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#315 : Résurrection

Résumé : Tandis que son père attend d'être opéré, Clark devient ami avec un jeune garçon, Garrett, dont le frère Vince vient juste de mourir suite à une maladie du foie. Cependant, tout le monde est choqué quand Vince fait son apparition à l'hôpital, vivant et apparemment en bonne santé, jusqu'à ce que son foie commence à être de nouveau malade. Dans une tentative désespérée de garder son frère vivant, Garrett place une bombe de Kryptonite sur lui et exige que l'on greffe le foie de Jonathan à Vince ou il fera sauter l'hôpital.


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Guest-stars :

→ Tahmoh Penikett dans le rôle de Vince Davis
 Jerry Wasserman dans le rôle du Dr. Yaeger
→ Camille Mitchell dans le rôle du Shérif Nancy Adams
→ James Kirk dans le rôle de Garrett Davis
→ Julian Christopher dans le rôle du Dr. MacIntyre
→ Françoise Yip dans le rôle du Professeur Lia Teng
→ Bruce Harwood dans le rôle de Ben Powell
Sandra Ferens dans le rôle du Dr. de la Morgue


Titre de l'épisode :

 Le titre se réfère au personnage de Vince Davis qui revient d'entre les morts.

• Il se réfère aussi au sang de Clark et à ses propriétés de reviviscence.


Indiscrétions :

 Bien que l'on aperçoit Adam à la fin de l'épisode, ce n'est pas l'acteur Ian Somerhalder que l'on voit. Il n'est d'ailleurs pas crédité au générique.

 L'acteur qui interprète le pilote de l'hélicoptère est Bruce Harwood, qui a incarné John Fitzgerald Byers, un des 3 Lone Gunmen de la série X-Files.

 Comment Vince retrouve Garrett dans la grange des Kent ? Et comment s'est-il échappé du laboratoire de Metropolis ?

On découvre qu'Adam est mort d'une maladie du foie (comme Vince) et que le sérum serait créé à partir du sang de Clark...

 La vitesse à laquelle va Clark pour sortir la bombe avant qu'elle n'explose semble peu problable même pour Superman ! De plus personne ne semble s'étonner que la bombe ait explosé à l'extérieur du bâtiment.

Act 1 Teaser

Jonathan and Martha are in an exam room in the Smallville Medical Center. Day. Jonathan is shirtless on the bed and Dr. Scanlan is performing an ultrasound of Jonathan's heart. We see the computerized image of Jonathan's heart on a small monitor.

Jonathan : [Joking.] I get to take home the souvenir video of this when we're done, right?

Scanlan : [Finishing.] Jonathan, you can go ahead and put your shirt on.

Martha : How does everything look, Dr. Scanlan?

Scanlan : Well, I'm afraid the left ventricular myocardium is still dyskinetic.

Jonathan : Why don't I like the way that sounds?

Scanlan : Because of your arterial blockage, I'm going to recommend a triple bypass.

During the next line, we see Clark's ear drum rattling as he uses his super hearing to listen from out in the hallway of the medical center.

Scanlan : You're only in the hospital for a few days, and I promise, when you come out, you'll feel better than when you came in.

Jonathan : Open heart surgery. Don't you think that's a bit extreme?

Scanlan : We've been friends for a long time, and I know you can be a stubborn man. Look, given your current condition, Jonathan, you could have another heart attack any moment. [Jonathan and Martha both look startled.] And the next time could be fatal.

Jonathan : [Thinking it over.] And the surgery could be fatal too.

Scanlan : Trust me. You stand a far greater risk if you don't have this operation.

Clark is distracted from listening to his father and Dr. Scanlan when he hears a pounding noise behind him. Garrett Davis, a young man who goes to Smallville High with Clark, is pounding a soda machine.

Garrett : Come on!

Garrett continues to pound and Clark stands up to walk over to him.

Clark : Garrett? Garrett.

Clark knocks the machine with the back of his fist and Garrett's can of soda rolls out of the machine.

Garrett : Thanks, Clark. [He picks up his soda. Then referring to the machine.] You'd figure after a couple of months, it'd like me better.

Clark : [Smiling.] Yeah.

Garrett : I thought your dad was out of the woods.

Clark : So did I, but, uh, here we are again.

Garrett opens his soda as they walk back to the waiting area.

Clark : How's your brother doing, Garrett?

Garrett : [Pause. Then sadly.] He's in serious need of a new liver. If he doesn't get one soon, I don't know how much time he's got left. Of course, if he knew I was out here hovering instead of hitting the books, he'd pitch a fit. [Garrett smiles.] What's it looking like for your dad?

Clark : He talked about open heart surgery.

Garrett : Everything you tell me about your father, it should be a walk in the park.

Clark sits down and Garrett sits across from.

Clark : You know, Garrett, I always though of my dad as a man of steel. I guess I was wrong.

Garrett : Clark, your dad's gonna have that surgery, and my brother's gonna get that transplant and a year from now we'll all get together and laugh about how freaked out we both were.

Clark : [With a slight smile.] Yeah.

Garrett smiles back. They hear a nurse's voice over the speaker system.

Nurse : Code blue. Room 247. Code blue. Room 247.

Garrett sits up straight, suddenly afraid. Then stands up and walks toward room 247.

Garrett : God. That's Vince's room!

He runs down the hall and Clark follows.

In Garrett's brother Vince's hospital room, Vince is lying shirtless on a bed. He is flat-lining, and Dr. Yeager with the help of several nurses is using a defibrillator to try to get Vince's heart beating again.

