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#511 : Engrenage

Résumé : Les deux officiers de police qui ont été témoin de l'atterrissage du vaisseau spatial lors de la pluie de météorites prennent Lex et Lana en otage et menacent de les tuer à moins que Lex leur révèle où il a caché le vaisseau spatial. Tout en s'échappant dans une salle secrète du manoir, Lex prend une balle destinée à Lana. Craignant que Lex meurt de sa blessure, Lana lui demande de révéler aux officiers l'endroit secret, mais il lui avoue que le vaisseau a disparu depuis plusieurs semaines. Pendant ce temps, Clark découvre que Lana avait recherché le vaisseau spatial avec Lex et craint qu'elle soit sur le point de découvrir son secret.


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Luthor Mansion

Cut to Lex’s office. We see a close up of a copy of the Smallville Ledger being dropped onto a table. The headline reads ‘State senate candidates neck and neck'. There are photos of Lex and Jonathan below it. Lex looks serious with his hands folded in front of him, Jonathan is smiling and waving.

Lex : Not exactly the kind of headline I was hoping for a week before the election.

He walks away from the table to stand behind his desk, passing his Aide.

Aide : [exasperated] No one’s that squeaky clean. We’ll find something to use against him.

Lex : You’ve obviously never met Jonathan Kent.

The doors to the office open

Voice : Mr. Luthor?

Lex looks up to see two Sheriffs, a man and a woman.

Sheriff Flynn : [Hand on his gun in its holster] We need to get you out of here.

Lex : [walking around the desk] What’s going on?

Officer Harris : There’s been a bomb threat. We need to evacuate the mansion.

Aide : [looks uncertainly at Lex] A bomb?

Lex : [suspicious] My security didn’t alert me about this.

He goes to the phone behind the desk and picks it up, turning his back to the Sheriff Officers, who look at one another before taking out their guns and pointing them at him.

Aide : [putting his hands up] Uh, uh.. Lex?

Lex takes the phone from his ear and turns around to face the Sheriff Officers.

Sheriff Flynn : [as he and the officer Harris move towards Lex, guns still drawn] You always gotta do things the hard way, don’t you?

Lex : [calmly] Let me guess, you’re not a cop.

Sheriff Flynn : [grimly] Not anymore.

Lex’s Aide throws his briefcase at the Sheriff Officers and runs, but they recover and shoot him several times in the back. Lex grabs a remote from his desk and presses a button, opening a hidden door in the wall. He runs towards it.

Sheriff Flynn : Stop him!

Officer Harris runs towards Lex, but not in time to stop him diving through the metal door into a panic room. There’s no handle or way of opening it from the outside. Officer Harris gets to the door just before it closes properly and tries to keep it open, but can’t. She bounces off it and smacks it in frustration. We see a wide shot of Sheriff Flynn and officer Harris standing in the now otherwise empty office.

Lex : [V.O.] At the risk of stating the obvious.

The two officers look around for the source of the voice, and we see Lex lit by a green light, speaking into the remote. More strip lights come on above his head as he speaks, revealing the interior of the small panic room.

Lex : But whatever game you think you’re playing.. you just lost.

Sheriff Flynn : If you’re trying the hardwire.

Lex sits down at desk in the panic room, in front several monitors showing green tinted security camera footage of the office.

Sheriff Flynn : Good luck. I cut it a half hour ago, right around the time I set up a wireless scrambler. Look’s like the game’s just started.

Lex : [speaking into the remote] What do you want?

Sheriff Flynn : [looking around the office] I’ll give you a hint. It’s big, metallic.. it came from outer space.

Lex : [into remote] I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Sheriff Flynn sees an ornate mask on the wall with a red Lex in its open mouth. He walks slowly towards it and we see him from Lex’s Pov, on one of the monitors.

Sheriff Flynn : [getting closer to the camera] Sure you do.

Pointing his gun directly at the security camera, we can see officer Harris with her gun drawn and the Aide’s body in the background.

Sheriff Flynn
: I want that ship that landed in the meteor shower. Or that room is gonna be your coffin.. Luthor.

He shoots the camera in the mask’s mouth, and inside the panic room, Lex flinches back as the monitor goes to green static. The camera pulls back and up to show that another monitor above the desk has gone to static, along with one more on the right-hand wall. A computer screen on the desk flashes the message connection unavailable.


Kent Farm

Cut to the Loft where Clark and Lana are sitting on the couch. Clark is looking at some papers piled on a box in front of him.

Lana : Okay, so when you said ‘Let’s get together and study,’.. you actually meant study.

Clark : Hm?

Lana looks exasperated and doesn’t reply, and after a moment Clark turns back to his papers.

Lana : Kiss me.

Clark looks a bit uncertain, but leans in and kisses Lana briefly on the lips before going back to his papers.

Lana : Clark, what am I, your cousin? Really kiss me.

Clark still looks uncertain, but kisses Lana again, for longer this time, but abruptly pulls away after a moment.

Clark : I gotta go, um.. I don’t wanna miss class. [quickly gets up and goes to the stairs]

Lana : [annoyed] Sorry, wouldn’t want you to be late for class.

Clark : [stops at the top of the stairs, trying to be cheerful] Lana, come on.

Lana : [following him] Clark, what is it? When we kiss, when we really kiss, I can feel how much you want me, why can’t we just be together?

Clark : It’s complicated.

Lana : It shouldn’t be. Not when you love somebody. [gets her bag from the couch]

Clark looks sad. Lana walks past him, angry. He grabs her arm.

Clark : Lana, wait-

Lana drops her bag and a plan of the spaceship with the Luthor Corp logo on it falls out. Lana looks worried. Clark picks the plan up.

Clark : What is this?

Lana : Nothing.

Clark : Did you get this from Lex?

Lana : We’ve been researching it together.. for the last couple of weeks.

Clark : [pause] Why would you keep this from me?

Lana : [angry] Because, Clark.. every time I try to bring up the ship I saw you change the subject.

Clark : [uncomfortable] I just.. don’t think there’s any point in dwelling on it.

Lana : I saw what came out of that ship. I watched them kill all those police officers. [pause] And I almost died, and all you can say to me is there’s no point in dwelling on it?

Clark looks at her sadly but doesn’t reply.

Lana : I turned to Lex because he wants to find out the truth.. [She takes the plan and her bag back from him] ..not avoid it.

Lana walks past Clark and down the stairs. Clark stands there looking unhappy.

