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#314 : Âmes Soeurs

Résumé : Clark est obligé d'utiliser ses pouvoirs devant Alicia une nouvelle fille du lycée, mais il est étonné lorsqu'il découvre qu'elle a ses propres pouvoirs. Tous les deux se promettent de préserver leur secret. Mais les choses tournent mal après qu'Alicia est obsédée à l'idée de partager Clark avec quelqu'un d'autre, plus particulièrement Lana. Pendant ce temps, Lana demande à Lex d'enquêter sur Adam.


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Âmes Soeurs

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3.14 - Deleted Scene

3.14 - Deleted Scene


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Photo de l'épisode #3.14

Photo de l'épisode #3.14

Photo de l'épisode #3.14

Photo de l'épisode #3.14

Photo de l'épisode #3.14

Photo de l'épisode #3.14

Photo de l'épisode #3.14

Photo de l'épisode #3.14

Photo de l'épisode #3.14

Photo de l'épisode #3.14

Photo de l'épisode #3.14

Photo de l'épisode #3.14

Photo de l'épisode #3.14

Photo de l'épisode #3.14

Photo de l'épisode #3.14

Photo de l'épisode #3.14

Photo de l'épisode #3.14

Photo de l'épisode #3.14

Photo de l'épisode #3.14

Photo de l'épisode #3.14

Photo de l'épisode #3.14

Photo de l'épisode #3.14

Photo de l'épisode #3.14

Photo de l'épisode #3.14

Plus de détails

Guest-stars :

→ Ian Somerhalder dans le rôle de Adam Knight
 Sarah Carter dans le rôle de Alicia Baker
→ Camille Mitchell dans le rôle du Shérif Nancy Adams
→ Lynda Boyd dans le rôle de la Mère d'Alicia
→ Paul Perri dans le rôle du Père d'Alicia
→ Françoise Yip dans le rôle du Professeur Lia Teng
→ Kate Robbins dans le rôle du Professeur d'Ecole


Titre de l'épisode :

 Le titre se réfère à l'obsession que porte Alicia envers Clark.


Indiscrétions :

 On ne connait pas le sort qui est réservé à Alicia à la fin de l'épisode. Est-elle arrêtée ? Placée dans un asile ? A-t-elle encore son pouvoir ?

 On apprend qu'Adam est un agent de Lionel qui le maintient en vie grâce à un mystérieux sérum...

Act 1 Teaser

Outside shot of LuthorCorp. Day. Inside, a class of students from Smallville High School are going on a tour of the building. Among the students are Chloe and Clark. Lionel Luthor addresses the group, speaking with presentational enthusiasm.

Lione : Ah, advanced economics, Smallville's best and brightest. Welcome to LuthorCorp.

Clark and Chloe exchange an uneasy look.

Lionel : Now, you're all here to learn something about business. The most important element in anything to do with economic theory is the individual. Yes, you.

Lionel points to Alicia Baker, an attractive young woman who stands near the front of the group. She smiles at him excitedly. Chloe rolls her eyes at Lionel's phony display of friendliness.

Lionel : Traditional rules, supply and demand--they're secondary. But to rise above those rules, to know when to break them, requires absolute personal commitment. I consider it a prerequisite for success.

The class applauds.

Chloe : [Quietly to Clark.] And I consider it despicable, immoral, and possibly illegal.

Lionel : [To Chloe.] I'm sorry, do you have a question? [Chloe lowers her eyes.] No. Anybody else? No? All right, then I'll hand you back over to Mr. Simms.

The tour guide Mr. Simms gestures with his hand.

Mr. Simms : All right, group. Follow me.

Lionel : [To the teacher.] Pleasure meeting you, Mrs. Alice

Mrs. Alice : Thank you.

The group is following Mr. Simms and Lionel walks up to Chloe and Clark.

Lionel : Miss Sullivan. Mr. Kent. [With mock sincerity.] Well, it's nice to see you both looking to the future.

Chloe and Clark smile at Lionel politely and he walks away. They start to follow the group.

Chloe : What do you say we make a break for the fire escape?

Clark : [Agreeing.] I could crawl down all 39 stories if this fieldtrip didn't count toward our final grade.

They get to the elevator where Mrs. Alice and the rest of the class are waiting.

Chloe : [Sarcastic. She steps into the elevator.] Welcome to the Lionel Luthor exhibit. Next floor: Victims, sycophants, and hatchet men.

Mrs. Alice : How about I split up this jaded little fan club? Mr. Kent, take the next car.

Chloe waves to Clark disappointedly as the elevator door slides shut, separating Clark from the rest of the class. Alicia has missed the elevator too, and she stands next to Clark. They look at each other briefly, and then Clark pushes the button on the wall. They wait for the next car.

Clark : [Making conversation.] Elevators. Too much demand, not enough supply.