Nurse : Clear!

Dr. Yeager presses the paddles to Vince's chest and the electric shock causes Vince to convulse.

Yeager : Bag him! [Seeing no result.] No? Another milligram of Epi. Come on!

Another nurse is holding a large syringe, getting ready to inject Vince.

Nurse : [Preparing the defibrillator.] Charging! Clear!

Another electric shock to Vince's chest.

Nurse : No response!

Garrett and Clark get to the room.

Garrett : Vince?!

Yeager : [Seeing Garrett.] Hey, get him out of here! [To Vince.] Out of here!

Garrett : [Frantic.] Vince?

Nurse : [Referring to Vince.] He's crashing.

Yeager : No. Come on! Load up the truck and keep bagging!

Clark starts to pull Garrett from the room.

Garrett : No! No Vince! Vince, please! Vince!

Yeager is doing chest compressions on Vince.

Garrett : Not yet! Please! [Crying.] Don't die.

Vince is still flat-lining, and Dr. Yeager finally stops doing compressions. He rests a gloved hand on Vince's chest.

Yeager : [Quietly.] All right. Let's call it. [Looks at his watch.] Time of death, 2:43 PM.

Clark continues to hold onto Garrett who is shaking his head in disbelief. Dr. Yeager and the other nurses remove their gloves and disconnect the heart monitor, bringing the steady hum of the flat line to silence.

One of the nurses begins filling out the death report. He writes down the time of death. He is also holding a PDA which has an outgoing message that says "Subject is ready for pickup."

Yeager : [To Garrett.] I'm sorry son.

The nurse clicks a button on the PDA sending the message. We see a close shot of the word "pickup". The word disappears as the message is sent.

Then another shot of Vince, motionless and dead.

[Opening credits]

Act 1 Scene 1

Outside shot of Smallville Medical Center. Day. A counselor walks with Garrett through the waiting room with an arm around his shoulder. She sits him down to talk. Martha and Clark watch this from several feet away.

Martha : [To Clark.] Poor boy. Where's his family?

Clark : His brother's all he had. His parents died in a car accident when he was a little kid.

Martha : Well, who's gonna take care of him?

Clark : He's got an uncle in Germany. It'll take him a few days to get here. He said something about foster care.

Martha : No. He shouldn't be there the night his brother died. [Martha glances back at Garrett.] He can stay with us for a few days.

Clark : Are you sure? What about Dad's surgery and everything? [Martha looks a little surprised. Clark speaks apologetically.] I overheard.

Martha : Dad's not sure he's gonna have it yet. I'm gonna go speak with Dr. Scanlan.

Martha rubs Clark's shoulder and walks away. Clark walks the opposite direction and goes to Jonathan's hospital room where Jonathan is sitting on the bed reading a pamphlet. Clark knocks on the door and comes in.

Jonathan : Hi, Clark. Look, I'm, uh, sorry to hear about your friend Garrett. How's he holding up?

Clark : He's in shock. I guess that's what happens when the most important person in your life is gone. I know about the surgery.

Jonathan : [Pause. Jonathan sniffs and looks down at the pamphlet.] Can you believe it? I'm so popular around here, they want me to be admitted right away.

Clark : So you're gonna do it.

Jonathan : It's not quite that cut and dried, Clark. There must be a way around this.

Clark walks around the bed to face his father.

Clark : No, I heard the doctor. It didn't sound like that.

Jonathan stands up.

Jonathan : I thought you and I talked about eavesdropping on people's private conversations.

Clark : If you'd stop trying to protect me from this, I wouldn't have to. [Jonathan doesn't respond.] Dad, I see Garrett out there, and he's lost. Just like I'd be without you. [Clark looks into Jonathan's eyes imploringly.] Please do this.

Jonathan : [Moved.] Clark, I want you to go out there and tell your mother to start filling out all the admissions paper work.

Clark nods, relieved. He hugs Jonathan. The embrace ends after a few moments.

Jonathan : Go on.

Clark starts to leave.

Jonathan : And Clark? Don't worry about me, son. I'm not going anywhere.

Clark nods and leaves the room.

Act 1 Scene 2

Outside the Smallville Medical Center. Day. The helicopter is waiting on its pad. The propellers are turning and the helicopter is ready to take off. Two men in white roll a gurney out of the building toward the helicopter. On the gurney is a body completely covered in a white body bag. They get to the helicopter and lift the body from the gurney and place it inside, then close the door. All of this is done with a swiftness that seems practiced. They jog away from the helicopter and it lifts from the ground, flying away.

Act 1 Scene 3

Outside shot of the Kent home. Night. Inside, Garrett and Clark stand in the living room. Martha enters with a pillow and some blankets that she puts down on the sofa.

Garrett : Mrs. Kent, I want you to know how much I appreciate this.

Martha : Oh, sweetheart, we're happy to have you. Clark, uh, I'm gonna go get some things together for your dad.

Martha leaves the room. Garrett walks slowly toward the sofa.

Clark : Garrett, if you want to be alone--

Garrett : No. No, I really don't. It's kind of ironic. [He sits on the sofa.] My brother worked in demolition. He risked his life every day with explosives and we lose him to liver disease.

Clark sits in the chair across from Garrett.

Garrett : If he had just gotten that transplant, he'd still be... Your dad's about to have surgery. You don't need to hear this.

Clark : No, Garrett, it helps to talk about it. You listened to me that time in the hospital.

Garrett : Part of me feels like Vince isn't really gone. That it's all just some big misunderstanding.