Luthor Mansion

We see a close up of one of the green-tinted monitors in the panic room, showing Sheriff Flynn dragging the body of Lex’s Aide away from the door of the Office. We see Lex in the panic room speaking into the remote.

Lex : A spaceship? Have you tried the amusement park? I think they have one you can ride for a dollar.

Sheriff Flynn : I know you took that ship from the field after the meteor shower, Luthor.

Lex : [walking around the panic room talking into the remote] You do realize how crazy you sound right now.

Sheriff Flynn : [angry] Does this look crazy to you?

[holds up his hand which looks as if it has been burned, it is badly scarred all over. Lex  moves the remote slowly away from his mouth as he approaches the monitor to look.]

Sheriff Flynn : I was part of the sheriff’s response team that got wiped out. I was under my.. cruiser, half-dead. I saw you roll up with your equipment and your men.. you didn’t even bother to see if anybody was still alive. [getting angrier] All you cared about was hauling that ship away!

Lex : I’m sorry, but I still don’t know what you’re talking about. [sits down in front of the monitors]

Sheriff Flynn : You’re going to make a great politician, Luthor. You almost sound like you believe your own lies.

Lex uses the remote to pan the security cameras around the Office, looking for something.

Sheriff Flynn : You wanna make it to election day? Tell me what I wanna know.

Lex : [confidently] Or what? [the security camera is still moving around the Office] I had this room designed after that little incident at the missile silo. These walls can withstand a nuclear blast, you’ll never get in here.

Sheriff Flynn : [calmly] And you’ll never get out. Your security team’s tied up in the basement, your wireless system’s blocked, you won’t be sending up any smoke signals for help.

Lex zooms the security camera in on what looks like a plastic cone on a stand in a niche on the wall.

Lex : [stops moving the security camera] Looks like we have ourselves a stalemate.

Sheriff Flynn : [flatly] Well, I guess I’ll have to find a way to break it.

Lex looks worried.

Kent Farm.

Clark and Martha are walking past some outbuildings. Martha is wearing boots and carrying a bucket. The wrecked red truck is visible in the background.

Martha : [surprised] Lana’s helping Lex study the black ship?

Clark : [unhappy] She’s got a detailed drawing from Luthor Corp. She’s been lying to me for weeks.

Martha : Well.. you haven’t exactly been honest with her either, Clark. Sometimes the truth isn’t easy to share with the one you love, especially if you think it might hurt them.

She looks away guiltily. Clark doesn’t notice.

Clark : It’s just everything was so perfect with Lana when I lost my abilities. Now that I have them back.. all I do is lie to her. About the ship, about why I can’t.. [pauses, looks at Martha] Just wish I could tell her.

Martha : Well, I’m not saying you should, but Pete found out the truth, and Chloe, and they accepted you for who you are.

They stop walking

Clark : Yeah.. that I’m an alien.

Martha : [earnestly] No, as their friend, whom they love very much, no matter what star you were born under.

Clark : I’m just not sure Lana’s gonna feel the same way.

Martha : Then maybe she’s not the one you were meant to be with.

Clark : [seriously] Mom, I can’t imagine ever loving anyone else. [A car approaches them]

The car stops, it’s Lois.

Lois : Hey Smallville, Mrs. Kent.

Clark doesn’t look pleased to see her. She gets out of the car, holding a folder.

Lois : Have you guys seen the future, uh, senator? It’s crunch time and we’ve got some billionaire butt to kick.

Martha : I think he’s in the barn, Lois.

Lois : [cheerful] Hmm, salt of the earth. Voters love that. [Clark sighs] Turn that frown upside down, Skippy, all right? Unhappy family members reflect badly at the polls.

She smacks Clark on the shoulder and walks away. Clark looks after her in irritation and sighs again.

Clark : I’m looking forward to this campaign being over.

Martha nods.

Kent Barn.

The camera pans from some horses feeding to Jonathan talking on the phone as he wipes his hands on a towel.

Jonathan : [on phone] No, this isn’t about numbers or demographics or projections, it’s about giving everybody a chance to live a life with dignity, whether they have a.. dollar in the bank or a million. [pause, he starts walking through the Barn towards the door] Yeah, that’s why I got involved in the senate race in the first place and that’s why I intend to win. [chuckling] Irregardless of my.. opponent’s checkbook, I don’t care how big it is. Listen, if you need any more comment [passes Lois who is waiting by the Barn door and pats her shoulder] feel free to call my campaign manager, Lois Lane, she’ll talk to you, all right? Thanks.

hangs up and gives the phone to Lois, they walk away from the Barn.

Lois : You’re getting very smooth with the interviews, Mr. Kent.

Jonathan : [laughs] Well, I’ve had a lot of practice, I feel like I got a phone growing out of my ear.

They stop by one of the Kents’ trucks

Lois : [laughs] Well, you’re doing great. Home stretch, Senator.

Jonathan : I’m not the senator, I haven’t won anything yet.

He gets some tools from a box.

Lois : Well, you will when I’m done. Here we are, this is what we’re doing. [she follows Jonathan over to the blue truck, he climbs onto the front bumper and on top of the engine and starts to fix it] Print ads in all the papers, radio spots across the dial, billboards littering the interstate like roadkill and, the nail that is going to close the coffin on our bald-headed wannabee’s campaign.. the heartland message, on every TV across Kansas from now until election day.

Jonathan : Well, it sounds like somebody I know needs a raise.

Lois : [laughs] Technically, you have to start paying me first.

Jonathan : [nods and smiles, sighs] Lois, this is all really.. it’s really fantastic, but how.. how can we afford it?

Lois : [hesitates] Oh, you know what, don’t even bother with the details, okay, you just need to shake hands and kiss babies, all right? [Jonathan nods, Lois takes a phone/PDA from her pocket] Let’s talk about your schedule, from now till election day [Jonathan leans across her to get a spanner] You’re gonna be one busy guy.

Jonathan nods and turns the spanner in the engine as he looks at the schedule

Cut to a Suv coming down an empty road. Night.

Cut to inside the car, Lana is driving and talking on the phone using handsfree

Lana : [on phone] I kn-I know, I know how he feels about Lex, but what am I supposed to do, Chloe? You know, it’s like there’s this part of Clark that just shuts down anytime I start talking about the meteors or what I saw. [We see blue lights behind Lana and hear a siren] Ugh, okay, let me just call you back in a second, all right?

She takes the handsfree headset from her ear and we see her Suv come to a stop, the police car stopping behind her. The Sheriff gets out and the shot moves back to Lana who is looking in her bag.