Alicia nods and smiles curtly, then looks away, obviously not interested in talking. Clark looks away sheepishly and the elevator bell dings as the door slides open revealing an empty car. They both step inside and Clark pushes the button, closing the door. They wait for a moment while the elevator remains on the 39th floor, then a loud alarm starts to buzz. Clark pushes the button again and the elevator suddenly drops, rattling as it swiftly slides down the shaft. Clark and Alicia both fall down.

Alicia : Ah! Aah!

Alicia looks at the dial and sees the floors speeding down from 32 to 26 in a matter of seconds as the car plummets toward the ground.

Alicia : Oh, my God!

Clark looks up at the corner of the elevator and sees the lens of a security camera. He shoots his heat vision at it causing it to turn red hot and then explode. Alicia gasps as the sparks fly from it. She looks at Clark wonderingly. Clark turns to the wall behind him and punches a hole in it. He grabs onto a pipe that runs down the length of the elevator shaft in an attempt to stop the elevator from falling. The friction of his hand against the pipe causes smoke and sparks to fly from his hand and he tightens his grip, finally managing to stop the elevator with a jerk on floor 19. He looks at Alicia who is staring at him breathlessly. She stands up.

Alicia : [Afraid.] What did you just do?

Clark : Please, don't tell anyone about this.

A security guard starts to pry open the elevator door from the outside with a pry bar.

Man : Hello? Is somebody in there? This is LuthorCorp security. Remain calm! If anybody's in there, we're working to get you out! Hang on!

Clark's is still standing with his arm in the hole in the wall and he looks at the elevator door nervously. Alicia walks to Clark and puts her hands on his shoulders. The air around their bodies starts to get wavy. Then from above the elevator inside the elevator shaft, we see the elevator car drop to the ground with a crash at the bottom.

Outside the elevator shaft on the ground floor, Clark and Alicia materialize out of thin air. Alicia removes her hands from Clark's shoulders and looks around to make sure nobody is watching.

Clark : [Astounded.] What did you just do?

Alicia : You didn't want to get caught, and I wanted to help, so...

Alicia glances over at the stairs. Mrs. Alice and the rest of the class are coming down the stairs and running toward them, frightened.

Alicia : Clark, now you know my secret too. You can't tell anybody. Please.

Mrs. Alice runs up to Clark and Alicia. Chloe and the rest of the class surround them.

Mrs. Alice : Are you two all right?!

Clark : [Pausing to look at Alicia.] Yeah. Yeah, yeah, we're okay. Um, the elevator crashed just as we got out of the doors. It sounded like the cable broke.

Chloe : How did that happen?

Clark : I-I don't know, Chloe.

Chloe : Are you all right?

Clark : Yeah, I'm okay.

Clark looks over at Alicia who is being lead away from him by Mrs. Alice. Alicia mouths the words "Thank you."

The class and the security team continue to swarm around Clark and Alicia.

[Opening credits]

Act 1 Scene 1

The ground is covered with snow outside Smallville High School. Day. Alicia walks along the sidewalk just outside school grounds and Clark catches up with her.

Clark : Alicia! Hold on. With all the excitement yesterday, I didn't get a chance to thank you.

They walk together.

Alicia : Oh, it was my pleasure. It's actually kind of a relief to be able to share my ability with someone.

Clark : Is that what it takes to be friends with you?

Alicia : [Smiling.] I guess I deserved that. I'm not really as stuck up as everyone thinks. [Clark lowers his eyes.] What, you think I don't know what people say about me?

Clark : It doesn't bother you, huh?

Alicia : I don't know. I'm always afraid that if I get too close to people, they'll find out about me, realize that I'm a freak. I just figure it's better to be alone, even if people think I'm a snob.

They turn the corner and start walking toward the school.

Clark : You don't mind if I ask, have you always been able to...

Alicia : No, it was the meteor shower. One minute, I was swinging on the swing set, and the next thing I knew, I'm in the middle of a corn field.

Clark : Do you know how it happened?

Alicia : Sort of. I mean, once I was old enough to realize I was different, I did some research and... [Clark opens the school door for her. They go inside.] Thank you. I don't know, there's a complicated explanation about quantum physics. You'd probably be bored.

Clark : No, um... [Clark pulls her aside in the hallway as students pass by.] Try me.

Alicia : Basically, the meteor shower affected my body and allowed me to teleport myself.

Clark : And anything you touch.

Alicia : And anything I touch I want to take with me, yes.

Clark smiles softly at her.

Alicia : What about you? Was it meteor exposure too?

Clark : [Avoiding a direct answer.] Everything's pretty much connected to the meteor shower, right?

Alicia : Right.

The bell rings. Alicia starts to back away toward class. The moment becomes quiet, flirtatious.

Alicia : I just can't believe that you're like me. I mean, not exactly like me, but me. You know?

Clark : [Still smiling, taken with her.] Yeah, I do.

Alicia backs up a few more steps as she smiles shyly.

Alicia : [Quietly.] Bye.

She waves and then turns to walk away. The smile on Clark's face remains as he watches her go.