Clark : Garrett, if there's anyone that needs to be told, I can help, make some phone calls...

Garrett : No, it was just us. [Chuckles softly.] He used to call me "runt" as long as I could remember. I always hated it. Now I'd give anything to hear him say it again.

Martha enters.

Martha : Garrett? I just got a call from the crematorium. They want to know where they should send your brother's ashes.

Garrett : Ashes? What are they talking about? He's supposed to be buried next to my mom and dad.

Martha doesn't know what to say. Garrett looks at Clark, confused.

Act 1 Scene 4

Two men in white lab coats run down a dark hallway, pushing a gurney with the white body bag on it. Night. They enter a lab with several screeching monkeys in cages. Dr. Teng is waiting in the lab.

Teng : Let's move.

They lift the body bag from the gurney to the lab table. Dr. Teng unzips the bag revealing Vince.

Teng : Syringe.

Dr. Teng holds out her hand and one of the lab technicians hands her a syringe. She sticks the needle into Vince's chest and injects him. Then she stands back as almost immediately, Vince begins to choke and open his eyes, then sit up straight as he catches his breath. He looks around, confused and afraid.

Teng : Welcome back, Vince.

Act 1 Scene 5

Clark and Garrett talk to a doctor in the morgue. Night.

Clark : Doctor, why would you have him cremated? It's not what he asked for.

Doctor : We didn't send him. Metropolis General did. He was helicoptered there for an organ donation.

She hands the file to Garrett who opens it.

Garrett : Then it couldn't be the same Vincent Davis.

Doctor : It's what the paper work says. All the documents are signed, including your brother's autograph on that cremation form.

Garrett : No.

Doctor : Look, maybe you didn't know him as well as you thought you did.

Garrett : [Suddenly furious.] What are you talking about?!

Clark : Garrett, calm down.

Garrett : [Yelling.] How am I supposed to be calm when my brother's been carved up and burnt to a crisp?

Doctor : Look, son, I know this is difficult, but--

Garrett : [Pointing at her.] You don't know anything!

Garrett storms to the other side of the room. Clark looks at the doctor.

Clark : I'm sorry. [Clark walks to Garrett.] Garrett, I know this is hard. Maybe Vince just didn't tell you.

Garrett : My brother's told me everything since the day my parents died. Those documents have to be forged.

Act 1 Scene 6

Outside shot of Lex's mansion. Night. In his study, Lex is seated at the desk having a heated phone conversation. Chloe enters.

Lex : Well, I'd think your embassy would keep tabs on North Koreans who have recently been deported. [Hangs up the phone. To Chloe.] Seems like Dr. Teng has vanished without a trace.

Chloe : Yeah, well, it turns out that's not the only thing out of the ordinary of our friendly molecular biologist.

Lex : What have you got?

Chloe : Well, it turns out it wasn't scientific research or academic prestige that got her into this country 12 years ago. It was wedding bells. She married a rent-a-cop from LuthorCorp.

Lex doesn't look surprised. He stands from his seat and goes to the bar to pour a drink.

Lex : So my father arranged a green card marriage.

Chloe : Yeah. Now, I tracked down the groom so I could ask him what he knew.

Lex : What'd the lucky guy have to say?

Chloe : It wasn't really what he had to say. It was more where he said it. He plays watch dog for the old Metron Pharmaceuticals building.

Lex : That's been shut down for seven years.

Chloe : Yeah, that's what I thought. But while he was in the process of telling me to get lost, I swear I saw what I think was a delivery truck pulling around back.

Lex : My father's been strangely stubborn about liquidating that property. Every market indicator says to sell, but he insists the neighborhood's about to be revitalized.

Chloe : The only thing being revitalized in that neighborhood is the graffiti. Now, I think I can make some headway if you'll just come along with me.

Lex : Chloe, I think I should take it from here.

Chloe : [Smiling.] Lex, I'm perfectly capable--

Lex : This has nothing to do with your capability. I'm worried about your safety. [Chloe's smile fades.] When my father's involved with covert research, people tend to get hurt.

Chloe nods seriously.

Act 1 Scene 7

Garrett and Clark enter Clark's loft. Night.

Garrett : I'm sorry I lost it. I guess I kind of have a short fuse.

Clark : You have every reason to be upset, Garrett.

Garrett : The thing is, it just doesn't make any sense.

They hear the door to the loft open behind them. They turn around to see who it is.

Garrett : [Shocked.] Vince?

Vince enters the loft smiling.

Vince : It's me, runt.

Garrett : [Excited.] Vince?! I can't believe it!

Garrett runs to Vince and they hug tightly.

Clark : Wait, I don't understand. We both saw you. You were pronounced dead.

Vince : I guess they were wrong.

Clark : Well, there's got to be an explanation.

Vince : All I know is when I woke up, I was in a lab and this woman doctor with a needle the size of Kansas was standing over me. [To Garrett.] Come on, runt. We have to get out of here.

Clark : Wait, we should get you to a doctor.

Vince : No more doctors or labs. Garrett and I have to fall off the radar.

Clark : Why? Who's after you?

Vince: I don't know, but...

Clark : Will you tell me where the lab is?

Vince : [Having a difficult time thinking clearly.] Uh... it's, uh, it's somewhere in Metropolis.

Vince is blinking heavily as if something is caught in his eye.

Clark : Are you okay?

Vince : Garrett, let's roll.

Garrett : Vince?

Blood starts to trickle from Vince's eyes.

Garrett : Your eyes. They're bleeding.