Lana : [cheerfully, as the Sheriff gets to her window] I’m sorry Officer, I know I was driving a little bit fast.

The Sheriff points a gun at Lana.

Officer Harris : [who was previously at the Luthor Mansion with Sheriff Flynn] That’s the least of your problems, Miss Lang.

Lana looks scared.

Luthor Mansion

Inside the panic room, Lex looks tired and is sitting with his hand over his eyes

Lana : [V.O.] What are you doing?!

We see Lana and the two Sheriffs on the monitor as the Officer Harris pushes her into the Office. Lana is scared and breathing hard. Lex looks up at the monitor in shock.

Sheriff Flynn : Shut your mouth. [takes hold of Lana’s arm]

Lex : [quietly] Lana? [into the remote, forcefully] Let her go.

Lana : [scared] Lex?!

Lex : I said let her go.

Sheriff Flynn : Remember that stalemate you were talking about Luthor?

Lana : Lex, why are they doing this?

Sheriff Flynn : [sarcastically] Yeah, Lex, why all the fuss?

Lex : Lana.. they’re looking for a spaceship.

Lana : [trying to sound calm] What spaceship?

Officer Harris : [exasperated] Is everybody stupid around here?! Just tell us where it is and all this is over!

Lex : She doesn’t know anything.

Sheriff Flynn : Yeah, but she was there when it crashed. [Lana's frightened breathing is audible. We see Lex in the panic room looking worried] And I know you two have been spending an awful lot of time together! So get your ass out here now or you’ll be talking to yourself.

Slowly puts his gun to Lana’s head, she gasps and gulps in fear. He leans in close to her.

Sheriff Flynn : I guess you’re not as important.. after all. [Lana is scared and shaking]

In the panic roo, Lex puts his hand to his face briefly. We can see Lana and the Sheriffs on the monitor, Sheriff Flynn still has his gun to Lana’s head. We hear three bleeps as Lex inputs the security code to the door of the panic room, and it opens.

Officer Harris : [raises her gun and points it at the open door] Step out!

Lex walks slowly out through the door of the panic room.

Sheriff Flynn : [pause] Check ‘im.

Lex stands still with his hands up as Officer Harris, with her gun still drawn, approaches and pats him down.

Lex : [flatly] Don’t worry Lana. I’m not gonna let this psycho hurt you.

Sheriff Flynn : [angry] You think you can stop me, Luthor?!

Pause as Sheriff Flynn and Lex stare at one another, than Lana suddenly turns and pulls Sheriff Flynn’s arm down and appears to knee him in the stomach. Lex slams Officer Harris’s gun hand against the wall, Lana kicks Sheriff Flynn in the groin and he goes down, Lex slams his elbow into Officer Harris’s face and she goes down, Lex takes her gun. Lana runs past Lex into the open Panic Room as Lex takes aim at the plastic cone in the niche opposite, shooting it down. Sheriff Flynn recovers and shoots at Lex twice, one of the shots hits the doorframe of the Panic Room, it’s not clear where the other one hits. Lex dives through the door of the Panic Room and it closes. Lex lands almost on top of Lana who is still lying on the floor just inside the panic room.

Lex : [gasps, stands, helping Lana up] Are you all right? Are you hurt?

Lana : [Lex still has his arms around her; they walk further into the panic room ending up next to the bed. Lana is out of breath] No, I’m okay.

Lex : I warned you knowing about that ship could be dangerous. [he suddenly slumps and leans against Lana for a moment]

Lana : [scared] Lex?

Lex sighs and slides to the floor, ending up leaning against the bed. Lana crouches beside him.

Lana : [scared, panting] Oh my god, oh my god Lex.. [unbuttons his shirt quickly, we see a bullet wound in LEX’s right upper chest] Oh my god..

The camera pulls up to show Lex lying on the floor with Lana beside him. He shifts uncomfortably and his head falls back onto the bed. Lana is breathing loudly in fear.

The Talon. Night.

Inside, the first floor apartment is being used as a base for Jonathan’s senate campaign. It is decorated with Kent posters and flags and there are several people working, wearing Kent hats. Lois walks through the apartment, on the phone and carrying a clipboard. She’s wearing a Vote Kent button.

Lois : [on phone] Come on, Bob, you can do better than this, okay, I know it’s thirty seconds smack in the middle of prime time, that’s why it’s called prime-

Staff Member : [approaches Lois and shows her something] We’re gonna go with this one, okay? [Lois looks at it and nods]

Lois : [on phone] –drop ten grand and I promise you I will get you a personal invitation to Senator Kent’s election party. [We see Jonathan standing in the doorway in the background, watching Lois] [pause, Lois smiles] I’ll save you a dance, thanks Bob. [hangs up]

Jonathan knocks on the doorframe and Lois looks up and smiles at him.

Jonathan : Wow, prime time. [comes into the room] That must’ve cost a bit, huh.

Lois : [turns away and walks toward the camera] Ah, feminine wiles. Bob’s got a crush on me. Oh, parts of me.. [looks down at her chest] He let me have it for next to nothing-

Jonathan : [takes a Kent hat from a hat stand] Listen, I wonder if uh, all you nice people would mind giving Miss Lane and I a few minutes alone, huh, why don’t you get yourself a.. cup of coffee. Thank you.

The staff members leave. Lois looks nervous. Jonathan puts the hat back on the hat stand.

Lois : [walks up to Jonathan] Wow, Miss Lane, I’m feeling.. all professional.

Jonathan : [smiling]You’ve really grown into your role well here, Lois. Like the way you’ve managed to get all this last-minute publicity, that’s.. very impressive.

Lois : [nods nervously] Thanks, boss.

Lois turns and walks away from Jonathan drinking from a mug

Jonathan : It also must be very expensive.

Lois : [trying to be casual] I told you not to bother with that, I have got it covered!

Jonathan : Yeah, you see, that’s my problem, I’m uh, crunching the numbers and they don’t seem to add up, Lois, we’re.. spending more than we have. [Lois looks down] A lot more.

Lois : [looks at him worriedly for a moment, then smiles] Well, I just called in few favours-

Jonathan : Lois. I appreciate everything you’re doing, I really do, but you’ve got to stop sidestepping my question. Where’s the money coming from?

Lois : [pause] Lionel Luthor.

Jonathan looks at her for a moment, then turns and walks away. Lois follows him.

Lois : I didn’t have a choice, the well ran dry, and without Lionel’s backing our campaign would’ve folded weeks ago. [earnestly] It was the right thing to do, we actually have a chance to win this thing now.