Act 1 Scene 2

Lana unlocks the door to Adam's apartment in the Talon and peeks inside. Day.

Lana : Adam?

There is no response and Lana enters, shutting the door behind her. She immediately goes to Adam's closet and starts looking through a pile of books on the floor. Then she goes to a shelf grabs a small box, accidentally dropping it onto the floor. She opens it and finds nothing incriminating inside. As she looks back up at the shelf, she notices a notebook taped to the underside of the shelf. She pulls it off and opens it. It is full of short journal entries about Lana and Clark. Adam walks up behind her.

Adam : Lana?

Lana gasps and jumps to her feet.

Adam : What are you doing?

Lana : [Holding up the book.] Adam, what is this?

Adam : It's private. Give it back to me.

Lana : No. [She opens the journal and reads.] "January 11th: Lana evasive about her relationship with Clark. January 17th: Clark is at the scene of another accident." [Angry.] You've been spying on me. And you've been spying on Clark.

Adam : Look who's talking.

Lana : No, you threatened me, and now I find out you've been keeping tabs on me? I want you to leave.

Lana tries to walk toward the door and Adam stops her. He takes the notebook away from her. She looks into his eyes angrily then walks to the door.

Adam : I guess you haven't checked tenant laws. It's not that easy to evict someone.

Lana stops at the door, looking back at Adam.

Adam : [With a smug grin.] I'm not going anywhere.

Lana leaves.

Act 1 Scene 3

Outside shot of Smallville High School. Day. Inside, Alicia is working in an empty science classroom. She is wearing a pair of protective goggles when Clark enters.

Clark : [Shyly.] Alicia. [Alicia takes off the goggles.] Hey. I've been looking all over for you.

Alicia : Yeah, you figured teleporting girl, physics lab. Makes sense. That's a pretty good deduction. But I should warn you, Clark, I'm not always that easy to pin down.

Clark : So I've seen. [Alicia looks at him expectantly. He continues nervously.] Um, but since I've been this lucky, I was just wondering if you'd like to get together. You know, for the econ test.

Alicia : Are you asking me out on a date?

Clark : A date? No. Uh, not that I wouldn't, but, uh...

Alicia : Clark? [She walks closer to him.] Would you like to go out on a date with me?

Clark smiles brightly in reply.

Cut to Clark leaving the science room smiling. He stops when he nearly runs into Lana in the hallway.

Lana : [Noticing his expression.] Did you just win the lotto?

Clark : W-what?

Lana : No, it's just I haven't seen you smile like that in a long time. Look, I, uh, I don't want to spoil your mood, but, um, I wanted to tell you something about Adam.

Clark : What is it?

Lana : He's been keeping a journal about me...and you. And I don't know if it's because he's jealous or he's just obsessed with us, or if it's more about you.

Clark : Well, I'll go talk to him.

Lana : Clark, no, I'm gonna have him evicted. I don't think he'll be bothering either of us anymore. I just wanted to give you a heads-up.

Alicia walks up to Clark.

Alicia : [Smiling.] See you at 7:00?

Clark smiles at Alicia. She glances at Lana as she walks away.

Alicia : Hey, Lana.

Lana looks at Clark questioningly.

Clark : We're in the same econ class.

Clark looks at Alicia who looks back at him one more time as she walks away. Lana nods at Clark with a forced smile and leaves.

Act 1 Scene 4

A shot of the night sky full of stars. Clark and Alicia are in Clark's loft. Clark is looking at the sky through his telescope.

Alicia : According to the Greeks, Orion the Hunter is greater in strength and stature than any other mortal.

Clark : I thought I was the only one who knew astronomy.

Alicia : I'm a science geek.

Clark steps out of the way so Alicia can look through the telescope.

Clark : You don't look like one.

Alicia : [Laughing.] Thanks. So, I, uh, spent the whole movie wondering what else you can do other than punch through steel.

Clark : [Nervously.] What do you mean?

Clark looks into the telescope, trying to avoid the question.

Alicia : Come on, Clark. I know you managed to fry that security camera. I just...I can't figure out exactly how.

Clark : [Pause.] With my eyes. They give off heat.

Alicia : That's incredible. Have you ever shown Lana what you can do?

Clark : [Sadly.] No. It was actually one of the issues of our relationship. I didn't feel I could be completely honest with her.

Alicia : [Smiling.] Like you are with me?

Clark smiles in reply.

Clark : So, um, how about you? Any boyfriends or...

Alicia : There was this boy and I really liked him. Um, but then he found out what I can do and he totally freaked.

Alicia lowers her eyes, clearly still upset about it.

Clark : [Comforting.] What he thought doesn't matter.

Alicia looks into Clark's eyes and he smiles slightly.

Cut to Clark driving Alicia up the driveway of her house. The house is fairly large and all the lights inside are on. They get out of the truck and walks slowly toward the porch.

Clark : Looks like someone stayed up. I hope they didn't worry.

