What's up? Hmm?

Clark : While you were in the hospital, Pete got himself into a bind. I did some things I'm not too proud of.

Jonathan : Well, your mother and I trust your judgment. We did raise you to know the difference between right and wrong. Clark, one day when we're not around anymore, I'm sure that you're gonna remember it. Look, in the world, things aren't always black and white. I mean, sometimes you got to just wander out into the gray areas and do what you think is best.

Clark : What do you mean?

Jonathan : Clark, I did go talk to Jor-El, and I think maybe that is why my heart gave out. [Clark sighs unhappily.] But listen, son, I went into that cave knowing full well that there were risks involved. And I'd do it again if I thought you were in trouble.

Clark : Dad, I promise I'll never put you in that position again.

Jonathan : Clark, that's not what this is about. You're different than your mother and I. Son, you're gonna have to make choices in your life, moral choices that she and I will never have to make. But we both know that when that time comes, you'll do what you think is best. What's right. That's what's important.

Clark nods.

Act 4 Scene 5

Clark is shooting hoops outside the barn. Day. He shoots one and makes it, then makes his next shot too. A car pulls up behind him just as he is about to make a third shot, and he stops to turn around and see who it is. It's Pete. Pete gets out of his car.

Pete : Hey.

Clark : Hey.

Clark goes back to dribbling the ball and shooting baskets.

Pete : Clark, look, I-I know you're probably mad as hell at me, and to be honest, I don't blame you. All I can say is, I'm sorry.

Clark stops with the basketball and looks at Pete.

Clark : I am too, Pete. I had to steal from one friend to help another. And someone died.

Pete : I know. If I had listened to you from the start, none of this would've happened. [Clark lowers his eyes.] Clark, listen, you told me your secret because I'm your friend, and at times, that's not an easy thing to be. But it doesn't give me the right to do what I did. I just want to say that... Clark, I swear it will never happen again. [Clark still doesn't respond. Pete continues with fierce conviction.] Clark, I know I let you down. But I promise you until the day that I die, I will never disrespect your powers again.

Clark doesn't answer. He continues to look at Pete with intense sadness in his eyes. Pete motions to the basketball in Clark's hand.

Pete : [Brighter, trying to change the mood.] You want to play some hoops?

Clark : [Quietly.] I was just about to go inside.

Clark starts to walk away and Pete swipes the basketball away from him, dribbling it excitedly. Clark stops walking and looks at Pete.

Pete : Aw, come on. Game of 21 by 2's. [Pointing.] Three-pointers outside of the crack. No powers.

Pete tosses the ball back to Clark and Clark catches it. Clark's is expression is still heavy and serious.

Clark : [Very quietly, shaking his head slightly.] Not today, Pete.

The excitement drops from Pete's face as he realizes he's not going to win this battle. Clark lets the basketball drop from his hand to the ground where it bounces several times and rolls away. Clark silently turns his back and starts walking toward the house.

Pete watches him go sadly, then walks back to his car. He stands by the driver side door for a moment, watching Clark walk to his house, then gets in the car.


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