Vince wipes the blood from his face and then looks at his fingers. Then he starts to gasp and hold his stomach, convulsing into a bent over position, then falling to the floor in what looks like a seizure.

Garrett : Vince? [Kneels down next to Vince whose convulsions become more violent.] Vince?! What's happening to him?!

Vince : Aah!

Garrett : Vince! No!

Vince's face starts to turn slightly yellow.

Garrett : Clark! You have to help him, please!

Vince loses consciousness.

Fade to black.

Act 2 Scene 1

Two technicians wheel Vince on a gurney toward a hospital room. Day. Garrett walks along side the gurney and Dr. Yeager and Clark follow.

Yeager : [To Clark, bewildered.] No, I-I don't know how to explain it. This man was dead yesterday.

Clark : He said he was revived at a lab in Metropolis.

Yeager : Well, whatever they did, it was short term. I'm afraid he's not gonna be able to last much longer. His liver is rapidly deteriorating.

They get to the hospital room. Vince is wheeled inside while Garrett, Clark, and Dr. Yeager stay in the hallway.

Garrett : Dr. Yeager, just call the lab and tell them to give him more of whatever he got.

Yeager : I have no idea what lab you're talking about.

Garrett : [Losing his cool.] Don't hold out on me. I'm not gonna stand here while my brother dies again.

Yeager : Look, I've never had a patient come back to life before. I'm just as confounded as you are. But I promise you, we're doing everything we can to keep your brother alive.

Garrett and Clark exchange a glance as Dr. Yeager joins the technicians in the hospital room.

Technician : All right, here we go.

They carry Vince from the gurney to the hospital bed. Clark and Garrett look in at Vince through the window.

Garrett : I'm not sure coming back here was such a great idea.

Clark : There's no other place to take him, Garrett. At least here they can stabilize him.

Garrett : I can't lose him twice, Clark.

Clark nods sympathetically. They both watch through the window as Dr. Yeager listens to Vince's heartbeat with a stethoscope.

Act 2 Scene 2

A nurse takes Jonathan's blood pressure in another hospital room. Day. Jonathan is lying in bed before his surgery. Martha stands in the room next to the window. Clark enters.

Clark : [To Martha.] How's Dad doing?

Jonathan : [Sarcastic.] I feel like I'm being prepped for a Thanksgiving dinner, and I'm the turkey.

Clark : You'll have a good scar to brag about. [Jonathan smiles.]

Martha : Clark, what's happening with Garrett's brother?

Clark : He's going downhill fast, and the doctors, they don't know what to do. But he mentioned this lab in Metropolis. If I could find it, maybe I could figure out what cured him.

Jonathan : You need to go help your friend, Clark.

Clark : No, Dad, I'm not leaving you.

Jonathan : Clark, I'm in very capable hands here, and... honestly, you're not very good at sitting on the sidelines.

Martha : Garrett and Vince need you, Clark.

Clark : [Reluctant.] Yeah, but--

Jonathan : Son, if there is any chance that you could save your friend's life, then that's what you need to do.

Clark gets very serious, sentimental.

Clark : Dad, I want you to know...

Jonathan : [Understanding.] I do know, Clark.

Jonathan holds up his hand and Clark takes it.

Jonathan : And I love you too. [Clark smiles halfheartedly.] Now go on. Help your friend.

Clark nods and leaves the room. Martha takes Jonathan's hand and sits on the edge of the bed.

Cut to Clark leaving the medical center. Outside, he finds Lana in the parking lot, walking toward him with a picnic basket.

Lana : Clark. I thought you and your mom could use some moral support. [Gesturing to the basket.] And a little sustenance.

Clark : Thanks, Lana. My mom hasn't eaten all day. I'm sure she'll appreciate it. Um, I'll be back soon.

Clark starts to walk away.

Lana : Is everything all right?

Clark : [Pause.] Do you know Garrett Davis?

Lana : Sure. He and Vince used to come by the Talon.

Clark : Yeah, well, Vince came down with this rare liver disease, and he needed a transplant.

Lana : I'm guessing from the past tense that he never got it.

Clark : No, he died yesterday. Then last night, he showed up at my barn.

Lana : [Shocked.] He came back to life?

Clark : He seemed completely fine until he started bleeding from his eyes.

Lana : [Afraid.] I've seen that before. With Adam, I-I found this obituary that said he died five months ago from a rare liver disease.

Clark : Did you tell anyone? [Lana shakes her head.] Why not?

Lana : Adam said if I told anyone, they could be in danger.

Clark : [Urgent.] Where is Adam now?

Lana : I don't know. He disappeared. I haven't seen him in more than a week.

Clark : Listen, Vince mentioned he got an injection. Did Adam ever take anything?

Lana : Yeah. At first, I thought it was because he was a drug addict, but maybe that's what was keeping him alive.

Clark looks worried.

Act 2 Scene 3

Garrett is pacing in Vince's hospital room. Day. Vince is very weak and lying in the bed. He has started to develop sores on his face and chest and his skin is turning a darker shade of yellow. His eyes open.

Vince : Hey, runt.

Garrett : Vince.

Garrett sits on the edge of Vince's bed. Vince holds up his hand, and Garrett takes it.

Garrett : Vince. I'm sorry.

Vince : What are you talking about? I have a disease. None of this is your fault.

Garrett : But if it weren't for me, you could've had such a better life. You would've married and had kids of your own instead of worrying about me.

Vince shakes his head.

Vince : Garrett, I wouldn't have done it any different. Even if you are a runt.