Jonathan : [turns back to her, angry] What is the point if the devil owns your soul?

Lois : It’s not like that. He doesn’t want anything from you, this is about Lex. [Jonathan walks past her, turning his back to her again.] Look, Lionel is gonna do anything he can to stop Lex from becoming senator.

Jonathan : [faces Lois] Oh, I’m sure that that’s true, but you don’t know Lionel like I do. He doesn’t give anyone anything for free, there’s always a price, and now.. I’m the one that’s gonna have to pay it.

He walks past Lois and out of the room. She sighs unhappily.

Cut to an outside shot of Metropolis University. Night.

Inside, Chloe is sitting on her bed in her dorm room with a lot of papers spread out in front of her. There is a whoosh and the papers suddenly fly up into the air as Chloe tries to catch them.

Chloe : [exasperated] Clark!

We see Clark standing next to Chloe’s bed

Chloe : Can you at least put on the brakes before you tornado my homework?!

Clark : I’m sorry. [sits down, looking preoccupied]

Chloe : [pause] All right.. Dostoyevsky’s Idiot isn’t gonna get any smarter, so come on.. [shuffles the papers together and puts them down] ..Miss Sullivan’s advice column is open for letters.

Clark : Lana and I had another fight

Chloe : I know. She called me right after the big blowout.

Clark : What’d she say?

Chloe : Just the headlines.. spaceship, boyfriend that always changes the subject, forced to turn to everyone’s favourite villain-in-waiting-

Clark : [forcefully] How long has she been working on this with Lex?

Chloe : I don’t know, actually this is the first time I’ve ever heard of it.

Clark : [gets up and sits on the bed with Chloe] [urgently] Next time she calls you have to find out how long they’ve been working together.

Chloe : Are you asking me to spy on Lana?

Clark : It’s very important.

Chloe : I understand, and you’re my friend Clark but so is Lana, and there is no way I’m getting in the middle of this.

Clark looks disappointed, and looks as if he’s about to reply when Chloe’s phone rings. She gets to answer it. Behind her CLARK stands up too.

Clark : Is that Lana?

Chloe : [on phone] Hello? [pause] Yes, this is Chloe Sullivan. [shocked] Where? No, no, she.. she hasn’t been back to the dorm at all. [pause] Yeah, I will, I will, thank you. [hangs up, looking worried]

Clark : What happened?

Chloe : Uh.. that was.. the Smallville sheriff’s department.

Clark : Something wrong?

Chloe : They found Lana’s car abandoned on the side of the road.

Clark looks worried.

Cut to the road where Lana’s car was abandoned. There are police cars with their lights flashing and traffic cones around it. We can hear a police radio. The camera moves past two sheriffs with flashlights looking around the area to sheriff adams speaking to a deputy.

Sheriff Adams : So start a perimeter search. See if you can find anything out in that field.

The deputy walks away. We hear the whoosh of Clark’s superspeed.

Clark : [walking towards Sheriff Adams] Sheriff!

Sheriff Adams : [gasps] Mr Kent, what’d you do, drop out of the sky?

Clark : Where’s Lana?

Sheriff Adams : That’s what we’re trying to figure out. When was the last time you saw her?

Clark : A couple of hours ago.. we had a fight.

Sheriff Adams : Well, that’s what people in love do Mr Kent. Then they make up. Which I aim to give you and Miss Lang the chance to do. [She turns and walks around Lana's car] We found her purse, everything’s in it, and the car speaks for itself. If I had to venture I’d peg this as a kidnapping, but there’s no signs of a struggle [the car is now between Clark and Sheriff Adams. Clark stares intently at one of the wheel arches] which suggests she either knew her assailant or was caught off guard. [Clark x-rays the wheel arch and sees a small square device with a flashing light on it. He pulls it out and looks at it] Either way, we’ll go through every inch of the scene until we dust off something useful, you have my word on that.

Clark : Sheriff!

Sheriff Adams comes back around the car and looks at the device in surprise

Clark : It’s a GPS.

Sheriff Adams : [takes it] Somebody must’ve been following her. [looks at the device] How in the [??] did you know how to find this?!

Clark : [nervously] J-Just a hunch.

Sheriff Adams : You got an awful lot of those. I-I’ve said it before, but I really could use a man like you on the force, ‘stead of some of these hayseeds. [laughs] There’s a, there’s a serial number on here.. 511GK- [Clark superspeeds away as soon as she turns away from him] -so I think maybe we..

he turns back and sees that Clark has gone, looks surprised.

Deputy : Sheriff! We just got a silent alarm from up at the Luthor mansion, Harris is checking it out.

Sheriff Adams : [into radio] Harris! What’s your situation?

Officer Harris : [walking through a corridor in the Luthor Mansion, speaking into her radio] All clear Sheriff. Looks like it was a false alarm.

Sheriff Adams : [to the Deputy] ‘Kay, keep searching the perimeter, you get anything, you get me on the horn. [goes to a police car and gets in]

Cut to a shot of the Luthor Mansion with a fountain in the foreground. Night.

We see a close-up of Sheriff Flynn’s face on one of the monitors in the panic room as he peers into one of the security cameras in the Office.

Sherrif Flynn : Getting a little warm in there? I hacked into the climate controls. [we see Lex lying on the floor with his head on the bed, and Lana getting a plastic box from a shelf behind the bed] Sh-should hit about a buck-thirty in half an hour.. gimme a yell when you’re medium rare.

Lana gets some cloths from the box and moves Lex's hand away so she can put them over his bullet wound. Sheriff Flynn walks away from the monitor.

Sherrif Flynn : By the way.. how’s that bullet feel? I know I got you.

Lana : [urgently] I can’t stop it.

Lex : [slowly, slurred] It’s okay.. they’ll be here soon.

Lana gets a pillow from the box and puts it under his head

Lana : Who?

Lex : The police. [weakly] Barney Fife out there was using a scrambler to block the wireless backup alarm.

Lana : That’s what you were shooting at.

Lex : If we were at the fair I would’ve won you a stuffed giraffe. [laughs weakly and coughs]

Lana : I would’ve liked that a whole lot more than you getting shot trying to protect me. [she lifts the cloths to check LEX’s wound, then presses them back down]

Lex : I was just trying to get us back into the panic room..

Lana : I know what you did, Lex. [sincerely] Thank you.

Lex looks at her for a moment, then sighs and puts his hand on her shoulder

Lex : Lana.. I’m sorry that you got sucked into this.