Alicia : Yeah, my parents are a little overprotective.

Clark : Really?

Alicia : Yeah, they don't really understand everything about my abilities. For a while, they tried to keep me from doing it.

Clark : How?

Alicia : [Looks at Clark for a moment.] I don't really want to talk about it.

Clark : Okay.

They start walking up the steps.

Alicia : What about your parents?

Clark : My parents are great. They worry about me, that someone might find out. But they don't try to change me.

They get to the front door and stand face to face, close to each other.

Alicia : Well, maybe that's why you're so special. [Clark smiles.] Clark, um, I just want you to know that I had a really good time tonight.

Clark : [Quietly.] Me too.

Alicia : [Whispered.] Yeah.

There is a long quiet moment and they lean in slowly for a kiss. Their noses brush together as their lips are about to touch, then Clark pulls away slightly, ending the moment. They both laugh, a little flustered.

Alicia : Okay. Um... [Clark shakes his head embarrassed.] I guess I'll see you later.

Clark : Okay.

Alicia : [Smiling.] Okay.

Alicia opens the front door and goes inside, closing the door behind her. She looks out at Clark through the glass door and Clark waves. He continues to look at her as he walks down the front steps and stumbles slightly and then regains his balance. The shot rises from the front door to Alicia's bedroom window on the second floor. She is already in the window smiling as Clark drives away.

Act 1 Scene 5

Outside shot of the Kent home. Night. Clark rolls over in bed and glances at his alarm clock, then closes his eyes and starts to go back to sleep. A hand reaches out and rubs over his bare shoulder and down his arm. He breathes deeply, enjoying the touch at first, then jumps into an upright position, knocking his alarm clock off the nightstand. Alicia is sitting on Clark's bed in a skimpy pajama top and underwear.

Clark : Alicia!

Alicia : [Laughing.] Sorry. I didn't want to scare you. I just wanted to surprise you.

Clark : What are you doing here?

Alicia : When you dropped me off, I could tell that you didn't want the night to end, and neither did I, so...

Alicia straddles Clark's lap, resting her hands on his face.

Clark : [Resisting.] Um, Alicia, I...

Alicia : I know you wanted to kiss me, Clark.

Clark : Um, Alicia...

Alicia : Just kiss me.

Clark gives in and kisses Alicia lightly. His hand hovers next to her hip awkwardly, and he breathes into her mouth as his hand finally rests on her hip and squeezes it, then runs up her back.

They kiss more heavily and Clark wraps his arms around her back. Suddenly the door bursts open and Jonathan enters.

Jonathan : Hey, what'd you do, fall out of--

Jonathan stops when he sees Alicia in Clark's lap. Alicia takes a breath, startled.

Clark : Dad.

Jonathan looks at Clark, shocked.

Fade to black.

Act 2 Scene 1

Several minutes later. Clark stands at the top of the stairs while Jonathan and Martha are talking in the kitchen. Night.

Jonathan : I don't know, Martha. It's what we've always discussed. We have rules in this house, boundaries, limitations. Clark knows that.

Clark takes a deep breath, clears his throat, and walks down the stairs.

Jonathan : I don't understand--

Martha : Jonathan--

They stop talking when they see Clark coming down.

Clark : She's gone.

Jonathan : What did she do, Clark, climb out the window?

Clark : Actually, she teleported.

Jonathan : You're gonna have to run that by me one more time.

Clark : [Pause.] Alicia was infected by the meteor shower. She can transport herself wherever she wants.

Martha : Including boys' bedrooms.

Clark : Look, Alicia saved me. We were trapped in a LuthorCorp elevator and the cable broke... and I had to stop it.

Jonathan : [Even more aggravated.] So Alicia saw you use your powers.

Clark : [Nodding.] Yes.

Jonathan : [Holding back his temper.] How much does she know about you, Clark?

Clark : She knows about the strength, and um... the heat vision.

Jonathan : I suppose the next thing you're gonna tell us is that she also knows you get sick around meteor rocks.

Clark : [Quickly.] No. I didn't tell her that.

Jonathan and Martha exchange an unhappy look.

Clark : [Defensive.] She didn't have to help me. She was willing to expose her own secret to protect mine. [Slight smile.] I think that's why I feel such a connection to her. Look, you guys don't get this. We're a lot alike.

We see that Alicia has teleported into the next room. She watching and listening to the conversation through the partially open door.

Martha : You really like this girl.

Clark : Yeah. Maybe I do. I think I found someone I can actually have a relationship with.

Alicia smiles to herself.

Act 2 Scene 2

Outside shot of Smallville High School. Day. Inside, Pete catches up with Clark who is walking through the crowded hallway.

Pete : [Smiling.] Clark. I know we've had our differences lately... but I can't believe you didn't tell me!

Clark : Tell you what?

Pete : That your dad caught you and Alicia in your bedroom, that's what.

Clark : [Surprised.] The only people who knew about that were me and my parents and Alicia.