They both smile. Vince's breath becomes slightly labored for a moment, then his eyes close. Dr. Yeager enters the room.

Yeager : Garrett?

Garrett stands up, and Dr. Yeager puts a hand on his back, leading him out into the hallway.

Yeager : There's not much else we can do at this point except make him comfortable. Now might be a good time to say your goodbyes.

Garrett : [Stubborn.] I'm not saying goodbye to anybody.

Yeager : Son, I-I know this is hard.

Garrett : I'm not gonna let him die. Do you hear me? I'm not gonna let him die!

Garrett turns around and walks down the hallway away from Dr. Yeager. He passes by Jonathan's hospital room where Martha is still sitting with Jonathan. She is slightly leaned over him and touching his face.

Martha : They'll be here any minute.

Jonathan : Martha, you and I both know there's a chance that things could go south in there.

Martha : [Whispered, upset.] Don't say that, please.

Jonathan : Now, there's no doubt in my mind that you and Clark can take good care of each other, but you have to remember our promise. [Martha nods.] When he's ready, you have to let him go.

Martha : [Determined.] When that day comes, you'll be standing right beside me.

Jonathan nods. They kiss. The kiss ends when Dr. Scanlan knocks on the door and enters.

Scanlan : We're ready.

Martha and Jonathan look at each other again. Jonathan smiles and nods encouragingly and Martha puts her hands on his face.

Act 2 Scene 4

Chloe and Clark enter the Torch office. Day.

Chloe : You know, Clark, I can totally run with this if you want to go be with your dad.

Clark : It's all right. He knows I'm here. Besides, it takes my mind off the fact that I can't do anything for him.

Chloe puts a hand on Clark's shoulder.

Chloe : Everything's gonna be okay.

Clark nods. They both sit at Chloe's computer.

Clark : We need to figure out what brought Vince back to life.

Chloe : [Looking at the monitor.] Well, it looks like my contact at Metropolis General e-mailed me. [She reads the e-mail.] The only organ donors who arrived yesterday were both females.

Clark : That means the Medivac chopper took Garrett's brother somewhere else.

Chloe : Seems that Fly Boy is the one to talk to.

Clark gets up from his seat and leaves the office.

Act 2 Scene 5

Clark walks out to Smallville Medical Center's helicopter launching pad. Day. The pilot, Ben Powell, is standing on the helicopter working on the propeller.

Clark : Are you Ben Powell?

Ben : [Getting down from the helicopter.] What's it to you?

Clark : Where'd you take that body yesterday?

Ben : Look, uh, I don't know what kind of game you think you're playing, but I'm an emergency medical pilot.

Clark : You left here to take a body to Metropolis General, and that body never arrived. Now, I'm not a lawyer, but I'm willing to guess you could do some pretty serious jail time for using a Medivac helicopter for your own profit.

Ben doesn't respond. He is unable to argue Clark's point.

Ben : What do you want?

Clark : Take me where you took Vincent Davis.

Cut to the helicopter flying through the air in Metropolis toward Metron Pharmaceuticals, an old building that appears to be shut down. Clark and Ben sit side by side in the helicopter.

Clark : What is this place?

Ben : They pay me cash. I don't ask questions.

The helicopter lands on the roof of the building. Clark takes off his headset and steps out. The helicopter takes off once he is out. He looks around and sees a ventilation pipe sticking out of the roof. He jogs over to it and uses his super hearing to listen through the pipe inside the building. Through the long and winding pipe, his hearing reaches to Dr. Teng's lab where Lex and Dr. Teng are speaking.

Teng : Who's there?

Lex : I thought I'd never see you again.

Teng : What are you doing here?

Lex : So this is where you were deported to. I can only imagine the moves you used to sway the immigration officer.

Teng : [Walking toward Lex heatedly.] How did you get past security?

Lex : As I'm sure you're well aware, this building is owned by LuthorCorp. Family name tends to open doors.

Lex walks toward the table and sees a vile of clear fluid. He picks it up.

Lex : Now, this looks familiar. It's identical to the vial found in Adam Knight's apartment.

Clark is still on the roof listening. Dr. Teng takes the vial from Lex and puts it back in its place.

Teng : It's a very delicate substance. If you don't leave at once, I'm notifying your father.

Lex : [Sarcastic.] Can't you just send me to the principal instead? I offered to fund your research, Doctor. You turned your back on me. Now, I suggest you tell me the origin of your little blood platelet cocktail, or I'll make sure the I.N.S. reserves you a window seat on the next flight to Pyongyang. Something tells me they don't look too kindly on North Koreans doing illegal research on American soil.

Dr. Teng looks at Lex fearfully. Clark turns around and sees an entrance to the building. In the lab, there is a small burst of wind that scatters several of the papers on the table next to Lex and Dr. Teng. The vial of clear fluid seems to vanish. Dr. Teng and Lex both look at the scattered papers and see that the vial is gone.

Teng : Where did it go? What did you just do?

Lex looks at Dr. Teng, just as surprised as she is.

Fade to black.

Act 3 Scene 1

Outside shot of Smallville Medical Center. Night. In an operating room, Dr. Scanlan is beginning surgery on Jonathan. Dr. Scanlan and several nurses are all suited up in scrubs, caps, and masks and Jonathan is unconscious under sedation on the table before them. A small rectangle of Jonathan's chest is exposed.

Nurse : Are you ready to proceed?

Scanlan : Yes. Go ahead and start it. I want two more milligrams of potassium chloride in the IV.

Nurse : Yes, Doctor.