Lana : Why didn’t you just tell them where the spaceship was? This isn’t worth your life.

Lex : I can’t tell them the truth.. because they’d kill both of us.

Sheriff Adams : [O.S.] Mr Luthor?

We see Sheriff Adams on one of the monitors walking through a corridor, pausing to look up at a security camera.

Lana : [with both hands holding down the cloth over Lex’s chest] I don’t think they’ll get the chance.

Sheriff Adams looks around before walking out of range of the security camera. Lex’s laboured breathing is audible.

Officer Harris walks through a doorway and meets Sheriff Adams in a corridor.

Officer Harris : [cheerful] Sheriff, what’re you doing here?

Sheriff Adams : [sarcastic] Out for a stroll.. what do you think?

Officer Harris : Well, I already told you it was a false alarm.

Sheriff Adams : Coming from the mansion of a billionaire, running for state senate. Luthor manages to get elected, I don’t want him chewin’ my backside for not showing up in person to hold his hand. Now where is he?

He starts to walk down the corridor but Officer Harris gets in the way.

Officer Harris : Out, I guess-

Sheriff Adams : [angry] Out?! You don’t stand down an alarm without talking to the primary resident, Harris, now get your head in the game!

He walks past Officer Harris.

Officer Harris : Sheriff..!

He follows her.

Sheriff Adams walks quickly into the Office and sees the body of Lex’s Aide on the floor. She quickly takes out her gun and holds it ready as she moves further into the room.

Sheriff Adams : [confused] Flynn?

Officer Flynn takes out his gun and points it at Sheriff Adams, we hear a gunshot and the casing falling to the floor. We see Sheriff Adams on the monitor in the panic room, with the Aide’s body in the background. Lex lets his head fall back onto the pillow with a sigh as he realises that Sheriff Adams has been shot.

In the Office, Sheriff Adams drops her gun and slowly unzips her jacket, revealing the bloodstain of the bullet wound in the centre of her chest.

Sheriff Adams : [laughs slightly] Well.. ain’t that a mother.

He drops to the ground and out of shot, revealing Officer Harris standing immediately behind with her gun still smoking. Sherrif Flynn stares at Officer Harris in shock. We see Officer Harriss on the monitor in the panic room, walking towards Sheriff Adams’s body with her gun still drawn. Lana gets up to look at the monitor and swallows, scared.

The Daily Planet Buiding.

A helicopter flies past it and sirens can be heard.

Inside, Clark is sitting in front of a computer which is showing rapidly scrolling lines of numbers.

Clark [impatient, repeatedly hitting a key] : Why is this taking so long?

Chloe : [walks towards the desk, carrying some papers] Well, getting past the server’s firewall and the encryption protocol takes a little bit of time. I’m sorry Clark but I don’t have a superspeed mode. [puts the papers down and takes Clark’s arm, pulling him out of the chair] Get outta here. [looks at the screen and hits some keys, there’s a bleep, Chloe makes a pleased sound] But I am the slickest blonde you’ll ever meet. [sits down at the computer] Okay, so.. it looks like the serial number for the GPS you found matches a unit sold to a.. Gregory Flynn.

Clark : What have you got on him?

Chloe : Well, in a couple of seconds everything. [types, we hear a bleep and see the rapidly scrolling numbers on the screen again. Chloe turns to Clark who is sitting on a desk behind her] Clark, Lana’s gonna be okay. [Clark nods and smiles slightly] She has you, doesn’t she? [Clark looks a bit uncertain. The computer bleeps] Oh, here we go. Flynn, Gregory R.

We see Sheriff Flynn’s bio with a photo of him on the screen. CLARK raises his eyebrows when he sees it.

Clark : He’s the Smallville Sheriff’s Officer.

Chloe : Yeah, up until a couple of months ago.. he was put on psychiatric leave because he was wounded and his entire unit was killed during the meteor shower. [pause as she and Clark take this in] Clark, he was there when the spaceship landed.

Clark : Yeah.. when those Kryptonians murdered everyone.

Chloe : Yeah but.. Flynn survived the attack. [The camera zooms in on Sheriff Flynn's photo on the computer screen] God, seeing something like that, I mean.. all those people you work with, your friends.. [gets up and walks around the desk] no wonder he had a psychotic break. Let’s go.

Clark : [following her] Why would he kidnap Lana?

Chloe : I don’t know, but she was there too.. so I though maybe if we can get ahold of his pysch workup we can get in his head and figure out what it is that he’s up to.

Clark : Yeah.[they go through the door and run up the stairs to leave]

The Kent Barn.

Jonathan is chopping wood and Martha is watching.

Jonathan : [angry, slams an axe into a log, but it doesn’t penetrate] I can’t believe Lois would take money from Lionel behind my back, she has no idea what that man is capable of. [walks through the barn to a machine to sharpen the axe, Martha follows]

Martha : It wasn’t her fault.

Jonathan : Martha, please.. don’t defend her to me.

He starts to sharpen the axe, it makes a loud grinding noise.

Martha : [shouting to be heard over the machine] I took the money from Lionel.

Jonathan : [stops the machine and stares at Martha, shocked] ..How could you do that?

Martha : Because I know how much this means to you, Jonathan. To be able to make a real difference in the world.. the way our son does every day?

Jonathan shakes his head in disgust and walks away

Martha : [following him] I love you so much, I-I don’t want you to lose that chance just because Lex has a bigger bank account!

Jonathan : [angry] I promised the only people I would owe if I won this election were the people who voted for me. Now that I’ve taken this money I’m no different than any other lying [slams the axe back hard into the log] politician.

Martha : You really think the Farmer’s Association and the Rotary Club and everyone else who gave you money won’t be asking for favours?

Jonathan : [exasperated] Martha, they can ask anything they want, but however much they donated I won’t do something I don’t believe in!

Martha : Then why should it be any different with Lionel?

Jonathan : [calmer] Martha, you know it’s not the same.

Martha : I know nothing is black or white, especially in politics. If you win this election, you’ll be able to help so many people who desperately need it. Please don’t let your pride get in the way.

She sighs and walks away. Jonathan looks thoughtful.

The Panic Room.

Lex is still lying on the floor leaning against the bed. The cloths over his bullet wound are soaked with blood, and his breathing is loud and laboured. Lana is standing by the chair and the monitors, listening to the conversation between Sheriff Flynn and Officer Harris in the Office. We can see Sheriff Flynn walking around the office on the monitor, Lana is watching him fearfully. She has taken off her jacket and is sweating.