Pete : Well, I guess she's not as secretive as you are. Anyway, man, that girl is on fire! [Slaps Clark on the chest playfully.] Congratulations! [Clark smiles. Pete starts to walk away.] Later, stud!

Clark : [To himself, pleased.] Yeah.

Clark is now at his locker. He spins the combination lock and opens the door. The smile on his face fades when he sees that the inside of his locker is covered with pictures of Alicia. He slams the door shut before anyone else can see the pictures, and suddenly Alicia is standing right next to him smiling.

Alicia : Good morning, gorgeous.

Clark : Alicia. We need to talk.

Alicia : What's wrong?

Clark : Well, last night in my room, and-and these pictures...

Alicia : Don't you like them?

Clark : No, I-I do. It's just, um... Look, I just think we might be moving a little too fast.

Alicia lowers her eyes, hurt. She takes a few steps away from Clark and speaks loudly so the other students in the hall can hear.

Alicia : You said you had a great time last night. You kissed me.

Clark pulls her back toward the locker.

Clark : [Quietly.] No, um, I did. And I did. I just think that, um, maybe we need to set some boundaries. You know, maybe some limitations.

Alicia : [Holding Clark close.] We're special, Clark. People like us don't need boundaries and limitations.

The bell rings.

Alicia : I'll see you later, sweetie.

Alicia kisses Clark lightly.

Clark : Yeah.

Alicia : I'll be thinking about you.

Alicia walks away and Clark watches her go with worry in his eyes.

Act 2 Scene 3

Lex pours himself a drink in his study while he talks to Clark. Day.

Lex : You go on one date with this girl, and already she's sneaking into your bedroom, putting sexy pictures of herself in your locker, and practically asking your parents to book the wedding chapel. [With a smirk.] What's your secret, Clark?

Clark : This isn't funny, Lex. We barely know each other. She's already acting like we're soul mates.

Lex : Look, in my experience, a person doesn't develop this kind of fixation unless she's been encouraged to think the relationship is more than just casual.

Clark : You're saying I led her on?

Lex : I'm saying I've been there. [Pause. Clark doesn't answer.] She's smart, she's pretty, and you want her to like you so you tell her things she wants to hear. I'm curious. What exactly did you do to make her feel this way?

Clark remains silent with a guilty look on his face.

Lex : You're making my point for me.

Lex walks to his desk.

Clark : So what do I do now?

Act 2 Scene 4

Clark knocks on Alicia's front door. Day. Alicia's mother, Mrs. Baker, opens the door with a smile.

Mrs. Baker : [Very warm, friendly.] You must be Clark. Come in, come in. Uh, Alicia's not here right now.

Clark comes in and Mrs. Baker closes the door behind him. Mr. Baker is seated at the kitchen table.

Mrs. Baker : [To Mr. Baker.] Honey, look who's here. It's Clark.

Mr. Baker : Clark.

Clark notices a shelf on the wall covered with trophies and ribbons and pictures of Alicia.

Mrs. Baker : [Excited, almost nervous.] She's, uh, she's told us so much about you and, uh, well, we're just thrilled that she's dating such a nice young man.

Clark : Actually, that's why I'm here. I think Alicia may have gotten the wrong idea about us.

Mrs. Baker : Oh, no, I'm pretty sure that you're mistaken. She said you're her boyfriend.

Clark : That's the thing, I'm-I'm--

Mrs. Baker puts her hands on Clark's jacket, quieting him.

Mrs. Baker : If she says you're dating, well, just go along with it. Alicia's a special girl.

Clark : I know about Alicia. Her ability. She said that you tried to stop her from using it. How?

Mr. Baker : [Looking at Mrs. Baker.] We kept her in a special room.

Mrs. Baker : But she begged us to let her out. She promised she wouldn't abuse her power.

Clark looks around the house with his X-ray vision. Behind the wall, there is a room that he can't see into; it's lined with lead.

Mr. Baker : Now we never know where she is or what she'll do.

Mrs. Baker : Please, Clark. Just try to go along with her.

Clark : If you see Alicia, please tell her I'm looking for her.

Clark starts to leave.

Mr. Baker : Clark. [Clark stops.] Th-there was another boy that Alicia liked a lot. Uh... it didn't end well. Be careful.

Clark doesn't respond. He leaves. Mr. Baker closes the door, and Alicia is suddenly standing there, looking furious.

Mr. Baker : [Afraid.] Alicia. [He starts backing away.]

Alicia walks toward her father slowly.

Alicia : [Quiet, menacing.] You shouldn't have said that, Daddy.

Act 2 Scene 5

Lana is preparing a cup of coffee in the Talon as she talks to Lex. Day.

Lana : I'm sorry to bother you with this, but I didn't know where else to turn.

Lex : It's all right, Lana. I trust your instincts. Look, if you're nervous about Adam, I'm sure it's with good reason. Is there anything concrete you can tell me?