Scanlan : Vitals?

Nurse : Pulse is leveled off at 80.

Nurse #2 : BP 120 over 70.

Nurse #3 : EKG normal.

Scanlan : Blood ox.?

Nurse : 98% of normal.

Dr. Scanlan starts to make the incision in Jonathan's chest.

Scanlan : Okay, Jonathan, we're gonna have you out of here in no time.

Martha fills a cup of coffee in the waiting room. Lana stands at her side.

Martha : [Nervous.] I suppose all we can do now is wait.

Lana : [Putting a hand on Martha's arm.] Mr. Kent's strong. He's gonna fight through this.

Martha nods. Pete enters.

Martha : [Happy to see him.] Pete.

Pete : I wasn't sure if you guys wanted your space, but at the end of the day, I thought I should be here.

Martha : [Hugging Pete.] Oh, I'm so glad you came.

Pete : Where's Clark?

Martha : He'll be right back.

Pete : Oh.

They hear Garrett yelling frantically from down the hall.

Garrett : Dr. Yeager!

Pete turns around as Garrett walks around the corner holding his jacket tightly shut.

Garrett : Where is Dr. Yeager?! I want to speak to Dr. Yeager!

Dr. Yeager comes into the hallway.

Yeager : Just what do you think you're doing?

Garrett : My brother needs a liver.

Garrett opens his coat revealing that he has a bomb strapped to his chest. Everyone in the waiting area gasps. Garrett is holding a detonator for the bomb in his hand. The corners of the bomb are glowing green.

Garrett : So I figure now you'll get him one.

Martha : [Approaching Garrett slowly.] Garrett, this isn't gonna solve anything.

Garrett : Don't come any closer. [Martha stops. Garrett turns back to Yeager.] If you want anyone to leave this building with their limbs attached, you better make sure my brother gets that transplant.

Lana, Pete, and Martha all watch Garrett with fear.

Outside the medical center, several police cars are parked near the building and more drive up as police choppers circle the area shining spotlights on the ground. The whole area is sectioned off with police tape. Clark waits with a crowd outside the tape looking around. He spots Sheriff Adams and lifts the tape out of his way to walk toward her.

Clark : Sheriff!

Officer : Whoa, just hold it!

Adams : Hey, not now, Mr. Kent. You know, if you can't tell, I am a little busy here.

Clark : My parents are in there. My dad's having surgery. Please. What's going on?

Adams : [To the officer.] Let him go.

The officer walks away and Sheriff Adams walks to Clark's side.

Adams : There is a kid in there who is gonna blow this place to Kingdom Come unless his brother gets a transplant.

Clark : Garrett Davis?

Adams : You know him?

Clark : His brother doesn't need a transplant. I have medicine that can cure him.

Clark pulls the vial of fluid from his pocket and shows it to Sheriff Adams.

Adams : And where'd you get this wonder drug?

Clark : It doesn't matter. Please, if you tell him I have this, we can prevent anyone from getting hurt. [Adams looks hesitant.] Sheriff, I know him. He's just desperate.

Adams : Well desperate equals dangerous in my book.

Sheriff Adams starts to go.

Clark : Sheriff, please. Just get him on the phone. He'll talk to me.

Inside the medical center, Garret has taken everyone in the waiting area hostage. They are all sitting close together quietly, afraid. Lana kneels next to a middle-aged woman, offering her comfort. Pete and Martha sit next to each other talking quietly.

Pete : We have a serious problem. Clark can't help us in here. That bomb is laced with meteor rock. His family uses it for their demolition business. More bang for their buck.

Garrett is pacing the hall outside his brother's hospital room with the bomb still strapped to his chest and the remote control still in his hand. Vince is unconscious in bed and Dr. Yeager is standing over him. Martha stands and walks to Garrett.

Garrett : Mrs. Kent, you're a nice lady. I don't want to hurt you.

Martha : Don't do this, Garrett. It's not what your brother would want.

Garrett : I know exactly what my brother wanted. A transplant and to see me graduate high school, and I'm gonna make sure he gets both of those, even if I have to be locked up when I get that diploma.

The phone at the nearby nurse's station begins to ring. Garret walks to the desk and answers it.

Garrett : Yeah?

Clark talks to Garrett from a cell phone outside. Sheriff Adams is listening to the conversation on a headset.

Clark : Garrett, it's Clark. Listen, I tracked down the lab they took Vince to, and I grabbed a vial of the medicine that they gave him. I'm holding it right here in my hand.

Garrett : Why should I trust you?

Clark : Because I've done nothing but try to help you.

Garrett : Okay. Come in, but just you.

Adams : No. I will not allow that. I will get one of my deputies to bring it in.

Garrett : It's Clark or no one!

Clark : [Thinking quickly, looking at Adams.] You have to let the hostages go.

Garrett hesitates, glancing at the hostages.

Clark : That's the only way they're even gonna think about letting me in.

Adams nods at Clark, recognizing his strategy. Garrett puts down the phone and looks at the waiting room full of hostages.

Meanwhile in Jonathan's operating room, his heart surgery is still progressing.

Cut to the front doors of the medical center sliding open as the hostages come running out of the building. Martha, Pete, and Lana come out. Martha goes to Clark as Lana and Pete continue to jog away from the building.

Martha : Clark!

Clark : Mom, you okay?

Martha : I'm fine. Look, your father's still in the operating room. Clark, Garrett means what he says.

Clark : I just need to get this medicine to Vince, then I'll take care of the bomb.

Martha : Clark, you may not be able to. It's made with kryptonite. Be careful.