Officer Harris : How many more people have to die for this?

Sheriff Flynn : As many as it takes. Luthor can’t last much longer in there. He’ll bleed out if he doesn’t open that door.

Lana : Hey, Lex! Hey, hey, come on. [she runs to him and crouches next to him. Lex moans and Lana grunts with effort as she lifts his head and adjusts it on the pillow] You’re in shock. You have to stay conscious or else you might die, okay?

Lex : [very weak, his breathing laboured] All right..

Lana : [urgently] Okay, look.. tell me something.

Lex : [coughs, sighs] What..?

Lana : Um, anything, just.. just keep talking, okay? [sits very close to him, takes his hand]

Lex : [slightly stronger] You think I’d look better with hair?

Lana : [laughs quietly] Um.. I don’t know. I’ve never thought about it.

Lex : Oh, I have.. I’ve thought about a lot of things. [gasps for breath, LANA looks down, worried] ..Clark has really nice hair.  

Lana : [tearful] Yeah, yeah I guess he does.

Lex : ..Does he know?

Lana : That he has nice hair?

Lex : [shakes his head] ..How lucky he is.

Pause as they look at one another, then Lana looks down

Lex : [urgently, putting his hand on her arm] I had a dream once Lana.. About how different things could be. [Lana puts her hand briefly on his cheek] It was.. it was Christmas.. Clark and I were friends again.

Lana : [tearful, trying to smile] That sounds really nice. [takes his hand]

Lex : You were in my dream too.

Lana : I was?

Lex : [slowly moves his hand up to touch her face] You were the.. you were the best part about it.

Lana : [tearful, reaches for his hand as it falls back to his side] Lex.. Lex, we have to get you out of here, all right? Just give them what they want.

Lex : [closes his eyes wearily] I can’t tell them where it is..

Lana : This spaceship isn’t gonna make any difference to you if you’re dead!

Lex : I can’t tell them where it is because I honestly don’t know.

Lana : [disbelieving] ..What?

Lex : ..One minute it was there, and the next.. nothing but static on the security cameras.. [Lana looks away, putting her hand to her face] I’m sorry.

Lana : [angry] How long have you known this?

Lex : ..A few weeks.

Lana : [angry, tearful] Lex.. How could you have lied to me this entire time?

Lex : Because I didn’t know how to tell you the truth, Lana. Your life.. mine.. they’ve both been affected so much by these meteors.. that ship was our one chance to understand why. I was hoping.. that I might find it again bef- I shoulda been honest with you.

His hand falls to his side.

Lana : Lex?

Lex : [whispering] I shoulda been honest..

His eyes close and his head falls to the side.

Lana : [puts her hand on his face, panicky] Lex? Lex? Oh god.. Lex, Lex, please don’t.. stay awake! Lex.. please, please wake up.. [Lex doesn’t respond, Lana gets to her feet quickly] Oh god, oh god..

She runs to the door to the panic room and inputs the code, the door opens.

Lana comes into the Office from the panic room, putting on her jacket which is stained with Lex’s blood. She walks past Sheriff Flynn who is standing near the door and stops in front of Officer Harris, who is pointing her gun at Lana.

Lana : [confident] I’ll tell you where the ship is, but first you have to get Lex help, he’s hurt.

Officer Harris looks at Sheriff Flynn, who goes to the panic room with his gun drawn and looks around the door to see Lex lying unconscious and bloody. He turns back to Lana, gun still drawn

Sheriff Flynn : [flatly] I’ve seen worse.

Lana : [angry] Call for help and I’ll tell you where it is. That’s the deal.

Sheriff Flynn : Well I’m making a new deal. Take me to the ship [We see Lex waking up in the Panic Room] then I make the call.

Lex : [slurred] Lana, don’t..

Lana looks at the Panic Room door but doesn’t move or answer.

Lana : [to Sheriff Flynn] All right.

Sheriff Flynn motions her forward with his gun, she walks towards the door of the Office with Officer Harris behind her with her gun drawn. Inside the panic room, Lex breathes deeply, his skin very sweaty.

Smallville Medical Center. Night.

Inside, we see a Guard sitting at a desk below a sign for the Psychiatry Wing. The camera follows a doctor with a clipboard who walks through the door next to him and down a corridor, passing Chloe and Clark who are looking through the glass panel of a door.

Chloe : [nervous] Okay Clark, this is what we’re gonna do. You’re gonna wait here, I’m gonna double back around and see if I can hack into the visitor’s list to get us some passes so that then we can come back in and maybe get right by that guy right there.

She points to the Guard sitting outside the Psychiatry Wing.

Clark : I got it.

He superspeeds past Chloe and through the door, almost immediately appearing behind her again.

Chloe : [confused] What did you do..?

The Guard outside the Psychiatry Wing opens a can of soda which froths out all over him.

Chloe : [laughs] Supershake! [the Guard gets up and goes through the door, leaving the way clear for Chloe and Clark] Not bad. [smiles, turns to Clark, pats him] Not bad.

Chloe and Clark walk down the corridor cautiously and through the door the Guard went through. A sign on it reads Psychiatry Office

Inside, we see a close up computer monitor showing the Psychiatry Office. Sheriff Flynn is sitting in a chair in the middle of the picture, his left arm is in a sling. There is an orderly standing near him and a psychiatrist sitting on a chair in the foreground.

Sheriff Flynn : [exasperated] I’m not crazy.

Psychiatrit : No one’s saying that.

Sheriff Flynn : [gesturing impatiently] Why won’t you believe me? I saw a ship crash in the meteor shower. I saw what came out of it.

Psychiatrist : [pause] Gregory-

Sheriff Flynn : [??] with some kinda.. heat beams from their eyes. [Chloe glances at Clark] They took out the cars.. and the helicopter. I was pinned. I could smell something burning. It was me. I was burning. But I didn’t scream, I didn’t make a sound ‘cause they woulda seen me.

On the screen the Psychiatrist leans towards Sheriff Flynn.

Psychiatrist : Who?

Sheriff Flynn : Those things from the ship. They killed everyone. Everyone except the girl, she got away.  

Clark : Lana.

Psychiatrist : [on screen] Now, Gregory, we’ve been over this. There is no ship. Your team was hit by a meteor.

Sheriff Flynn : [furious, shouting] But that is what he wants you to believe! I saw him take the ship. [stands up] I AM NOT CRAZY! [two orderlies restrain Sheriff Flynn and push him back into the chair] Ask Lex Luthor! He knows the truth! He has the ship!

