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The Kent Farm

Cut to Clark in his Loft, sitting facing the window. He is holding a lump of coal and nervously playing with it in his hand. The camera moves around to face Clark as we hear footsteps on the stairs. Lana enters, dressed warmly. Clark sighs and swallows.

Lana :  I brought gloves and a scarf like you said.

Clark stands up and turns to face her.

Clark : I was afraid you weren't gonna come.

Lana :  Well, to be honest I don't think that a mystery date's exactly what our relationship needs right now.

Clark puts his hands on her upper arms.

Clark :  That's why I called. [He sighs]

Lana : Are you okay? [She puts her hand on his chest] Oh my god, your heart's racing.

Clark :  That's.. because I'm terrified.

Lana : [Confused] What's going on?

Clark :  Lana, the way you've been.. I can tell by the way you look at me that I'm losing you.

Lana :  [Looks down] Clark-

Clark : [Interrupting] And it's not your fault. [Pause as Lana looks back up at him] There's something I should have shown you a long time ago.

The Kawatche Caves

Lana and Clark enter. They walk towards the altar in the centre with the Krytonian symbols on it

Lana :  I don't remember this place ever being here.. how'd you find it?

She stands by the altar, looking down at it.

Clark : It was left here for me.

Lana turns to face Clark, startled.

Lana : For you?

Clark moves to stand next to Lana at the altar.

Clark : [Laughing nervously] I've rehearsed this like a thousand times. [He takes the octagonal key from his pocket] Lana, what I'm about to show you.. may change the way you feel about me.

Lana : Clark, whatever it is, it's okay.

Clark looks at her for a moment, then reaches down to put the key into the slot in the altar. Golden light pours out of it, surrounding them. Clark smiles as Lana looks around in wonder

Clark :  It's okay. [Raising his voice, holding out his hand to Lana] Do you trust me?

After a moment Lana takes Clark's hand and he steps close, putting his arm around her as they are transported in a rush of blue light, Lana looking around in awe. They arrive at the Fortress. It is snowing. Lana steps away from Clark slowly, breathing hard.

Lana : [Wonderingly] Oh my god.

Lana turns back to look at ClarkL. We see a wide shot of them standing on an icy platform amongst the stalagmites and stalagtites of the Fortress.

Clark : [After a pause] Wh.. When you asked me if I believed in life on other planets you had no idea how ironic that question was.

Lana looks at him, confused.

Clark :  I'm from a planet called Krypton.

Lana steps towards him slowly, putting her hand on his cheek.

Lana : [Softly] But you're just like everyone else.

Clark lifts Lana into his arms, then looks up, determined. After a moment they begin to fly straight upwards. Lana turns to Clark and smiles, unable to believe what is happening. They fly to a platform on the top of a huge column of ice, high above the floor of the Fortress. Clark puts Lana down and she steps away from him, looking around.

Lana : This isn't the first time you've done that, is it?

The camera spins around them slowly, showing the ice pillars that make up the Fortress

Lana :  How many times have you been there when I didn't know it, saving me?

Clark :  It doesn't matter, Lana. I couldn't let anything happen to you.

Lana :  And no one knew?
Clark : [sincerely] There were so many days I wanted to tell you.

Lana : What makes today any different?

Clark : I want you to know who I really am.

Clark holds out his hand, showing her the lump of coal. He clenches his fist around it, and golden light shines from between his fingers as he squeezes tightly, frowning with effort. He holds out his hand to Lana, and blows away the coal dust to reveal a diamond. Lana looks at it and then at Clark in wonder. Clark smiles as he takes out a gold ring band and places the diamond on top of it, then uses his heat vision to solder them together. He goes down on one knee in front of Lana, holding the ring up.

Clark : Will you marry me?

Lana looks down at him, breathing hard.

[Opening Credits]

Kent Farm.

Jonathan and Martha's blue truck pulls in. Clark can be seen in the background, coming out of the barn. The truck stops.

Martha : [laughing] That's the worst joke I ever heard.

She and Jonathan get out of the truck.

Jonathan : Ah, come on, you liked it!

Martha : [laughing] I didn't!

Clark walks towards them. Jonathan turns to him.

Jonathan : [to Clark] Hey, I thought you were gonna meet us at the polls?

Clark : I kinda.. took a short cut, get all this loaded up before the victory party tonight.

Jonathan and Martha start to walk towards the house. Clark stays where he is.

Jonathan : Clark, I appreciate your confidence in me, but come on, I haven't won anything yet.

Clark : Mom, Dad, I have something important to tell you.

Martha and Jonathan stop and turn to him.

Clark : [nervously] I um.. told Lana everything.

Martha : [stares at him, shocked] ..What?

Clark : [nodding] Right.. before I proposed to her, in the Fortress.

Martha :  So.. what did she say?

Clark :  I asked her not to tell me yet, it's a lot to put on her all at once.

Jonathan :  Clark, have you.. really thought this whole thing through?

Clark :  If I was ever gonna risk sharing who I really am with someone, I'd want it to be with her.

Martha :  I'm proud of you, Clark, I-I know this has been weighing on you for a long time. [looks at Jonathan] Just like this election, any big decision.. has risks with it.

Jonathan : I guess it's just [takes a deep breath] hard looking over at your son and realising you're talking to a man.

Shot of Martha looking between them.