Clark runs into the medical center. Sheriff Adams walks to a sharp shooter who is standing ready with his rifle.

Adams : [Quietly.] There is too much at stake here. You find a good vantage point. You get a clean shot, you take him out.

The shooter nods.

Inside the medical center, Clark walks down the empty hallway.

Clark : Garrett!

Garret comes out into the hallway in front of Clark, facing him.

Garrett : Where is it?

Clark : [Holding up the vial.] It's right here.

Garrett starts walking toward Clark slowly, and Clark gasps quietly at the proximity to the kryptonite bomb. Clark puts the vial on the floor and backs away from Garrett.

Garrett : What are you doing?

Clark : Garrett, you have a bomb strapped to your chest. I prefer to just keep my distance.

Garrett picks up the vial and holds it up to look at it. As it comes near the kryptonite bomb on his chest, the clear liquid turns red and starts to boil. Clark looks shocked.

Garrett : Is it supposed to do this?

Clark : I don't know.

Garrett : Doctor? [Dr. Yeager comes out of Vince's room.] I need you to give my brother an injection of this in his chest.

Garrett holds the vial toward Yeager, and as it gets farther away from the kryptonite, it stops bubbling and goes clear.

Yeager : What is this?

Garrett : Just do it!

Clark : Please, just do it.

Dr. Yeager takes the vial from Garrett and goes into Vince's room. Garrett glances back at Clark who nods reassuringly. Garrett goes into Vince's room where Yeager is loading the contents of the vial into a syringe with an enormous needle. He hesitates, looking at Garrett.

Garrett : What are you waiting for? Hurry!

Clark stands at the door and watches as Dr. Yeager goes to Vince and puts the needle deep into his chest, injecting him with the serum.

Garrett : How long is it supposed to take, Clark?

Clark : I'm not sure.

Dr. Yeager feels for a pulse in Vince's neck.

Yeager : There's no change in his vitals?

Garrett : It's not working? You lied to me, Clark.

Clark : No, I didn't.

Garrett : That's it. My brother is getting a liver now.

Yeager : We don't have one, Garrett.

Garrett : Yes, you do. You've got a man lying in the O.R.

Clark : That's my dad!

Garrett : I don't have another choice!

Clark : No, you're not touching him!

Angry, Clark starts to walk into the room. Garrett holds up the detonator threateningly.

Garrett : Clark!

Clark is affected by the kryptonite and backs away.

Garrett : You'll still have a mom. If Vince dies, I have no one.

Yeager : Son, the chances of success are very low.

Garrett : Just go. [Dr. Yeager doesn't move.] Now!

Dr. Yeager starts to leave the room. He stops when he gets to Clark who is still standing in the doorway.

Clark : [Quietly.] Doctor, you can't do this.

Yeager : I know I can't. But there are 20 other patients in this building. I don't know what to do.

Outside, the police sharp shooter is crouching on the roof of a building across from the medical center leaning against the ledge as he aims his rifle at the window. He looks through the scope on his gun and sees Clark standing in the hallway outside Vince's room.

Inside, Dr. Yeager leaves the room and walks down the hallway. Garrett follows him, stops in the doorway to look at Clark sadly for a moment, then goes to follow Dr. Yeager. Clark follows them both. Through the window, the shooter sees the three of them in line with Dr. Yeager in the lead and Clark at the end, closest to the window preventing a clear shot at Garrett.

Clark : You don't want to do this, Garrett.

Garrett stops walking and turns to face Clark.

Garrett : I'm sorry, Clark.

Once Garrett has turned around, he is facing the window and the shooter has a clear shot at him. The shooter fires his rifle. The bullet shatters through the window and hits Garrett directly in the chest.

The impact of the bullet causes Garrett to turn sideways. He reaches out toward a shelf against the wall and knocks a tub of empty glass vials over. In slow motion, he falls backwards toward the ground as the vials fall around him. Clark watches as Garrett accidentally hits the button on the bomb's detonator. Then time appears to stop almost completely as Garrett hangs above the ground and the vials hang in the air above him. Clark turns around and super speeds into a room behind him marked "Radiology." He grabs a lead apron and speeds to Garrett, who is still suspended in slow motion, and covers the bomb with the lead apron, rips it from Garrett's chest, and super speeds out of the medical center.

He runs all the way to a sewer inlet outside the center and drops the bomb inside where it explodes in a mass of green smoke. All of this has taken place in under one second, and back inside the medical center, Garrett finishes his fall to the floor as the vials crash down around him. The bombs explosion causes the ground to quake slightly in the operating room where Dr. Scanlan is still working on Jonathan. Clark watches the explosion from a safe distance.

Scanlan : [Calm.] Is everyone all right? Everything stable? Let's continue.

They get back to work.

Fade to black.

Act 4 Scene 1

Outside shot of Metron Pharmaceuticals. Day. Inside, Lex and Dr. Teng enter a back hallway of the lab. They walk down the hall as they talk.

Teng : Your father wanted to cut off his medication. He said Adam Knight's role in the project was done, but I couldn't do it. It was barbaric. It would've killed him.

Lex : That's why you've hidden him down here from my father. Why didn't you just keep the kid on the medicine?

Teng : The platelets are in extremely short supply.

Lex : You still haven't told me where these blood platelets come from.

Teng : I don't know. Why would I lie to you? You're my only way out from your father's grip. But I do know they have the remarkable ability to revivify necrotic tissue.

They get to the end of the hallway and stop at an iron door with a small window and a large lock, almost like the door to a prison cell.