Lana : No, not really. Um, just the journal that I told you about and his attitude.

Lex : Don't worry. I'll take care of it. [He starts to leave.]

Lana : Lex, I looked into tenant laws, and it can take up to six months to get him out. And I'm not willing to wait that long.

Lex : Believe me, there are definitely ways of getting rid of someone a lot faster than that.

Lana looks at Lex nervously.

Act 2 Scene 6

Clark enters the loft. Day. There are candles and flowers everywhere. He finds a framed picture of Alicia on his desk which he picks up and looks at. He puts the picture down, and next to it is his open Smallville High yearbook. He picks up the yearbook and sees that Lana's picture has been scratched out. He turns around and Alicia is there. She kisses him on the cheek.

Alicia : [Sweetly.] Hey.

Clark : Alicia. What's going on?

Alicia : I got your message. My parents said you wanted to see me. So here I am.

Clark : Yeah, well, that wasn't an invitation to redecorate or to go through my stuff.

Alicia : I thought you'd like what I did to the loft. It's more us now.

Clark : [Holding up the yearbook.] What's this all about?

Alicia : [Taking the yearbook and shutting it.] Clark, it's time to move on. I know you used to go out with Lana, but now you're with me.

Clark : There's no us.

Alicia : [Stepping closer.] Of course there is. We're special. We're made for each other. You didn't tell Lana your secret, you told me.

Clark steps past her.

Alicia : You and I are meant to be together. [Alicia's cell phone rings. She answers it.] Hello? Yes. [She hangs up the phone, shocked.] It's my father. He's at the hospital. He fell down the stairs.

Act 2 Scene 7

Mrs. Baker is sitting in Mr. Baker's hospital room. Day. Mr. Baker is unconscious in the bed. Alicia and Clark enter. Mrs. Baker looks at Alicia. Her mouth hangs open as if she is too afraid to speak. Alicia's eyes fill with tears as she steps closer to Clark, touching his chest. Sheriff Adams enters.

Adams : [To Alicia.] Ms. Baker. May I have a word?

Alicia steps into the hall with Clark and Sheriff Adams. Alicia is holding onto Clark's hand.

Alicia : What is it?

Adams : Can you think of anyone who'd want to hurt your father?

Alicia : I thought it was an accident.

Adams : Well, there was a suspicious-looking blunt trauma to the back of Baker's head. It's possible there was an assailant.

Alicia starts to cry.

Clark : Possible?

Adams : Yeah, the basement was locked from the inside.

Alicia sobs into Clark's chest.

Alicia : I'm sorry.

Sheriff Adams steps away, giving Alicia a moment to calm down. Clark pushes Alicia gently down the hall.

Clark : Alicia, listen to me. I need to know. Did you have anything to do with this?

Alicia : How could you think that?

Clark : Who else could escape from a locked basement?

Alicia stops crying and looks up at Clark seriously.

Alicia : I did it for us. He was trying to keep us apart.

Clark : [Shocked.] You need to talk to the sheriff.

Alicia pushes Clark away. He reaches for her, but she teleports out of the hall, leaving Clark alone.

Fade to black.

Act 3 Scene 1

Outside shot of the Kent farm. Day. Clark enters the house and finds Alicia in the kitchen waiting for him.

Alicia : Clark, hi. I stopped by to see you and your mom asked me to stay for dinner.

Clark looks in the dining room and sees Martha setting the table.

Clark : What are you doing here?

Alicia : I'm just getting to know your family.

Clark : Alicia, you need to turn yourself in.

Alicia : [Angrily chopping a head of lettuce in half with a sharp knife.] You're my boyfriend. You're supposed to be protecting me like I protected you. [Walks to Clark and touches his face.] As long as you do that, your secret's safe. And so are the people you care about.

Clark : [Grabbing Alicia's wrist roughly.] Is that a threat?

Alicia : [Pulling away.] Tell your mom I'm sorry I couldn't stay.

Alicia teleports away.

Act 3 Scene 2

Clark and Chloe talk in the Torch office. Day.

Chloe : I'm really sorry she went all Glenn Close on you.

Clark : I should have told you about Alicia's ability before. But she'd asked me to keep it a secret.

Chloe : Yeah, and I respect you for keeping her confidence. But once she went psycho, all bets are off.

Clark : So how do you look for someone who can disappear in the blink of an eye whenever she wants?

Chloe : Well, we know that Alicia has at least one weakness. You.

Clark : [Thinking about it.] She may have one more. Chloe, I have an idea. I'm gonna need your help.

Cut to Mrs. Baker answering the door to Chloe. Mrs. Baker looks frazzled.

Chloe : Mrs. Baker? I'm Chloe Sullivan. I need to speak with Alicia, please. It's urgent.

Mrs. Baker : Uh, what's wrong?

Chloe : It's her boyfriend, Clark. He's in trouble.

Alicia steps out from behind Mrs. Baker.

Alicia : What do you mean? What is it?