Jonathan : ..a man who doesn't need his father's advice anymore.

Clark :  [smiles] I'm always gonna need you, Dad.

Clark and Jonathan hug, both smiling happily. Jonathan puts his hand on the back of Clarks head.

The Talon.

Lois sighs as she fills a kettle with water.

Lois : [on phone] Any exit poll results for the 39th yet?

She steps away, not turning off the faucet.

Lois :  Yeah, I know it's early, but patience isn't my strong suit.

She moves a stool and stands on it to reach the top of a high cupboard.

Lois :  Okay, call me back.

She feels around on top of the cupboard, standing on tiptoes and teetering on the stool.

Lois :  Ohh yeah.

She starts to fall but Lana catches her.

Lois : Thanks.[opens a box of Ding Dongs(?), turns the faucet off] I try to keep the junk food so I can't reach it, but some days it's, ah.. easier to reach than others.

Lana : [distracted] Um.. sorry I'm late.

Lois : Hey, I'm just glad you're here. [She moves around the counter and in front of LANA to a table where she picks up a box of Kent Campaign decorating supplies] The whole decorating committee? They can't bunt to save their lives. [Nods at another box] Hey, can you grab that for me?

Lois walks across the room, but Lana is staring into space and doesn't move. Lois puts her box down and comes back over to Lana.

Lois : Okay.. spill it.

Lana : You know- It's nothing. [laughs nervously]

Lois : Three guesses: tall, dark and bumbling.

She folds her arms, smiling.

Lana : [nervously plays with some flags in the box] It's just, um.. [She turns to face LOIS] Okay.. what would you do if you thought you knew someone really well and.. it turns out that there's.. um.. there's this whole other side to them.

Lois : Well, that depends, are we in.. arms dealer territory or are we talking The Crying Game?

Lana : [smiles, shakes her head] Nothing like that.
Lois : Then I guess the question is.. does it change the way you feel about him?

Lana : [Looking into space, frowning] Maybe..

Lois : Look, I don't know what's going on, but.. [sincerely] I would be lucky to end up with someone as honourable as Clark someday.

Lana looks at her for a moment, then smiles slightly.

The Daily Planet.

Establishing shot of the front door. Inside, Clark and Chloe walk down some stairs.

Chloe : You told Lana your secret?

Clark : Yeah.

Chloe : Wow.. [Clark walks down the stairs backwards in front of her, gesturing for a reaction] Um.. okay. God, and after all those years of me yanking on your closet door, what-what's the real reason for this coming-out party?

They go through a door into the newsroom.

Clark : It was only a matter of weeks before she broke it off.

Clark and Chloe pass a woman who has just received a bunch of flowers at her desk. She starts to scream and jump up and down. Chloe smiles at her reaction. They get to Chloe's desk.

Chloe : But.. you guys are like meant for each other, you're like.. Kansas's version of Ken and Barbie, except, they broke up, apparently, which is kind of weird.

An Angry Man comes out of an office in the background

Boss : [from the office] [inaudible] You're fired!

Angry Man : You can't fire me, I QUIT!

He throws his security pass down on a desk and walks out.

Clark :  Well, I um.. think I was pushing Lana to the point where I don't.. know we could've come back from and I love her too much to let that happen.

He sits down on Chloe's desk.

Chloe :  So how did she take the whole 'E.T. phone home' thing?

Clark : Not sure yet. [smiles nervously] I was hoping she would have called by now..

Chloe's phone rings. She looks at Clark quizzically before answering it.

Chloe : Hello? [Clark looks at her hopefully] No. [laughs] This isn't Mr. Foo's Noodle House, sorry.

She puts the phone down. Clark looks disappointed.

Chloe : Clark.. if Lana cares about you as much as I know she does, I seriously doubt anything's gonna change.

Clark : [looks slightly relieved] One thing might. I haven't gotten my answer yet.. [pauses nervously] I asked her to marry me.

Chloe : [shocked] Wow.. [laughs] Well, that one wasn't on the Doppler! Not even a blip!

Clark :  I know what you're gonna say.. that we're too young, there's a reason I hadn't told her before, that there's too much at stake..

Chloe :  That's funny.. because what I was actually gonna say is there are very few people out there who really know what they want.. and are willing to risk everything for it.

Clark looks at her questioningly.

Chloe :  [smiles, sincerely] If anyone deserves to be happy, Clark, it's you. [smiles]

Clark looks at her for a minute, then smiles properly, nodding.


the Kent Farm.

There's snow on the ground. Lana's Suv pulls up as Clark comes down the front steps and stops at the bottom. He's wearing a suit. Lana gets out of the car and comes through the gate and up the path towards him.

Clark :  Thought I'd see you at the party.

Lana :  I know. [sighs] But then there'd be all those people. [laughs]

Lana comes up to Clark, hands in her pockets.

Clark :  [sighs nervously] Do I look different to you now?

Lana :  [steps closer to him, smiling] Clark, you look like the same handsome guy I've always known.

Clark :  Handsome as in 'I wanna spend the rest of my life with you' or [takes a deep breath] handsome as in 'I'm gonna let you down easy'?

Lana :  As in.. yes, Clark. I'll marry you.

Clark looks at her for a moment, stunned. Lana smiles at him and holds up the ring he gave her in the scene at the Fortress. Clark smiles widely as he takes it and puts it on her ring finger. There are bells in the background music. Lana looks down at the ring on her finger and laughs happily, and then squeals as Clark picks her up and spins her around.