Lex : So why is it that all the subjects suffer from the same liver disease?

Teng : The cells in the liver are the most resilient cells in the body.

Dr. Teng unlocks the door.

Teng : [Calling into the cell.] I want you to relax, Adam. It's me, Dr. Teng.

She opens the door, revealing another door of iron bars. Lex walks closer to the bars and looks inside, confused.

Lex : What's wrong with him?

Teng : He's deteriorating. I told your father not to rush the serum's development. But he wouldn't listen.

Adam is huddled on the floor in the corner of the cell shaking and panting. His shirt is off revealing several open sores and his skin is a sickly shade of yellow.

Act 4 Scene 2

Outside shot of the Talon. Night. Lana is in Adam's apartment scrubbing the window fiercely. She is unaware of Lex standing in the room behind her and jumps at the sound of his voice.

Lex : I don't think it's gonna get much cleaner.

Lana : What brings you to the far reaches of the Talon?

Lex : Well, I thought I might be able to find a clue to the former tenant's whereabouts.

The apartment is almost completely empty. Lana walks over to the counter, sprays it with cleaning fluid, and begins to scrub.

Lana : Why? He's gone. That's what's important.

Lex : You wouldn't happen to know where he is, would you?

Lana : Nope. I just want to forget that he ever lived here.

Lex : Yeah, I can see that. Lana, is there something you're not telling me?

Lana : [Stops scrubbing and looks at Lex.] No. Of course not. [Lex nods.] I guess I'm gonna have to put all this stuff in storage.

Lana wipes the sweat off her brow and walks over to the bookshelf. She starts to put Adam's books into an open cardboard box. Lex walks to her and takes a rag, gently wiping a splotch of dust from her face.

Lex : [Sympathetic.] Look, I want you to know, if you ever feel like talking about Adam, I'm always here.

Lana nods and Lex turns to go.

Lana : Lex. [He turns around.] Why are you still interested in him, anyway?

Lex : You came to me and asked if I could get him out of your life. I'm just following up and making sure he stays that way.

Lex leaves and Lana remains at the bookshelf, thoughtful.

Act 4 Scene 3

Clark and Martha come out the front doors of the Smallville Medical Center. Day. Jonathan is with them being pushed in a wheelchair by a nurse. Clark is carrying a suitcase and Martha is carrying a basket of flowers.

Jonathan : Hey, uh, thanks for the lift. I think I can take it from here.

Jonathan starts to stand up.

Martha : Easy, Jonathan. The doctor said to stand slowly.

Jonathan : [Getting to his feet.] If I stand any slower, I'll be standing still.

Martha: [To the nurse.] Thank you so much for everything. Buh-bye.

The nurse takes the wheelchair and goes back inside as Clark, Martha, and Jonathan walk slowly to their truck. Jonathan puts his arm around Clark.

Jonathan : Hey, Clark, it's all right, son. The doctor says that the worst of this is behind me.

Clark doesn't respond and walks ahead of Jonathan to the truck.

Jonathan : Hey, Clark? What's bothering you, son?

Clark : When I went to pick up the vial for Vince, Lex was there. He was talking to one of the scientists. From their conversation, it sounds like Lionel Luthor is behind all of it.

Jonathan : [Glances at Martha.] Now, why doesn't that surprise me?

Clark : Dad, when that serum got close to the kryptonite bomb, it reacted the same way as my blood.

Martha : So you're saying the serum...

Clark : I know. It sounds crazy, but I think that Lionel Luthor has found a way to use my blood to bring people back to life.

Martha and Jonathan look at each other, shocked.

Clark : If my blood can save lives, maybe I should come forward. What if there's something inside me that can repair dad's heart permanently?

Jonathan : Clark, your mother and I both know that you are gonna save a lot of lives in this world, even more than you have any idea.

Clark : The only life I'm interested in saving is yours.

Jonathan : [Smiling.] You do. You save my life every day that you're with us.

Jonathan puts his arm around Martha, and Martha smiles at Clark.

Jonathan : And we wouldn't trade that for a single moment without you.

Clark smiles slightly, encouraged.

Act 4 Scene 4

Outside shot of the Talon. Day. Inside, Lana serves some customers their coffee as Clark enters.

Clark : Hey.

Lana : Hey, how's your dad feeling?

Clark : You'd never know he just had a triple bypass. My mom actually bought the doctor a combat helmet as a thank you gift.

Lana : [Laughing.] Only your dad could survive surgery during a siege.

Lana walks to the bar to put her tray down and Clark follows her.

Clark : I talked to Garrett's uncle. He wanted to know what happened.

Lana : What did you say?

Clark : Well, I couldn't explain Vince's resurrection, but I told him that Garrett was a good kid. You know, he was desperate. He wanted to do whatever he could to save his brother.

Lana : I should've said something about Adam sooner. I feel so guilty.

Clark : None of this was your fault.

Lana : Still, I let him threaten me into silence.

Clark : Because you knew it would put people in danger. I understand keeping secrets for that reason.

Lana : Well, it was really hard keeping it from everyone. It was kind of a relief to tell you.

Clark pauses, looking at Lana lovingly.

Clark : Lana, no matter where we stand, I'm still your friend, and you can tell me anything.

Lana : You know that goes both ways.

Clark turns to go.

Lana : Clark. [Clark stops.] What do you think was in that serum?

Clark : I have no idea.

Lana looks at Clark strangely, as if unsatisfied with his answer. Clark leaves and Lana continues to look thoughtful.


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