Chloe : [pauses the video] Lex. [Clark superspeeds away] Clark, that’s where they must be. [turns to find Clark gone] Damn, I wish I could do that.

Cut to Clark superspeeding to the door of Lex’s Office. He pauses in the doorway for a moment.

Clark : Sheriff?

Clark goes to Sheriff Adams’s body on the floor of the Office. The body of Lex’s Aide is just behind her. Clark moves her jacket away and sees the bullet wound, closing his eyes for a moment. He looks up and over at the panic room and goes into it, seeing Lex unconscious and bloody on the floor, with bloody cloths on the floor around him.

Clark : Lex! [goes closer, crouches down next to him] Lex?

Lex doesn’t wake up and we see a close-up of his sweaty face.

Cut to an old Warehouse building in a grimy yard. There’s some old machinery in the foreground and a train goes past on an elevated rail behind the Warehouse.

Inside, Lana, Sheriff Flynn and Officer Harris are just visible coming around a corner. There are large rolls of metal stacked on trailers, and some oil drums.

Lana : [angry] All right, we’re here. Make the call and get Lex help.

Sheriff Flynn : After I see the ship.

Lana : What do you think you’re gonna do, climb inside and fly away? There’s no way in.

Officer Harris : We don’t plan to.

Lana : [looking down at a metal briefcase Sheriff Flynn is carrying] You don’t wanna take the ship, you wanna destroy it.

Sheriff Flynn : That thing crashed from outer space. Coupla pounds of C4 wouldn’t even put a dent in it.

Officer Harris : But it will make an awful lot of noise.

Sheriff Flynn : [laughs] Police, fire, news crews, they’ll all come running.

Lana : And they’ll see it.

Sheriff Flynn : Just like us. Only difference is, you kept quiet and I told the truth.

Officer Harris : [angry] And they sent him to a Psych Ward for it! And they wouldn’t even let me see him! His own fiancé!

Sheriff Flynn : People need to be warned about this ship before more of ‘em start landing. It’s the right thing to do.

Lana : [sighs angrily] Tell Sheriff Adams that.

They go through a metal door. Sheriff Flynn stands still and stares for a moment, and the camera moves around to show that the warehouse is almost empty. There are more of the stacked metal pipes, but no ship. Sheriff Flynn runs a short distance into the room and stops.

Sheriff Flynn : [yelling] WHERE IS IT?

Lana : [scared] I don’t know. It was here before, I swear it was.

Sheriff Flynn : [angry] Don’t lie to me. [points his gun at Lana]

Lana stands still for a moment, then pulls a tie on one of the trailers of metal pipes which is next to her and elbows Officer Harris in the face. The metal pipes fall down onto Sheriff Flynn as Officer Harris pushes Lana to the ground. Sheriff Flynn drops the briefcase he is carrying and it flies open to reveal a bomb with a timer counting down from 01:00. Lana rolls several times along the ground as we see more and more metal pipes falling onto Sheriff Flynn. Officer Harris pulls her gun on Lana, Lana pulls her gun arm down and possibly hits her in the stomach before backhanding her hard across the face. Officer Harris recovers and kicks Lana twice in the stomach, Lana bounces off some shelving and stays down, apparently unconscious. Officer Harris looks down at Lana for a moment, then runs to Sheriff Flynn when he cries out in pain.

Smallville Medical Center.

No establishing shot. Clark crouches next to Lex’s bed, Lex is wearing an oxygen mask.

Clark : Lex? Lex! Where is Lana?!

Paramedic : Get this guy outta here!

Clark : [urgently] Tell me where she is.

Lex : [pulls the oxygen mask away from his mouth, slurred] Warehouse Fifteen..

Clark leaves the room, walking out into a corridor with nurses and doctors milling about. He hesitates for a moment before superspeeding away.

Cut to the timer on the bomb in the Warehouse, it now reads 00:35. Sheriff Flynn is lying on top of the metal pipes, another is on top of him. He struggles with it.

Officer Harris : Greg!

Sheriff Flynn : [pained] The.. case! [he gets out from under the pipe with Officer Harris’s help] We.. gotta get the case!

Officer Harris : [drops the pipe onto the pile] The what?!

Sheriff Flynn : The case!

Officer Harris : [sees the open briefcase, realises that the bomb is armed] Oooh..! [they run to it, the timer now reads 00:25.] Greg!

Sheriff Flynn picks the briefcase up, groaning, and starts trying to disarm the bomb.

Officer Harris : Greg..

Sheriff Flynn : I got it.

Officer Harris : [urgently] No, n-no, Greg, we gotta get outta here.

Sheriff Flynn : [pressing buttons on the keypad] I got it!

The timer reads 00:19.

Officer Harris : Greg! We have to get out of here!

Sheriff Flynn puts the case down carefully, and they run for the door, passing Lana who is still unconscious

Officer Harris : C’mon!

Officer Harris and Sheriff Flynn run out of the warehouse. Clark superspeeds away from the camera through a field, factory buildings are visible in front of him. Clark reaches the yard of Warehouse 15 and squints, x-raying through the wall to see Lana’s skeleton lying on the floor beyond the open briefcase. He superspeeds inside and we see an overhead slow motion shot of him running through the flames of the explosion, which part around him. He picks up Lana, who doesn’t wake, and superspeeds out with her as the Warehouse is torn apart by the explosion. We see flames and debris flying out of it from various angles, and Sheriff Flynn rolling over several times on the ground, caught in the force of it. Officer Harris is lying on the ground near him. Flames cover the screen for a moment, and when they clear Clark is kneeling on the ground with his back to the camera, holding Lana in his arms. They are both dirty, Clark’s jacket is singed. Lana’s head lolls against his shoulder.

Clark : Lana?

Lana : [confused] Clark..? What happened..?

Clark : [hesitates] I dunno, Lex told me where to find you.. when I got here you were laying on the ground.

Lana : ..I don’t understand.

Clark : You’re alive. That’s all that matters.

We see an overhead shot of the burning Warehouse, then Sheriff Flynn being taken to a police car, past Lana who is being seen by a Paramedic. There are fire trucks, police cars and emergency personnel everywhere.

Sheriff Flynn : [shouting] She knows where the spaceship is! Don’t let her lie to you! She’s working with Luthor, she knows everything!

The deputy holding him by his jacket pushes him into the police car. Clark watches, then moves over to the ambulance where Lana is sitting on a gurney.

Paramedic : What a nut.