The Talon

Where Jonathan's election party is taking place. It is decorated with flags and strings lights, and Kent campaign posters. People are holding small flags and wearing hats with red and blue stars. Jonathan and Martha are standing by a window. Jonathan hands Martha's coat to an aide. Martha is wearing a red suit, Jonathan is wearing a suit with a red tie.

Martha : [trying to fasten a pearl necklace] Can you fix this? It's.. caught. [Jonathan starts to fasten the necklace as Martha holds her hair out of the way] One more district and you'll have a new commute to Topeka.

We see a close up of Jonathan's hands fastening the clasp of the necklace.

Jonathan :  Whatever the outcome, sweetheart, the only victory that's ever changed my life [Martha turns to face him] was when I won your heart.

Martha smiles and they kiss.

Photographers : Mr Kent! Mr. Kent, Sir, this way. The man of the hour! Over here!

They take pictures of Jonathan and Martha, who smile and nod as they walk through the crowd of photographers.

Martha :  [smiling happily] Thank you so much.

They reach Clark and Lana, who are looking happy with their arms around each other. Lana's left hand with the engagement ring is on Clark's chest.

Lana :  Mr. and Mrs. Kent, I know that this is as much a surprise for you as it is for me.

Jonathan :  Lana, we couldn't imagine Clark spending the rest of his life with anyone but you. [He smiles at Martha before hugging and kissing Lana] We only hope that you have as many happy years as we have.

Lana :  Thank you.

Jonathan :  [takes Lana's hand and looks at the ring] Wow.. that's-

Martha :  Oh, it's beautiful.

Lois :  [standing on the balcony, shouting to be heard over the noise of the party] Everyone! Everyone!

No one notices her, so she wolf-whistles. Everyone goes quiet and looks up at her.

Lois :  [Coming down the stairs into the main area] I just got the heads-up from the newsroom, and ladies and gentlemen.. [laughs] You are looking at our new senator!

She holds out her hand towards Jonathan, smiling.

People clap and cheer as Jonathan and Clark hug. The photographers take more pictures of them. Everyone turns towards the TV.

TV Newsreader : [inaudible] ..County senate race. Jonathan Kent has just been elected to the Kansas State Senate in a staggering upset over corporate mogul Lex Luthor.

The screen shows pictures of Lex and Jonathan side by side, then just the picture of Jonathan with the word Elected.

Lois pushes her way through the crowd to hug Jonathan as the celebrations continue around them.

Lois : Okay, Mr. Kent.. I need to wrangle you guys over here for a photoshoot.

Jonathan, Martha and Lois start moving away.

Campaigner :  Excuse me, Mr. Kent!

 He and Jonathan shake hands.

Jonathan :  Thank you. [Jonathan's cell phone rings] Ah, looks like the congratulations are already coming in.. I'll be with you in just a second.

He moves out of shot as the camera returns to Clark and Lana.

Clark : This could take a while. [He kisses Lana's cheek] Is this really happening?

Lana :  [smiles happily] Go do your photo-op.

Clark moves away and Lana watches him go, smiling. Her cell phone rings. She takes it out and a close up shows the display, which reads Lex Luthor. The music rises ominously as Lana looks up, smiling slightly.

The Luthor Mansion.

The camera moves up over a bar with bottles of water in the bottom, to show Lex leaning over it drunkenly as he pours whiskey into two glasses, concentrating on not spilling it. He clinks one glass against the other and drinks. The doors open behind him and Lana comes in.

Lana :  Are you okay? You sounded pretty upset in your message.

Lex looks over at her, not moving away from the bar. Lana stays by the door for a moment, then slowly comes further into the room.

Lex : Probably shouldn't've called.. shouldn't do a lot of things but I uh.. seem to do them anyway. [turns, raising his glass to her] I'm sure you wanna get back to the party, so..

Lana : Lex.. [walks towards him] I know how hard you worked for this, but.. I don't think you should take it so personally.

Lex :  You know how many people are cheering right now that the uh.. spoiled rich kid lost to some salt of the earth farmer?

He laughs bitterly.

Lana :  Well, since when do you care about what other people think?

Lex :  Since I was branded at birth with the sins of my father.

Lana nods. Lex moves towards her.

Lex : [drunkenly] Just once, Lana.. I wanted to get out from under his shadow, you know? [He stops in front of her] Earn something on my own?

Lana looks concerned.

Lex :  Well, consider yourself lucky you never had a father to endure, huh?

He takes a drink.

Lana looks hurt and angered by his comment.

Lana :  Um.. I think it's best if we talk about this when you're not drunk.

The camera stays on Lex's face as we hear Lana walk back towards the door.

Lex : See.. now I've hurt your feelings.

Lana stops.

Lex : [annoyed] Perfect! [LANA turns to look at him] Through this whole campaign I've managed to alienate everyone I care about. [pause, LEX goes back to the bar] I can't lose you too.

He starts pouring another drink.

Lana : Lex.. [walks back over to him, sighs] Hey. [puts her left hand on his shoulder. He goes still as soon as she touches him] You weren't going to lose me.

Lex smiles, touched, and puts his hand over hers. He strokes it, and then notices the ring on her finger.