Chloe : Sheriff Adams suspects that he may have had something to do with your father's accident.

Mrs. Baker : Oh, Alicia--

Alicia : [Stern.] Mother.

Mrs. Baker walks back into the house. Alicia comes out onto the porch and closes the door.

Alicia : Why would the sheriff suspect Clark?

Chloe : She has this theory that Clark was angry with your father for not allowing you guys to be together.

Alicia : Is he under arrest?

Chloe : No, he's in hiding. And he asked me to find you and tell you he needs help. I don't understand why, but he said you were his only chance.

Alicia thinks about it. Chloe watches her closely to see if she takes the bait.

Alicia : Um, where is he now?

Cut to Alicia walking into the boiler room in the basement of Smallville High. She is surrounded by steaming pipes.

Alicia : Clark? Clark?

She walks down the hallway looking around and finds Clark hiding next to a large tank.

Clark : Alicia? [He goes to her.]

Alicia : Clark. You okay?

Clark : They're after me. The sheriff thinks I tried to kill your father.

Alicia : I know.

Clark : You have to tell them the truth.

Alicia : No, I can't do that.

Clark : [Pleading.] Alicia...

Alicia : We'll disappear. We'll go somewhere where no one will find us.

Clark : Yeah. I guess it's the only way. [He takes her hand.] Come on.

Clark leads her back through the hallway she entered through and they start going up the stairs. When they get to the first landing, they hear the door to the boiler room opening.

Clark : Quick, someone's coming. Come on!

Clark takes Alicia into a nearby room and closes the door. Alicia looks around and sees that the entire room--ceiling, walls, and floor--has been painted a dull red color. Then she notices the open paint cans on the floor.

Alicia : Lead paint? [Looks at Clark.] Are you trying to trap me? Like my parents did in that little room?

Clark : Alicia, what you did to your father was wrong.

Alicia : You're just trying to get me out of the way so you can be with Lana. That's what this is about.

Clark : Alicia, you need help.

Alicia : [Stepping closer.] Don't you understand? I'm the one that's right for you.

Clark : [Pushing her away.] No, I'm sorry. The police are already on their way.

Alicia : Just because I can't teleport out of this room, Clark, doesn't mean that I can't walk out.

Clark's breath has become labored and he looks tired. We suddenly see that Alicia is holding a large kryptonite rock in her hand. She holds it closer to Clark and he gasps, bending over and then falling to the ground.

Alicia : I overheard you talking to your parents. I hoped that I wouldn't have to use it, but you broke the rules first.

Alicia drops the rock next to Clark.

Clark : Please. Alicia don't do this.

Alicia kneels down next to Clark and holds his face close to her own.

Alicia : Once Lana's out of the way, you'll realize we were meant to be together.

She kisses Clark. He is too weak to resist.

Alicia : We can still be great together, Clark. We're soul mates, and nothing can stop that.

Fade to black.

Act 4 Scene 1

Lana walks into the alley behind the Talon with a full garbage bag. Night. She tosses the garbage bag into the dumpster, and when she turns around, she comes face to face with Alicia. She gasps quietly, startled.

Alicia : What is it about you, Lana?

Lana : Excuse me?

Alicia : What is it that Clark Kent is so in love with? I mean, what have you got that I haven't got?

Lana : I have know idea what you're talking about.

Lana turns around to walk the other way, but Alicia is already there waiting for her, holding a sharp kitchen knife. Lana turns around and looks at the empty space where Alicia was just standing, then turns back to Alicia.

Alicia : I think you do.

Lana takes one look at the knife and runs away toward the Talon. Alicia follows calmly, walking at a normal pace. Lana gets inside the Talon. It is after hours and no one else is there. She runs into the middle of the room, and once again runs into Alicia who is there waiting for her with the knife.

Alicia : Tell me, Lana. What's your secret?

Alicia holds the knife near Lana's neck, backing Lana up to the bar slowly.

Alicia : You're not prettier than I am.

Lana steps behind a table with a tub of dishes sitting on it, putting the table between herself and Alicia. Alicia knocks the table over, sending the dishes to the floor with a shattering crash and pulls Lana forward, holding the knife even closer to her neck.

Alicia : And you're definitely not smarter. And you certainly don't have my abilities.

Lana : Alicia, there is nothing going on between me and Clark.

Lana pushes Alicia away and runs toward the bar. But when she gets there, she just runs into Alicia again. Alicia is getting more aggravated and desperate. She grabs Lana's face.

Alicia : Oh, yes, there is because Clark is still in love with you. [She pulls Lana's head back, holding the knife at her neck and whispering into her ear.] And now it's my turn. He told me the truth about himself. The things that he wouldn't tell you!

Alicia pushes Lana into one of the pillars next to the stairs. Lana knocks into the pillar face first and then falls onto the stairs. Alicia advances on her.