He walks away and Clark moves to stand in front of Lana.

Clark : How you doing?

Lana : [smiling] Doing all right.. considering I almost got blown up.

Clark : [shakes his head] I can’t believe Lex would risk your life like that.

Lana : [wearied] Clark-

Clark : Lana, he knew there was no ship in that warehouse.

Lana : Clark, it wasn’t his idea. I brought them here on my own.

Clark : You did?

Lana : It was my only chance to get Lex help.

Clark : [disbelieving] ..You risked your life for Lex?

Lana : He did the same thing for me back at the mansion. Clark, if it wasn’t for him I’d probably be dead. [pause] Lex saved my life.

Clark frowns and looks away

Kent Farm

Inside, we see a close-up of a TV showing a Kent campaign ad. Jonathan is wearing a suit, smiling and waving in front of a stars and stripes backdrop, the words Vote Kent are on the bottom of the screen.

Announcer : A good neighbour. A man who knows the value of an honest day’s work, and the responsibility of family.

The TV cuts to a crowd waving Kent posters as the shot moves away from the TV and shows Lois coming from the Kent kitchen into the living room, where Jonathan and Martha are standing watching the campaign ad.

Announcer : Jonathan Kent..

Lois : What do you think?

Jonathan : Well.. [to Martha] I-I think the, I think the flag might’ve been a bit much, don’t you think-

Martha : Nothing says America like the stars and stripes.

Lois : Except maybe the name Jonathan Kent. [hands Jonathan a mug, he laughs] I’m sorry I accepted Lionel’s contribution without asking you first [Jonathan looks at Martha] it was wrong and-

Martha : Lois-

Lois : -and I shouldn’t’ve done it, and-

Martha : Lois. He knows.

Lois : He does?

Martha : [nods] Yeah.

Jonathan : I know. Martha told me that she’s the one that accepted the money.. it’s a little fact you might have shared with me while I was yelling at you.

Lois : Well, the decision to use it was still mine. Look, I think you are going to be a great senator, Mr Kent.. but the hard truth is, you wouldn’t have a chance of winning without Lionel’s money.

Jonathan : No Lois. The hard truth is, by taking it I’m no longer the man you just saw on television. [turns to Martha] And I’m no longer the man you married. [pause] That’s why I’ve decided to pay back Lionel Luthor every cent he loaned us.

Martha rolls her eyes slightly.

Lois : How? Not having any green is what put us in this hole.

Jonathan takes a check out of his pocket and gives it to Martha, she looks at it and then at Jonathan in surprise.

Jonathan : [pause, glances out the window] I sold the back forty this morning.   

Martha : [shocked] Jonathan.. that land has been in your family for generations.

Jonathan : [chuckling] Yeah, and I’ve never done a thing with it, sweetheart, I-I.. [sighs] I shoulda sold it years ago, I-I was just too proud, I’m sorry. [kisses Martha’s forehead, then gives the check to Lois] I know it’s not the whole thing, but it’s certainly a start, here you go.

Martha : Well, I’ll do everything I can to help you.

Jonathan : I never doubted that sweetie. [they hug]

Lois : So, what happens in the meantime..? You know, if you’re right about Lionel, he’s gonna want something from you.

Jonathan : [cheerful] Guess I’ll find out soon enough, but right now [takes Martha's hand] we have an election to win.

He kisses Martha’s hand, she laughs, looking slightly worried.

Lois : [smiles] Absolutely.

Jonathan laughs.

Hospital Room.

Lex is sitting on the bed, his shirt open showing a bandage on his chest. He stands up with difficulty, and groans as he walks slowly to the end of the bed, putting a hand up to his chest. He stands there for a moment. We see LANA come up to the door of the room. She fiddles nervously with a bracelet on her wrist as she speaks.

Lana : That doesn’t look like bed rest.

Lex : [laboured] Yeah.. well, I was never really good at.. taking things lying down.

Lana : [humorously] Well.. you are a Luthor.

She comes further into the room.

Lex : Yeah.. [sighs] I guess I am. [pause, he turns to face her] Lana.. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about losing the ship.

Lana : Wouldn’t matter.. it’d still be gone.

Lex : Yeah, well, at least you wouldn’t hate me for it.

He looks down.

Lana : [pause, moves closer to him] I don’t hate you, Lex. How could I, after you risked your life to save mine.

Lex : You’re one of the few good things in my life. [pause] I hope that won’t change..?

Lana : Well, that depends on you. [pause] All I ever asked for was the truth.

Lex : And that’s all you’ll ever get from me from now on. [pause] I promise. [pause] Lana, we may not have the ship.. but that doesn’t mean we can’t keep trying to find it.. and solve all the mysteries that go with it. [pause as they look at one another] Partners?

He holds out his hand to her.

Lana : [pause] No. [Lex looks disappointed, Lana smiles] Let’s try being friends.

Lex looks back at her, surprised, Lana smiles and hugs him. Lex looks stunned, and stands still for a moment before pressing his cheek against her hair. The camera moves past them and we see Clark through the window of the room, walking around the corner. He sees Lex and Lana hugging and stops, shocked. Lana sees him and pulls back from Lex, but Clark has gone.

Lex : What is it?

He looks in the same direction.

Lana : It’s nothing.

She smiles at him, and after a moment he smiles back. Lana looks back at the corridor nervously.

The Daily Planet

Clark and Chloe are coming down the stairs.

Clark : [annoyed] The only reason Lana almost got killed was because of Lex.

Chloe : [sighs] Lana’s a big girl Clark, she can make her own decisions.

Clark : I’m not saying she can’t, but we all know Lex.. he twists everything around, one lie on top of another until you don’t know what to believe.

Chloe : Oh, no, Lex is a snake, believe me, I’ve seen his scales, but he did almost die taking a bullet for Lana.

Clark : I saved her from a bomb, doesn’t that mean anything?

Chloe : Yeah, you know, it would, if she knew about it. Clark, the only reason Lana started talking to Lex in the first place was to learn more [lowers her voice] about that spaceship.

Clark : [looks grim, walks around the desk] And if I would’ve been honest with her, she never would’ve had to.

Chloe : No. She wouldn’t.

Clark : [pause, sincerely] I love her so much, Chloe.

Chloe : [pause] I know. But all you’re doing right now Clark, is pushing her further away.

Clark : It’s not what I want. I want us to be together for the rest of our lives.

Chloe : [nods] The only way that’s ever gonna happen is if you tell her the truth.

Clark looks thoughtful.


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