Lex : [looking at the ring] Oh.. [Lana laughs] Well, I guess it's a bigger day than I thought.

Lana : [happily] Yeah, you know it happened so fast we never really got a chance to tell anyone about it.

She laughs.

Lex :  Yeah.. so after all the lies he told you, you.. still chose him, hm?

Lana :  [stops smiling] You don't understand-

Lex :  [getting angry] How many times have you come to me, wondering what Clark's keeping from you? [he starts to move away from her into the centre of the room] Why he, uh, disappeared to Metropolis for months? How he rose from the dead?

Lana : [looking down, shaking her head] It's not like that now.

Lex : [scornfully] Really?

Ominious music as Lana  looks over at him.

Lex : Come on, Lana.. [moving slowly towards her] I know you. [points at her with the hand holding his glass] You'd never say yes with all the doubts you have!

Lana looks as if she wants to say something, but stays quiet. Lex studies her as the menacing music continues.

Lex : Whatever it is he's been covering up all this time.. [he takes hold of her chin and leans in close to her, whispering] You know, don't you?

Lana : [takes his hand away from her face] Clark isn't hiding anything, Lex.

Lex : [angrily] After everything I've done for you.. how could you lie to me?

He suddenly turns and throws his glass of whiskey hard into the fire, making Lana jump and gasp. The fire flares up as the glass shatters in it. Lex grabs Lana by the upper arms and pushes her back against the bar.

Lex :  [shouting] Tell me!

Lana grabs a glass of clear liquid from the bar and throws it in Lex's face. He bends over, yelling in pain as she runs out of the room.

Cut to the Talon where Jonathan's victory party is continuing. Clark and Lois are shaking hands with supporters wearing Kent hats. One of the posters in the background reads 'Kent: Bringing Kansas Back!']

Lois : Thank you so much for coming.

Clark's cell phone rings and he moves away from the group.

Clark :  Lana? Where'd you go?

Cut to Lana's Suv speeding down a wet road. Night.

Lana : [on phone, not using her handsfree. She looks scared.] Clark, I'm so sorry. [Breathing hard] I went to see Lex, and he was really drunk.

Clark : [on phone, looks worried] What happened?

Lana :  [on phone, anxious] He knows. [shot of CLARK's worried expression] I don't know how he could tell, but.. he could tell I was hiding your secret. I didn't say anything to him, but he got really angry and..

Clark :  Lana, that's okay. Where are you now?

Lana : Um.. [checks] I'm on Route 40 right before Loeb Bridge.
We see Lana's Suv going down the road, past a sign that reads 'US 40'. A silver sports car speeds after her, sounding its horn.

Cut back to Lana in her car, Lex's headlights are visible through her back window. He continues to sound his horn.

Lana : [on phone, scared] Oh god.. oh god, he's coming after me.

Clark : [on phone] Lana?

Lex's car draws level with Lana's.

Lex : [shouting through his passenger side window] Lana! Lana! Just pull over so we can talk- Lana, watch out!

Lex swerves and Lana screams as we see a school bus hit her car from the side. Lana is thrown forward into the steering wheel as the car spins over and over. Lex's car has come to a stop on the other side of the road and was not hit. Lana's car comes to a halt on its roof.

Clark looks at his cell phone, which has gone dead.

Lex : [gets out of his car] No, no, no.. Lana!

He stares after her desperately, unsure what to do.

Clark superspeeds to the scene of the accident, stopping just beyond Lex who stares at him in shock. Clark is looking towards Lana's car and doesn't appear to notice him. We see Lex staring after Clark as Clark runs towards Lana's car at normal speed. Some cheerleaders from the school bus are standing nearby. Clark reaches the car, we see a close up of his terrified face. The camera moves back past a Woman making a call for help on her cell phone to show Jonathan's truck screeching to a halt. He gets out and pauses by the truck for a moment before starting to run, looking horrified. We see Clark crouching on the ground next to Lana's still body, looking distraught as he touches her face, which is bruised and bloody, and moves his hands uncertainly to her shoulders. There is blood and dirt on Lana's coat and she doesn't appear to be breathing.

Clark : [gasping] L-Lana?

Jonathan : [comes up behind Clark and takes hold of him, starting to pull him away] Clark. C'mere. C'mon.

Clark : Lana? LANA!

Jonathan : [struggling to pull Clark away] No, no!

Clark allows himself to be pulled away and stands with his arms around Jonathan, looking destroyed. His right hand is covered in Lana's blood.]

Jonathan : [trying to hold Clark up] There's nothing you could've done. Nothing.

Clark looks completely distraught.

Commercials. Cut to a wide shot of the Fortress, and then Clark standing inside.

Clark : [yelling, desperate] How could you take her away from me?!

Jor-El : [V.O.] Human life is fragile, my son. You knew a life would be exchanged for yours.

Clark : Don't make her pay for my mistake! .. If I hadn't told her the truth about me, she'd still be alive! [slightly more calmly] You have to let me fix it.

Jor-El : [V.O.] Your powers on earth may seem extraordinary, Kal-El, but we are not gods.

Clark : [shaking his head, yelling] This is not her destiny! And you know that!

Clark pauses for a moment. There are tears on his face.

Clark :  There has to be a way! There has to be a way, to.. to fix this! Please!