Cut to Clark lying on the floor in the boiler room. The kryptonite is next to him on the floor, emanating a pulsing green light through the room. Clark gasps as he attempts to move. He looks at the kryptonite and sees that an open can of lead paint is sitting right next to it. He starts to tap the paint can with his foot, barely able to move it. He finally succeeds in knocking the paint can over, drowning the kryptonite in lead paint which immediately diminishes the rock's effect. Clark sits up, catching his breath. Then he super speeds from the room.

Cut to Alicia standing over Lana in the Talon. Alicia adjusts her grip on the knife, holding it above her head, ready to stab.

Alicia : And now you'll never know.

Alicia walks toward Lana just as Clark super speeds into the room.

Clark : Alicia!

Alicia stops and looks at Clark. Clark hurls a sealed paint can at Alicia and we see it fly toward her in slow motion. As it goes, Clark shoots his heat vision at it, causing the can to tear open, and paint begins to spew everywhere, drenching Alicia from head to toe.

Alicia : Ah!

She begins to sob and sink to the floor, wiping the paint from her eyes. She drops the knife and tries to teleport away. The air around her crackles and flickers, but she can't go anywhere.

Clark goes to Lana and helps her sit up.

Clark : Lana. Lana.

Lana : [Dazed.] Clark?

Alicia: [Crying.] Why, Clark? Why?

Act 4 Scene 2

Outside shot of the Kent farm. Day. Lana knocks on the door and Clark opens it.

Lana : Hey.

Clark : Hi.

Lana : Can I come in?

Clark : Yeah, come on in.

Lana enters and Clark closes the door.

Lana : I, uh, I just wanted to thank you.

Lana nods as Clark looks at her awkwardly for a moment.

Clark : You know, I think I should apologize. If I never got involved with Alicia--

Lana : Alicia said that you, um, you told her the truth about yourself. Stuff you never told me. What'd she mean by that?

Clark : [Shrugging.] Alicia said a lot of crazy things.

Lana : [Quietly. This is difficult for her to talk about.] She also, um, said that you were still in love with me. But, uh, but that was crazy too. Right?

Clark : [Unhappy.] Right.

Martha comes down the stairs.

Martha : [Friendly.] Lana, hi. [Lana smiles.] Would you like to stay for dinner?

Lana : Oh, thanks, Mrs. Kent, but, um, but I can't.

She smiles at Martha and goes to the door.

Martha : Well, bye.

Lana : Bye.

Lana leaves. Clark holds the door behind her and watches her go, then closes the door.

Martha : Clark, honey, someday you'll find the person that's right for you.

Clark : You know, for a while, I thought that person was Lana, but I could never be honest with her. And then I thought it was Alicia because she was like me, but--

Martha : Sweetheart, there's-there's nobody like you. You're...

Martha cuts herself off, realizing she might not have chosen the best words.

Clark : Maybe that means I'll always be alone.

Martha lowers her eyes, not knowing how to respond.

Act 4 Scene 3

Outside shot of the Talon. Night. Inside, Lana enters Adam's apartment.

Lana : Hello? Adam?

There is no response. Lex walks up behind Lana.

Lex : Lana.

Lana turns around with a gasp.

Lex : Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you. They told me you were up here.

Lana : Lex, thank you. I feel like this huge burden's been lifted.

Lex : What do you mean?

Lana : Well, Adam's gone. I really appreciate your help.

Lex : Lana, as much as I'd like to take credit for getting him out of your life, I can't. My security people haven't been able to track him down.

Lana : Well, if you didn't get rid of him, then where is he?

Act 4 Scene 4

A dark hallway. At the end of the hallway, is someone seated in a chair. A door opens shedding light on some of the objects in the hall, animal cages, shelves. The lights turn on and reveal Adam is sitting in the chair, strapped down. Lionel is entering. The hallway appears to be part of a laboratory. Lionel approaches Adam slowly, slipping on a rubber glove.

Lionel : Adam?

Adam : Hello?

Adam is weak and he has several open sores on his face.

Lionel : Why did I send you to Smallville? Hmm? [He leans over the chair and opens one of Adam's eyes with his gloved hand.] To become the best friend of Lana Lang. To find out everything she knew about Clark Kent. Wasn't that it? [Adam nods.] And instead, you have alienated her completely.

Dr. Teng enters carrying a tray with Adam's medication.

Teng : Mr. Luthor, his medication is ready.

Lionel : [Taking off his glove.] That won't be necessary, Dr. Teng.

Teng : He needs the serum or he'll die.

Lionel : I'm sorry, Doctor, I've already made my decision. This patient is no longer a participant in our research program.

Lionel takes the vial of serum from the tray and holds it up in front of Adam's face. Adam's breathing speeds up as he becomes afraid.

Adam : Help me. [Barely audible.] Please.

Lionel turns and walks back down the hallway. Dr. Teng follows him.

Adam : [Jerking in the chair.] No! [The lights go out.] No. No! Help me!

Lionel shuts the door.

Adam : [Panicked, animalistic.] Help me!!!


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