Jor-El : [V.O.] There is one trial you have yet to experience. But, you must heed my warning. The tide of fate is impossible to stop. Even if you are able to alter one course of events, the universe will find a balance. There is only one crystal. [A length of crystal moves out of a group of ice pillars near CLARK, and hovers in the air, spinning slowly.] Decide carefully.

Clark : [moves towards the crystal] I have to save her.

Clark takes hold of the crystal and it glows, filling the screen with white light.

The Kent Farm

In the snow that the episode started with. James Blunt's 'You're Beautiful' plays during this scene also. Close up of Clark's hand opening to reveal the lump of coal, then Clark looking around his loft in wonder as he realises that he's about to live the same day over again. Lana comes up the loft stairs, dressed warmly as before.

Lana : I brought gloves and a scarf like you said.

Clark gets up slowly, staring at her, the goes to her.

Clark : [very relieved] You're here.

He hugs her tightly, closing his eyes briefly. Lana laughs, confused.

Lana : Of course I'm here, Clark!

Clark sniffs her hair and sighs, then pulls back.

Lana : I'm just not sure a mystery date's exactly what our relationship needs right now.

Clark just smiles at her, overwhelmed at having her back.

Lana : So.. [hopefully] Where are you taking me?

Pause as Clark wonders what to say.

Clark : [smiles] I just thought we could spend the day together.

Lana : Oh, that part I kind of figured, but it was the, quote: "Day that I'll never forget" that I was a little curious about.

Clark : [nodding, not sure what to say] Right.. um.. well.. [he turns away from her, taking a few steps towards the window] I thought we could go for a drive, maybe.. up to the lake.. [shot of Lana's face as her smile starts to fade] and.. um, but you know, with this cold snap we're having, [Clark turns back to face her] the bridges are probably iced over, so we should just stay here.

Lana : [annoyed] Don't you think I know by now when you're lying? Just.. oh.. [wearied] Just say something. Anything.

Clark : You know, it wasn't a big deal. [smiles, trying to make light of it, but it's clear he's hiding something] Really, I mean, trust me, it w-

Lana : [frowning] Clark. You know that goes both ways.

Clark : [coming towards her] Lana, I-

Lana : [angry] Don't. Unless it's the truth.

Clark just looks at her sadly.

Lana : [upset, shaking her head] Clark, as much as I love you, I can't do this anymore.

Clark : [urgently] Lana, you don't understand. If anything ever happened to you-

Lana : Like what? What could be worse than losing the person that you love?

Clark : [quietly] Nothing.

Lana : [looks down sadly, putting her hand on CLARK's arm] I need a break. [She turns and starts to walk away.]

Clark : [swallows] From me?

Lana : [stops, turns] No. [shakes her head] From us.

Lana walks down the stairs, leaving Clark alone in the loft.

The Daily Planet.

Establishing shot of the front door. Inside, Clark and Chloe walk down the stairs as in their previous scene.

Clark : [unhappily] She's[?] really done this time.

Chloe :  'Done' done? Or just on a downward slope of the perpetual Lana/Clark rollercoaster? [Clark looks at her, then away] ..Really? What happened?

They stop at the bottom of the stairs.

Clark :  Ready to put on your Wall of Weird hat? [takes a deep breath] I've lived this day before. I kinda went back in time.

Chloe :  [laughs, thinking he's joking] Great! What did you do, spin the earth backwards on its axis? Come on, you didn't manage to ah, pick up the lottery numbers while you were at it, did you?

Clark :  [not laughing] See these flowers?

The delivery man with the bunch of flowers from the previous scene in the Daily Planet walks past them and through the door into the newsroom.

Clark : They're going to this secretary.

Clark and Chloe go into the newsroom.

Chloe :  [surprised] Margaret? She's a workaholic, she hasn't had a date.. [the delivery man gives Margaret the flowers] in like a year..

Margaret :  [reads the card, starts to squeal and jump up and down] Oh my god oh my god oh my GOD!!

She hugs the delivery man.

Clark : [as he and Chloe go further into the room] And your boss is firing someone, right now.

Clark and Chloe reach the boss's office.

Boss : [from the office] [inaudible] You're fired!

Angry Man :  You can't fire me, I QUIT!

He throws his security pass down on a desk and walks between Clark and Chloe. Chloe stares after him, stunned. The phone on her desk rings and she goes to answer it.

Clark :  Don't bother, it's a wrong number. [Chloe looks at him, open-mouthed] Chinese take-out.

Chloe :  [picks up the phone] Hello? [slowly] No, I'm sorry.. we're all out of egg rolls.

[Chloe stares at Clark for a moment, stunned, then takes his arm and quickly leads him into an empty office, closing the door behind them.

Chloe :  All right, McFly, do you wanna start with how, or why?

Clark : [grimly] Jor-El. [Clark walks further into the office] I went to him to try to change things back.

Chloe : [confused, moving closer to Clark] Back to what?

Clark :  The first time around, I told Lana the truth about me. [Chloe looks surprised] And I asked her to marry me.

Chloe :  What?! Wh.. Wha.. What did she say?

Clark :  Yes.

Chloe : Oh my god. What.. wh.. what was my reaction?

Clark : A lot like that.. but listen, it was a big mistake. Lex was chasing her on Route.. 40, and-

Chloe :  Clark..

Clark :  ..there was an accident, I didn't get there in time.

Chloe :  [confused] Why was Lex chasing Lana?

Clark :  He figured out she knew my secret. That's why I've always been afraid to tell her.

Chloe :  Yeah, but Clark, this time you can warn her about Lex. This doesn't mean that you have to lie to her forever!

Clark :  Chloe, she knew for less than a day. There's always gonna be someone trying to find out about me and as long as we're together.. they're gonna be watching her every move.

Chloe :  Don't worry, Clark, we won't let her get anywhere near that road. Do you know exactly what time this is supposed to happen?

Clark :  11.02, but there's a problem.. she's not talking to me right now. I was hoping that you would stay with her and make sure that-

Chloe :  Fate doesn't get second chance? [nods] I won't leave her side.

Clark looks slightly relieved.

The Talon.

Where Jonathan's election party is taking place. It is decorated with bunting and string lights and people are standing in groups talking and laughing. Clark in his suit is there alone, looking tense.

Supporter : Man of the hour, Jonathan Kent!

People clap and cheer. Clark smiles slightly as he sees Jonathan and Martha coming towards him.

Jonathan : Everything all right, Clark?

Clark :  [smiles] Yeah. [They hug] Good luck tonight, Dad.

Jonathan :  Thanks.

Clark's smile falls as Jonathan and Martha walk away. Clark worriedly checks his watch and turns to see Lana and Chloe coming in through the door. Chloe is smiling, Lana looks apprehensive.

Clark : [relieved] Hey! You made it.

Lana says something inaudible to Chloe who nods and smiles, and Lana walks past Clark, glancing at him but not speaking. Chloe goes up to Clark.

Chloe : Hi.

Clark : Hi. How's everything going?

Chloe : It's good, I haven't left her since I saw you.

Clark and Chloe turn to look at the TV.

TV Newsreader : [inaudible] ..contested [inaudible] County senate race. Jonathan Kent has just been elected..

People clap and cheer. Jonathan and Martha are standing near the TV, they kiss as people celebrate around them. Clark is smiling and clapping too, but he stops as he realises something.

Clark : Hey, something's not.. the same.. [He turns to the stairs Lois came down to announce Jonathan's victory in the first version of events] Lois?

Clark starts up the stairs, and we see him come in through the door of the upstairs area of the Talon. There's water running, and we see a close up of a toaster lying on its side on the floor as a wave of water hits it.

Clark : Lois!

Lois is lying unconscious on the floor in a pool of water. The sink is overflowing and water is pouring onto the floor near her.

Clark :  Lois!

Clark picks Lois up as electricity arcs from the toaster through the water and across the floor. The lights go out as Clark stands with Lois in his arms, looking worried.

In the Talon.

Where people are looking surprised at the power cut. Chloe walks through the crowd towards a table spread with food, looking around.

Chloe : Lana? Lana?

A cell phone rings, and we see Jonathan in the background answering it. Chloe continues her search for Lana.

Jonathan : [cheerful] Yeah, hello?

Lionel : [in a car] I wanted to be the first to congratulate you, Senator. [Jonathan stops smiling] There are a few things I wanted to discuss with you, now that we've won.

Jonathan frowns unhappily.

The Luthor Mansion.

The camera moves up over a bar with bottles of water in the bottom, to show Lex leaning over it drunkenly as he pours whiskey into two glasses, concentrating on not spilling it. He clinks one glass against the other and drinks. The doors open behind him and Lana comes in.

Lana :  Are you okay? You, uh, sounded pretty upset in your message.

Lex looks over at her, not moving away from the bar. Lana stays by the door.

Lex : Probably shouldn't've called.. shouldn't do a lot of things but I uh.. seem to do them anyway. [turns, raising his glass to her] I'm sure you wanna get back to the party, so..

He smiles slightly, turning back to the bar.

Lana : [coming slowly towards him] I was.. kind of looking for a reason to get some air.

Lex looks surprised.

Lana :  Clark and I had our last fight.

There's a long pause as Lex wonders how to respond, slowly turning and moving to stand in front of Lana.

Lex :  Last, huh?

Lana : Mm. [pause as they look at one another, LANA moves away towards the camera] I kept, um.. waiting for that armour to crack, but.. I thought that if I was patient enough he would finally let me in, but.. I guess people have armour for a reason.

Lex : Lana.. [moves to stand next to her] [with feeling] I hate to say this.. but it's possible that Clark's never going to trust you.

Lana : I don't understand. [turns to face him] Why would you lie to someone you love?

Pause. Lex nods and looks down, we hear a clink as he puts his drink down, then see a close up of his hand slowly taking hold of Lana's upper arm and moving towards her shoulder.

Lex : [low, sincere] I wouldn't.

He tentatively touches Lana's hair, tucking it behind her ear. She smiles and closes her eyes briefly. Lex holds Lana's face and softly kisses her. She pushes him away and puts a hand over her mouth. Lex holds his hands up, apologetic.]

Lex : I'm, I'm sorry, I'm sorry..

Lana : [quickly] It's okay, it's okay. I'm just gonna, I'm gonna go..

Lex : [holding out a hand to stop her] I..

Lana walks out. Lex frowns, and looks down to see his glass of whiskey on the table next to him. He picks it up and throws it hard into the fire. The fire flares up as the glass shatters in it. LEX slams his hands down on the table angrily, breathing hard.

Cut to Lana's Suv driving down a road. Night. Her cell phone rings, she looks at the display and a close up shows us that it reads Lex Luthor. Lana doesn't answer it. We see her car pass the US 40 sign, and Lex's silver sports car speeding after her sounding its horn.

The outside of the Talon.

Lois is on a gurney being loaded onto an ambulance by some paramedics.

Paramedic : Okay, let's go.

Lois : Do I really need an audience? Everyone back to the party, there's lots of chocolate cake, nine cases of Merlot..

Clark : [following the gurney] Lois, you were out for a while, you should have someone take a look at you.

Lois : Do you really need to haul me off to [???] just for committing a serious party felony?

Clark smiles after her. Chloe runs up to him.

Chloe : [urgently] Clark! Clark, I've looked everywhere and I can't find Lana.

Clark stops smiling and looks at his watch. A close up shows that it reads 11.01.

Cut back to Lex and Lana driving down Route 40. Lex's car draws level with Lana's and he leans towards his passenger side window.

Lex : Lana! Listen, I'm-I'm sorry, can we talk about this?

Lana looks at him anxiously and doesn't answer. We see their cars moving quickly down the road, and then the school bus approaching from the opposite direction.

Cut to the inside of the bus. It is full of cheerleaders who are standing up and making a lot of noise.

Bus Driver : [turns around] I'm not gonna tell you again.. [inaudible]

Clark superspeeds down the road and grabs the bactk of the bus, slowing it down.

Lex : [to Lana] Watch out!

We see Lana's frightened face lit by the headlights of the bus for an instant, then Clark leaning back as he tries to stop the bus. Lana's car speeds in front of it, missing it by inches. The bus squeals to a halt and Lana's car stops abrubtly by the roadside. Clark looks towards Lana for a moment, then moves towards the side of the road, keeping out of sight. The Bus Driver sighs with relief, and the bus drives away. 'GO CROWS GO!' is written on its back windows. Lana slowly gets out of her car and stands there, looking stunned. Lex's car can be seen across the road. He gets out.

Lex :  Lana!

He jumps back as an Suv towing a trailer passes and nearly hits him.

Lana is staring after the bus, breathing hard. We Lex go towards her and take hold of her arm from Clark's perspective as he stands hidden in some trees on the side of the road.

Lana : ..Okay.. I'm okay..

The camera remains on CLARK as he watches with a slight frown.

Lex : [urgently] I'm sorry. I didn't mean what happened back there, I was just, I was just [Clark superspeeds away and the camera goes back to Lex and Lana] coming to apologise, and..

Lana : Lex.. let's just forget it ever happened, all right?

[Jonathan's truck approaches them, and we see a slow motion shot of Lana looking at it as Lex stands next to her with his hand on her arm. Jonathan looks over at her but doesn't react. Lex looks after the truck as the shot returns to normal speed.

Lex : [breathing hard, not sure what to say] I'm sorry..

Lana : It's okay.

She goes back to her car. Lex stands there for a moment, looking overwhelmed.

Kent Barn.

Jonathan enters.

Lionel : [from the upper level] Senator Jonathan Kent. [he comes forward into view] And I didn't expect you to duck out of your victory party tonight [he reaches the railing of the upper level and leans on it. He is holding a leather folder] but I'm here, and I'm alone, as you requested.

Jonathan : [confidently] Good. [moving further into the barn] So why don't you come over here and face me [takes off his suit jacket] you son of a bitch.

Lionel : [taken aback] Oh.. perhaps a few lessons in tact.. [moves towards the stairs] Senator. [starts down the stairs] Now that you're gonna be in the public eye..

Jonathan : Why don't you just cut the crap, Luthor. Sure I know my campaign accepted funds from you, but I also know I'm gonna pay 'em all back so I won't owe you a thing.

Lionel : I wonder how far that virtuous stance will get you once you're in, uh, office.

Lionel reaches the bottom of the stairs, Jonathan approaches and they stand face to face.

Jonathan : I just want to make sure you understand you don't have a puppet here.

Lionel : I should hope not. I didn't put my financial and political clout behind a candidate who would be anyone's.. puppet. I envision this rather as a, uh.. a partnership.

Jonathan : The day you and I become partners will be the day-

Lionel : [interrupting] Careful, careful, careful, Senator. Don't forget, you and I have a, uh, [moving away from Jonathan, opening the folder] common interest. One that, uh [takes a photograph out of the folder which we don't see] oh.. [holds the photograph to his chest] both of us would, uh, protect with our lives. [Turns to face Jonathan] I have nothing but respect for a man who would deliberately hurl himself into the spotlight with such a [looks down at the photograph] dangerous secret [holds the photograph out to Jonathan, the camera does not see it] that must stay hidden.

Jonathan takes the photograph and looks at it, horrified. Lionel moves around behind him and waits for his reaction, stroking his chin with a smirk. Jonathan screws the photograph up into a ball and turns to Lionel.

Jonathan : [angry] I won't let you destroy my family.

Jonathan punches Lionel hard in the face, then throws him over a table (workbench?) Lionel lies on his back gasping as Jonathan grabs a piece of wood from the table and throws it aside before moving around the table to stand over Lionel, who is trying to get up.

Jonathan : We can withstand anything you bring down on us.. [breathless] because we have each other. That's what will always separate the Kents from the Luthors.
Lionel sits up, breathing hard as he loosens his tie.

Jonathan : [gasping] Now why don't you get.. [his breathing becomes laboured and he takes several breaths before continuing hoarsely] why don't you get the hell off my property.

Lionel doesn't react. Jonathan moves away from him and we see a long shot of him walking slowly out of the barn, stopping to lean against a post and weaving on his feet. The camera moves down to show a close up of the balled-up photograph on the floor, and Lionel's hand, with bloodied knuckles, comes into shot and picks it up.

The outside of the Kent Barn. Night.

Martha's car comes to a stop and we see a shot of Jonathan coming slowly out of the barn from her perspective. Clark is in the car with Martha. Jonathan stops in front of the car and holds up his hand against the glare of the headlights.

Martha : [to Clark] What's your Dad doing out here? [chuckling] What..?

Martha and Clark get out of the car.

Clark : [worried] Dad?

Martha is smiling until Jonathan collapses. Martha and Clark run to him.

Martha : Jonathan? Wha.. wh.. Jonathan!

Clark : Dad? Dad!

Clark and Martha pick Jonathan up. He sways in Clark's grip.]

Martha : Jonathan?

Clark : Dad? Let's sit him down over here, come on. Here, sit down.

Clark and Martha lead Jonathan to some hay bales by the fence a few feet away and sit down. Jonathan looks at Martha and then Clark, trying to speak. He puts his arm around Clark's neck, then his eyes close and his head falls to one side. He slides down the off the hay bale and Martha pulls his body to her.

Martha : Oh.. [screaming] No! Jonathan!

Clark : Dad!

Martha : [tearful, distraught] Jonathan, no, Jonathan! [She rubs his chest] Jonathan!

Clark : Dad! Dad?

Martha : [looking into Jonathan's face] No! Oh, please, not yet! No! [crying] Jonathan, no, Jonathan!


Cut to to a lingering shot the Kent House in the snow, then Martha's hands struggling to fasten the clasp of the pearl necklace she was wearing in the earlier scene in the Talon. She is standing in front of the mirror in the Kent living room. She stops trying to fasten the necklace and looks at it, tearful. There is a photograph on the mantlepiece of the Kents standing together smiling. Martha sighs and kisses the necklace. Clark comes into the room, wearing a black suit and tie. Martha is also dressed in black.

Martha : I guess it's time, then.

Clark : [pause] I'm sorry.

Martha : [goes to Clark, holds out the necklace which he takes] Here[?], sit down.

They sit on the couch.

Martha : Clark.. I know you're blaming yourself, but this was not your fault.

Clark : How can you say that..? I went back to save Lana.. and now Dad's gone.

Martha : Do you think you could've chosen between them if you'd had the chance? [shakes her head] Clark.. a heart beats only so many times in a life. [voice breaking] Your father used his more than anyone I know.

Clark : [nods very slightly] I just don't know how I'm supposed to be the man he wanted me to be.. without him here.

Martha : [tearful] You're his son. [nods] You know what's right and wrong. Whether your father is here, with us or not.. you're a man he's proud of. [on the edge of tears] A man he could look up to.. and something tells me he won't be the only one.

Clark puts his hand over hers. She sighs tearfully and smiles.

Clark : [indicating the necklace] Can I help you with this?

Martha nods and hands it to him. They smile at one another sadly and get up. Martha starts to cry as she holds her hair out of the way for Clark to fasten the necklace. Clark puts his hands on her shoulders and she turns around. They hug.

Clark : I love you Mom.

Martha : [whispered, crying] I love you too.

Cut to the graveyard where Jonathan's funeral is taking place. We see the snow-covered graves in the foreground and the group of mourners in the distance. It is snowing.

Shot of the mourners from closer up, with gravestones between them and the camera.

Close on Clark and Martha standing by the grave.

Shot of the dark brown casket sinking into the grave. There are displays of white and red flowers on either side of it.

Close-up of Lana taking Clark's hand, and then a shot of Lana and Clark standing side by side looking at the grave, with Martha standing a few feet away.

Close-up of Lana's face as she slowly turns to look at Clark. Other mourners pass between her and the camera.

Shot of Clark looking straight ahead, he does not look at Lana.

Shot of Chloe and Lois walking away. They turn to look back at Clark, Lana and Martha.

Shot of Clark and then Martha by the grave.

Chloe and Lois turn away and start walking again. Chloe looks back once more.

The casket sinks further into the ground.

Lana looks up at Clark, unhappy. He doesn't look at her. The camera moves past them to show Lex standing alone some distance away, looking regretfully at Clark.

Shot of Martha looking sadly down at the grave. Lionel walks behind her, turning to look at her.

Lana turns away from Clark, and we see a close-up of her hand letting go of his. She walks away and Clark and Martha are left at the grave.

Martha brings a tissue up to her face, then starts to walk away from the grave. Clark looks after Lana, then back at the grave as he stands there alone.

The casket sinks further into the grave.

Clark bends down and picks up a handful of earth, slowly sprinkling it into the grave.

We see a shot from above of Clark standing beside the grave, sprinkling the earth into it. We see Martha standing on the other side of the grave.

We see a shot of Clark with a large gravestone in the shape of an angel in the background.

Clark looks up at Martha. She looks at him pleadingly. After a moment Clark looks back down at the grave.


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